The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 8, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 6
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ToesZay, Xugttrf 8. IMf THE DAILY CJLJXTONIAJ. "V JageSix KATJON CALENPAB RUSSIANS AWAIT U. S. FLAKES BUSINESS KEE11CES RUSSIAN PILOTS AT NOME, ALASKA, await arrival -of four twin-engined C. S.-bniK planes coming rxom Fairbanks, Alaska, on their way to the Russian fighting fronts on delivery under lend lease. Aa American Infantry officer (second from right and three Russians look aloft to "seat In" the coming planes. flntaaetional) Council SetslTp" ; Fund for Youtli Recreation Center 3ontinuod from jiage 3 J fTogress was made by tlie residents of the south and west parts of the city against the smoke and fumes nuisances of the Sun-Lite Coal company's atrip-mine, south of town, tlni-.v Burning Hlag Efforts will be niade this week by the company to bury the burning slag pilcB and to luvul off the un-slglitl.v land lirft in the wake -of the stripping operations. E. ''. JSfll. oounty prosecuting attorney, urgiid that some solution toe found to the problem and quickly, saying that many complaints Itave lMn resolved by liliu conoiMTiing the ill effects of the mine. The area burning now covers only throe-fluarlers of an, George Frailer, owner oj the mine said, in promising that ome effort will be made to abate the smoke and sulphur fumes from the area. State Mitaltb Board iReports tire yet to be heard from the State Board of Health, to which the matter was referred when citi-zejis said that the fumes as well as tnoKfiuitopK which breed in the pools left oy the stripper, are bocoiuing Increasingly Injurious to liealth. Debate Opens On National Change From War to Peace Continued tiom pace 1) for creation of a director or tnobili-zation and adjustment to fiulde the nation UijtuukJi the period of conversion from war to peace. Republicans were fighting another provision which sets iup production-planning committees. They cUargtid that these committees would pave the way (or regimentation of industry in .time of peace. GOf fwfiis BartHii Republicans were reported to ,be Tuesday and Wednesday DOLliLE JEATLIUi Admission 9c and 20e 52nd STOET With Kenny JBafcer Ijut abairiilw I'LLS FCOTUSIIT Gi.r:.o.T VVitb I't nny Singtetua Arthur lake (The Bumsteads) THLKSDAV Admission $e and 20c DESTROYER With Edward G. Kobinson t,U-vn Ford Margaret ttapinan STOUM PASSING I'AKADE "Some W liere In Egypt" Fox Short RELY ON... t 9 f. f of m t . JI E.'uu A-t in Book good for M points in definitely. B-6 tlirougn r- gust 1 and also good Indefinitely. Tokens may e used f or change. Mau, eeie and Hairy iToduoia All Md stamps At tlirough 8 and A-6. B-6 and OS in Book valid indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth W points ach. Suear Stamps SO. 81 and S2 In Book Sood 1or $ pounds until further notice. Stamp 40 in Book 4 sood lor t pounds of canning sugar. Application for additional calming augar must be t to tiuard accompanied by one r Ktamji . J fo "-ach applicant. "alrpliine" stamp and No. Hhues No. 1. airplane" t-lamp la Book cood for 1 rair each until JurLher mrtiuc. Always jircscnt Book 2 l,cn waking onrchane as stamps are Invalid If removed from the book. Gasoline Stamp A-li ood for three sal-Ions thronirh Sept. 1- B-S and C-S and B-l and C-t ood for 5 .gallons until further notice. T tThird eood for I gallons throus Sept. 0. K, El and E2 good for 1 call on. R. Kl and i'.t good for 5 frailons. B and KJ not valid at filling stations but ooiiBUjner may eaehaiir R or E at his locia Board if he wishes to purchase non-burhway saaoline at fillins siatioji. A. B. C. S and T ocra- pons are not valid until they nave ...i .twirirMrfi in ins. oeniii. ci.uiw- ed .or jirintd with tl.e a utonioliile 1 reKl'ition number and state. Motorists aliould -rtte IVti numbers on i book and on coupons. Tire " Periodic passenser car tit inspections are no longer required, tout