The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times. Sunday, Nov. 3, 1968-C3 t& Ym At Yr Best Bad Molar Nips Son's Romance By HARRIETTE TIMMERMAN At Wit's End "I'm trying to tell you your son needs space maintainers to guide these teeth to where they belong." As I told the family, "Who needs two-week vacation when we've saved our son from becoming a monster card." Last year we got a real blow. He wasn't masticating his food properly and we were told he needed braces. Sure I had to let my Insurance policy lapse. Sure I had to put off surgery. Sure I had to paint my varicose veins so they would look like textured By ERMA BOMBECK I saw a 13-year-old girl ogling my son the other day and as anxious as I am to unload him I wanted to rush right over and say to her, "Open your mouth, kid and I'll see If you're good enough for him." I know this sounds dramatic, but when you've made payments on a child's dental work for the last 12 years it's not, "Who's your father?," but "Who's your orthodontist?" that really counts. My husband places the entire blame for our children's soft teeth on me. "If you hadn't whiled away your entire pregnancy sipping cola and reading Photoplays, our children wouldn't have bite problem today." On my son's first trip to the dentist, he racked up five cavities. "Don't look upon it as pain," 1 counseled, "but as a new permanent I sacrificed." Six months later he got three more fillings and I was forced financially to drop my Y membership. X-rays, extractions and cleaning costs over the years cost me slipcovers for the living room, bathroom carpeting, a winter coat and new eyeglasses. But who looks at a mother when her son has a sexy mouth? That's why when I saw the 13-year-old hopeful make her move I blocked her at the pass. As she smiled I couldn't ' help but notice her two front teeth overlapped and she had a second-year molar that was In trouble. "Look honey," I said leading her away from my son, "take It from me, my boy is not for you. Why don't you develop your personality and some day when some nice boy with crooked teeth comes along. . ." someone, a masseur, or a machine. Active exercise includes all physical sports like swimming, tennis, golf, and jogging as well as the old one, two, three, bend routines. Naturally, exercise that you perform under your own steam would be better for you than that in which a machine Is used. However, passive exercise is better than none at all. and guarantee DearHarrlette: I read In an article about health that active exercise b more beneficial than passive exercise. I didn't know there was but one kind of exercise, what is the difference? E.K. West Palm Beach Dear E.K. Active exercise Is that In which you move your own muscles, passive, Is when the muscles are moved for you by ft.. tit Finally, one day the dentist said, "Have you looked into your son's mouth lately?" "Of course we've looked into his mouth," I said. "It's the only recreation left that we can afford." "If you will note," he continued, "his teeth are erupting through the roof of his mouth." I shivered. "You're trying to tell me my son Is a werewolf?" AS Ym An gift mm mm no-iron shirtwaists and shirt shifts 6.99 Comp. 9.99 The classic shirtdress now in permanent press 50 Kodel" polyester and 50 Avnl rayon. The ruffled shirt shift in pink. blue, green, gold tattersal check: 10-20. 14 Vi -22 ft. The button -front shirtwaist in pink, green, black, orange tattersal check. 10-20. Dress Oept 0M mm, m m T "f"'tttrr- iMturinl KODEL AiaiTff M?rw7iBirons) (5Vy Dear Harriett e: Do you feel women should dress to please other women, men or follow the latest fashion trend? W D. West Palm Beach Dear W D. Silly Boy! (This letter comes from another one of our interested male readers.) I'm surprised that a man would ask this question. Everyone knows that a clever woman dresses to please a man, either THE man in her life or the . one she hopes to attract. There is no reason on earth why women should not like the same clothes a man does. I, personally feel that the majority of men have very good taste. They instinctively know if a dress looks good on you or not. They do not know why or how or be aware of any of the technical aspects but they know. Nor, on the other hand, is there any reason why a woman can't wear the latest fashions, provided, of course, they are becoming to her. One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is