The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 24
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 24

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1968 Bll New Film Puts Harrison, Burton In Unusual Roles two homosexuals? It's incredible!" "Rex and me" is Rex Harrison and Richard Burton, no I By NORMAN GOLDSTEIN Associated Press Writer ' PARIS AP) "Can you . imagine Rex and me playing less, and Burton was explaining his new film to a couple of strangers as he lunched at the Billancourt studios in Paris. Incredible it may ber but there they are, probably film-dom's most expensive and least likely odd couple, por- Miss Taylor in "An American Tragedy," "A Place In the Sun" and "Giant." It is the first time he Is filming in short run. Fred Kohlmar Is producing the film version, with veteran George Stevens directing. Stevens previously directed i "' ' Next Sunday, Nov. 10 at 8 PM WEST PALM BEACH AUDITORIUM ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY W PERSON WIRK PRESENTS ciousness at all. The stage treated it in comedy terms largely. Here, It Is a serious picture, intensely tragic. Burton: "It's comedy and tragedy Not unlike 'Virginia Woolf.' There are enormous laughs, then, suddenly." His hands cut the air to indicate a sharp break in the film mood. The story Is set in Brixton, a rundown suburb of London, which, with typical "Hollywood" logic, is why it is being filmed In Paris with a $200.-000 set of a London shopping street built on the side of the Seine. Actually, the reasons are purely economic, involving complicated tax savings, particularly for Burton. And Harrison had just completed filming "A Flea In Her Ear" his first film with his actress wife Rachel Roberts In the French capital. Where Richard is, of course, Elizabeth is not far behind. The royal screen couple has said they never will make a film apart from each other, so Miss Taylor Is in Paris, filming "The Only Game In Town." And to complete the family picture, Llsa-Todd Burton, 11-year-old daughter of Miss Taylor and the late Mike Todd, makes her movie debut with a small part In "Staircase." "The Only Game In Town," Frank Gilroy's romantic comedy with a Las Vegas gambling background, was acquired by Fox before It opened on Broadway, where it had a ON STAGE THE "69" MOTOWJV REVIEW STARRING USER 0 ANH MANY MftQE I k mm ''-V " cr-s ft PI IIC KING CURTIS and the KINGPINS l aaWW 4. THE CDIMMCDC - TEAM WORK Rex Harrison, left, and Richard T Burton, seen here during work on their film "Staircase," are enjoying their first film togeth- 1 ; er since "Cleopatra." They also give each other moral support. It required courage and confi- dence to accept the roles of two middle-aged English homosexuals. PRICES $4.50 $4.00 $3.50 ALL SEATS RESERVED TICKETS ON SALE AT: AUDITORIUM SEARS BURDINES FURNITURE FAIR (LAKE PARK). FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 413-4012 FOR MAIL ORDERS WRITE: THE 4 TOPS co WEST PALM BEACH AUDITORIUM, BOX 1431, WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. Trevor Howard Admits OPENING For The Season traylng a pair of middle-aged English homosexual barbers in 20th Century-Fox's "Staircase." This Is the movie version of Charles Dyer's play, which Paul Scofield and Patrick Magee did in London and Eli Wallach and Milo O'Shea performed on Broadway. Now Harrison, "Sexy Rexy" himself but surely not the "ordinary man" he claimed to be in song and dance in his classic "My Fair Lady" portrays "Charlie," the preening, extroverted half of the pair. And Burton husband of Elizabeth Taylor, Welsh-born, Oxford-educated, Shakespearian actor by training Is his fair partner, "Harry," the mild-mannered "doormat" of the duo, the butt of "Charlie's" sardonic wit. It is their first film together since the near-disastrous "Cleopatra" and they are enjoying it to the hilt. "He's absolutely adorable," Burton joked about his character, "Harry," as he relaxed with omnipresent friends in his dressing room at the studio. "Rex plays an old 'mum.' "It's not the old Rex Harrison we knew and loved," he kidded. "He has, not a 'mincy' walk, but these little