inspection records should be retained for ot.ta.inin supplemental rations j and tire rejilaoeniHtits. Tire 5jisject- j ion reeords must be presented with applicaUQ nto set suppiemeii-uui bieie inspection due eviy C montlis i or every 5. IKt miles. B caro-noiaers eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they can sliow absolute wed to carry on essential acAjvitit-s; 1kv, the boards i'ufla will nevrliiine sioa aiany. M a.ny, 33 card-bolders aill a tually receive erUficates lor tuxis since each board is obligated by regulations to issue tires to the most essential users first. Ail A bolder may obtain ocnilicates fi.T Grade 3 tires, but only after Hn bave found tires which may be puxciii'.bed. Fuel 'hi Period 4 and coupons ralid through Sept. ZV and bare lie fol- VIJSTOS'li CMJKT SPOT 9e FLXAL TIE, 40c f . W 1 if' j . f i ' ''.Mi.tut "iJt Color Cartoon Kews PEACHES . . M . kuw 15 i ! , lowing values: I unit. 1 igallons: i units, t gallons; S unita. lie gaiktna. All change-making coupons and reserve coupons a" now sood. fl n-aiitms lor 344-46 heating season now oeing Issued. Period 1 good immediately. tolove Al! new heating, cooking and ronibiuatiun liratint and cooking stoves, designed lor domestic use, for Installation OB or above the floor and tor the use of coal. wood, oil. kerosene, gasoline and gas. are rationed. Certificates must tie obtained from local Board. feed Costs it-: ,nHttrijd several rears ago Irom 16 northem and western tate ebowed that the average cost of producing 100 pounds Of Jieestible riRnt in the form ot different !HL1cwl " 'jeedswas as follows: Pasture, ijjjjf, hay. 8; corn, grain, tLMl com, ailnge, 1A4; oats. Ri.-ttt With the Conipliinenta of SW1M1NG FOOL CUNTON There are 2 Free SYV1M TICKETS Waiting at tlie Oiatonian Office for Mrs. Anton Scaggari atok This Sjanie IMly A HIGHEST 6 ASM Tor Tour OccJCcro AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd SL Phone 427 "7 PAiLAcn; - IOMXE " Of MPVB TABUS DUNNE MARSHAL Tutu Also Short Subjects CmilJKJlj rviw ittTi m t ait iir-iti 9th and Elm St Marktt Open L'ntU 9 P. M. For Your Convenience uv have favored par Irwk and kvel our c f'f hauling PEACHES! If yo don't ort lliern It won i e our ruir ...... c Tiiirv; 2 V- J -f ramkmokwm f I VNJOEC V ptrat day insertion: dor oi Madlng Hue one -column line. Mi. n of theae). Next two day Insertion: tn im c UTse you set thru nay t aouble the ot of the irt dayj. Next throe oy Insertion: fthe a, me se charge yo t 'llol aeok ve days ) at three time the aoat of ne Insertion). Eat roup of three 4W thereafter. e line. gUackXaue Uke tlile) 0c per line- All olaeeifle d Including ciem-oriams and notice of all kind mut fee paid In Advance -except thoee t regular -customer whose account are paid monthly or those trom r-auUations whose bill must be allowed before being paid, to the iattar case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible tor It payment. FOB SALE EIGHT HOOM MUDKKN 404 Mulberry St. HOUSE. .14 lix JU&.RGE SINK, EL.KCTKK3 WAKH-r oil stove, three buds with springs, fruit jars, table and four halrs. antiuue malic-Kany dresser, sewing machine and other household articles. Call after 4:80 p. jn., 325 Vine Street. -41x JBOVS iSJCy-CLE- iSUKT Crompton Hill. WJtlUHT, NANNY OOAT ANW North Ninth Street. K1JJ. 88 lt13x ONJfi KilKX'S AND 2 HOY S Bicycles, size 2i, newly overhauled. George -Bain, route three, Phone , St. Beruioe. t4oX JK41 W SOT dXWVWMHBUC Coupe. Robert McNeely, B. 8, Box 11. s2x J.V.I-D IIVM hoitke. WITH B'K nace, aU ju excellent -condition. Part cash, balance terms. O. . Houston. ,B .GAJRDEN VEGETABLES. C A B -:bage. beets, ucuiubers, sweot corn, Irish jiotatoes. Two miles north of Hillsdale on S- C. K. Wooten. 