The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 8, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 4
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" 1'uesday, August 8, 1944. T1IK DAILY CLINVONIAN Page Foul "HAND WRITING EXPERJ c-iiindlb5cen BO THE DAILY (XINTONIAN r taw ini KOLLY&OOD P rtabUshed M The Weekly OUatonUn UM The OUatoa Flaindoaler absorbed In ISM ' Published Dally Except Saturday .and Bundsy At th Movies j IV A BASH Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Surging in with the might of war-swept seas, 20th Century-Fox's "Tampico" U screen ward bound a rip-roaring salute to the dauntlesB men of the Merchant Marine, the unsung heroes of the oil tankers who face the perils of fire and water and enemy subs that the life blood of Kcorre h. Carey - Editor and Publisher lUUmd at the Poatofffce at Clinton, Indiana wmm rs'me urn M Second Claw Matter Indiana Republican Editorial By HARRISON CARROLL Kl Fo.Ciret gyudiota Writer I HOLLYWOOD M Kay Francln ontlnuea her hoapilal tour, it will be against the advice of Navy doc-I'-ors- The star has been bedded i between eliows . . . M-G-M's Jim Warren (the B.c tor-artist) saved a seven-year-old neighbor girl, Sue Earhardt, from serious loss of blood. She went through a garage window and cut her arm badly enough to require 14 stitches. Jim applied a tourniq lot. . . . Somebody wired Martha O'Drls-coll a lei of SO orchids from Hawaii. She's dying of curiosity. Phone 33 Phona 32 ?! In Seattle, result desperately vital oil and gas foil? AcAttthiDtm S reach our fighting men overseas. With It comes Edward G. Rob Republican ditoua of a fractured cartilage on her second rib. She incurred the Injury before leav- Today's Irony: Keye Luke, one ASS0CIAT1OH IV7 of the best known Chinese actors of inson, climaxing his long career with what critics are acclaiming to be the richest portrayal he has ever brought to the screen, starred with beautiful Lynn Barl. Hollywood, didn't get a part in "Dragon Seed," but now he has f i Ing Hollywood J"" In a fall at a i swimming pool. , f 1 The indicated been hired to do the newspaper art campaign on the picture. Keye was an artist before he faced the cam era, Si I treat ment is COLIMUIA Tuesday and Wednesday A new "Blondie" comedy Uf j I three weeks in I bed weighted .ftm J down by sand "Footlight Clamour." opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. mm Harrison .Carroll packs. So far, , Kay has refused .to cancel her appearances. Once again Penny Singleton. Ar thur Lake. Larry Simms and Mar- Having Anally located an apartment In Beverly Hills, Peggy Ann Garner and her mother will move out of the former Shirley Temple bungalow at Twentieth Century-Fox, their home for weeks. However, Peggy Ann will be allowed to use the bungalow as a dressing room during her "Nob Hill" role. jorie Ann Mutchie are featured as the heartwarming Bumsteads. L - . r-y.. A ' IfvTrCf. fir, Wj , Another filmland casualty is Ida L,upino. Ida has had her right hand Ire-broken for proper setting. She (has been doing tests for "Pillar to jPost" with her hand in a cast. The NEED FOR UNDERSTANDING. Some Calif ornians have recently been proposing legislation to exclude the Japanese from their State permanently, but Jonathan Hale and Danny Mum-mert are back too, adding to the glamour girl. "Blind Street with Kenny Baker and Leo Carrillo opens as the second feature tonight. Apparently, a small bone was .broken in the hand when Ida fell Remember Betty Hutton's former hairdresser, Doris Harris, who joined the WAVES? She's stationed near San Francisco and has been knitting socks fos Alan Ladd. this doesn't mean that everybody in Cal fornia would favor such laws. Many re member pleasantly the good neighborll borne weeks ago, fracturing her ankle. The rest of the girls found out who ness of pre-Pearl Harbor Japanese, and Don't be surprised if Rita Beery, tney were for and it looks as if Ladd will get enough socks to last him years and years. PALAK Tueruiy anl Wednesday The jjove Story You Will Never forget, "White Cliffs of Dover" featuring Irene Dunns, Alan Marshal, Frank ' Morgan, Hoddy Mc-Dowall, Van Johnson, and Dame May Whitty is still-running at the Palace Theatre. Jonlca Lake's great pal, weds Col. Al Bodie of the Air Corps, around bthers hold to the deep conviction tnat ex-clusiveness harms the excluders. "Blessed are the inclusive," someone has said, "for After frowning on leg art for so jtiuo LiirtsLinus :iotioays. one s gearing a canary diamond on the proper finger and admits the romance is serious. The colonel has long, Linda Darnell is doing portrait stills in opera-length hose for "The Great John L." . . . The mos .seen much service and has been quito bomber Joan Fontaine chris .decorated with the