short steps," he said, getting up to mimic Harrison doing his fey best as "Charlie." "Rex Is always 'posting' in his part," said Burton, finishing his after-hours playacting by imitating, with some admiration, Harrison "shrugging" his way into a chair for the role. There is much off-set joking about the roles these two superstars play, but the laughter apparently hides much nervous tension. The set has been "closed to outsiders, indeed to much of the crew Itself. Producer-director Stanley Donen was not granting any interviews, on or off set, at the start of filming early In September. Burton, whose part calls for him to look somewhat like a "fat old woman," had put on 10 pounds for the role but lost It all because of the nervous tension, he said. The jollng is constant, but as Harrison put it: "It's frightening, how much we've been enjoying it." The emphasis was on "frightening." Harrison, In smoking jacket and slippers in his dressing room after an evening rehearsal, spoke in his finest Prof. Higgins manner, of his caution in accepting the difficult role. He had not seen the stage version when he was approached by Donen, who already had Burton in mind for the other part. "It was a case of Tll-do-lt-If-you'll-do-lt,' "Harrison said. "And I felt I was old enough and rich enough to risk it. I was loathe to do It, though, with anyone but an internationally known personality. But it turned out pretty fine." Burton, In less-mannered language, said: "We were both hoping the other would break a leg, so we wouldn't have to do It." He confided that he gave half-serious thought to "what will the people in South Wales think?" referring to his birthplace In the rugged coal mine area of Pohtrhydyfen 43 years ago when he was still Richard Jenkins. Aside from the likely profitable aspects for the two high-priced stars about $1 million estimated for Burton and $750,000 for Harrison there is the undeniable lure of two juicy acting roles. "It really is an acting piece," said Harrison. "It is a comic tragedy about two lonely people. There Is no sala- TOMORROW NOV. 4th 1 Sunday Special CHICKEN AND I DUMPLINGS Fun $195 Dinner J I Served 12 to 9 P.M. I ROWING WILD! 1 CAR THROUGH Drive over African Veldt Territory. Lions and other wild animals come right up to your car window. BRING YOUR CAMERA! You'll see zebra, giraffes, elephants, chimps, Gus, the 3Vi ton white rhino, and many more. THRILL TO THE ONLY REAL SAFARI OUTSIDE AFRICA... FIRST IN AMERICA! Baich 8 or ( .... ;. -:"'. 4 WAV?JIN Meadowwood Groves . r V Mellowing friends " my darling friends from Harlem and the Metro-pole are dead and gone now, damnlt.damnit. "I used to love New York I still do but it's all changed now. The places I was really wild In don't exist any more. Those were great days and now they're gone. I don't know where to go for a drink these days." Howard terms himself "the original rebel ... 30 years ago I rebelled against everything ...Now I leave most of the rebelling to the younger set ...they have the control." Beside having "control," Howard noted the younger set has an Innovation of which the actor approves. "They drive me Insane ...they're too provocative for me. Maybe they should be longer. But it's nice when you're my age to still get a kick out of girls In mini-skirts." However, he disapproves of the modern dances, calling them "thoroughly sexless." Howard, a slight, ruddy-faced man who has played British army officers galore In American war films ("I always seem to be in uniform") feeis that American productions tend to "kill" British actors. "They decry us.. .they tried to make me look like a nothing man in 'Bounty' and 'Von Ryan's Express.' I don't mind looking like a nothing man, but I don't want to let my country down." Born in England, Howard was raised In Ceylon, Los Angeles and Canada. His father, who was In the shipping business, hoped Howard would be a career army officer, but instead he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. After playing in several stage dramas, Howard switched to motion pictures. He has appeared In "The Third Man," "The Roots of Heaven. ""My favorite role, but It was a lousy film. It wasn't my fault, anyway." "Around the World In 80 days," and "Operation mj I ' I LOCATION MAP tovrm LAW! 1 r J'LI TT" ourp. 8tinSb.P r NOW TAKING ORDERS y FOR - I II ' I ElrEEM ?ia Thanksgiving & Christmas Gift Shipment Free Juice Free Samples 7462 LAWRENCE ROAD ay- KMLIrlfl tnAD II 1 1 N.W.AH ML rr i I 4 IACH PH. 965-1281 MLAAY m LAKE WORTH "TIach IU.O. II V I . 