114 2x FIVE KOOM SEMI - M O E K N house, 2S Hisgin Street. gJX ROOM MOWEKN HOUSE, 8 St Nebeker Street. fOOl ROOM HOUSE. WITH WAT . urn Kmitb Kicbth Street. SIX ROOM SEMI-MOUEKN HOUSE, cistern on back poreu. rainw-w. FOUR ROOM HOCSE ON i ACKSON Swoet. Fairvkw. Jne acre ONE ACRE GROUND. FIVE ROOM house and cistern. Fulton Street, Fairview. U. g. CAIX 227 Blackmail Street. Phone H2i ml PEACHES r'OH CANNING-! NOW IS ithe time. This Is tlie place. th and Elm Street Market, open until p. Bi. for your eonvenhnce. We have favored out itrucks and saved our as to haul jieaches. U you don't get them it won't be our fault. Vou can save your gas. tires, and money litre. McCracken and Sons. 2i2 South Main and 1h and Elm Streets. ' TOMATOES EOK CANNING, BK1NG containers. 2il North Lincoln St. Kairview. t2x M,i,,i.liili av. Tliere'e A SmaJ Hotel. Claude Thornliill and Or-j UlcmJ vv yiB , C-'harmaoy. FOl'R ROOM Ihew SU'eet. HOUSE, I5 MAT- FJETH VEIN MjiAI. AL.SO BKA-ril Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone IS-W. t 7-1 1 I PBE-WAR BABV BUGGY. JtiSK South Pifth Street. CM. IZ71 POUR RXM HOUSE TO WRECK. Inquire Angelo Vercolio, l'uivr-aal. ti4)!L 0HHM, maf kind y sraat. CUutoa Aasa WrecMnc Part Co. BnuVa, rkM Otatoa. W Vo read about tie new Mirra Moth Imuiuniser la the American uaga-line now foil can eet U at Giilis Pharmacy. MALE HELP WANTED r'UAs-rWK CI.EKK PGR CUNTON store, prefer eP'-ri uce. Must nave references. Wrie Box Wtil tor interview. lioV FOR MORNING NEWSPAPER route; yuarsnMed weekly salary; no Sunday delivery. White's I'hiir-niacy. 1,1 Boys TO CAKkV PAPER ROUTES. Id years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Cliutouian. Add Olives Add olives to midwinter calads. Ripa olive combine with chopped celery, grated rw carrot or shredded cabbage. A mustard mayonnaise dressing is perfect acconv panuneni- KECAPP1NG VlXCAMBINtt iPrestone -comme. "Jiiermo Royal, get it here while it's plentiful. Oils and 8 Sal- tine ,m" tamers. 'Gas Market, 316 North Main Kt. iloraoe JTowell, Mgr. 108 HAVB JOIK FUKN1TIKB SLdP-.ciivcred for cleanliness and beauty. Cull If.ary Mulone, DlHi-E. t4i!x PAPKK HANGING AND J'AINTING. Write Hex 4ii-x. WMI'JUAMitv, a(MI-H. ft Miiat. tuof UK1GHTKN VP VOVR fr'liOOKS and walls with paint nnd enamel. Our llurdsal Paint Is good and spreads easily. Paint it yourself. Telephone !i2. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. .'OR Pll'MBl-NG. HEATING, EI-.EC-tric wirinK. and shoe! metal soe i- . J Kamarata, 286 North Ninth St. Phones iO and 16 8W. 17tf jnOUMD A IARCE STOCK F Vwww" - - - Tires and Tubes. Vulcanising and Becapping neatly done and Guaranteed. ta and Bogart Mobllga station, Joe Oiaooletto, Clinton. 82tjf i -.,- i-rtinir J. e n inwwj DEAD ANIKfAlVS REMOYEJU. large or email, prompt aa-rmo. Call Crawford 21 or Crawford 6810 Tjrre Haute or Dana 142. W pay aU phone charge. John Wachtel Co Terre Haute. tl87 OEAU AAiMAUS iiiiMOViiD JCB charge tf Awigm w licensed dealers. Call oo as they die and reverse charges. Vans Feed Service, Oana, Phone SO. 5xf ....... iir.. Stefrlaeration Service. Commercial and Oomestic. jr. It. Bouebrake, Phone w-ton or 166-J-2. Monteiuma. FAW NOTICES KOTM-'K! JLawhead's Barber Shop, 115 South Main, will open for business iKriday. August 11. " " CenU-nary Chuitsh, AuguBt 11, Homemade ice cream supper and chicken sandwiches. S Card of Thanks We wish to thank friends and neighbors, who no kindjy assisted us in any way and for the beautiful flowers for our darl-ng little daughter. Virginia Mae Sandusky. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sandusky and Family. In Jflemoriam In memory of Edith Boots who died 2 years ago today, Aug. . 