The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 8, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 5
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Tuesday, August 8, 1944. The Germans launched two syn- fin Hie Allied left flank southeast ...i.inkrH the vaunted Nazi Panzer h r o n i z e d counterattacks, one of Caen, British forces were reported Mai or Battle t , oVIi,,riin the enemy'B pr :iL.aiiist Mavenne and the ' other - By' Sords PITCHER JBEN Major league Scoreboard . dsc mass attuek plan into local thrusts and jabs at the American line. W hile a few shallow penetrations were made by the enemy, the big German bid for Avranches can nyw moving out through a corridor carved earlier by British heavy bombers. Adapting world war one's rolling artillery barrage tactic to air power, the bomberB (saturated the area east and southeast of Caeu with fire and high .explosive. - against Mortain. Both were thrown off schedule by the unexpected strength of American anti-tauk weapons and the ferocious accuracy of tank destroyerB and lighter-bombers. Rages on U. S. Left Flank (Continued from page 1) be said to have lalleU. SlP AnAERICAd t 111 f-i IP. OUTTIELPei? ooooooooooooooooooooooeeocoooooooo fcv. 12 ears op TODAY Probable pitchers: AMKI1U AN ljftAtil'K (No games scheduled I. AIATIONAI, I.KAtit K New York (Voiselle) at PittB-burgh (Swell). (Only game scheduled). ii -rue Majors o . AS PiTtrtER o or and supported it with infantry and strong anti-tank units. This first law-wale attack by the Clonnnns in the American an a of the front-designed to cut American forces in two by pushing back through to Avrani'his at the base ol the Cherbourg peninsula wus reported successfully halted. Knock Out HO Tanks The United States First Army under Ueut. Gen. Omar Nelson llrad-ley met the German steamroller of Tiger and Panther tanks with an Im o o lea- YESTEKDAY'B UEKl I.Ttt (No gauii'B scheduled either gue. o o on Hgg (SonnooaonaQE o o TOMOU.ROW'8 ;ami;h NATIONAL l,KAil'K Brooklyn at Chirac. New York at l'lttslniiuh OilKUtt- ,i rMiininnntl. o ""'-."m. t St. LOUIH vx r f t fftis is o o passable wall or ground ure cuimuu-ed with magnificent aerial support. The American reaction knocked out upwards of 80 Nazi tanks during the initial stages of the battle. American dive-bombers and British rlcket-carrylng typhoons blasted the enemy's tank spearhead and chewed viciously on reserves in the rear. A new technique of fighting o (n'B,,UAM..:.UrAM,KA(i.K Detroit at WaaliliiBton InlKhtl. Cleveland at Philadelphia. -St. Louis at New York. Chicago at Boston. o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o e o o o o o o o o o o o o o tanks with rocket and dive-DoniDeis Army Whips Car o o i mn- I e&AlCAe OP 1&1Ae. ,y U V J, .1A iioc AO Atl IjJC IfSLOfiP ' l' bp.aI r.tit& dp -i& Hie- AS Ad WFIgLDSf? MAJOGS a, x uiiic saie-f&D 1b "Trie Of HIS F.f-O o e o o o o tie v3J is AAes foe Uis PifjiiAaJP, o Strike; JJralt, Blacklist Leaders PHILADELPHIA The Philadelphia Transportation Company, whipped into Us beat operational condition since last April, continued today to recuperate under TJ. S. Army care from the paralysing wildcat strike of Its 6,000 anti-negro employes. Maj. Gen. Philip Hayes, War Department operator of the lines, mapped out his "mopping up operations, as the Quaker City's most costly work Btoppage appeared to be completely squelched. Army officials announced that on all shifts during' the first 24 