The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 9, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four THE DAILY CLINVONI AS freSaesday, August 9, 1944 TtlE DAILY (MVTOIYIAN JAPANESE SANDMAN urn L' SLOW UP' '6 I as TIM Weekly CKMmIh INI f At thm Movies j ll MBIA Tuesday and Wliif?dajr A new ''Blondio" couit-dy "Kt)f light Clamour," otmis at the ColuiiibiM Theatre IuqIkIU. ha CHatoa PVInsValw abaoebe If 1M Pnfcllsiieel Dallj Except Saturday uul iuntMf I J w W 1 1 Ml sT II rge I Carry - Editor and Publisher Once Hfcafa P?nny ISUiKlotou, Ar I at Uu Fostomea at CUntoa, India By HARRISON CAMtOU. M Vd Oast Matter ' Udlaw Krpoblkaa editorial thur iMke, larry Hi mms and Mar jo He Ann Mute hie aro matured h the heartwarming JJuiutMadt. Jonathan JJole and Danny Afuin-iiMrt art back loo, adding to Uio laiuoJjr girl. KUf rMa Byaalau WrlUr HOIXy WOOD The Lou Costel-los are preparing for another adding In the family. Late this month, Lou's brother, Pat CruiUilo, Navy petty offi Phone 83 C3B' phon 23 aW 1.1 L'-t I rm "C2nd Ktrcet with Kenny Bake and ijQt rarrlllo optuiB as the sue 1 oud feature touight. pushed an alarm bell and they got her out through the roof. . . . borne of Bing Crosby's ovemeas material was written by Lester Lee and Larry Marks, who had to take time off from the Sinatra radio allow to do it If Turkey gets into the war, how about Universal s white hope, Tut ban Bey f On the Saturday night Command Performance broadcast, the Victory committee will fix it for Ginger Rogers to short wave a greeting to Husband Jack Brlggs, somewhere in the Pacific. As the Signal Corps Is photographing the show for a short subject, Briggs later will see Ginger sending him the message. V7 ASSOCIATION cer, marries Marty Kurtz, sister of Steve Crane's first wife, Carol Kurtz. Lou will be best man; Carol, matron of honor. VMM K TurMlay and Wcjluenday The Love Hlory You V HI Never Forget, "White Cliffs of Dover featuring Irene Dunns, Alun Mar-shal, Frank Morgan, Uoddy Mc Dowall, Van Johnson, and Dame May Wbitty is still running at the U Gang on the I "Two Years Be- I fore the Mast" a. I set are ribbing Palace Theatre. the ufe out of Harrison Carroll Brian Donlevy. The Errol Flynn book, "Be Good, JET PROPULSION. WABASH Wednesday and Thursday Brian, who plays hard-boiled Richard Henry Dana in the sea epic, A beautiful heiress a fabu If the robot bomb was no surprise to Britons, its destructive capacity has prov just received an original drawing lous estate a money-mauiac from Artist Joseph jjeyennecker, a romantic detective and ed a surprise to all who got their first a series of baffling murders that for whom he used to model. The picture is of Donlevy shrouded in veils and posing as Cleopatra. It shocked two continents these are the ingredients 2utb Century- Fox has mixed with their special appeared on a long forgotten maga-zuie cover. Sweet Maid," will be off to the pub-liahers by the time be finishes "Objective Burma." Understand Gene Fowler has written an hilarious preface in the form of a personal letter to Errol. Peggy Fears leaving for Las Vegas after her Clover club engagement and, though she'll sing at one of the spots, it wouldn't surt prise pals If she files the long expected divorce action against A. C. Blumenthal. . . . Incidentally, Shirley Hassau (Flynn's accuser) was at the Clover with her attorney Tid ' a party of friends after the grant kind of skill to produce "Bermuda Mystery," the film sched authoritative information on damage and casualties from Prime Minister Churchill's - speech the other day. And right after that speech the Germans intensified the robot bombing. It is clear they would enjoy destroying London even if no military or political aim can be gained thereby. In Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons" the The crew of the Liberty Ship, Edward E. Hale, which Mary living uled to open tonight at the Wab stone christened last year, has ash Theatre, as the perfect answer to moviegoers' pleas for The following were elected as Preston Foster and Ann Ruth erford are featured in the film. character Bazarov pbserves that the Ger-i ing of her divorce. A big local store offered Otto Kruger 130,000 a year man physicists are "a clever lot". A nihil to nead its horticultural depart ist himself, Bazarov admired them. It is hard for Christian peoples to admire the Retain Original FUvor Vegetables, meats and fish retain their original flavor when reheated, if placed in a tightly covered double boiler, steamer or egg cooker. This method prevents dryness and scorching. combination of cleverness and negative ment . . . Jennifer Holt divorce trial up. Director Jean Renoir reported ill. . . . Sinatra and the Jan Savitt orchestra set for an October personal appearance at the New