The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 8, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 8, 1944
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t age Two THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, August 8, 1944. PHILADELPHIA STRIKE PUTS ARMY TRUCKS TO WORK the termination of the war. That la, j tin- veteran of (wo yeurs active scr- Opportunities For Education (fivcn To War Veterans Allied Armies Sense Victory In Air Over France, Writer Says " "iiuiu oe eiiiuieu 10 mrt o yem college training. The refresher or retraining course Is limited to one year. During the veteran's stay in hcIiooI iiu must keen up ilia work with I lie standards of the institu 'Continued Fruit) Pmo If (Continued Irom page 1) can notice il in the barely restrained optimism of the American and British commanders. The Hun is on (he run in France. Ho may utand and,Jiglit ferociously and Btubbornly here and there but his own faith in victory lias vanish tion, with his conl inning in school depending upon his ability. While actually enrolled in and pursuing the training or educational course the Veterans Administration will .pay all tuition and usual fees up to a maximum of $!00 per year. A single veteran will receive $50 per month for living expenses and a veteran with dependents will re gram (A6TP) or Navy college training program V-ft. V-12) both of which wore continuations or civil-tan training. AIho excluded from (lie 90-day active service period lu lime spent as a cadet or midshipman in a service academy. Both the type of education and the school are lo ho selected by the veteran with the primary period of training one year or the equivalent In part-time study. After this primary period is completed the veleran Is entiled to additional education for a period equal to the time in active service on or ed. He fights now only because of fear: fear of whut will happen to him if he surrenders: fear of what will happen to a defeated German ceive $75 pe rmontli. army. Over by i iiristmaj Kdtication or training must be started by the veteran within two years after date of discharge or termination of the war. whichever is There is little doubl in the minds of American and oilier Allied off! cers and men in France that the the later date. after Sept. 16, 1940 and prior to European war will be pver by Indiana schools and colleges are aM It could end within a few weeks WHY BE FA? ; ml if the present retreat of the Ger .... mans In Normandy develops into a complete collapse of organized sistance. already laying plans to receive the returning veterans In their classes. A preliminary discussion of administering the bill as it applies to education and training of war veterans was recently held by 17 school, college and university representatives who met with C. T. Malan, state superintendent of public instruction and his staff. Business and industry leaders al If however, It proves necessary to achieve a decisive military defeat of Get,sllmmer without exercise You may loae pound b and have a more slender, graceful figure. No exercising. No laxative. Nodnigs. With this AYDS ptaa you tton't cut out any meals, starches, potatoes, meats or butter, you simply cut them down. It easier when you enjoy delicious (vitamin fortified) AYDS beore meals. Absolutely harmless. the German armies the genera) opin ion is that it will take until about the end of October. In Pari by Septemlier There are some optimists In so attended the conference, which w fate jfA .j- W riM V,W.$?ifa I JaUjlH. lkb.Hl dealth with such problems as how sponsible positions in Normandy ... m . well veterans will adjust to college, In clinical test conducted by toedfcal doctors, tnoir than 14 persons Id 14 to IS tbt. average In a few tracks with. .DSViUmin Candy Reducing , . WORKERS FROM THE U. fc. ARMY quartermasters depot In Philadelphia, Pa., climb aboard Army trucks however -who believe we shall not how many will want higher education and whether Instructors may in to' be transported as near at passible to their homes during the trolley, bus and subway strike in that city Which deprived an estimated 1,500,000 daily riders of public transportation. (International) have to fight for Paris but that the entry of the American forces Into cline to award grades for patriotism that city will be in the form of Try a large size box of AYDS.30-day supply only 2.25. Money back if you don't get