The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 2, 1968 · Page 24
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 24

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1968
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

T Palm Beach Post Tures, Saturday, Nov. 2, 196823 I SHOULb REALLY GET A WlN&OW-CLEANER . 5HE ALWAYS MANAGES T . FOR THE TOP ONES - I'M GOIN1 TO BREAK i BLOCK ME VIEW TU5T Af Your Birthday NECK ONE OF THESE THEY'RE PASSIN THE WINNIN' POST By STELLA PUZZLE CORNER SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Born today, you give the CROSSWORD DAILY appearance of being an easy-going person. Inwardly however, you are by nature careful and methodical, never making a decision without going over the ground many, many times, never committing yourself to an action without first considering every possible 1 lt. riHtkm.Md Srrato r-z ff'uIEsiTMW TaTtBj1eiaIlIi.B 11. Indian peasant 13. Force 15. Carries 18. Sky blue 19. Dried up 20. Snoops 22. jANDYCAPP t rrrr- -BARELY ENOUGH To NEVER MIND, STEVE.', J you SAY WE HAVEN'T HAD NO, MR. BRAWNSKI JUST REMITTANCES r SONNY? STEVE ROPER.' MEET TODAY'S PAY I- TOOK CARE Of IT CHECKS FROM ON SOME QUITE 4 ROLL, SIR. SORRY BUT -LOOK .'-ABOUT THE PROBLEM THAT WAS BIG I ANY OF OUR SMALL ORDERS i J CANT TALK consequence. Though others see you as one who seldom worries about even the most serious problems, you actually are quite BOTHERING VOU LAST NOW -I'M IH ACCOUNTS, 44. Fireplace ledges DOWN 1. Man from Valparaiso 2. Adjective for one Dogpatcher 3. Height: abbr. 4. Jumble 5. Airplane maneuver 6. Man at a party 7. Beard of grain 8. Ducks' relatives 9. Stirring cry at San Juan Hill fishermen 31. Slangy DAVIS ? WEEK- I'VE BEEN CONFERENCE.' THINKING the reverse, being one to fret silently over even minor f matters. Kindly and sympathetic 23. Goddess of discord 26. Adversaries 27. Cartoonists' commodities 29. The holm oak 30. Electrician's abbreviation recruits 34. WW II vehicle 35. TV . antennas of a kind 38. Meadow 39. Even if 40. Steal from 42. 12 pence: abbr. toward others, you nevertheless prefer that people do not approach you with too many ACROSS 1. Applaud 5. Popular dance step of the "30's 9. Before con earne 10. Personification behind the throne 12. (Up) to the entirely 13. Walt of fame 14. Mulberry 15. Pastel 16. Exclamation of triumph 17. Cause 20. Parakeet, for one 21. Dictionary of a sort 24. Toughen 25. City and a lake 28. Elastic 30. Presidential nickname 32. One choice of evil 33. Nov. or Dec. 34. Mock 36. Cartographer's abbreviation 37. Weapon of anc. warfare 39. Jaunt 41. Texas product 42. Socks' companions 43. Weakens STEVE ROPER of their problems. You have enough difficulties of your own multiplied somewhat by your constant attempt to appear as if you had no difficulties at all i J ..WHY PON'T( BUT HOW CAN I APPROACH LEAVE I MUST REACH NATHAN TONIGHT. . 1 THE STOCKAPE NOW THAT LEAVE? BY TOMORROW WORP COULP REACH AN&ELIOUE IS PETERMINEP , LA PRONE THAT HIS 7EIYIAN7S . i t NOT TO LET ME OUT OF HAVE BEEN REJECTEE.' HER SIGHT? considerable aid to you in present difficulties. Avoid involving others as you explain your position. