The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 2, 1968 · Page 21
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 21

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1968
Page 21
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 2, 1968 21 NEA's Faircloth Calls Parts Of Constitution Unclear Big Turnout Of Voters Seen In Martin County Youth Beat THE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING ft) Require the legislature to adopt a code of ethics for all state offices and employes to prohibit conflicts of Interest. Subject the governor to amndamus to compel him to sign state warrants. Flatly declare the preeminent interest of the state in so-called sovereignty lands, preserving the public's rights therein. Give the people the power to amend their constitution by Initiative and referendum. These provisions raise questions in Faircloth's mind: It is not clear whether the proposed allows or prohibits collective bargaining by public employes although it does specificaliy prohibit strikes by public employes "hereby probably restricting the collective bargaining privilege to. non-governmental personnel." except to wait for a governor to die or become disabled, "somewhat curious." He quoted "some" observers as saying it was as important to the state as a "square-circle." He singled out for praise provisions that: Limit the amount of fine the legislature can impose on persons found In contempt of its lawful summons. Seem to restrict so-called population acts, thus suggesting less direct influence on the state's cities and counties by the legislature. Require an Immediate court test o( legislative reapportionment acts with the Supreme Court required to reapportion i( the legislature fails. Freeze legislative membership at a 30-40-member senate and 80-120-member house. trated merry old England, usurping the reign of "fab, super, great, swinging" which are definitely obsolete and therefore not "pacey." No one fancies anyone anymore. She really "lurches"on him. Talking a lot Is "rabbiting" and taking It easy is "loonlng." Nothing's a drag, but If It Is, it's now a "dang."If you really groove on (dig) something, you now really "grog."All It takes Is practice ... She was loonlng about and rabbiting on what a dang the scene was. They she eyed him and really lurched. Now the scene's a grog! HERE COME THE BRIDES but where are the grooms? Recent Insurance company's research reveals that high school sweetearts are no longer rushing to the altar after graduation . . . af least together. Of approximately 1,800 juniors and questioned, 42 per cent of the girls predicted they would be married by age 21. Only 14 per cent of the boys expressed the same desire. If their own predictions hold true, a lot of young brides will be marrying grooms older than themselves. Same survey also Indicates that postponing marriage until after college, military service and carefree years of work was popular with many girls and boys. Although few felt ready to name their eventual spouses, most girls were quite confident as to when they plan the big step. JUU 0 0 BOOOQOOPOOOQOOflOOOOOQQPIHIOPflB UXi -SJUU . - . ., , y dler 4 Horri,on East Stuart Civic Center; 12. Jack James Store. 13. Booker Park Civic Center; 14. Ocean Breeze Commu- Volunteer Firemen's Barbecue Is Sunday The Southwest Volunteer Fire Department is expecting 1,800 persons to attend Its annual barbecue Sunday, according to Chief James Dixon. Last year 1,600 persons attended. Serving will start at 11 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. barbecued chicken and ribs and all the trimmings will be served, Chief Dixon said, at the Fire Hall. 1108 S. Military Trail. "This annual barbecue is for the benefit of our benevolent fund," Dixon said. "There will be take-out orders, and the public is invited." Theaters Today BOCA RATON "The Green Berets." 2:00. 