The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 3, 1968 · Page 8
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 8

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1968
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

AS Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1968 Collins Sees Victory Levels Blast At Gurney HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS Gurney Cites 'Strings ' For School Bill Action work and loyalty to one's job and family. Contrary to the advice of some of his staff, Collins also Insisted on the north Florida SALE STARTS SUN. A.M. Limit 2 unless otherwise specified. Our prices are so low. the values so tremendous we cannot guarantee how long quantities will last. Comparisons are manufacturers' list prices and are used for purpose of indenti-fication. Sorry, no mail or phone orders. By ELVIS LANE All-Florida News GAINESVILLE - U. S. Rep. Edward J. Gurney said Saturday he voted against the elementary secondary school bill "because there were strings attached to it." Gurney, GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, said the bill resulted in "busing of children from one side of town to the other to attend school." He added that he favored federal aid to local school systems but "not when Washington insists on telling how the money is to be spe nt." Money spent on gasoline for "busing" should have gone to Increase teachers' salaries or to provide more classrooms, he 'told 75 young men and women at a breakfast sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity. He also told his youthful audience that practically everything the Democrats had done at the national level for the past 3.) years had been a failure. The goal of the Democrats, he said, is bigger and bigger government "with Washington 89c VAL. PLANTERS DRY ROAST MIXED NUTS 8 oz. IT CHINCH BUGS? SOD WORMS? phone TOMASELLO ; 585-2551 By REX NEWMAN All Florida News GAINESVILLE Former Gov. LeRoy Collins confidently predicted he would win the election for the U.S. Senate Tuesday and then levelled another blast at his opponent. Congressman Ed Gurney, before leaving Saturday for a quick swing through the panhandle. Collins said the people of the state had come to know his opponent much better during the closing days of the campaign and that Gurney's record of absenteeism would be the difference In the election. He stayed to see the law school skits which lampooned the state politicians but did not stay to see the football game (between the University of Florida and Auburn University) as he took a plane for Panama City. He was met at the airport in Panama City by Sheriff M.J. (Doc) Daffin, and he held a brief press conference there. He then flew to Pensacola, where he held a meeting with about 100 supporters, then drove to Gulf Breeze for a Kl-wanis Club fish fry. About 500 people were in attendance. He left Pensacola to fly back to his home base at Tampa at 8 p.m. Saturday. Dick Pettigrew, state representative from Dade County who is Collins' state campaign 35c VAL MARCAL FACIAL TISSUES 200 by 2-ply telling everyone what to do." Next Tuesday, Gurney predicted, "there will be the greatest rejection In American political history." Hubert Humphrey, he said, will get only 10 per cent of the national vote. Gumey admitted, "I may have a hard time taking Alachua County." This county Is where Gainesville and the University of Florida are located. But young people, he Insisted, want a change In the national administration. Members of the business fraternity he was addressing, Gurney continued, are quite aware of today's inflation and Its cause. Gurney blamed Inflation on "uncontrolled government spending," and he said "a person now must earn $12,000 annually to buy what he could on a $750 (monthly) salary four years ago. The Winter Park Congressman, seated onv a few feet away Worn former Governor LeRoy Collins, his Democrat opponent, watched the annual University of Florida Law schools student skits lampooning American political figures. Later he attended the University of Florida-Auburn football game. manager, disputed claims by Gurney's camp that a lead was enjoyed by Gurney in Pinellas County Pettigrew said a poll by Irving Premack and Associates, formerly a Dade County polling concern which moved to Pinellas County, gave a breakdown of the Pinellas vote of 48 per cent for Collins, 38 per cent for Gurney and the remainder undecided. Gurney claims his poll, Barbara Nolan Market Research of Orlando, conducting spot checks of counties throughout the state, placed 60 per cent of the normally Republican-voting county In Gurney's column. Pettigrew predicted Collins could come out of Pinellas County with a 20,000 vote majority and, Hillsborough County, where Collins now lives In Tampa, would give him another 20,000-vote majority. Pettigrew clung to predictions that Dade County will vote 75 per cent for Collins, giving the former governor at least another 100,000 majority. Collins continued to play the basic theme of his campaign, apparently the one which he feels strikes a sympathetic note In the hearts of Florida voters. This Is Gurney's absenteeism, an attack which is aimed at triggering a conservative note In the minds of Floridians who work, whether In industry or on the farm, and who In their middle class environment normally associate hard if i 1.19 VAL. NEW S GILLETTE FOAMY J Lemon-Lime 11 oz. swing, an area In which he has roots since boyhood In Tallahassee., Collins said he had a call from a supporter In Pensacola, whom he did not Identify, who said the momentum had picked up considerably In that