York ness which has tainted German thought for so long. But it behooves us to recog Paramount . . . Twosome: Carol written her that they ran into Jack Benny In a Pacific port Naturally, they couldn't say which one. Gen. Charles De Gaulle told Jack Haley that he plans a trip to Hollywood on his first opportunity after the war. . . . John Nesbitt, Jr., son of the M-G-M shorts producer, is in the County Hospital with infantile paralysis. Said to be out of danger. ... At the Mocambo Monday night, which often is dull in the clubs, were Lana Turner (with Peter Lawford) and BOTH her ex-husbands, Steve Crane (with Dolores Moran) and Artie Shaw (stagging). . . . Gail Patrick getting educated fast as a Navy wife. After she had ordered things shipped from Hollywood to Miami, her bridegroom, Lieut. Arnold Dean White, suddenly was transferred to Atlanta. . , . Josephine Wayne will be godmother for Loretta Young's baby, and Dr. Francis Griffin (Irene nize that the cleverness cannot be shrugged Williams and Alexander D'Arcy at Slapsy Maxie's; June Home and Lyle Talbot at the Florentine Gar Free Complaints A Mexican citizen can complain to his government by wire, free of charge, providing the complaint is written in 20 words or less. dens; Attorney Seymour Choriner with Lorraine Breecher (Busby . Berkeley's fiancee) a the Holly-' counted this fail and the demo cratic totals are not found sat' wood Tropics. . . . Freddie Finkle- Taking a Backward Glance tisfactory. The editor speaks out hoff heading east to say goodby to Ella Logan before she takes off frankly indicating that the bull moose party does not seem disposed to eome through with the on her second overseas jaunt . , . Dirt in Air More than 100,000,000 dirt particles have been found in a single cubic foot of air in one city by research engineers. ine Andrews Sisters signed to do start Monday, reports made are TWENTY YEAItS AGO TODAY ticket honed for by all well regarded as favorable. eight sides for Decca in Spanish. They're big favorites in Latin America. ... At some of the Texas The big tent will be pitched on the Clinton school grounds and Dunnes husband), godfather. I.uf.ill.Hc Club EJet'l Office wishers of the county democracy Mm Turner's Hong Makes (Julie A Hit of Irene, she was ma- camps where Al Donahue played, (speaking the opening number is billed for rooned for half an hour In an ele- the thermometer hit 120 and at A report submitted by the uirn off. The robot bomb has been made possible by the cleverness of German physicists. The jet-propulsion method appears to be somewhat more advanced in Germany than in United Nations laboratories. And it has been applied to fighter planes as well as robot bombs. As a report to his newspaper has indicated, the jet-propelled planes might prove formidable if Germany could manufacture them in sufficient quantities, and had pilots enough to man great fleets of them. United Nations airmen who have encountered them say they are amazingly fast on the climb; apparently their possibilities, at least, are respected by fliers. If Germany could transform its air power fast enough, it is conceivable that some of the strain it feels because of dwindling oil supplies might be relieved by jet vator at Columbia, She finally 1 night! Interested in forming tlie Lu- 2:311, Monday. I'erttonalK Soap Deed Here Jn 1940, consumption of soap In America amounted to 2,500,000.000 pounds, or more than 20 pounds per capita. The Wonderland theatre was crowded from the opening to the close of the last reel, Monday follette club in Clinton report a-Iout 45 attended the meeting ad Mrs. ' Cole Harrison, of Vine night, the reel feature being the street, -will leave this evening Canned Orange Juice Chemists have been probing reasons for canned orange juice developing off-flavors when stored for some time. for Flint, Mich., where she will vertised last night for Silverman's (tall. The folowing were eelctcd as officers: Emery C. Junes, county visit with her son, Wright. Mrs. Helen Straughn of Blan Croat Sphinx The Great Sphinx of Egypt equals the height of a four-story building and is almost the length of a city block. It is carved from solid rock. Cast or Paracnutes Parachutes for our army Jumper-effesj sef Uncle Sam back (ISO each. "I'erils of Pauline." But perhaps the attraction which brought on the stampede was the appear-anco of Mrs. Turner's female quartette, of Dana, featuring Mrs. Turner new production, "The World Is Hungry for a Little Hit of I,ove." The production Industrial Deaths Since Pearl Harbor wartime In dustrial accidents killed 7,000 more persons than were killed in battle up to January 1, 1944. ford, who has been ill for some time Iras been taken td the Ver Russian Schools Russia's -schools have more then 20,000.000 pupilstf , t million county hospital for ob servation. f ! has a pretty sentiment and has a catchy air, that carries It to Vim You I Hffi Rest of My Life the heart of the hearers. IVinonals chairman; Chester LJJhoden.uerry, secretary; Mark Lyons, treasurer; Suvcrino I'ollo, John Uouald, Sidney Sharp, Pave Jones and George fisher, publicity committee. Mr. I'ollo, Mis. Ithoden-herry and Sam Kerr temporary chairmau, were the speakes, last night. Chautauqua Tickets ItMrteil To lie Helling As i;x mi Although, no check-up has been made to reveal just how many season tickets have been suld for the five days' Clinton independent Chautauqua, due to Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Medill, of 9m- 0 tTMAet tlU B.i.,sWiesmte j iUaith Baldwin propulsion. It seems a bit late for the Nazis to attempt this. But jet propulsion is one more reason why civilized peoples must not permit the monster of aggression to roam loose in the world again. TIIIIITY VIOAliS Mil) TOKAY Worried About Ih'iiiocrats' Chalice The Saturday Argus, organ of one of the factions of the local and county democracy, and, therefore, unfriendly to the other local democratic organ, suggests that the other fellows will be to blame when the votes are Dlackman street, and Mrs. Harriett DeCrona, of Seventh Btreet, motored to Terre Haute, Saturday evening. Dr. Johnson was a classmate of Matthew's somewhat his senior. They'd have a long day. Matthew would play golf. There would be too much to drink and eat. Monday, Miss Eleanor Rowlands, of North Main street, vtslted over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James work would begin in earnest. Downie, near Centenary. She said, "Matthew, on Mon day" Claude Biit, Harry Blake and CROSSWORD By Eugene Shcfjcr "On Monday," said Matthew sleepily, "I announce to a waiting Misses .Sadie Hunter and Harriet Rayhould spent Sunday at Turkey liun. world that I am open for business, Morley. These two, a secretary and a nurse, while Irene, doubling in white, performed both duties for . her husband. She thanked heaven every day of her life for Nellie, who ran the apartment with the utmost efficiency. A cleaning woman came in for the heavy work and once a week, on Nellie's day out, Irene cooked dinner. Luncheon was a matter of sandwiches and milk, sent in, and shared with Matthew on his desk, if be happened to be in the office. If ba was out on calls, he took lunch where he found it and his remarkable digestion survived. During1 the first year they often ate out on Nellie's day off but this proved to be too expensive. Sometimes Kate switched her day off, and they went to Mary's but as a rule Irene managed to get home in time to You're the drawing card, darling . . . the prettiest office nurse His voice trailed off. Suddenly he 6YNOPSI8 Vary Norman, attractive widow, Jived chiefly for faer aon, Dr. Matthew Norman. The income from her decorating ahop had seen him through college. She was overjoyed when lovely Judith Lambert, daughter of an old friend, dropped in for a visit en route to Maine for the summer. Mary had indulged In mental matchmaking anent Judith and her son . . . For years Lynn Mortimer, lawyer, has been in love with Mary, but his wife, a mental patient, was still living. Mary was stunned when Matthew married Irene Murray, a nurse, Mary found her daughter-in-law charming. Irene continued at the hospital until Matthew began practice and then became his office nurse. In the fall, Judith Lambert dined at Mary's with Irene and Matthew. At dinner Mary warned Irene she'd spend the rest of her life picking up after Matthew. He teased Judith about being an "old maid", but after her departure, roused Himself and said in a brisk. loud tone, ? Wait till a year s gone hi en Eyes The steel industry says: A steel company employe threaded 700 steel hair spring wires, each less than one 1,000th of an inch in diameter, through the eye of a small needle. Dyl" "Why a year?" But he was sleeping without sound, his curly head on his arm his big bare chest rising and full Paper Culling- ing rhythmically. Irene put aside the book and crept cautiously from bed. Shi opened the windows, she pulled i ' HOME-COMING OF A SOLDIER. It' is nowadays a familiar phrase. For, by train, by bus, by ship and by plane, they are arriving on short leaves which will be spent with families they have not seen for months or perhaps years. One wonders whether they have in their anticipations any definite plans, the most of them, that are not crowded out by the excitement and the joy. But one soldier had and he set it down in a letter which has preceded him.. It was to be like this in the expectation of Corporal B . Someone would please find a hotel for him and his wife, a comfortable hotel, not in a great city and yet not too far