rasuiu. Phone GiU.dK HAKtf AC'Y 211 South Main St. - rather than for scholastic ability. Many veterans have already enter- Aircraft been. .in ed or re-entered oollege and their victory parade. Whether we fight our way Into that historic heart of the French, nation or not the view prevails in some high quarters that we employed at Consolidated in San Diego. Scifres has Italy since March. to reaction and attitude may serve as Grandson of Clinton Residents Stationed Near Pisa With Yanks a partial basis for Judging the out shall be there before the end of Sep New Rerf Drive Slashes Near East Prussia come of the program as applied lo a great number of returning service Polio Reported In Three More Indiana Counties nien and women. With the United States' education INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Spread (Continued Irom page 1) tember. It is a soul-stirring experience to ride military-truck and Jeep over the battle-scarred soil of Normandy that has been made sacred by the blood of American boys from New York, of poliomyelitis to three more Indi al standard the highest in the world, it Is believed many service ana counties was revealed today fol fftDta-Seltzer I'vt. Scifres who has been with the First Armored Division in the drive on Anzio aHd the First Division to lowing tjie report of new cases of the j personnel will take advantage of the crippling disease. Two other coun An Early Showing Of Better Grade SUITS In All The Good Brands That We Have Always Carried! Trr Alfca-Seltier for (Continued from paf 1) enter Home sent the following explanatory clipping taken from a ser ties in which cases already had occurred reported new victims. j Beadsch. "HorninaT After" Achin Muscles, Acid Indigestion. Pleasant, I prompt, effective. 3t and tOf. through attempts north- of Memel." The Important Baltic harbor of the The five new cases were all chil dren under 15. Counties in which the first cases flaming eastern front, meanwhile, other victorious Russian units were solidly In control of vast oil and were listed are Orange, Howard and opportunities lui iiihuw ruuvunuu offered under this bill. It has been estimated that the educational average of the armed forces is two years high school compared with fifth grade average of the first World War. Although problems stfll remain to be worked out in the bill, great strides have been taken to aid in the readjustment and rehabilitation of the veterans changing from military to civilian life. vice man'B newspaper. "Since May 23 the 1st Armored chased the enemy 191 road miles, killed or captured at least 8,812 Germans and wounded an estimated 13,200. The 1st Armored destroyed 135 tanks, 43 of which were the vaunted 60 ton 'Tigers'. Thirty-one resources seized from the Na Spencer. Allen county reported its High Vitamin potency at low cost ONE-A -DAY Vitamin TablcU. A and D tablets in the yellow box B-Com-pkx tablet! In the grey box. zis with the capture of Drononycz and Boyslaw and the railway nub KJ OK. MILES 'sj Georgia, Illinois, California and every other state in the union. France Grateful As you pass by the little white-crossed cemeteries where the bodies of our boys He freshly buried in the Norman fields you wonder whether France will be grateful for the fact the youth of America has gone over there for the second time within two decades to help liberate the country from German aggression. The Norman peasants seem some-1 what apathetic about the great e-vents that are taking place in their midst. Now and then they wave to the convoys of American military might moving up to defeat tiie German conquerors of their country, but on tlio whole they go ubout their farm-work quietly and with appar filth victim of polio, Raymond Harrison, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Harrison, while at South Bend, in St. Joseph County, the third case, that of Carol Bickcl, 15, of Sambor, on the approcanes to German-dominated Hungary and self-propelled guns and 77 anti-tank guns, and 188 trucks were destroy Czechoslovakia. Double Drive Advances mSii-& hllilr. Headache, and FINE WORSTED KaalleMnesi. when dae to Nervus daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blck-el, of Goshen, was recorded. After Nazi Bources reported hun Throw Your Scrap Into th Fight I Ttnilon. U,a only aa directed. c dreds of thousands of German ci ed." This partly explains why Jerry has got lo run! I'vt. Hcllres attended Paris high school Iwo years, finishing at Kide-farm. Hefore entering the armed fon:cs in September of 1943 lie was vilians were rushed into East Prussia to throw up new fortifications Classified Ads Sell Most Anything againBt the Soviets westward ad t- vance toward the frontier, the Rus sian first Baltic army swept for ward 16 and 18 miles from points ently little emotional Interest lu this great druma of history. ; ill Latvia in a double-pronged thrust AND GABARDINES ; SINGLE-'.IND , DOUBLE BREASTED s35 - $40 aimed at Memo!. 