The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 19
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 19

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 19
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Republicans Plan Victory Gala Election Night At City Auditorium PH Palm Beach I'ost T wos,v4 y, v-v. 3, 1968 Bones, Casket Said Possibly Osceola's ery effort to Join the victory celebration," said Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Donald P. Reich. Included throughout the evening will be television, radio and telephone coverage of the national, state and local office races; dancing and entertainment, and coffee and sandwiches, Mrs. Reich said. Mrs. Reich reported Saturday that efforts to provide closed circuit television coverage have been stymied by a shortage of available equipment. However, she said, eight television monitors will sur- West Palm Beach City Auditorium will be the scene Tuesday when up to 2,000 local Republican party supporters are expected to converge for a gala election night party, beginning at 8 p.m. "This is the party for those who have supported the Republican Party" either financially or with volunteer work, according to Mrs. Jean W. Reich, arrangements chairman. Admission is by pass only, but additional passes will be available on a $10 donation to the Republican party. "We hope everyone who supports the party will make ev i'-S : ''..fl: played by the Val Ernie Orchestra, with additional entertainment by the Helder Brothers, three boys, aged six to ten, who will tap dance. The Haverhill Baptist Youth Choir will sing early in the evening. Lee Gregory and Lynn Merrill, local television personalities, will appear, and a running commentary on congressional races across the country will be made by Bruce Alger of Boca Raton, a former U.S. congressman from Texas. Extensive decorations at the city auditorium Include better than 1,000 balloons boasting the "Nixon" name which will be dropped from the ceiling. Souvenier place mats, hats and coasters will also be round the perimeter of the center-floor dance area In cart wheel fashion to allow viewing and dancing at the same time. A telephone hookup is being arranged whereby Immediate election results will be broadcast over the auditorium's public address system from the county supervisor of elections office. "We will have it (election figures) by audio as fast as it's posted on the board" at the office, Mrs. Reich commented. At least a short visit from Gov. Claude R. Kirk Jr. in his swing south Tuesday evening is still a possibility, Mrs. Reich said. Gov. Kirk had told GOP authorities here that he Intended to be In attendence. Music for dancing will be Avoid Rush Hours, Voters Are Asked trie authorities," said Joe Dan Osceola. Osceola said the tribe would build a monument to the chief on a Seminole reservation near Hollywood, Fla. Archeologist Griffin said the left and right upper arm bones were recovered from the casket. The remains were found at an undisturbed site surrounded by an Iron paling erected in 1888, more than 50 years after Osceola died. The paling was erected around a marble headstone and a cement apron. The head of the casket was discovered at the opposite end of the gravesite from a point where someone two years ago dug a gaping hole about halfway under the headstone and cement apron. Griffin said the nearest part of the casket to the penetration Is more than three feet away. In January, 1966, Otis W. Shiver of Miami said he had drilled into Osceola's grave. In Miami, he exhibited a sealed box which he said contained what he found. The box later was placed In a Dunellon, Fla., bank for