away. There should be quiet and plenty of green trees and bright flowers about. Reservations were to be made for one week precisely. There would be leisure to reckon once again with the ways of an orderly, civilized world a world unlike what he had seen of Normandy or Italy or some far island of the Pacific. After that one week, they would spend a few days with the wife's family; and then, next, a similar length of time with the Corporal's own family. And then, be cook dinner. Under Nellie's tuition she was becoming a much better cook, Matthew told ber. If your youngsters do much paper cutting and pasting, keep a large-sized sheet of unbleached muslin cloth on hand for covering the floor or rug. This makes cleaning up easy. blanket over Matthew, it might be At the end of the second vear the , very chilly before morning. She looked around the room . . . shirt books showed a profit and Matthew was able to pay not only the upkeep of the apartment but Nellie aa draped over a chair, one shoe on the bureau, another under the bed, bis " ZZZZZmZZZTZZ. - " "IlZllIZI 4b 47 46 4? SO "II" Z-MZZ "1111 "j"! 1111 well. They couldn't save, however. trousers flung across the foot of predicts "someone will snatch her bp soon. Lynn calls with some books for Mary, two of which Matthew promptly borrows. Before leaving, Matthew orders bit President's Flag the bed, his coat He had to have good clothes, he had to make an appearance and ta maintain his car. Office enuinment Irene picked things up, retrieved his socks from unlikely places and The President's flag consists at the President's seal in bronze, upon a blue background, with s large came high and he insisted upon the while star in each corner. went to -put them in the laundry basket in the bathroom. She came back cautiously, but he still slept mother to bed after Lynn had pointed out bow tired she looked. Irene, too, is worried about Mary's health and tells Matthew he should persuade her to give up the shop. ocst and the neweuu bometime ha would have his own X-ray, he told Irene. It would be more convenient Farm Woodlands soundly; she hunted out fresh socks, clean underwear. Shi for his patients, cheaper for then in the long run. Ho'd buvs a tecbp nician. CHAPTEB TWELVE In total our farm woodlands have a larger area than the combined fore: is of Norway, Sweden, Finland thought, I really should shine his shoes. He'll forget if I tell him What about me?" asked Iran. tomorrow to have them ahined. Irene," said Matthew, and his gray eyes laughed at her, "will you atop worrying f Can you Imagine and Italy. who was giving diathermy treat Well, she could in the morning, when she got up early to get into the bathroom ahead of him and to ments, taking mttaboliums, ant giving hypodermics. She was aa cook breakant. It will be so com fore his three weeks' leave expired, there uiU-JJigent, quirk pupil. Matthew was InUrfHttd in a-lands and in al- Havana Tobacco Plants Seeds of i!nvana tobacco plants l aued In suitable soils in the North, produce certain grades of Havana tobacco. fortahle to have Nellie here, she thought. Still, it worried her. Nel l'ry, just coming into prominence then. . lie's wages were higher than they HORIZONTAL 48. web-like l. ridicule membrane You have enough on vour . could afford to pay for a long time hands," he told her. Matthew stopped In to see hla 7. loses fresh ness and Mary had carried the burden for so long, it wasn't fair to export her to carry it now. Nellie, all the extras which Matthew's allowance mother one late winter afternoon Paprika Commercially Louisiana expects to produce paprika commercially; California is experimenting with caraway, poppy and celery seed. and found her sitting by the fin over a cup of tea, with a book beside I her. didn't cover. And the office as well VERTICAL 1. mislead 2 click-beetle 3. New England state tahbr.) 4. cyprinoid fish, C. college officials 6. being; 7. most unyielding 8. high hill fi. feminine name all that expensive equipment. fjO. practical juko ( col Icq ) 51. printer s measure 52. get ready 55. nolo in the scale 56. upper classman 58. salt 60. inclinations 61. powerful "I'm so triad you came. I waa me in a little place 7 I had enough of cramped quarters aa an intern. Sometimes I felt like throwing bed and bureau out the window in order to breathe. If you don't atop I think I'll throw you out the window -right now." He pushed his glass aside, rose, picked Irene up in hii arms, carried her to their room and dumped her unceremoniously on her bed. She lay there, laughing at him. She couldn't help it. He eat down and demanded, "Will you be good?" Matthew leaned over her. and kissed ber long and hard upon the mouth. Irene lay still, her heart pounding. She loved him so much. She was always passive under