1 f A VT ANA it n iwiirxr i s OVER WO LIONS DRIVE YOUR OWN Wtit Palm Bfich tt Royil Palm Juil oil tho Florida Turnpike Exit and lollow th ilgnt 1 and NOV. V A.i THE WALGREEN RESTAURANTS Food - Served Fast Priced Right 99 DINNER p r yii i $1.29 AND UP YOU CAN $ 00 CAN EAT" $ 1 49 Hi m SUNDAY COMPLETE VEAL CUTLET He's Finally NEW YORK (UPI) Actor Trevor Howard, who has been called a "hell-raiser" and a "gentleman rogue," says that at the age of 53 he is mellowing but not intentionally. "It Is necessary at my age to mellow," he noted, "but I can't say I'm mellowing intentionally. I'm still doing pretty well, but I find it harder to stay up late at night." Howard has appeared in over 50 films In a 28-year acting career and is currently starring in "The Charge of the Light Brigade" for United Artists release. "I love acting," he said In an interview, "but I'm perfectly willing to declare my Innings closed and never work again." Howard, who lives outside London with his wife, actress Helen Cherry, Insists he's "a very simple man." "I like nice people isn't that a terrible cliche? I won't tolerate rudeness, bad behavior or any kind of discourtesy. If it comes up I Just disappear the world and I can live without that." "I do hope I'm not sounding pompous about this", he added. "Don't make me sound like an old square." Howard, noted for his portrayal of Captain Bligh In "Mutiny on the Bounty", says he was at his "hell raising best" In the mld-1950's. "I was really wild In those days. I'd hit all the clubs. I used to spend a lot of time at Eddie Condon's, a now-defunct jazz club In Greenwich Village. "You know," he continued, "Eddie called me the other day after he saw me on TV. I think that's a great compliment I thought he was dead and told htm so. "Most of my old musician i .ZIP, aAaaTMajMMajMa - MaMtfkHAMafe - Good 3 MR. DELK FOOD MGR. says "017? SPECIALTY IS PLEASING YOU" INCLUDES CUP OF SOUP OR CHILLED TOMATO JUICE, WHIPPED POTATOS, HOT VEGETABLE, ROLL & BUTTER, BEVERAGE AND DESSERT 1.69 VALUE limit 4 with Coupon the EDDY ARNOLD Show mperson OUR FAMOUS CIIARBROILED STEAKS BAKED POTATO TOSSED SALAD TOASTED ROLL EDDY ARNOLD and his FAMILY NIGHT SPECIALS SERVED 4 P.M. TIL CLOSING COWSILS MONDAY ITALIAN SPAGHETTI NIGHT "ALL EAT" RICH MEAT SAUCE, TOSSED SALAD, TOASTED ROLL . 1 8 AT 8:30 PM TUESDAY FRIED CHICKEN NIGHT - "All YOU IDAHO FRENCH FRIES, COLE SLAW ROLL & BUTTER ... I WEDNESDAY - GOLDEN SHRIMP NUGGETS "ALL YOU CAN , FRENCH FRIES, COLE SLAW, ROLL IV EAT" TARTAR, IDAHO RIITTFQ . IV orchestra .a ... a j. . a --a la irt i Jtfc. ffy if iii'niiiiiwi-i.rt.iai'fA TICKETS: $5'.50-$4.50-$3.50 ON SALE: AUDITORIUM BOX OFFICE SEARS, BURDINES AND FURN. FAIR (LAKE PARK) Make checks payable to Eddy Arnold Show, West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, Florida ICE CREAM SPECIAL SUPER BANANA SPLIT GARRY-OUT SPECIAL BUCKET OF CHICKEN PLUS FREE PUMPKIN PIE 4 I WHEN MAILING YOUR ORDER, BE CERTAIN TO: PRINT YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUM. j BER. Enclox lf-addrtsd, tampd tnv.lop. far Rtlurn of Your Tick. YOUR OR0ER WILL BE Prices: $5.50, $4 50, $3.50. TICKETS NOW ON SALE. at AUDITORIUM BOX OFFICE. Scan, Burdinei and Furniture Fair flak Park). im4 IM trim M M M Im t.imlimi, P.O. in 1411, W. P. ha. Ha. 1MOI. I I I FIUED AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE TO NAME: I ADDRESS: Reiidenc Phont Number, ,,,, YOUR REQUEST. CITY .. STATE BilU rnlCT Dl ATA w RIVIERA BEACH, U.S. 1 &KH1LV Al ALL ilUALO DOWNTOWN CLEMATIS nriz-U UAH iff ,iftnniirVifirri ifcii ji.i ' Ai A .fl nil fifth t0 . j. lift mi fli i ft 1 1 J " "-mn if!1 'nri f tmr' ' lull latnUi"' 'i,iiuHij'.iUII,n1liia ,..) abarik

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