safekeeping. Griffin's diggers found some bricks missing from the western end of the small grave site. Joe Dan Osceola said: "I am glad Mr. Shiver went there, to Fort Moultrie, because otherwise they wouldn't have dug up the remains. We don't want them there, we want them In Florida, where they belong. It Is only fair, because Osecola to us was a President Washington and Lincoln and Andrew Jackson combined." CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) Bones and a casket believed to be those of Seminole Indian Chief. Osceola were uncovered Saturday at Fort Moultrie, S.C, and his great-grandson said the tribe will seek to have the remains returned to Florida where the (amed chief fought federal troops to a standoff. Government archeologist John W. Griffin said the find of two humerus bones and the casket are "fairly convincing" evidence that it is the grave of Osceola. "There was no skull In the area at the head of the casket, but the bones are in good shape," Griffin said. "The only person we know buried in this area without a head is Osceola." In Hollywood, Fla., Joe Dan Osceola, president of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., said he Is convinced the remains are those of his great-great-grandfather. He said the missing skull was a convincing factor. Osceola died while a prisoner at Fort Moultrie on Jan. 30, 1838, Before his burial an Army surgeon removed the chief's head. The head later was placed in a museum of pathological exhibits at a New York medical school. The museum burned in 1889, and Osceola's head is believed to have been consumed in the flames. "We will take legal steps or any other means to get the remains from the Fort Moul BEST BY EXPERIENCE THELMA WYf.lER i i:i it :io- item mic w SCHOOL BOARD - DISTRICT 3 M W. A, br Coup. Turn. . between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The heaviest hours, Beasley said, have proved to be the first one to two hours after the polls open at 7 a.m. and the two hours before the polls close at 7 p.m. The majority of voters at these times are employes voting before or after work. Poll workers must stay on duty until all who are In line at 7 p.m. have voted. Workers will be able to tally returns much faster If all who can, vote between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Beasley said. A I CI I m I W " mi D APWIrephote CHOOSES HOBBIES WELL - Pat Minto, 22, who lists bathing beauty contests among her hobbies, poses in her hometown, Blackpool, England, in a striped bathing suit. Pat is a portrait painter by profession. Widening Parker Slated In January BOW- foX Ljcr-ZIEBART RUSTPROOPING 'CREATIVE PAINTING for experienced artists caiwim: mkkletto THURSDAYS 1-4 p.m. BEGINS NOV. 7 ENROLL NOW call Mr. Holland 832-5194 4u 7 JKKHX-'3 sion Monday at its regular 2 p.m. meeting in commission chambers at City Hall on Second Street. Financing of the project Is part of a $1.3 utilities tax bond issue. The resolution authorizes City Atty. John Evans to acquire the right-of-way by "gift, purchase or eminent domain." It is expected that the city will issue condemnation suits against some properties. o3o Z& The widening of Parker Avenue from Nottingham Boulevard to Bunker Road is expected to be underway in January, West Palm Beach, City Manager William H. Tyre said Saturday. A resolution authorizing acquisition by the city of remaining right-of-way needed for the widening is expected to be passed by the City Commis- Plant Planned LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -Jefferson Fiscal Court Is planning to sell $4 million in revenue bonds to build a plant in Jefferson County for leasing to the St. Joe Paper Co., of