to follow every whim of fashion without any thought of hfiw the style looks on her. Being a slave to fashion can be folly and down right foolish. For example, sometimes fashion decrees that women should dress as little boys, isn't that ridiculous? Or, wear something that makes you resemble a walking tent or show your knees, be they fat, bony, knobby or plain unattractive. It somehow seems, shall we say, "unwise" to me and to most of the men I have discussed this topic with, for a woman to reveal her knees UNLESS they are worth revealing. If you have looked around lately, I'm sure you have seen some knees that look as if they should be CONCEALED. Men like for women to look like women . . . pure and simple, or girls to look like girls, whichever the case may be. Someone has very aptly said that all a female has to do Is look like a girl, think like a man, work like a dog and act like a lady. A woman who dresses to please a man does not wear styles th?.t men consider "too far out" . 1 cause people to turn a ' un;. and stare. Men, by nal e, :e a conservative buncl v! prefer women, especli. . , THE woman in his life to look natural, not naughty. So, the woman who wishes to please a man is aware of the fact that film Is not the only thing that can be ruined by over-exposure. When a woman reveals too much, she destroys one of her greatest assets, a mate's marvelous Imagination. Arlenc Dahl wrote a book entitled, "Always Ask A Man," In which she made the statement, "Clothes should make you more appealing to the male." Who else? In answer to your question W.D women SHOULD dress to please men. DearHarrlette: Does it really, honest to goodness, make any difference how you apply face cream. Isn't the skin going to sag anyway, whether you use the upward and outward strokes or pull down? P.S. Lantana DearP.S. Perhaps the skin will eventually sag but why speed up the process? Isn't It worth the extra effort If you can discourage wrinkles for even a short time? The skin on the face and neck are more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body and require the most tender, loving care. Handling the skin roughly and tugging and pulling at it will stretch the facial muscles and make the skin sag quicker than It would ordinarily. (You dentists, take note! ) Rough treatment will also break the delicate, tiny little blood vessels that lie Just beneath the skin's surface. And, once they are broken there is no way to repair the damage. The way to apply creams, lotions, make up, (except powder, which should be brushed down to prevent the little facial hair from sticking up.) or anything else to the face and neck Is to start at the base ot the throat and sweep upwarc and outward under the chin. Then, hook the thunbs unde: the side of the chin for suppori and use the fingers to massagt the Jaws and around the mouth. The forefingers lead the way as you stroke around the eyes and out toward the temples. Every so gently,? toward the temples. Ever so gently, please, as the skin under the eyes is sooooo easy to stretch. New, remove the thumbs from under the chin and alternate hands as you let the fingers rub from the bridge of the nose, up and outward to the hairline. Sure, it's bound to be better for your skin to use the upward motions than to be continually pulling down and encouraging wrinkles. nautical knits ! cotton knit separates by Capermate Set sail for travel, business, school or pleasure with Capermate s 100 cotton bark knit separates that never shrink or stretch, just wash 'n wear! Tops: red. white, blue combos: S. M. L. Jackets and bottoms: navy, white: 8-18. Jamaica shorts 4.99 Skirt 6.99 Bell bottoms 7.99 Sleeveless print tee top ....6.99 PLAYTEX 3 PLAYTEX TOOTHBRUSHES A 2.37 VALUE WHEN YOU BUY ANY 6.99 6.99 9.99 UiKtttr mm mm ((((( ffirra icuct r j LAI ICA DKM Coast Plaza Short sleeve top Sleeveless turtle neck Jacket Sportswear -J q) Shop Today. i f 9 and you'll love the bra... or your money back! 4 rH). 10 A.M. Till 6 You get 3 Playtex toothbrushes, two adult and one youth size, when you buy i Playtex bra. If you don't love the bra. return it to Playtex for a full refund. Full details on every Playtex Bra pkg Shown: Playtex Cross-Your-Heart bra. 35 275 With stretch straps 36 3.25 foundltioni QachorisAXM$ P.M. Monday Till 9:30 P.M. 7915 So. Dixie Hwy. Palm i

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