area. Because of Collins' connection with the Johnson-Humphrey administration, north Florida down to the Ocala area has been considered a poor risk for a Collins voter turnout of any size. At first, the North Florida swing had been restricted to an airport touchdown, with a few handshakes for supporters and an attempt to give these workers a last minute shot of political adrenalin to carry them through the poll closing time Tuesday afternoon. However, North Florida Campaign Manager Ed Yar-brough, former Baker County sheriff and former director of the Florida Sheriff's Bureau before Its demise at the hands of the Florida Legislature, persuaded him to extend the north Florida trip to a few short speeches. Collins will rest up with his family at Tampa Sunday morning before a large picnic rally pieced together by the strong labor support which he enjoys In that area. Tampa is one of the strongest Industrial areas in the state and he has strong support from unions. Collins, himself, said the support from the labor unions "exceeded my expectations" in its enthusiasm. Tentative plans for Monday hinged upon his obtaining a Jet so he could fly to key areas of the state- for a quick, last-minute political appeal. He Is scheduled to spend Tuesday in the Tampa Bay area, where he will wait out the results of the election. 1.19 VAL. CEPACOL MOUTHWASH 14 oz. 98c VAL. JUST WONDERFUL HAIR SPRAY DIRECT FROM OUR PERMANENT BUYING OFFICE IN ANTWERP SUPERB DIAMOND VALUES Vi TO 2 CARAT DIAMONDS Our lowest prices ever for quality such as these sparkling beauties possess. Choose from solitaires or rings with tapered baguettes. Pear shapes and marquise diamonds also available. Fine selections of these and other diamonds up to 4 carats and larger at all Richards stores. NO DOWN PAYMENT, TAKE MONTHS TO PAY 13 oz. 1.73 VALUE VITALIS 12 oz. Political Figures Get Warm Roasting Mother Of 9 Struck By Car M TP $1 VAL. TAME CREME RINSE loz. A .'.'J (If'" 98c VAL. VICKS j5 FORMULA 44 I Cough Discs s CHESTER, Pa. (AP) - A mother of nine was killed Friday when struck by a car as she shoved several children out of the path of the auto, police said. Mrs. Nancy Anderson, 40, of Chester, was pushing a cart of groceries when she saw an oncoming auto in a parking lot. Several youngsters were beside her. She pushed them aside, police said, before the car struck her and then hit a parked car. Police charged the driver, Charles Davis, 37, of Chester, with manslaughter and drunken driving. answer to giving who want It a proper education. "The popular concept of efficiency now is crowding more students into a plant, asking each faculty member to teach longer hours, eliminating laboratory experience for students, requiring each student to wait for a book until other students are finished with it. "Such activities are appropriate to a factory not to higher education. Such efficiency may be appropriate to the production of things, but not to the development of that most fragile and puzzling of God's creations, the human mind. I? 1.45 VAL. PRELL CONCENTRATE Family Tube - 5 oz. SOLITAIRES B,HC$ WITH Mint TAPERED BAGUETTES Vi coral 1139 1 carat tnlnl w.lnhl t 200 ELECT Col. Adv. carat 1239 1 carat total weight . $499 GAINESVILLE (UPI) Both senatorial aspirants LeRoy Collins and Edward Gurney and national political figures were fried to a crisp at the annual John Marshall Bar Association skit as part of homecoming celebrations here. Office-holders and office seekers from all over the state, including U.S. Senators Spessard Holland and George Smathers, were among the crowd of more than 1,000 persons who roared with laughter over the all-in fun show put on by the law students. On a more serious note, State University Chancellor Robert Mautz predicted at a law fraternity breakfast that the state-supported universities will have 80,000 students on the various Campuses by 1971. "A rough estimate of the total expenditure of the University system for fiscal 1971 is $400 million, of which $200 million will be funded by taxes," he said. He emphasized that ultra-careful planning is the only jj 69c VAL. DR. WEST TP Oa 1 carat 1439 1 Vi carat total weight . 1699 I TOOTHBRUSH 1V carat $699 2 carat total weight ... $95 Adult Hard Med. Illustrations enlarged to show detail. Use P-T Classified I TAX ASSESSOR i GORDON'S 98c VAL. PRIVINE NOSE DROPS 1 fluid oz. te pnvtna mta SHOP KIC11ARDS, ht Floor VMM BEACH MALL SUM DAYS II to 6 Ph. 683-9600 Congress Blvd. nl -(. Wen tfalove Mq Ali$is... 75c VAL. CASHMERE BOUQUET BODY POWDER 6.5 oz. a Diamond PARK 0 (Ctil DOWNTOWNl J Bridal SetBeligbts PARK-SHOP m 98c VAL. TYLENOL TABS 24 s SI FREE GOP Charges Irregularities FORT LAUDERDALE (UPI) The ballot security officer of the Florida Republican party charged Saturday that the supervisor of registration In Hernando County refused to let him inspect voting machines. Ballot security officer Jack Grantham charged in a telegram to Hernando registration supervisor Agnes Goethe that the voting machines in her county had been sealed prior to the deadline for their Inspection by candidates and party officials. "I demand that you comply with Florida law, chapter 101.-35, and permit the Inspection of voting machines before court opens Monday morning," Grantham said in the telegram. "The Florida Republican Executive Committee has information that voting machines were sealed before the time specified by you for candidates and parties to inspect them," he said. A copy of the telegram was sent to Secretary of State Tom Adams. U-KARAT GOLD DIAMOND BRIDAL SETS "hi."."Xrl7 Iff 1.50 VAL. 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