Purple Heart And speaking of the Beerys, Rarest Eggt in World In the Natural History museum in London is the only known specimen of the egg of the extinct Lesser or Kangaroo Island emu. Other rarities are the eggs of the extinct great auk of which about 80 are known. Carol Ann will play TWO roles in jFather Wallie's "Airship Squadron arour" a Navy nurse (her first jhey shall be included". But Californians cannot be expected to forget that letting Japanese congregate in large numbers, as in and around Los Angeles, meant more than a threat of sab-6tage. It meant the postponement of Americanization of this group and accented differences. This can be seen as one sound reason for their general approval of the War Relocation Authority's policy of resettlement on a dispersal basis. Vice-Admiral Greenslade, on the West Coast, touched the heart of the matter recently when he advocated a Foundation of Pacific Inter-Relations. The Admiral as adult part) and a native girl ele-iphant driver. She's going on location to Del Mar and couldn't be unore excited. Healthy But Dead In Los Angeles, John H. Mills, 70, tened at Toronto has flown the Atlantic and is in the fight over Europe. It's called "The Joan." . . . Author Charles Jackson only waiting recovery from an illness to go east and complete the sequel to his sensational book, "The Lost Week-End." . . . The kids at the Alexander theater in Glendale clapped for three minutes when the screen flashed the preview of Abbott and Costello's "In Society." . . . Dancers Rosario and Antonio, at Ciros, are among the few artists to be awarded Mexico's "Hono.- of the White Doves." Nijinsky, Caruso and Sarah Bernhardt were others to get it. . . , Marion Hutton Is taking' French two nights a week at Hollywood High School so she can learn to talk to a new maid. Mrs. William R. Brown, of Elm reet, lias gone to Akron, O., Ray Mllland suffering from a re Taking a Backward Glance currence of dengue (breakbone) classed as physically unfit, pleaded with the school board to give him back his job, said: "I'm as sound and healthy as I ever was . . ." so saying, fell dead. Ifever which he contracted on his LPaciflc junket. He's still sticking where she will visit with her daughter, Mrs Alfred Prulhiere. Mrs. Mury Bly of Plainfield, Ind., is visiting here with her brother, Dr. C. E. Ragan, and family of Walnut street. oerore the camera. . . . Recently TWKNTY YKAIIS .divorced Rudy Vallee at Bob Dal- ton's with Judy Starr, an old ro At) TODAY Hcst of l)rss mance Bandleader Bob Chester got two toes broken in New York serted that postwar dealings with Japan will doubtless demand alertness, but he urged the West Coast to study the Orient, City Built on Bones Leningrad, in Europe, is said to be built on bones because so many laborers lost their lives in the difficult task of building the city on piles. when a base viol fell on his foot. Fiutlory Coining Benjamin Leavitt, president of the Continental Dress manufacturing company, lias ;;one to Ohi- including Japan presumably, to gain un Americans, particularly , cago to help bring down to c:iin- derstanding. THIRTY YKAKH AK) TODAY Co. 105 To Co To Chicago Clinton's prize winning company. 105, U. R., K. of P., are going to have another chance to demonstrate their excellent training in Chicago on the 6th and 7th of Thinning Essential Thinning is absolutely essential in the carrot row in order to grow long, straight carrots. Jeff Haas, arrested yesterday by the warden, was brought up before the court. Several "hot" phrases were exchanged between the attorney and the olficer. Haas was arrested yesterday for keeping wild birds in captivity when Peare and another warden found five doves at his home In South Fourth street. He entered a plea of guilty yesterday evening and Schuman fixed the fine at $10 and costs. Haas promised to arrange today for the payment of itL&MaA. tt'heitiittippeared today before the court Amis was with him, and according to Schuman interrupted another trial to dis More Traffic Officers It is estimated that at least 13,000 more city traffic officers, twice the present number of state traffic officers, and 1,000 more expert traffic engineers are needed to bring traffic control measures up to smmi. mum requirement. Home Accidents Home accidental deaths totaled about 33,000 in 19435 per cent over 1942. Disabling injuries were about 4,950.000 with 130,000 resulting in some permanent disability. ton tne remainder 01 me machines, equipment and Roods of the company. One or nore trucks are expected to arrive Saturday night or Sunday morning with these goods. Artificial Light Scientists are now able to reproduce the light of a firefly artificially. September. During the encamp ment held at Terre Haute, the Tntll-ab-blit-tlie