The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 35
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 35

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

C lft Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1968 You're Going To Wear Them, Don't Blush Demure? thai only encourages the worst in him. But neither should you pretend he's lost his marbles because he's appreciating you." A skyscraper brownette model from California who appeared to me to have legs clear up to her ears, said, "I haven't been in New York in three years. I'll tell you one thing. Either the town's gotten a whole lot friendlier than it that shows Is what I want to show. There's nothing worse than hiding your bra strap or pulling up a hanging slip. Whistles "And then, and to me this Is most Important, don't carry a chip. If a man whistles and you're inclined to smile smile. Don't crack back at him with a smart remark By CINDY ADAMS NEW YORK (WNS) So you lake the plunge and actually show up at work In that micro mini that's been hanging in the closet for five months. Or you rev up your nerve and attend a cocktail party wearing the see-through dress vou dared yourself to buy. Or, your better sense telling you not to, you force yourself Into that bared belly hostess gown for the dinner party you're throwing. Now, the average Female American! would be terrified in any or all ol these situations and she simply wouldn't get into them. So she need read no further. Nor Is any advice or reassurance needed by the woman who feels overdressed when she's half naked. She knows how and whom to shock, and loves doing it. The problem Is with the women who want to be "with It" but aren't quite sure how to wear the daring styles without being a bit awkward. And for these women, there Indeed are some techniques to learn that will help avoid tugging, pulling, giggling and blushing. them but be becomes Jealous and, in fact, somewhat angry H a man gawks too much." The basic theory of most modern females can be summed up by pianist Hazel Scott. The night I saw the gorgeous Hazel, her bosom was puffed up like a melon and spilling out of a neckline that very nearly met her hemline. She was draped with a demure stole but the stole could not possibly hide all of the cleavage all of the time. And when I made mention of her revealing dresses, Hazel said, "Baby, my motto Is If you got it show it!" ever was, or it's lor sure my minis are causing M. Like wow! Many more people talk, to me now than ever before!" And how about the difficulties of climbing stairs or going ud an escalator when you're 5'8 and most of that is In naked legs? "Look," she said, "If mat's the best way or the only way to get upstairs then that 's how I'm going. I bear In mind that I'm not inventing this style and that I'm not unveiling It In the Middle Ages. I'm wearing It now when everybody's wearing It so If something's wrong it's wrong with our whole social code and not me personally." For some It's not the strange men who go ape at the sight of their short skirts, but It's their own men. Carol Lawrence admitted husband Robert Goulet acts peculiarly when she ambles along in her teeny weeny minis. Grins Carol, "He doesn't mind my wearing Window Shades I In stock t custom mad Estimates and installations The PIONEER Co. r' 210 Otmatis Phone 133-1443 tji i Xem-- ..... . I .. s i THIS YEAR WE HAVE ONE OF THE FINEST SELECTIONS OF CHRISTMAS BOX CARDS By HALLMARK GIBSON ISORCROSS Cross your ankles, not your legs. Hugging parcels close to your stomach hikes your skirt even more, therefore you should place packages flat out on your lap and let them or your purse or whatever has some width to It hang slightly over your lap and below your knee. "And don't plop down into the seat. Slither into it sideways. Maneuvering Into a cab or car Is a bit ungainly. You have to back In. But I find getting on a bus Is a pleasure with my micro-mini. The men are now so much more polite. None of them fight to step on ahead of me anymore! " Angle At a recent party actress Angle Dickinson featured white crocheted mini-pants about as short as "short-shorts." The whole crocheted ensemble was very loosely crocheted lace and there was more skin showing than lace. In the subdued lighting It couldn't be determined just what you saw but most agreed you saw nothing you shouldn't see because she wore a body stocking underneath. However, it was the WAY Angle wore the outfit that was interesting. Although everybody else In the whole room was aware of her ensemble, Miss Dickinson herself was not. She moved about freely, leaned over, reached up, bent down and was totally natural. She never pulled or tugged or fixed anything. She never made remarks and thus courted undue attention. She never simpered or snickered. As another girl put it while watching Angle. "If you wear something like this you have to wear it like a queen. Never blush or act embarrassed or try to lay it on extra heavy that you're a lady and that you're shocked at people ogling you. Just zip It up and wear It like It's been your uniform for life. "Before I go out In a mod dress that's mini-short and maxi revealing, 1 rehearse In front of the mirror. I make certain I wear panty hose so there's no separation where my stockings stop. I recheck to see nothing shows that shouldn't or, rather, that all FREE IMPRINTING BUY NOW AND GET . SHEFFIELD WATCHES BUXTON WALLETS COSTUME JEWELRY STRAW HANDBAGS TIARAS & CRYSTAL FOR EVENING LAY-A-WAY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS JUST ARRIVED AURORA CRYSTAL FROM