'refer Allied Troops . They are a peace - loving people Red army forces driving north west from Siatllia advanced lb and war does not apeal to' them. , They show evidence of preferring the Prescribed by Slate Board of Accounts Town Budget Form No. 3 NOTICE -TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES IN THE MATTER OF DETERMINING THE TAX RATES FOR CERTAIN I'l'HPOSES BY THE C1V1I. TOWN OF FAIRVIEW PARK. VERMILLION COUNTY, INDIANA. BEFORE THE BOARD OF TOWN TRUSTEES. K " ' Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Fairview Park, Vermillion miles lo capture Kulsenal ill the northern plncer movement toward Americans and British to the Ger mans but they would rather not have 7 ROOM MODERN HOUSE FOR SALE Four blocks from town on J)vmI street .. Stoker, City Gas, Automatic Water Heater. Built in Kitchen Cabinets. Breakfast Nook, New Inlaid Linoleum. Hardwood Floors, Venetian Blinds, Fireplace. LOT 66 x 198 House Is Vacant Inquire John Guerri Clinton Hotel Memel, while the southern prong any armies on their precious soi drove Into (he vital road Junction of Saukenai, 68 miles from the East Prussia purt. County, Indiana, that the proper legal orricers or said municipality, at their regular meeting plaee, on Hie 2Sth day of August, 1944 will consider ROSENBLATT'S the following budget: ill IKJKT CLASSIFICATION KOIt TOWNS GENERAL FUND 1. SERVICES PERSONAL Swore at PILES! But Now He SMILES! YOU may mile Joo. rHe dor-tore' formula for dlsirnui of piles. Banie nucil djimclivelf by sprrlallbtai nt noletl clinic, lie n mazed nt pain, Iti-li, uorcncBi ret ucli QI'II'K relief 1 ;et 1.00 ttiiw 'i'liorulon ft Minor's Heels Oliitnifiit trxiny. Or et the eat-to-apply 'J'horoloii ft ill u or Rectal HtionitorIes, on Is a few ceati more. Trj DUUTOltiS' WHjr TODAY. At ji II nnnl Hrnii Klurt'H I'vory vvliurc iu Clinton, at Giliis i'lmr unity. Seize Oil licit A Soviet deputy commissar for the oil Industry hailed the victory on the southern front. With the Soviet capture of Drobhobycz and Bo-ryslnw, he said, a "wide belt" of oil and gas deposits extending from Premysyi almost to Stanilawow had been made available to the Soviet war machine. Before the war. he said, a ilkraine oil combine had 'K CLOKIi AT H:M) P. til. ON SATl KII.1YH NOW! 11. Salary of Trustees I 125.00 12. Salary. Clerk-Treasurer 80.00 maintained refineries with more than 2,000 oil wells in that section of the Carpathian foothills. He add 15. Compensation Town Attorney 1 25.00 18. Other Compensation 300.00 2. SERVICES CONTRACTUAL 22. Heat, Light, Power and Water 60.00 23. Printing and Advertising 60.00 24. Repairs Town Hall 350.00 25. Services, Oilier Contractual , -t 25.00 3. SUPPLIES 31. Office Supplies 25.00 6. CURRENT CHARGES 61. Insurance and Official Bond Preni. 15.00 ed that the area's gas resources were bo large that such big cities as Kiev and Lwow could be amply supplied. J.K) Towns Taken The Russian victories at the northern and southern ends of the TOTAL GENERAL FUND $1,056.00 Mothers Fathers Wives OF MEN and WOMEN IN SERVICE Be Sure to Attend The PUBLIC MEETING at FAIRVIEW SCHOOL Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1944 At 7:30 P. M. The Soldier Voting Law Will Be Explained and Cards Will Be Distri billed EVERYONE WELCOME STREET FUND SERVICES PERSONAL AUTO PAINTING FENDER AND BODY STRAIGHTENING WELDING WASHING AND SIMONIZING Clinton Car Laundry 408 South Main Street ' KARL HARPER Telephone 322-W f 11 s:ii:irv. Street Commissioner 180.00 Wages of Laborers UBS ! , 300.00 13. SUI 3. active batlleline overshadowed other Soviet advances. More than 150 Nazi-held communities were overrun in five different sectors during the last 24 hours. - j In the drive toward East Prussia from the southeast, Russian col-, umii northwest and southwest of Blalystok seized Knyszyn and La-py, cutting Iwo main highways. Capture of Knyszyn cut the Germans