miSdffi dT ftextH week, the local factory, as well as the Chicago end, where the machines are being out tnilay, wili be closed down. company received an Invitation to participate in the Fiftieth anniversary or Golden Jubilee celebration of the organization of the subordinate lodge of the Knights of M Rest of My Life With you cuss the Haas case, tne squire those closest to the Pacific, and even those who think they know the Japanese, could well consider putting their names to a , charter setting up some such organization as he recommended. " Christian Science Monitor. LIKE A BULL IN THE ARENA. .., A majority of Congress has the power to declare war but it requires two-thirds of the Senate to approve a peace settlement. This anomaly has been the cause of considerable discussion since the execution of President Wilson's treaty and arouses some apprehension today when declined to discusB more than one J. I. "ourt Sceine Of Pythias in the state of Illinois. Wraith Baldwin . -rr-r-r Fast Verbal limit Over case at a time and an argument started between the attorney and Another l)ove Since the company won the first prize in Class A at the national SYNOPSIS A fistic clash between William encampment their presence at fight it, ceasing to deny it, "I'm glad I brought you up to be a doctor, Matthew." ' I don't suppose I'll have much time to get up even now, and I haven't been there once in the last two Mary Norman, attractive widow, J. Peare, state game warden and ex-Parke county slieViff, and At Peare. JVrsonah ' Miss Lulu Wood of Indianapolis arrived here today to take up her duties at the Elite Ueauty lived chiefly tor Her son, ur, this celebration has been insisted upon by the Chicago committee. Matthew Norman. The income torney J. W. Amis was threaten years. ' His mother said, frowning, "I don't know, it may be a mistake. from her decorating shop had seen ed today in the court of Justice When Warsaw Pastor Hail Famous Caller When Rev. J. L. Bryan, of him throueh college and would aid John Schuman when the case of Shoppe. We're not getting our money out in establishing his practice. She was overjoyed when lovely Judith Clinton, was over to Franklin, CROSSWORD Lambert, daughter of an old triena, droDDed in for a visit, en route to By Eugene Sbejjer Maine for the summer. As Mary awaited dinner with Lynn Mortimer, lawyer, she indulged in a little mental matchmaking anent Judith and her son . . . For years Americans consider what might happen to the treaty that will be drawn when the present war ends. John Hay, Secretary of State under Mc-Kinley and Theodore Roosevelt, knew from experience the difficulty that attends securing the approval of two-thirds of the Senate. He said : "A treaty entering the Senate is like a bull going into the arena; no one can say When they reached their apartment Matthew said, "Good Lord, it's early . . . want to go to a midnight show?" "Htw about the new mystery? Irene Inquired. . "Good I Anything to eat in tha icebox? I'm hungry." - f He was always hungry. Later, Irene sat opposite him at the kitchen table and watched him maka himself a collossal sandwich. His dressing gown was belted tightly around his slim waist and his hair stood on end. He said, "Vitamins for you, young lady, you don't eat enough." "Matthew? "Yes?" "Your mother's overworking. She's having these migraine headaches more frequently." Overworking? Darling, are von Lynn has been in love with Mary, Ind. recently, attending a meeting for Baptists, he came upon a man who recalled having met him, but who could not, until reminded of an interesting incident, recall Rev. Bryan's name. "Don't you remember the time McKinley and Bryan called on the Warsaw pastor together?" The other, with an amused expression, then recalled that event. Friends of the Clinton pastor say the occurrence was about like this: He went to Warsaw, Ind., but his wife, a mental patient, was still living. Mary was stunned when Matthew announced his marriage to Irene Murray, a nurse. Mary of it, and you and Irene might have enjoyed weekends there." "Now that we have the car," said Matthew, "we can get about, thanks to you, Lynn." He had dropped the "uncle" years ago. He had put Lynn's wedding gift check into a small, smart car. He added, "But there won't be many weekends, worse luck. I want to stick to my job." "That's right," said Lynn approvingly; "it's amazing how hard it is to find a doctor on Saturday or Sunday . . . that is, any season except during the dead of winter. They're all off golfing or swimming or something." He rose. "I've got to go. Bye . . . see you Monday, Mary. Ask me to dinner sometime, will you, Irene?" "You can be Bure of dinner," said Matthew, "now that Nellie's going to officiate. soon found her daughter-in-law