The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 71
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 71

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 71
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Page 71 article text (OCR)

E13 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1968 Marked Change In Students Studio No Ordinary Classroom County staff members, however, say that there are other projects underway which try to cope with the dropout problem. They prefer, they say, to wait until at least next year before training Interns In the approach. Communications skill may not be the final or the whole answer for students whose intelligence Is normal but whose Interest is non-existent. Certainly, It will not turn all reluctant learners Into future Phi Beta Kappa candidates. But an air of hope exists. By JANE ARPE SUlf Writer DELRAY BEACH What can a teacher do to help a student who Is mentally able, but falling scholastically? One answer is being developed In "The Studio" at Seacrest High School. On the outside, "The Studio" Is Just another of the many portable classrooms which surround the main school building. Inside, things are different. Cameras, microphones, typewriters and recorders are stationed throughout the room, ' making it evident that this Is no ordinary classroom. The 30 students In the program this year usually six to a period seem to move about freely, but with restraint, most of them appearing confident, alert and Intensely interested in what they are doing. They are taking part In the "communications skills" class Deans and counselors report changes of behavior and attitudes of varying degrees and other students are Impressed with the quality of work produced In the communications class. Ripley pointed out that one of the audlovldeo recorders used In the program was sup-piled by the state vocational rehabilitation office, but the other was purchased with the profit from a school-wide sale of candy bars, at the students suggestion. The multi-sensory approach was developed by Brunson, who Is no longer with the school system. He was assisted last year by Edward Lee, a psychology major who had interned at Seacrest and who Is the sole teacher of the class this year. Lee finds his work absorbing and challenging and is hopeful that similar classes may be scheduled elsewhere In the county. Initiated by Dr. Ward Brun-son, former school system psychometrlst.. The class, offered for the first time during the spring semester, Is believed to be the only one of Its kind In the country. Two features of the program set It apart from the traditional learning situation, and appear to have been at least partly responsible for the remarkable changes reported In the students: The use of equipment to "communicate," and the continuing focus on the unique needs and potentials of each Individual student. As a student acquires mastery of the equipment, he Is able to control part of his learning environment. He can play and replay portions of a taped lesson, for example, or he can gain confidence by preparing a film for use In one of his regular classes. For Instance, a movie on the life of Walt Whitman, which last year's class produced, took the combined talents of writers to prepare the script, actors to read the lines, sound equipment operators to record the words and music, cameramen to film the scenes, and a projectionist to show it. In the making, the students absorbed considerable informa tion about the poet at the same time that they were producing a movie which aided students In other classes. Students also pick up salable skills. The photographs Illustrating this story, for example, were made by class members. Clifford Ripley, principal at Seacrest, Is enthusiastic about the results of the program and estimated that 100 students now at the school might profit from such a class. At least two of the students In last year's class were ready to drop out of school and records suggest that many of the other 14 would have quit by this time if they had not been in the skills class. Instead, all 16 are still students, although two are no longer at Seacrest High. One of the most gratifying results of the class has been the carryover effect. As students gained confidence In communications skills, they began to be more enthusiastic about other classes and some of their hostility toward school vanished. Relatives and neighbors voluntarily praised the effect of the program on students, pointing to the radical change In attitudes toward school. Ware W. SUL LESSON PREPARATION TIME and Debbie Poppel in Seacrest High Taping comment and accompa- School's communications skill nying background music for later class, reference and study are Pearl Allen MNOUMCIS THI OW m OfNCI km TW MAOta o oei owwrn Office. Hours ty Appointment 1300NO.FEOEUIHWY. ia wotrm, ra. MMstalMalMatatatMMllktiSMMkisiMMMMMMi.MMMt.tftit.te with