AUSTRIA CORONET GIFT SHOP 333 CLEMATIS WEST PALM BEACH i mm I M WORKING TO ELECT HICKS ST ATI RIPRfStNTATIVt - DIST 10 MRS. JOSEPH LUDWIG HOMEMAKER um.m SLIT TO WAIST Mongolia lamb bolero with leather max! skirt from Beged-Or collection. Curtis - Hostess HA It s an Irish World . . . I asked Monlque Van Vooren, the Belgian-born beauty, if girls can still be demure while wearing the new styles. "Who wants to be demure?" she replied, banging her finger-length eyelashes together. "Only American girls think about being demure. You are what you are. A low-class girl will always look low class no matter what you put on her, and a duchess will be a duchess even In a towel." We discussed the escalating hemlines and the descalatlng necklines and the resultant skin explosion. I asked If she found men becoming downright rude with their fish-eye stares. "Of course not," answered Monique. "Women are supposed to dress for men, aren't they? It's stupid to strut with your nose in the air, or to get upset if men gape at you. It's when they DON'T stare that you should be annoyed." Monique was the first American celebrity to wear a see-through blouse when It was bared by Yves St. Laurent last year. "But you musn't!" I begged her at the time: "It's vulgar." She went right ahead and wore it to a Broadway opening, and the theatre folk ogled up to her like they had never seen a Walloon before. Monique kept her cool and accepted the admiring stares with good humor. "It's vulgar only if you're built badly," Monique said to me, and the consensus of sighted Americans Is that Monique Is not built badly. Plastic Recently I spied a female In a clear plastic dress. The total visibility was obscured only by a few thin stripes of leather. However, when she moved rapidly the dress did not always move at the same rate so that occasionally parts of her took the high road while the leather strips took the low road. Was she embarrassed? No, but some of us were. Another number that stunned passersby was a sweater top with a V-sklrt suspended from a thong belt. The V-sklrt hung like a loin cloth only this wearer wasn't Tarzan. From the sweater It was obvious the wearer was more like Jane. "Jane" had perfected an icily disdainful look for wending her way through the crowded streets In that jungle rig. She peered straight ahead but so patently straight ahead that she nearly tripped over the gentlemen who were falling all over themselves to get a better glimpse. "The whole Idea," twittered one longhaired, shortskirted starlet, is to wear the clothes with deliberate casualness. First of all, there are certain rules to sitting in a bus or subway where there are people seated directly opposite. Don't keep your legs straight out in front of you. Don't sit dead center on your seat. Don't cross your legs. Don't hug your parcels up close to you. "Place your legs slightly ofl to a side. Roll onto one hip and actually sit off to a slight an gle so that your whole torso, legs and lap Included, are not head-on to the person opposite. in the Palm Beechet, featuring , inside our shop You ore invited to attend "Swing Around Ireland" in Fashion at Afternoon Tea with Anne Tolan of Irish International Airlines Granada Room, Boca Raton Hotel and Club Wednesday, November 6, 1968 3 p.m. Tickets $3.00 Sponsored by The Society of Ireland in Florida Patrice Cobb Information and Tickets at misn imponcs SAlone limited 403 Golf View Drive PH. 399-2938 J7 r. . -v ... : - L.jf Boca Raton Royal Palm Plaza (facing the Golf Count) TRANSPARENT For spring, which has come to New York's 7th Avenue already, Bill Blass designed this lace dress, simply cut and completely transparent except for the dogwood blossoms. GRASS CLOTH Values to $14 a single roll for this FIRST QUALITY CLOTH $2-$3-$450 Ptr Single Roll $1295 & $1595 Beach 843-3494 , ' th'"19 MINI WITH ALUMINUM HALTER Fashion with look of the future is this denim shift by Sant'Angelo. In back-to-nature brown, it's barely bigger than a swim suit. your career I hi liillhlili Our newest Joyce-on-the-jobl Its wonder-fitting stretch top band snugs smoothly to your heel. Wonder-walking mini-ribbed sole is sliver-slim, light, buoyantly soft. So young and contemporary. With roomy, rounded toe, high-riding lines. 1 Q 95 Professionally choice Joyce. White Glove. I O lacy little "Slip-of-a-bra" by Hollywood Vassarette Body-conscious bra-slip fits in a new one-layer -does-it wayl You get true bra fit by the experts . . . soft cup lace bra with nylon-lycra spandex band keeps the bra and your curves smooth. Silky Antron nylon tricot slip stops demi-lengrh in a wide lace hemline. In Vassarette fashion colors. Style 3208, A, B, C 32-36, $8.00 Young light look . . . fully padded bra by Hollywood Voiiaretto Thanks to Vassarette for the nearest thing to nature ever invented. Her Secret bra shapes you to a full A or B size plus has the young light look that today's women want most. Supersoft, and molded to hold its silhouette through repeated launderings. Style 1645 in Vasso-rette's coordination colors, sizes A, B 32-36 $5.00. CHOOSE FROM 1800 ROLLS 36 VARIETIES I COLORS DECORATES ANY ROOM WALL MURALS PREPASTED 2 end 3 PANEL CLOSE-OUT PRICES the E30WN'S WALLPAPER DOWNTOWN WEST PALM BEACH mo$t complete selection of women i shoes S.liy Air tlti ' OH MalM Trstttrs Uif ! Jtii Imet Mist fUrsluim Ml. tiltM PmmcIi Jtfct Rtftri rMl)t Of Cotthnti IsrMrsW Amrici lliim Aiaatr Cdifoui CsUIn Mirk tteuy tWO HUNDRED StVIN ClfMATIS DOWNTOWN WfST MIM ItACH 2250 BROADWAY - Riviera

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