highway route lo the East Prussian town of Lyck, and the fall TOTAL STREET FUND $1,005.00 Street Fund KSTIM VI E OF TOWN Fl'NIIH TO Itli ItAIKEI) FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES TO General DECEMBER 3lHt OF INCOMING YEAR: Fund 1. Total Budget Estimate for Incoming your $1,065.00 2. Necessary expenditures to be mudu from ap 11,005.00 P propriations unexpended July 31st of present year : 200.00 200.00 $1,205.00 ;wiH- JM of Lapy severed a vital road to Warsaw. Latvian Drive Gains Forly communities were captured by the Rod army northwest of Cau-nas in l.allu. and Soviet armored columns which cut the Important Culbene -Madona highway overran Lllhana. northwest of Rezekne In Latvia, and several other places. More than 60 towns and villages were liberated ill Sol let offen-Bives for extension of the Red ar- niL-'a Vllnlu r-li-i.P I, rl A tt tin li a wul $ 712.56 6. Tola! Funds Required (Add lines 1. 2. 3 and 4) 1.255.00 FUNDS ON HAND AND TO BE RECEIVED PROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX LEVY: . Aeiual Biilanre. July 31t of present year 8. Miscellaneous Revenue lo lie received Aug. 1st of presi nt year lo Dec. 31st of Incoming year ISchoduli' on file In office of City eonlrollerli h. ! and all oilier revenue (see schedule) 3114.48 $1,077.04 9. Totnl Funds (Add lines B. 7. Ka and 8lil nf Sandomierz in Poland. Battle In.siilc Warsaw There were no further reports regarding the fight for .Warsaw where patriot forces inside the Nazi- A. Old surface ft. Coat No. 1 BPS Foundation Coat C Coat No; 2 BPS House Paiol .-!:U';j I held Polish capital were last report ed extending recent gains. 12. AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY (Add lines 10 1111 111 None None PROPOSED LEVIES N t Taxable Properly $243,785.00 Number of Taxable Polls , ' Levy on Levy on Amount to FUNDS Polls Property Be Raised leneral None None None COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OK TAXES COLLECTED AM) TO BE COLLECTED (Tabulate, below amount to be collided in current year and amounts collected in each of the previous three years.) Collected Collected Collected Collected Name of Fund 19(2 194:1 1944 1945 Total - $1,457.54 $1,458.18 $1,093.44 $1,457.92 HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS AT PRIVATE SALE As I am moving (o Indianapolis, I will sell at Private Sale at my residence 1639 North S)th SSt., Clinton, on Thursday, August 10 ALL DAY Practically AH Of My Household Furnishings BEDS SPRINGS DISHES TABLES CHAIRS RUGS KITCHEN CABINET CAMP KOOK STOVE , TERMS: CASH B. H. SELLERS, owner 1639 North Ninth Street Annual Miners Picnic To Be Held August 11, 12, 13 H oil trh ton and Houghton, novelty For a perfect 2-coaf job! cyclist wfll bn a f'al uro attraction the 2SHi Annual Miners Picnic to held Friday, Saturday and Sun-y, Ancu 11, 12 and 1.1 at the Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard thereon. Aflor the 'ax leiies have been determined, and presented to the County Auditor not Memorial Stadium, in Terre Haute, FIRST COAT BPS Foundation coat is the perfeet first coater. It primes and seals the surra re regulates the penetration of the oils produces the working baso for the finish coat. it was announced today. ' lain- limn two days prior lo Hie second Monday In September, and the levy SKCOND COAT BPS Uouse Paint is the ideal finish coat. It dries out to a tough, elastic finish that resistB wear and weather. It retains. its clean, fresh beauty for many years. fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or on (heir failure so to do. by Hie County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such leiis. may appeal lo the State Board of Tax Commissioners for further and final hearing thereon, by filing of petition with the County .NEW IIEAITV WITH l'ATTKItSO.N-SAIMiEXT PAINTS Speakers for (lie program include. Claude A. Smith, former judjre of Oihson County and William Mitch, former secretary-treasurer of the Mine Workers of District 11. The program also includes free dancinf. a baseball tournament,1 heaatypjr and aerial bombs. Get in tue JjerapT " " Auditor not later than October 15, hearing in Ihis County. Dated this 7tb day 'of August, ;ui and the Slate Board will fix a date for 1944. ERNEST WEBER, CLAUDE HAYES, EVERETT SHORES, Trustees.' i S. 0. HARLAN HARDWARE t.-, I -.tVI X. Mnih St. Clinton, Iiul. 3vjilf

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