a WINNER MM For Sheriff 1 i' 1 Jews Flee GENEVA (AP) About 4,000 Jews have fled Czechoslovakia since the Soviet-led Invasion and more than 2,000 have been driven out of Poland, the American Joint Distribution Committee reported Friday. Samuel L. Haber, executive vice chairman, said the Jews who have quit Czechoslovakia represent about a quarter of the former population of 15,000. He said there was a new wave of anti-Semitism in Poland and added: "The depth of anti-Semitism is now so great that the Jewish community appears to have no future there." Take CLINTON E. RED TAYLOR ! J I 1 1 1' ) J 1 J 1 ELECT m ROBERT C. CLARK , FOR SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS REPUBLICAN NOV. 5 I LEVER 26 A Pd. p.i. Adv. Democrat LEVER ?3-R ...... Pd. Pol. Adv. mmmmm MM MMMMMMMMk); hart and Paul Crate, prepare a program for Seacrest High School's Spanish Department. HABLEN ESPANOL Using television tape recorder students, from the left, Danny Kreiger, Obie Du- Squirrel Shuts Off Electrical Power Remember when baby furniture came in only one style! LOOK AGAIN! ALWAYS FIR8T QUALITY J BAY CITY, Mich. (AP)-A squirrel electrocuted himself and in so doing knocked out most of the power in downtown Bay City area for five minutes Friday. Lowell Shepard, division manager of Consumers Power Co., said the squirrel walked onto a transformer, short-circuiting several power lines. REDUCED THRU SATURDAY! Vr' - LEGAL NOTICES NO. 21171 CALL KOK BIDS The Board ot County Commissioners. Palm Beach County. Florida, will receive sealed bids at the Commission MeetinR Room. 301 North Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach. Flcrida, up to. and opened at 11:00 A.M.. E S T., Tuesday. November 26. 1HHS. for the furnishing of all materials, labor, equipment, supplies and services necessary for the construction of the: ALTERATION, ADDITION & MODIFICATION TO CLADKSOFFICE Bl'ILDI.NG NEAR BELLE GLADE, PALM BEACH COI NTY, FLORIDA Plans and Specifications, as the Contract Documents, may be obtained by qualified bidders upon depositing $50.00 for each set with the architect Chester Albert Cone, 216 Northwest 16th Street, Belle Glade, Florida. The deposit amount will be refunded upon the return of the documents within 5 calendar days after the date set for opening bids. All bids shall be made on the forms provided and must be accompanied by a Bid Bond or Certified Check made payable to the Board of County Commissioners. Palm Beach County. Florida, in the amount of five (5 per cent) of the total gross amount of the base bid as guarantee that the bidder, if awarded the contract will within ten ' 10) consecutive calendar days, after written notice Riven of such award. RE-ENLISTS Chief Frank Wiser, in charge of Navy recruiting here, has re-enlisted for another four years. He has served 18 years, including duty in the Korean war. Chief Wiser has been here two years and expects to serve here another year. LEGAL NOTICES Gain Recognition LONDON (AP) The British government has announced its recognition of the Panama regime of President Jose Maria Plnllla. enter Into a written contract with the Board of County Commissioners, In accordance with terms of the accepted bid, and give a Contract Surety Bond satisfactory to the Board of A Foreign Office spokesman said the British Embassy in Panama so advised the Plnllla government Wednesday. T0DDLETIME ENSEMBLE OF BURNISHED PINE REG. 64.96, NOW County Commissioners, equal to one hundred dOOi per cent, of the contract price. Bids requested shall be set forth In REID tne proposal rnrm attached to and forming a part of the Specif ications. Proposal forms will not be issued unless request is received at least 24 hours prior to the opening of the bids. The wanes to be paid by the Con NO. KM NOT1CETO BIDDERS CALL KOK BIDS Scaled bids will be received at the Office of the Board of County Commissioners, Administration Building, 301 North Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, up to and opened at 11:00 A M. Tuesday, November 12, 18 for furnishing: 68-51 TWENTY (20) TRUCKS Item 1-Eleven (11) Half-ton PIck-upTrucks Item 2 -Two (2)17,000 G.V.W. Forward Control Truck Vans Item 3 -One (1)10,000 G.V.W Cab and Chassis Item4 One(l)40,000 G.V W. Cab and Chassis Item 5 -Two (2) Half-ton Vans ItemS Three (3) Hall-ton Sports Vans Specifications and proposal blanks may be obtained by bona ftde bidders upon application at the Pur. chasing Agent s Office, Building S-1505, Palm Beach International Airport. West Palm Beach, Florida. Telephone S83-1338. The Board reserves the right to reject anyorall bids. By order of the Board of County Commissioners, Palm Beach County, Florida. BOARD OF COUNTY COM-M1SSIONERSOFPALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA By: E. F. Van Kessel Attest: John B. Dunkle. Clerk Jack Dean, County Administrator Pub. : Oct. 20, 27, 31, Nov. 3, 18 tractor shall. In no case, be below