181. We miss her when we need a Iriend. On her we alway could depend; She cheered us in sickness, soothed our pain. God grant some day we'll meet again. Sadly in issed by Pvt. Vera Boots. Miss Violet Boots, Vera! Boots. ' Miss Vetra Boots and Mrs. Sarah Carpenter. Chocolate Currency The Aztec emperor took do other beverage than chocolate, and collected taxes (or the imperial treafr ury an oversize chocolate bar only in cocoa beans. These beans xvera used not only to pay soldiers, but to buy slaves with a usual value of 109 cocoa beans. a races Brain The eye move faster lhan the brain in reading, eayf Uie Eetter Vision Institute, in moving along a printed line the eye pauses several times while tbe btain work to understand the words. It i estimated that a substantial part of the time spent in reading is consumed in waiting for the brain to act. WE fAV CASH tO& USED FURNITURE AM) STOVES OKE PIFXTi OB A HOPSE H IX Taylor's Radio Serrice 4A6 H. 9lb S. Phone 793 LOAN CO. making an attempt to "smoke ut"1 Bernard M. Barueh on the ifssue. They contended that tlie Murrav-Kiigore liiH scraps much of tiie elaborate iconverskMi jirognun which Barucu laid before Mr. Roosevelt af ter long study. A liopuljilean conlerenoe was called for today to discuss uttitude party members, with Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg. Michigan, ciiairman. indicating that most of them would light the so-called "central UHifl nur eaucraey" provisions of the Murray - Kilgore measure. . r - iv r J TOJUAV'S PATTKliN QjlarvIIU Meet binj at eight in this date tfti omits set-in sleeves, makes iug so asy Oval neckline is a favorite. Patu-rn ?2 coui-e in sises 12, U. (. I1- St: St'. ZZ. Vt, 2, iSK. "tji. 2. i Size yards. Sii-in ; 'p d. contrast. This patwra. together with a needlework pattern ..f uful and decorative iBOtifs for linens and garment. TWKNTV CENTS. Send TVv'KNT? CBSTS in coin for pai terns The Iaily Cliniioniau. Pattern Dept.. 15$ K. leffersoa Chicago . Ul. Write plainly WK. SAHE. AIWtF;SS. stvpf; k Miii u. tkod PJl'Ti.KN CENTS more for tlie Marian Martin new and bigger Summer Pattern Book. 32-I'ages. paFy-to-uiake rtyles. Free pattern orinted in book. - . 6.00x16 22 No Rationing Certificate Required. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION POLAND'S it ii I Spreadeagied 2th Army lines Close In On Florence CuutUiued from (ase t-i Royal Air Perce olanee .Uisted a nionaMterv at Mauuiar. Ualnialia, 1 fcelU,quIlrteI,. i . . ,,,,,. vwe m aMd .,;.,iUi- jrf ili flelp ,raf Ka,b. 3!() 1 mil Boullwiust k4 Fhuu. air foroe attiteked Crfvrmao oonieituncaikms iind irtUi-r miiiitary liaitle area nd in Yugoslavia and loutlM-rn France. These sorties were accompanied by inihsioiis of heavy bombers aKainst syinlMiie oil jilants at Blechliatner. in German Silesia, and oil installations and an airfield an Yugoslavia. In all oi-erations 29 German air craft dkistrtiyod hile tbe Al lies lost li eraft ott of the approx imately zA'vv vvliicti jai-tn-3iatefl. Real Oni L'p-to-Oate Sport Newi TODAY'S JX12EJLJCWOIiK "'a bsLL tn hy Alice Brooks The pineapple desieO n old favorite with rroclifti fans makes these small Ineidealal doiiies. They'll last a lif'-tjme. Three doilies from one ball of No. iif. Gift any hostess will rlierish. PalterB 727 contains Instruction for doilie; sti'ehes. Thi fittiTn. together with a oAcdlework pattern of useful and decorative motifs for linenB and gar- merit. CUTKKN CKNTi. ifend FIPTKFN CKNTS In coins. for these patterns o The lily Clln- miit.n Household Art Kept.. West itaiidolih Sre-. Cliiraeo ' ui. Write i,la.inJir SiMli ADDBFXi Slid Our new 52 paee .NedIework ......I. r,.- Ij'ift.n f'f ntn more W IC 7vu . . . M IliustraiioB of desisns for) embroidery. Iioaie decoration, toy knitting, trochet, quilu. Wka The CoaapiUaeal (Jt THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATEE Waiting At Our Office for HOSE UOSG North Tenth St. Just Come la And Ask Tor Them! Wat h Tills Space Every Day TOl R SAME MAT BE XKXT $:.tzJ'li.4 w&mJ&c HId 7207 J i ) THIS IS THE PLACE! FlCTCaiy-CC:JTnCLlED r r -'"rtfr'TT-r . . .',i, VOL tAS &A)L 1ULU -i'. AND 3IOXEY HEKE! IT'S A BIG HELP Just to Know W here lo Get Money When It s Needed, bevtral Thousand People Have l d the .Security loau Company This year. r.iccnAG(EN &. sons mo cnrin mfQin 9th and Elm St. SECURITY FIRESTONE-TEXACO SERVICE 11 S. Main sr. , Pllnloa. ud. Phone 2 225 BJackuian St. ri.lNTON. INDIANA

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