Jacksonville, it was learned PUZZLE Edited by William Gant f lyscir-1 i CrOSSWOrd By Anthony Morse ROUTES BY LAND AND SEA ACROSS To eliminate long lines of voters at the polls early in the morning and in the late afternoon Tuesday, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Horace Beasley Saturday urged all housewives, senior citizens and others not employed during the day to vote Doctors Claim Breakthrough ANDALUSIA, Ala. (AP) -Two medical researchers said Friday they have made a breakthrough In the treatment of the disease which causes more American deaths than cancer hardening of the arteries. Dr. Ray Evers and Dr. Paul Williamson said they have used a 25-year-old drug called disodlum edetate to treat some 200 patients for localized aspects of the disease, arteriosclerosis. Results have been so favorable, Williamson said, that "we believe within five years hardening of the arteries should be a thing of the past." "Now it has to be taken in the vein," he said. "Ultimately I think we will be able to give it by mouth in tablet form." 47 Fr. river. 48 Caldwell novel. 51 Claim. 52 Missouri product. 53 Where Axis leaders met. 54 Crow's-nest. 55 Gave up. 57 Tennis term. 58 Lively dance. 69 Pardon me! 60 Article. 62 Continent divider. 63 Primitive canoe. 66 Diamond feature. 68 Yugoslav island. 69 OJibway group. 71 Communist unit. 72 African tribe. 74 Dale's companion. 76 Rails with flanges. 77 Dutch products. 78 River to the Aisne. 79 Spacious. 80 Vance. 81 Intercom word. 50 Fastener. 52 Milk curdler. 54 Norse god. 55 Object. 56 To loan, 59 Agreement. 61 Pour. 63 Masculine. 64 Declare. 68 Duet. 69 Rhythm. DOWN 1 Reminder, 2 Axilla. 3 Oriental dwelling. 37 Agitate the air. 38 Gypsy. 39 Direction. 40 Surrender. 42 Widow monkey. 43 Leave out, 45 Extent. 46 Contraction. 47 Sacred image. 48 Diminish. 49 Finlal. Sfc.WPft 102 Court, attendant 105 Peruse. 106 Some flowers. 111 Cavity. 112 Flap. 113 Make an entry. 114 self-defense. 115To love: It. 108 Herb genut. 109 Twisted. 25 African wildcat. 27 Russian dictator, 28 Pulsate. 30 Notorious Boston embezzler. 31 Army gal. 35 Very small. 41 He sold hit birthright. 42 Rudder lever. 44 Bridge combination. 1 Man in the 42 Arm of the 72 Slip. 109 Moslem chips. sea. 73 Diluted. book. 6 Irritate. 44 Ethnic 75 Span below 110 Biblical 10 Behind the group. Baltimore. prophet, eight ball. 46 College 80 Enigma. 113 Coral 15 Glorify, course. 82 Female formation. 19 Where 49 Voter: titan. 116 Done In. Xanthippe colloq. 83 Rough 118 Admonition: shopped. 50 Cake mix. breathing. abbr. 20 She: Lat. 52 What's to 84 Headland. 120 Compass 21 Nerve: eat. 87 Relating to point, comb. form. 53 Flat-bottom time. 121 Room to 22 Zeal. boat. 88 Scourge of swing , 24 Chinese. 56 Picked. Rome. 125 Imitation 25 Plug. 58 Chairman's 90 Indulge. gold. 26 Once the aids. 92 Guam's port. 127 Preposition. Blue Ridge 59 One of the 93 Stravinski. 128 Route to Parkway. acer genus. 94 Showed up. Portland. 28 Route to 61 Togae. 95 Act of 131 N. Jersey's Fairbanks. 62 Roman flat observation. Garden. 31 Fr. article. dish. 97 Chalice. 134 Unem- 32 Shrimper's 63 Ball game, 98 Minimum: ployed: 8cot. equipment. 64Sightin colloq. 135 Armored 33 Dodecanese pasture. 101 Belgian animal, island. 65 the finish. resort. 136 Bulls. 34Exclama- 66 Worker In 102 Pet. 137 Cook-out tion. cotton. 103 Calif, fort. item. 35 Monkey. 67 Rabbit 104 Scotsmen. 138 Sledge. 36 Story teller. shelter. 105 Fashion. 139 Poison, 38 Green In 69 Kind of 106 Alder tree. 140 Moors, heraldry. bullet. 107 Cute. 141 Cleric. 39 Mozambique 70 Before Jan. 108 Musical 142 Trees, district. 71 Vergil word, ending. 