hours of resumed operations, only 18 1 workers failed to show up. Most of these, however, the Army Baid. will be able to present medical certifi- ..i-o- ninths or were absent o o cwjb TUis seAsoM " I JSwause of llie Kxtrciiiely Hot W allur and Mechanical Difficulties It Will JJc iNcccKsary to CLOSE THE PLANT AT 5 P.M. ON WEEK DAYS AND NOON ON SUNDAYS It Will Also Be Necessary to Make Considerable Reductions In All Deliveries to Our Customers! ' you may rest assured that the mechanical trouble will be taken care of in the very near future and that your former good seruce will toe restored just as quickly as possible. We ask your co-operation under these conditionswhich are beyond our contro;SBSB sirii3tf is uses s'. o o o Japs were slain and 22 captured in patrol clashes in the Sarini region of Duth New Guinea, bringing enemy losses in that area to 3.297 dead. Constant air action by planes under command of Lieut. Gen. George o o AMEMCAN IJiACil'E Clubs Won Lost Pet. at l.nnls 62 42 .596 o C. Kenny apparently nas neuuain.- ed the once powerful Jap base on Boston : 55 New York 53 o o 'due to vacations". The normal daily Yap Island in the western wiimu, the communique said. Detroit 62 Chicago 50 .634 .525 .510 .485 .481 .443 .427 48 48 50 53 55 60 50 o o o o o o o o o e o o o o o o o o o o o Cleveland 61 Philadelphia 47 Washington 44 OPA Piscontinuns Special Rations for Gardeners ii,cui'i!Tnu T. C. Victory WHEN Functional Nervoui Disturbances such as Sleeplessness, Crankiness, Excitability, Kestlessness or Nervous Headache interfere with your work or spoil your good times, take Dr. Oes Nervine " Liquid or Effervescent Tablets)' Nervous Tension can make you Wakeful, Jittery, Irritable. Nervous Tension can cause Nervous Headache and Nervous Indigestion. In times like these, we are more likely than usual to become overwrought and nervous and to wish for a good sedative. Dr. Miles Nervine is a good sedative mild but effective. If you do not use Dr. Miles Nervine you can't know what it will do for you. It comes in Liquid and Effervescent Tablet form, both equally soothing to tense and over-wrought nerves. WHY DON'T YOU TKY IT J, Get it at your drug store, Effervescent tablets 35 and 75, liquid 25 and ).00. Read directions and use only as directed. NATIONAL LF.AM'E gardeners will have to walk to their Clubs Won Lost PCt absentee average is from ouu lUj Meanwhile, Selective Service officials nioVed quickly to reclassify two of four strike leaders who were fired by the company after being freed under bail for violation of the federal anti-strike ,law. The War Manpower Commission awaited authorization from the Army to blacklist the other two for future employment. Soldiers in full battledrcss con-x, j on naeh vehicle, but e o o o o o o o o o o gardens after Aug. lb umess me, have some of their special gasoline .72 27 fit. Louis 72 Cincinnati 55 coupons "saved up. .561 .512 .485 .484 The OPA announced toaay mu-tinuance of special rations for the ..:......,iit,rs alter Aug. 15, but 48 44 52 49 58 58 62 Pittsburgh 5J New York 49 Chicago i Boston 41 Philadelphia 38 Brooklyn 40 said coupons already issued may be .414 .396 .392 1 nc lr.Kir UU V!l 1(1. Uheii do UIIUI'U LU MU " H(,H,n. was reported. 1 no On April 5, the gardeners were al strikers, who pulled their "sneak' .;i, t nrniKt the hiring and up o lowed up to 3i0 miles worm or gasoline to take care of their gardens in o A M i 01 U ' A N AfiStX 1 A HON Cliihs Won Lost Pet. grading of negroes to probationary nnrf conductors, were rural or suburban areas. .67! Milwaukee . 