4:30. 7:00. ":). CAKKKREE "Barbarella," 2:00. 3.35. 5:40. 7:40. C. COLONV "I'll Never Forsel What's 'Is Name." ;.25.:3II. FLORIDA 1 1:20. 3:30, "Firecreek.' 1:55. 5:40. 7:45. LAKE "The Paper Lion.'' 1:15, 4:25, 5:30. : 35, 9:40. LOEWS CINEMA BOVNTON "Bandolero." 2:UU. 4:00. 5:55. 7:50, LOEW'S CINEMA 70 "Parent Trap." 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9: 30. PLAZA "With Six You Get Enroll." 1:20, 3: 25.5:35.7:40. 9:50. PLAYBOY "Private Relations," 2:00. 4:00, 6:00, vlHI. 10:00. "French Honevmoon." 3:00. ":00. 7:00. 9:00. , RIVIERA "Five Card Stud." 2:35. 5:00, 7:20. 9:45. BEACH (DRIVE-IN) "Machine Gun KHIv." 7:00. "Bonnie Parker," 9:00. "St. Valentine's Dav Massacre." 10:30, "Young Dllllnner," 12:00. BOULEVARD I DRIVE-IN ) "Terror," 7:00. "Burn Witch Burn," 8:50. "Door to Door Mania," 10:25. DELRAY I DRIVE IN I "Love of Iw." 7:00. 10: 35. "Don't Just Stand There," 9:00. SKYDROME (DRrVE IN) "Bandolero," 7:00, 11:00, "Sweet Ride." 9:05. TRAIL (DRIVE-IN) "Odd Couple." 7:00. 11:00, "Nevada Smith," 9:05. When Shopping Use P-T Classified By Robert MacLeod NEW COLDS CONCEPT: Grandma .may never believe it, but current scientific research Indicates that cold, damp weather, wet feet, drafts and Insufficient outdoor clothing have little to do with catching common colds. Why, then, do so many more colds occur during the colder winter months? One theory Is that people avoid going outdoors in cold weather. By remaining Indoors and in more direct contact with each other, they transfer germs back and forth more readily. Tests Involved subjected healthy men to wet and cold situations and then noting their susceptibility to cold symptoms which proved no more so than among people who are not exposed to such conditions. These findings support scientists' theories that the colds are caused by any one of more than 60 different known viruses and not by external climate conditions. POP CONCERTS BUSTING? Rock radio station-sponsored concerts have had their day in major metropolitan areas. Still potent in medium and small cities, the touring pros are finding less and less gold In the Top 40 areas. Music is "old hat," say critics. New sound(s) are needed to restore teen Interest In new setts) of idols. ENGLAND PACES THE PACEY: Apparently a new, post-Beatle slang has lnflli- nlty Hall; 15. Rio Civic Center; 16. Agriculture Building; and 17. Palm Beach Welcoming Station on U. S. 1. mm mm '2 ADULT " HITS 'AT THE IN THE CENTER OP LAKE WORTH ::y j o' PHONE 582-3615 MATINEE I, 0 EVERY .'A I o 'DAY ,l 1ST SHOW." I j 2:00 j admired the mansion's ROT1XREE We And though we grew Complete the imerick by unscrambling the mystery words at end of each warmer and AREEWIR A BillMtClurt Syndltitt Ftltur, m--Wm Wa We followed our DEUGI 3 To view the DINEIS But we found the interior REFINOIR TM - g b b o ii 8 oaoinnnnro o Doopoooaitoopoo ooooooouoo-' TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Atty. Gen. Earl Faircloth said in an "objective analysis" Friday that Florida's proposed new constitution contains many "sound and wholesome" provisions but that there are some that are unclear and probably will require judicial interpretation. Faircloth did not indicate in a (our one-half page analysis Whether he personally will vote (or or against the document next Tuesday. However, his staff is presuming he will vote "yes" since he supported this version as a member of the constitutional revision commission that approved it with only three dissenting votes after the legislature took final action. Saying he felt that as the state's chief legal officer, it was his duty to comment on the historic document, he borrowed from a 17th century scholar to indicate that he felt it better to effectively deal vith pressing problems than '"with perfect to deal with none." "Our inquiry is not after Jhat which is perfect, .but we $eek that human constitution