just how or when the final blow will fall charming. Irene continued at the hospital until Matthew bepan practice and then became his office nurse. In the fall, Judith Lambert calls, and dines at Mary's with but one thing is certain it will not leave with his colporteur society wag the arena alive." on. He fell in with another man, whose name happened to be Mc Irene and Matthew. At dinner, Kinley. The two had occasion to out of your mind? The shop practically runs itself." Mary warned Irene she'd spend the rest of her life picking up after Matthew. He teases Judith about call upon the Baptist minister at "That's all yon know about It "But she adores it." he insisted. the northern Indiana city. They failed to find him in. but just "Come to the door with me," sug i. i i" ZZ 24 24- Vff, 25 2.6 21 : IIl 4-V VP, 4S YVF W' 1 1 ' WASHINGTON Comdr. Harold E. Stassen, former Republican governor of Minnesota, back from the Pacific war theatre: "We must not strip ourselves down and become a weak force after the war." told his wife to inform him upon gested Lynn, "I want to consult being an old maid, but after ner departure, predicts "someone will snatch her up soon, especially when it's discovered she'll inherit her Aunt Ella's wealth." Lynn you." his return, that McKinley and Bryan had called on him that "Good. Quote, nothing trivial, I hope, unquote," laughed Matthew. afternoon. It was during the year calls with some books for Mary. McKinley and Bryan were oppos "What's wrong 7 Shoulder bother-in ff yon again ?" CHAPTER ELEVEN ing national candidates and the "Your mother doesn't look well," Matthew was lookine at the books pastor's wife made him "sit up which Lynn had put down on a ad take notice" when she report said Lynn gravely. "I didn't notice. . . are you sure?1 asked Matthew, astonished. ed ttn1 matter to him. as the two men had smilingly instructed her table. He said, "she can t possmiy read 'em all. Mother, what foul taste! Romance, mystery " He read from one jacket aloud " 'all "sne worked in Uattie lumberley'a place just for the fun of it, befora she had to do it for money. Than she went into partnership and finally bought Hattie out. You know, that as well as I do. &he's always eaten it up." "She isn't as young as she was. Matthew calculated. "Forty-six," he said, "prime of life. When I'm forty-six I'll be a mere boy. What will I bo like? thought Irene in sudden, foolish panic Aloud she said, "Just the same, she needs to slow up." - Sha loved Mary Norman vary much. Theirs was a satisfactory relationship, give and take. Neither was demonstrative, each knew that one could depend on the other. They were slowly growing into a fine, firm friendship. "I think," said Irene seriously, "that you should Persuade her ta the Dassionate willfulness of an un "Naturally, you didn't notice; you see her every day, nowadays, at any rate," said Lynn, "but if she were your patient..." "Okay," responded Matthew and slapped him on the back. "Thanks tamed spirit caught in the toils of love Angel, you should have your Algiers Gen. Charles De Gaulle: "In Normandy the enemy is backing step by step before the British and American forces, and in Brittany his resistance has reached the final collapse. That is indeed grand revenge." Washington Sen. Harry S. Truman, Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee defends Congressional Investigating Committees: "An informed Congress is a wise head examined. Let me take ; couple of the mysteries, will you? Of course-" for the tip. I ll have to walk warily she's hard to handle and besides," he added, "I'm not her doctor." to. The McKinley and Bryan that met at Franklin were the pair ihrtt made the rati during the McKinley and Bryan campaign. T'i't onals Donald Stitt. circulation man-;ger of the Indianapolis News-Clintonian comhination, goes to Terre Haute, this evening, to visit over Sunday with his parents. Miss Katherine Mirnberger returned Friday from Worthiugtoa. whore she had been visiting for several days. "Irene." said Matthew, "reads 10. feminine name 11. edible seeds 16. penitential When Lynn had gone. Matthew HORIZONTAL 1. endure 5. S -shaped worm 8. hit with aloud. I would have sworn I couldn't returned to the living room and went to stand by his mother. He stand it. ... I hate being read to as a rule " Since when?" asked his mother. asked gently, "What's the matter, old lady?" give it up." 37. entire amount 38. papa) veil 40. wrestle 44. coarse gauze 45. chattered idly 46. fine mesh 47. regret extremely 48. was carried 49. citrus drinks 60. house t addition 51. stretch over VERTICAL 1. young sheep 2. operatic solo 3. dispatch 4. labeling 5. Mohammedan prince 6. male offspring (pi.) 7. droop 8. horse 9. scattered carelessly "I used to read to you