The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 2, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1968
Page 30
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 2, 196 29 Former French Base May Be Used By Russians anything to be on the modest side, is that eight thousand Soviet technicians and military advisers are in the country. They and their families occupy hundreds of apartments in Algiers and Constantine evacuated bv French colons who fled in 1961-62. While Soviet (and Chinese) missions have been active in Ageria since Its independence, the number of Russian advisers of one kind or another is thought to be at an all-time high. Sources here say the upswing began soon after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, which Algeria joined at longdistance, but has grown par sumably manned by Russians,-Is reportedly being established at Calle, also on the Algerian coast. Supervision of all this work Is in the hands of Russian technicians who appear to be arriving In Algeria in greater numbers every month. One French estimate, considered if PARIS (NANA) Fear is mounting here that the former French naval base Mers-el-Kebir Is being readied lor Russian use. In spite of continued disclaimers by the Bouniedienne government, the possibility is again taken with deadly seriousness by the French and ticularly marked during the past four months. This roughly coincides with the big increase , that, according to Allied intelligence reports, has occurred in the naval strength deployed by the U.S.S.R. in the Mediterranean. At present, the Russians' Mediterranean force, operat- other western political observers. Information now available here suggests that extensive renovation and modernizing of the base, which has been all but deserted since France turned it over to Algeria a year ago. Is underway. At the same time, a rocket base, pre IS CLASSIFIED . INDEX 1. Announcements 1- 02 thru 1-24 2. Business Services 2- 05 thru 2-46 3. Education 3- 06 thru 3-08 4. Employment 4- 05 thru 4-12 5. 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This alone would make the Soviet a serious maritime threat to Nato's southern flank. According to one allied naval authority here, their objective is to nullify in both military and psychological terms the omnipresent U.S. Sixth Fleet. "Few people realize how the presence of the Sixth Fleet in eastern Mediterranean has rankled and humilat-ed the Russians," he said. Although President Boume-dienne has frequently railed against the West's use of foreign bases and used this sentiment as proof he would never grant bases to another power, informants here are less and less convinced, in view of, the Russians' Influx. . Bouniedienne remains bitterly outraged by the result of the Middle Fast war and believes it can only be avenged through outside help, meaning Russia. His own, thinly veiled hopes for ultimate Algerian paramountly in the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) would not be harmed at this stage by having the Soviet military machine solidly in his corner. And, as always, Algeria is up against it economically. A high rent for Mers-el-Ke-bir, which the Russians would certainly be ready to pay after deducting what is owed them for past and future arms deliveries would be a welcome addition to the Algerian gross national product. Certainly, French officials, who were airily dismissing the Soviet menace in the Mediterranean six months ago as largely the creation of NATO propagandists trying to give that organization a greater sense of urgency, are showing alarm. (Since August 21st, NATO's sense of being needed no longer requires to be built up by Ersatz threats.) President PrtJaulle reportedly was convinced earlier that Bouniedienne was too much of a nationalist to grant the Russians a base, lie ordered French .diplomats in Algiers to steer clear of the subject for fear of giving offense. Now French sources admit it is probably too late to change the Algerian leader's mind if he plans to open the gates of Mers-el-Kebir to the Soviets: Much on the Hps of western observers these days Is the name of the late 18th century admiral Ouchakov who, under Catherine the great, first planted Russian naval strength in the Mediterranean. Under Ouchakov, the czarist double eagle standard was raised In the Ionian Islands which became a virtual protectorate until pressure by the Royal Navy forced withdrawal. Looking back, it is now seen that Russia's Mediterranean ambitions are almost as old as her national consciousness. Far from being an accident of the l!hS7 Middle Fast crisis, the Soviet fleet's arrival In that sea is interpreted as the product of a patient strategy nourished by well-remembered historical tradition. The way that this strength has been built up In recent months would seem to back up such an interpretation. The Soviet Mediterranean squadron is currently estimated at 50 to 60 vessels including 15 submarines (many equipped with guided missiles) and the 15,000-ton carrier Moskva, capable of carrying ,'!() helicopters or variable wing fighters. It is thought that the Moskva's sister ship, the Leningrad, will soon join her. This is almost twice the Soviet's mediterranean strength Immediately after the Arab-Israeli war. Last winter, about one-third of the Russian's ships returned to the Black Sea. This wjnter, they are .expected to remain. The Soviet force is slill smaller than the Sixth Fleet, especially in carrier aircraft strength. But the gap is closing. Establishment of a new U.S. naval headquarters at Naples and' plans for a new NATO naval task force in the Mediterranean are Intended to help check the threat. French nervousness stems from the fact that De Gaulle's analysis of Soviet policy on which France's rapprochement with Moscow was based until sometime after the Czech crisis offers no convincingly harmless explanation for Soviet penetration of the Western Mediterranean. As part of the French Navy's conversion to a missile strategy role independent of NATO, many units have been pulled out of the Mediterranean and based on the Atlantic. Ironically enough, this means that France's Mediterranean defense, is, more than ever, the Sixth Fleet, which lost its French Riviera anchorages when De Gaulle left NATO. In these circumstances, some officials here have grown fond of quoting a famous remark of the late Marshal De Lattre De Tassigny. "The West's two bastions for opposing the Communists' drive 'or domination are Tonkin and the Suez Canal," he said. "When both have been lost, Lenin's prediction that the capitalist nations will be defeated by turning their southern flank will come true." 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