which is attended with the-. least, or the most pardonable Inconveniences," he said, bor-Irowing the words of Algernon Sidney. I Without taking a stand one way or another, Faircloth called the creation of the new 'office of Lieutenant governor, "with no constitutional duties OPENS 12:45 Doris Day Brian Keith AND THEIR "INSTANT FAMIIY" "With sixYou GetEggroIl" !g I LIST DATS I SHOOT-IT-OUT WESTERN JAMES HtNRY STEWART FONDA MtMtMN nmnm , J. ' Ji1-1-. l,rt Jif : C 'IQt SCOUT JAMBOREE' c v to a a rrrri UHtNb il 4i THE PAPER LION" Cfj STARTS TOMORROW SAMMY rCTEl OMUL Uffittl mi l PEPPER' ROCKING CHAIR THEATRE 1"a, hi.m.u i -ti I'Ai m hi ai .. I Vtmt, fHJI.ll IHII1H ill mm j mill rwm m i a. f , ma To actors the worst EVILDOER newspaper's movie REVIEWER man often BOASTED 'hams that he ROASTED wrote his critiques with a SKEWER Stone Vows Open Land Sales Probe STUART A large turnout of voters Tuesday Is predicted by some Martin County political observers. Mrs. Isabel Evans Smith, supervisor of(.elections, expects a "heavy' vote," pointing out that approximately 800 absentee ballots tiave baen Issued by her office. Between 75 and 85 per cent of the 12,551 registered are expected to vote, some of the candidates in the race predict.. Voter Interest in the many local races, including those for sheriff, county commission and school board, and along with the presidential race is the reason for the high percentage of voting being predicted. Voting at the , county's 17 precincts will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The precincts Include: 1. Jensen Beach Community Center; 2. North River Shores Presbyterian Church; 3. West Stuart, Old Methodist Church; 4. Stuart Youth Center; 5. Lutheran Church on East Ocean Boulevard. 6. Palm City Civic Center; 7. Port Salerno Fire Station; 8. Hobe Sound Civic Center; 9. Indiantown Civic Center; 10. Sewall's Point Town Hall; 11. Forfeits $200 Bond Joyce Kincaten, 25, of 1104 19th St., failed to appear In West Palm Beach Municipal Court Friday to answer to charges of stealing two $13 dresses from J. M. Fields. Judge Beatrice Fitterer ordered her $200 bond forfeited. In other court action Friday, William Arthur Walling, 54, of 621 Fairfax Road, pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and causing an accident. He was fined a total of $125 and had his driver's license revoked for three months. A DWI charge against Thomas M. Amason, 25, of 4669 Durham St., was reduced to reckless driving. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving and another charge of failure to have his vehicle under control. He was fined $75. Joe Louis Jenkins, 31, of Sll 7th St., was fined $40 after he pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and public Intoxication. Parley-Hound LONDON (UPI) George Thomson, minister without portfolio in the British labor government, left for Salisbury, Rhodesia, Friday for fresh talks with white minority Premier Ian Smith. Thomson will extend recent talks on a settlement of the Rhodesian Independence problem. CftTTO STUB ncHNicoLW, 9$ CO"' f n ' . aV L ru ar JT7T, NIGHT CLUB ACROS F80M HOLItt iY INI Wast Palm Baach . 7 turn at Lai ff As a result of the report, senate minority leader C.W. Young named a four-member Republican Investigating committee headed by Sen. Warren Henderson of Venice to look Into the matter. However, senate president-designate John Mathews, D-Jacksonville, discounted the rumors and said Young's committee would not receive public funds for its probe. He invited the members of the committee to join Stone's group at its hearings, the first scheduled here Nov. 9. Stone has asked the cabinet members to be present at the hearing. Stone said his group would delve Into the Summerland Key controversy and also the long-deferred application of Ed Wright in Pinellas County for a bulkhead in Tampa Bay. The committee will also