the local prevailing wage (or similar work as established lor the Palm Beach County area and to wage rate CRIB schedule provided by the Florida ln- uuMiiai commission, inciuuea purlot theSuecifications. No bidder mav withdraw his bid within 10 days after the date set tor openingthereof. The Board reserves the right tc waive Informalities In any bid and to Pi reject any or all bids submitted. Bv order of the Board of County REP. pi. a. X Commissioners, Pal n Beach County. TAX ASSESSOR T0DDLETIME 'MEDITERRANEAN' STYLED FURNITURE Beautiful three-piece ensemble for the newest arrival all of superbly crafted hardwood with burnished pine veneer. Crib has full-length head and footboards with double drop sides, stabilizer bar, 4-position spring and teething rails. 4-drawer chest and 3-drawer dresser, have laminated plastic tops and 'dust proofed' drawers. Chest, reg. 69.98, NOW ....'58 Dresser, reg. 69.98, NOW ...'58 NO MONEY DOWN USE RENNET'S TIME PAYMENT PLAN! 552 CRIB Reg. 62.98, NOW TODDLETIME 'ITALIAN PROVINCIAL' FURNITURE Reg. 45.98, NOW $38 CRIB Charming lurnitur. mumbling lor baby's rooml Sturdy hardwood with whit, finish and gold trim. Doubl drop aid. (rib hot full-ingrh hod and footboards with stabilize bors, 4-position adjustable spring, ond teething rails. Spacious 5 drawer chest measures 31" x ir 42" high. Hardwood construction with rich 'saddle oak' finish. Crib has doubl. drop sides, itabliztr bars, 4-poiilion spring. Chtst has minarad plastic top, 'dust proofed' drawtrs. STETSON 0. SPROUL (Retiring Tax Collector) CndoUU ... CEwMcGEHEE For TAX COLLECTOR Chest, regular 75.98, NOW . . '64 pay as uttle as $5 a month! $4r Chest, regular 56.98, NOW LarMrVKjfr in ?r -t-t uf rT", I am retiring this year after having been privileged to serve the citizens of Palm Beach Cou r mrioa BOARD OF COUNTY COM M1SSIONF.KS PALM BEACH COUNTY FLORIDA By: E. F. Van Kessel. Chair man ATTEST: John B. Dunkle. Clerk Jack Dean. County Administrator William E Hill. Countv Engineer Pub : Nov. 3. 10. 17. 10(58 NO. MJ1 NOT ICE TO CONTRACTORS The Board ot County Commissioners, Palm Beach County. Florida, will receive sealed bids at the Commission Meeting Room. 301 North Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida, up to and opened at 11:00 AM. E S T. November 12. 1, for the fumlshlni of all mat -rials, labor, equipment and supplier neceisaryfor: TROJECT: SITE IMPROVEMENTS FOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION NO. i, PAHOKEE. FLORIDA The Contract Documents may be obtained by bona fide bidders by depositing 125 00 for each set with the Architect. William W. Bralnard. 706 Guaranty Building. West Palm Beach. Florida. The deposit amount for one set of Documents will be refunded to each actual bidder who returns the Documents tn food, fully assembled condition within ten days after opening bids. Ten Dollars will be refunded for each of all other sets of Documents so returned, In good, fully assembled condition. Bids requested shall be set forth In the Proposal Form attached to and forming a part of the Specifications. Proposal Forms will not be issued unless request Is received at least M hours prior to opening of the bids. No bidder may withdraw his bid within thirty (30) days after the date set for bid opening thereof. The Board reserves the right to waive minor informalities in the bids, or to reject any or all bids. By order of the Board of County Commissioners. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA By E. F Van Kessel. Chairman. Attest John B. Dunkle. Clerk William E. Hill. County Engineer Publish: Palm Beach Post-Times; Pub. : October 27, Nov. 3. 19M nty for 32 years as Tax Collector. Ernie Mc Gehee has served as my assistant for 9 years and knows every phase of this office. In this important job I know there is no substitute for experience, and this experience combined with Mr. Mc Gehee's character and supervisory ability make him CRIB MATTRESS WITH PROTECTOR 113 coil tuflletl construction for healthful support . . . durable sisal and sponge rubber insulation. Embossed cover with clear plastic mattress protector that lips on and off! QUILTED PRINT CRIB MATTRESS 112-coil mattress with waterproof, quirted penrliied vinyl cover. Smooth, tufttess construction with sisal msulafion. Gives baby the support he needs for proper growth! NURSERY PRINT CRIB MATTRESS 84-coil mattress with sisal insulation . . . fabric supported for boby's comfort. Charming nursery print cover is water-proof. White background. 117 '15 Regular 20.98, NOW Regular 17.98, NOW f Regular 14.98, NOW m eminently qualified to serve you. I urge all my friends and supporters to . . . VOTE FOR C.E.-McGEHEE PALM BEACH COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR REfUILIC AN I j ; m CHARGE IT LAY-A-WAY DffATATJPVQ 0PEN 10 AM til 9:30 PM rrji yilvJlj IO MONDA Y thru SA TURD A BOB V.

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