his tender, savage love-making. She said. "How about that mystery story 7" "Not yet" Later, Irene sat up In her bed, the pillows behind her, the light ahining on the book, and read j aloud. Matthew lay pillowless, his She thought, drowsing off, well perhaps he's right perhaps in a lonely. I expected Lynn, but he waa del awed," she said. year. , . . How is he 7 I haven t seen hiss was to be another week in a city - in a big hotel this time, where there would be hundreds of people, music, dancing, gaiety. One hopes he can have it this way of his own devising. For the Corporal will have had his chance to rediscover his own proper peacetime world. He will perhaps be able now to keep it more clearly in his mind, even if he must go back to the jungle or the desert or to a shattered city of Europe. Washington Representative Clifford R. Hope of Kansas: "There is danger that in our desire to assist soldiers in reestablishing themselves after the war we will do them a great injury by letting our hearts rather than our heads determine Alaskan Potentialities It has been estimated that about (5.000 square miles of Alaskan territory could be developed for Matthew was right At the end sinee we all dined with him befosw ' Christmas." , . of a year he was beginning to be He's fine. But his wife has been firmly eg tab ashed. By the end of ill again. He bad to go upstate to two he was exceptionally busy. Pa Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 8-V JO. symbol fbt lithium 11. musical studies ' 12. feels , 17. caudal appendage 20. engrosses 23. delineating 25. summit 27. knowledge 30. hogs 33. geological age 35. harem room 36. most crippled 37. 39. tread 41. motive 42-bordering ; 45. mark of omission 47. weave 49. maiden 3. unit of . square measure 54. auditory organ 1 67. symbol forj I tients sent other patients to him. see her. You know how that is, $t tears him to pieces each time." Damage Block His first debutante had published Poor fellow I ' murmured Mat 13. strikes out 14. heavy , explosive 15. note In the scale 16. Oriental 8. prefix: back ,9. Shnshonean Indian 21. close 22. annexes 24. slight depressions 26. writing fluid 28 female ruff. 29. therefore 30. mirth 31. beast of burden 32. Imitator 34. Ice crystals 36. loiter 38. dull by inaction 40. au fill 43. malt ill ink 44. insect thew. him abroad, in night clubs and cafes and over luncheon tables. Internal parasites normally cost the United Slates an estimated 9125.-000,000 annually in livestock dam My dear, I have discovered the "Is Irene all right?" asked Mary. I thought she looked rather pale ' moat beaut tf iii doctor . . . he s stu last night" pendous! The handsomest critter bead on bis crossed arms and lis tine's tine," answered Matthew. "Look here, mother, she's been at me again " tened, relaxed, yawning. Now and then he put his hand across the apace between and touched ber LTnESjSnSLlA)P. ft r eIImoaI ilne M LNljkLN ID i IlLN A BjftJp gFR sKM'E T ElS OiKiA L F f gR A P P,L E kljEP ,P AjjInE R E D L AlCE RUjinlODE. 8-9 "About what" "Oh, you, of course, and the shoo. Bicycles Increase Latest census bureau figures show that the 1,252.02!) bicycles made in 1939 were double the number reported in 1935 when 656. IC8 were manufactured. , you ever saw. And good. I wake up every morning hopeful that what I have is worse than a hangover." "Is he married, Babs?" "Nice blond little thing. She works in his office." Babs sighed. "At that," she said sadly, "he does and working too hard." j "I'm not, i never ieit netter." He said briskly, "It won't be loner the policy to be followed." Hartford Gov. Ra3'mond E. Baldwin of Connecticut ' criticizes conduct of the war: "While the New Deal Democrats are fighting a party war we are fighting an American war and we Republicans intend to win the war that wav.'i n. .! before you have me entirely -off arm. You're not listening," she accused htm. Irene was so terribly tired. Her MTvea quivered with fatigue. To--saoriow abe must go down to the office and see that everything was in place. Tomorrow was Saturday-Sunday they had promised to go pjii to Ifae Jvhnaotta w the JaWnd. j n't give me a tumble; maybe that's Six-Egf Omelet An omelet in which six eggs are your hands. Another year and 4 think we'll be out of the woods." why I keep on going to him. Matthew got on very well with 4.1. hit with m of lolulioi: IS miautfS walking-MiCk Ai-rs j f used will be much lighter if three-fourths teaspoon of cream of tartar used in preparing it. j (To be continued) f Cavrt-lffct. 1111. to ritUi Bai4ln CaOtnOi PtaUiftuM hy tiny ftHUim frjwllst t his asiojiait-s, stocky, redheaded. Hill Tajlor and lanky, sober Sam 46. (ail to lilt ' " W K"' Future ujadueie, tai. 9. Unretoro,

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