143 Jackets. P F I' I I5 !'" I1 I' ' "I10 M In u lit pTis lie In lit P'" TJ . Ti i n ii 24 JJ 26 p 2 29 30 f 75 33 34 rj35 j 36 37 L H40 41 I J 42 43 P 14 45 " 4B ihJ 50 81 tiX' I I'i3 M t La , LJ U j 175 76 I 77 IS IS P"""1! j . so si ri 82 I In3 rTiT 67 " H6 80 F" fl O V 1 11' M 1" '" j"1"! '95 a 6 l"sr' TfJ b"? r-f F-W iZl iJ5 I i o pj ioT io b 109 r"luo 111 ujT"" ii3 114 us i TIT jin fn 1 1 rjj 1 20" f T7T 122 123 124 125 126 "" 1 127 fT 126 1 29 130 131 132 133 F" rn r tts 136 137 138 139 DOWN 1 Type of voice. 2 Nimble. 3 Andrew Law. 4 Prayer. 5 Support. 6 Having the most. 7 Supporters. 8 Work hard. 9 Trails. 10 Black. 11 Napoleon's marshal. 12 Missile. 13 Melodies. 14 Put on. 15 Put on board. 16 Show up. 17 Province In Venezia. 1B Channel port, 23 Musical symbol. 26 Joint U.S.-Can. route. 27 His country to Franco. 29 Over. 30 Restaurant employee. 36 Gas: pref. 37 Wagon train route. 40 Chills. 41 Soften. 43 Fr. article. 45 Mongrel. 46 Bitter. Diagramless 21 x 19, by Fi-ederick C. Anderson IMM.Y OF .SW ITZKHLl.YIJ 'jn'.sriii hit on luxurious leather Our elegant slip-on of hand-stained brown calf is detailed with a gold stirrup bar. Lend a touch of distinction to your new wardrobe with JM's latest Bally, 3G.0O. JM'S MEN'S SHOES, first floor, miami; at dadeland, fort lauderdale, west palm beach 117 Duct. 128 FaMcate. 119Kobold. 129 Pertaining 122 Fascist to an age. leader. 130 Wheel hub. 123 Rubber city. 132 Egyptian 124 Groups. symbol. 126 Smaller. 133 Conflict. 45 Appear. 51 Sick. 53 Insect egg. 57 Snooze. 58 Soli. 59 Top of the hesd. 60 Beverage. 62 Salamander. 63 Hawaiian feather cloak. 65 Female deer. 66 Doctrine, 67 Police officer: tl. Loin Jones 85 Gazelle. 86 Tar-like. 89 Ballads. 90 Small baracuda, 91 Grieved. 92 longa. 96 Tin: pref. 97 Vanished. 99 Spanish relative. 100 Crumples. 101 Nobel prize winner. 4 N. Zealand clan. 5 Distribute. 6 Price. 7 Pedestal part. 8 Rests. 9 Nothing. 10 Lemon tree. 12 Apathy. 13 Bed. 15 Ribbed fabric. 16 Rendered fat. 18 Lairs. 19 Knightly champion. 20 Aperture. 21 Swimmer. 22 California mountain. 23 Hermit. 24 Written LAST 1. DKHBMH M J KVLKXBN 2. AD GAU, ACROSS 1 Female title. 6 Associated. 8 Compassionate helper. 10 Roman patriot. 11 Prepare for publication. 13 Quote. 14 Swan genut. 16 Portion. 17 Color. 19 Supporter. 22 Condiment. 25 Conveyance. 26 Russian mountain range. 28 Edible root. 29 Fiber knot. 31 Untamed. 32 Locale. 33 Teutonic sea god. 34 Flat-bottom boat. 36 Feminine name. CRYPTOGRAMS FPHBPXN SZTRK HPRLZKV LXPSZKRK HDMZFXKJ VI HP L T X K J B N ; I'BDKX FKSTBK FKH.MNMPJ, By I'ermelii P. Reed ESS LKU DEFIR GAHTM LKEL IEYBU YB LKU CAHBL O I) 0 F T E H IT LKUBU.' "0 isliTi TgIm'Ia fff a jo qTh t Ig IaTt e I i-H i1amIps tLlNJLAp jc . i C A I u it f fj S A. Ill JLtLLl jOEHo. E-liCilLli. I Hilt fljl R 1 L A J,laUk4R LM 0. K IB 44iD4i u A IB jIRUKB H p Tit H T llERMM'U' SOLUTIONS or LAST HKKK'S ttmSS RAY B A ! " gr. m r r WT I j I j HI I tTCii A I M FIN 1 II I t A PEJ I ,41 L i .Mi i Jiiiiwi 3 itia Jt&M! '' m" 1 N t " B t r i g I i r kTUTh t RtATl f ,h jb ff7 tMtWUlS 1 51 BS '5 I jJiiUl inuliMAltlrV i t Apio iMTjill" i n" am B i a c "it o TTfr 4 1 r p it ti y P-itslLEkM35fiiII TB'r'i i KEl IS M i n IB IMhq a i l k "3j r-p . A.LLLlMkHE! t IMa m9 a sQo RjJj lilAl iflllH lUiw i IE V l tWn A Nia o I Aibii i ff mu M E N T Jiil JiLj2i'J uiAlyLM 1 110 Ky.?il Al 11. Ltst Week's Cryptograms 1. Entomologic item: praying mantis preys on insect only. 2. Agents of unfriendly nationn secretly encoursire disorder. J. IT. S. war hero returns lo warm jrre etine in his home town. 9 Field Enterprises, Inc., 1968 PALM BEACH MALL miVt.HHt.H3, 19H Shop Monday thru Saturday 10 'til 0:30

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