77 37 Louisville 68 46 Get in the Scrap! Toledo : 66 45 'Meantime t mmi submarine uts im wmt fop WAVY SENT A Df STROVE K l " .hm K'rvAC'nv out i TIK MUJCHAN1 SHIP WHH..H I Hi kiwi .ii .596 .595 .650 .551 .893 .342 .287 SUBMARINE C SENT to i roi iwi- A L.u-uim fVUT--- uuninri COME tHEIB WAV-.-OUl- rriMt rutID WAV-- ( Jf W'l ARKfP CW IIIS CMtBl 111 GE' BACK AWP PIC UP W,M-- I V.'AWl 10 ikiskci f"i fLAti fBOM rut GKOUnn- wur.N wt get Columbus 61 50 St. Paul 69 48 Minneapolis 44 68 Indianapolis 38 73 Kansas City 31 77 HeVtf ni v'r wits KlANP W Mil. imps' nf A DAH nrAiA ir, rnftf It rnww OKI )Ht (!-- nv: Mll.f- I HI SI W'ltJ m WOW MAVt tf' r (loci Id Regional War Manpower Commissioner Frank J. WcNamee estimated that war plants suffered a loss of four million man-hours by the disastrous work stoppage. Another million man-hours was lost, he said, through lateness or absenteeism by employes of sub war contractors. Translated into material production, McNamee added, the strike cost the nation five destroyers or 267 Flying Fortresses. Meanwhile, federal grand jurors were notified to assemble tomorrow to be in a complete investigation of the strike. in',f AM tIMt .1 Yanks Bottle DU Secret Guam Japs Into Island Pocket (Continued ttv. age 1) ;. 2L i r (Wratiye Get in ene Scrap! fc k'- iVSiir- ilir. Ciiriiliiies. was Duniineled . with 48 If? :y.:-irx j hJiXit- a " . , ""S 1 I kl,r IUOA'13 llNT.LC 1 30 tons of bombs by Liberators, who spread a carpet of destruction over ground installations. Two out of be Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Raj 235V Blackmail FUflN-C WIIU-KE T-II'JILK Dlimisov, , ( HUNTING ME OUT HERE ON THE RANS6-PJ HUNTING ME OUT JffiBEONWtjAN ' rr;Y.M'T td tame ti-iat mii'mAnS. TARANTULA I LOST THE HOt;-Sg TO WilDWEWTWiWS. VDER COMES A - V SUNS IT IS RUDOLPH J (TACJAWTULA HOST THE tWSS toy 1 S3--J tween eight and twelve enemy interceptors were damaged. l i and Nauru Islands were . RESIN WITH X?tS also attacked by heavy bombers. HAIR - GEN. DOUGLAS MACARTHUR'S &.V HQ., New Guinea. The supply line of trapped Jap forces on the f. o north coast of British New Guinea fpnni Wpwak to the Aitape region BREADTH HARRY was severed by American infantry battling to root out the enemy ior- ces, a communique from neauquui-t'ers of Gen. Douglas MacArtliur said today. Heavy Jap Casualties The Japs, remnants of the Nipponese lth army, suffered heavy casualties when the attacking Americans moved south across the Jap supply line and pushed west toward Afua. The Japs in this area were beaten back with large losses in several at .this cheese that's digestible food Thimble .WEkA) , W 0 )M S3lFi4 Theatre exter (a cooj in l ears 'yooei) J&-ei$M h '' sk-W V ABCRPi ( CJUARTERsv VOU V. A rM flfl-O M ,1 Jl ns milk itself I SPREADS! SLICES! TOASTS1 MELTS PERFECTLY! ' tempts to crack the American line and escape out of the trap to the west. Headquarters said that 100 more THE KllVil FunThat Keeps You Fit T nrssT 7 i HM'. THI? -r-L-ll-vJ kxl l-T TWlMW I'M I Mtm : : 1 I'LL TUST L(7 -T-i lie -iticr- I ' jf f TIME I EVEH T1LUE HAL'. COME BACKHERE N, 1 t-i, -- f z.-, , i CANT lt I 'bH t-MIV-n pic f 1 11 1 PCV-iM AinMFrJ BOWL KEGULARLY ON OUU 8 MODERN ALLEYS For Real Pleasure For Health the (sdLP LOOrlNfc3 TOILER LUCKY STRIKE BOVUNG ALLEYS Rum WettoTei

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