every night Congress, and an uninformed Congress surely will forfeit a large portion of the He was looking down at her, Matthew regarded her aa if h not as a son regards a parent but had grown horns. when you were a little boy. That's so," recalled Matthew, aincerelv astonished. "Well, Irene as a doctor sees his patient. Lynn was right There was a white line "My dear girl," ha retorted; 'she can't afford to give it un: be Miss Margaret Holden will spend Sunday with her sister. Mrs. Pattison. of Terre Haute. around her mouth, she looked sides, what would she do with pinched and drawn. Nothing, dont be silly. Why 'She's spent so much on na don't you turn on'the radio?" Irene said thoughtfully, "and Answer to yesterday's puzzle. could have managed without Headache?" he asked. 'A little" she admitted reluct carries on the old tradition and puts me to sleep." "How's the apartment?" Lynn asked Irene. "Lovely. At least, we think so.ft "It's all right," said Matthew, "lots of leg room and Lord knows I need it. Of course Irene isn't much of a cook, she keeps remembering her dietetics and dishing out a neat mess of junket. But Nellie will soon be in the saddle and we'll be all set." respect and confidence of the people. ! Washington ' Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, on recent B-29 raid on Jap industrial plants in Manchuria: "Japan's new industry in stolen Manchuria is no longer safer than Japan's war industry and war machine elsewhere." ; Indianapolis Herbert W. Brownell, Jr., Republican national chairman: "Per-1 Bauxite Ore The United States obtains much of its bauxite ore used in the manufacturing of aluminum, from Surinam, Netherlands colony on the northeastern coast of South But I need you," said Matthew. antly. Old debbil migraine. Why didn't open hand 12. extent 13. extinct bird 14. prong 15. mixing 17. Sicilian volcano 18. nocturnal, burrowing mammals 19. allots 20. those in office 21. military assistant 22. deputy 25. make ill 26. fish e?gs 29. warbled 20- Scandinavian territorial division 31. person distinguished for valor 32. insect 33. note in Guido's scale 34. type of season 19. wire measure 21. river-island 22. masculine name 23. firearm 24. adit 25. wine vessel 27. Anglo-Saxon money 28. eternity 30. matt drink 31. assistants 33. twilight 3. thin, narrow board 36. medicinal plants 37. Russian independent . union 38. wide-mouthed jug 39. peruse 40. ancient country 41. support 42. the swan . 43. Paradise 45. yivtx: beor you tell me ? Irene, get her to bed, will you, and I'll send Kate out for his jaw set in the hard lines aha had come to know and which, aha realised, meant an end of discussion. Nevertheless, she persisted.' She was not without spirit. Snirit some stuff." He produced his new prescription blanks and a pen. "It's AG UjU H I EAjPiA L E L A MA LI I M !AgT NA tJrJi C h L EpE NT!r?Y p u tHdJe ppFrpN 1 P ooe Qs a 'n i frjAglv SiP;AiREH5ir tejLlL A R HfojMjAjL V HlA C E Lynn turned to Mary who was lying back against a big chair, her burned in her, slow to flame but it was there. She could be, as Mary, had discovered by now, obstinate! good, harmless, and very new. Won't hurt you and may help you. Slay in bed tomorrow if you know , t'rban Population Older The urban population of the United States is older, on the average, than the rural population, the 1940 census discloses. bhe was almost without humorJ eyes closed. "The papers are about ready for signature," he said. "Will you come to the office Monday, or would you rather we came here? Mary answered without opening her eye. "I'll come down, Lynn. Monday we'll start packing. I've a flock of people coming in." Matthew remarked, "I'm glad she selling the QouasgUii shark j what's good for you and call Doc Timmons if it gets any worse." The laughter had gone and the carelessness. He was all physician now, giving orders which he expected would be obeyed. Mary permitted Irene to take her into the bedroom. She said, allow- aonal diplomacy is a failure. It is team work that will count in the future." ' Near Castel Gandolfo, Italy. King George VI .of England, inspecting Anzio beachhead battlegrounds where Allied troops held an far months against heavy pdds: "How did they ever hold out?" But she was good and fine, clear through. She said, "W could have man aged with someone less xpenaivai than Nellie and not such a him apartment. (To be eoBtfnUtMf) v CuprrtfH- Ift, m rl amlU OutknOI SaMuM Sy Iff Ihmtmm Ufaetm, Soupfin Sharks ' About 600 boats are now fishing in California waters for soupfln sharks that yield a liver oil richer in vitanUn A than cod liver oil 6-8 Avrraee time ( ioIatU: Z? minute. i4t i 1x4 feWfU SBdUfttc, Inc. ug (h Dam to take kn, erasing to ,

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