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) Don't let an affair of the heart take your full mind today. Matters important to your career need thought. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) Benefits to your future may not appear so at the moment. Don't make decisions without further thought. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 21) Don't hesitate to turn down proposals that don't appeal to you. Time can become your enemy if you don't take advantage of her. ARIES (March 22-April 20) -Recreational activities should be entered into with forethought. Take care to involve yourself in nothing strenuous. TAURUS (April 21-May 21) Spiritually uplifting activities can do much to make the coming week both pleasurable and profitable. Seek objective counsel. GFMINI (May 22-June 21) -Make every effort to visit with friends today. Promises may be more difficult to keep than you anticipated. CANCER (June 22-July 23) -Stick to your guns regarding your own future. Wit and charm can turn the conversation in your direction. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) - An unusual ending to a happy day can make this a time of great benefit for you. Meet exceptional events with exceptional charm. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) -The serious - minded Virgo will not allow this day to be wasted on frivolity. A good time for the development of hobbies. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) - A day with a great deal of romantic atmosphere. Take care, however, not to be influenced by externals or the unreal. m ' ' r m r r tw 9 VIO II - ----- 1 'L'LJM 24 2 21 VZWTi 29 31 38 39 40 W 1 I ffl I TW i CAPTAIN KATE (1 You don't work decal! Put' What's this? Glad liou ( Oh .come off it.'V The major'll kill for the major! on your $orru thinU so, -i Sarae! rau worn car: to want to give much time to the "other fellow." Yet you manage to appear compassionate and so may well undermine your own desires. Extremely independent, yet not wishing to seem so, one of your main problems is maintaining the picture of yourself as one of the crowd at the same time that you insure your own integrity of principle by sticking to your own view of things and your own wav of doing things. You would be wise to be more open with people. To find what is in store for you tomorrow select your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. Sunday, November 3 SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -Start the day off well with morning devotions. Decisions recently made may need to be reversed; think about it seriously. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) Friends could be of 11-2 Skeezix. V .r 4nr mo Didn't know you were 60 touchu), eabees are okay, DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos-trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation but.. OPJEF QW FCP USJNJ FCP BWSK FCP ZVBTM. MP FBVBE QE ZPWFP OSJEZB i i - G ASOLINE ALLEY 5lUPPENLy...A BOESTOF WARNING- ATTENTION,THIS IS TRAJP WE'LL N'NATO-3 "FRAiP Yesterday's Cryptoquotes LEISURE IS THE MOTHER OF PHILOSOPHY. HOBBES (O 1968, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) OUR FLCHT CAPTAIN.' HAVE" TO -neRi'mv ME WITH A nnL YOU VE (SOT XXJK LooKA OH,JOHNNX.. ACCORPINff TO OUR FOLLOW 'EM I I HOTL'IL FRIENPLY ' ESCORTS IN.TO EAST IM.' THATS A' I VE NEVER SEEN ONE OF OUR NATO JETS L 5ICN LANCUASE-. PERUN TAKE ME TO A Ff?CW 07V 8yrfffijf OPEN SESAME! THE jfi 2&t ELECTRONIC DOOR-LOCK KCtfl I OP SO CLOSE i usar- MICROPOT-OLE ON AW NECK WEVE JUST'STRAVEP' LlSHS?,.,! WAWT A OUT OF TUB i VIEWOFTHEACriO).r EM, .lOHWY HAZARDS . AND LIKE AS NOT VOU HEAR FOLKS SAY-OME GOOO TURN DESERVES ARF.' HAPPINESS'LL TURN ANOTHER"-WELL, SAMDY-THEM KIPS ARC DCHN'US OUT V BE OUR A GOOD TURN BY BEIN' HAPPY! NOTHIN' IM THE BREAKFAST. LUNCH m IS IT, WRWfPlS, THAT BMW WORLD FIUS A BODY UP LIKE THE SOUND 0' AN' DINNER FOR HAPPY PEOPLE BEIN' HAPPY.. ff THIS'tL GO OOWH IM THE HISTORY O' DOG CMCHIfl' AS A RED-LETTER DAY?! TIME VOU OPEN VDUR OJTH J SOME TIME V X COME! !JO THE GIRL SHELLS X ')). mX . OUT JUST T' BUY BACK THE MUTTS 0' A PASSEL 0' STRANGE KIDS!.' wi ,i .... VW-HOO!! -1 C WW WIA. W T M. It Vt N Qn ORPHAN ANNIE -x .... BORN LOSER - I WAS THNkTIN' THEY COULD EACH TAKE AN END OF THE STPETCHEC WHEN THEY CABT OFF THE SOOV V I ffl l BOY THIS IS ONE TLWE TD HOLD HIS Y AS HE "XL ctmmo I NK3HTOWL WILL WANT J HANPS OUCIN'l SLOWLY X. -l1 jrl BOTH TWINS WITH T-THE BANQUET. V CHOICES 0AIHWICK. yr ( 8UNMN'$CA8eP.' y 1 Qrn woes 1f5g& tVELLrf't EARLY J VjrSSf pip run ) I lOTRyioouTvoff n I 1 . r-?viii r iii i l v i -x .i i i ii w t-Ar r THE JACKSON TWINSL ....-ns &-rr' cc POGO! HAVE vol) LEMMEATHIM-HE'S FUPPEYER TRYIM' TO BREAK UP MV , Tsk-TSK-LOOK AT VbUR EYE WHEN1 ARE txJ 50lN5 TO TAKE rW AOVICE , BILLY ANI STAY AWAY , MOW WAS MEE w' LID, UNCLE MARRIAQE f rz ' r. A 6KEAT BEAUTIFUL .7M'aAME FROM BAD COMPANY' rrd WILLIE, A BEER r CUPPA COFFEE, KlJ1 LASTED -TILL TWO FACE-- UAlR. LIhCE A.M. 17 u I BEETLE BAIUSYrffTl ! IH OIIO I 1 MOON MULLINS- 7 THEY'RE HOT YEAH, I DIG- SOLID OH OUR iNEVS PUT SMALL FORTUNES IN THE HOLLOW HANDLES 1 I WISH I COULD H JEST STAfrriN'OUT-I'LL NEED TO BORRY I MAY BE M6GIN' MY HOW CAN I MIDE HtROtN KNIVES. BLESS VORE HEART MOVE RIGHT NEXT GOODY!! WHAR VE AIMIN'TO la X N k bumMA KNIFE THAT BEFORE- ME AN'VERNIE OWN GRAVE .' ftXf ' A HEAP 0 THINGS DOOR TO VOU HA5 A SOLID HANDLE f DO yOU DKa, i ' IS GITTIN" HITCHED BANTY f LOWEEZY SETTLE DOWN. If NEXT SATIDDY &3 JANEY BELLE? I LI 1 ONLY W NARROW T HAD A METAL" I i , , I Y TAN6 Of 1W BLADE -1. Ayr j SMITH FIX nf HANDLES H-t SO TRENDS CAN BE I i LM J IS INHOe OF THI HOLLOW HANDLE UNSCREWED. A LSMILIN" JACK BARNEY GOOGLE VE.IF-fr WflSNTSO T M114T HIDE TILL TUB A9AIW ' WE'RE WERVOU WRECK&.AUNTIfc-i T i can't stamp seeims httKLBKEPN THANK Wa Of HUNTER NOWI r TRIAL -OR Hft FAUATIC MAY OUT WHEN I HEAgPOW THE TELLY PRIVIW6 WAPLY AMP P0U6LIN9 i ' : . ..7 BUT MAYBE FRED WILL PENWYi MY DEAR -.I'D NEVER HAVB KEC06NIZEP V WIT Ml eUW? AND w Vol) f 5H0P xm OUT! VOU'P PIW- gYE5 WHILE I'AA (6 AN IDEAL. 6Tit2,WW:4 LI WU1 f EARED, L THOUGHT ATIM5! THAT GHASTlY WIS PONENi j TIGER ICAFTAIN E.S Oft- i ftifflt-n S1 H

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