explore "any other relative or confidential memoranda which mentions either directly or Indirectly our legislative committee or Its members or its work," he said. "We deem' it important openly and publicly to discuss the facts and happenings of these and other bulkheading matters so that appropriate legislative assistance can be given you and so that legislative recommendations to the next session can be made by us," he said. I'M WORKING TO ELECT HICKS STATE REPRESENTATIVE DIST. 10 MR. VICTOR BASS, SR. SALES EXECUTIVE TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Sen. Richard Stone of Miami voted Friday to bring to the attention of the public all Information, Including "confidential" communications, which may have a bearing on the controversial submerged land problem. In a letter to Gov. Claude Kirk and cabinet members of the trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund, Stone said his legislative Investigating committee intends to consider all possible angles "openly and publicly" In the matter. The committee has been accused in some quarters of being formed to make sure that the all-Democratic cabinet is freed from any criticism in connection with the Summer-land Key controversy which Secretary of State Tom Adams called a "swindle." The state agrees to seel land in the deal for $19,000 which Adams now claims is worth $705,001). Atty. Gen. Earl Faircloth said earlier this week he planned to take the matter to court. The report that the cabinet would be taken off the hook reportedly came from a confidential memo from a sta.ff member to his boss. Pi Mm. AL JOLSON to JAMES BROWN JIMMY HAINES TRIO V ipffll. V rJ - lddle" book; P.O. Box 266, 196 pages of best puules. FIRST-RUN ORSON WELLES OLIVER REED CAROL WHITE HARRY ANDREWS! tes4iaAk Open 1:30 - 60' tiL2 Floyd Majors' intheSEAVIEW HOTEL SEE MOVIE TIME CLOCK SOuintlNfttvD I WfVOf AiOlT is t I .see .AiMi & RARDAREIIAf I u OOHERIHING! " I "fflMiiiwHinriiuwi'r ' 31 W.fcr Capt TALENT SINGER GIANT JIM PICKARD AND THE COUNTRY ROAD RUNNERS oki;i; nom:i isau 630 Okeechobee Itoad COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC For Your Dancing & Listening Pleasure i uv w m ssv . ir v m m ar -m ar ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S LIM-R-IDDLE Send (I for "Fun With Lim - Rartdallstown, Md., 21133; JOHHHIES BACK DOOR 2501 B'WAY RIV. BEACH presents -GREAT NEW SHOW the "JOKERS WILD" 1 1: 1 1 iiin, THE LOVELY VOICES OF PATTY DAVIS DIXIE DELANE SI'KIIM, AIMII.n VITKACTIO JACQUELINE TURNER IWSFATS: SONNY REEI) WEIL KNOWN PALM BEACH i SINGER LAST NITE TONITE COME EARLY . . . COMPLETE SHOWS DAILY AT - 2 : U0"4 1 3 0" 7 1 00-9 1 3 0 IWPSWMMMiaHM HAYLEY MILLS - BRIAN KEITH WALTER MATTHAU IN I'THE SECRET LIFE CFH IMEHISAN WIFE' COLOR BY DELUXE I r ilni4"V;ill,ilr-rIMWiMi,f,,Mf,l.M,.limJ 3 ' Bii Is the The Of He Take the whole family for SUNDAY CRUNCH at JUNIORS on the Palm Beach mall horn 10 77 2 ?M. every Sundoy AUDITIONS SUN. NITE f SINGLES ! CLUB PARTY t" Wednesdays It's a LOOK-AL'KE, RIN6 A DING. IAFF-AFFAIR! WALT DISNEY tntinti ISLAND 5:30 til iUJOi iiliJLI lilLH Choose from seven different, excitingly delicious brunch entrees such as Nova Scotia Salmon, Eggs with Ham .and Bacon, Steak and Eggs... Served with juices or melon, basket of assorted rolls and Juniors' famous butter-rich Danish pastries, blueberry muffins, apple-crumb cake with cream cheese and fruit jams and a bottomless pot of steaming hot coftee 1331 . I 1 FOR E f A T U B f. TIMES mmmvtmm). SPOOK SHOW 1-KARLCFF "THE TERROR camplttt 2-' BURN WITCH HlVtfNA 4 Action HAYLEY MILLS - MAUREEN O'HARA afVi&ifcN-,- I atm IS.O.VfcA In t'ZJ sMmmmmmtmmmm arMM" I Lji Technicolor' 1 .iiwww(wmimm ms mmrnm nd...tvtry family thai comas to Brunch tikas noma a on lull of Juniors' famous pastries -JbJOluUly FREE! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafa Hi MSrOMUl NO t "Machine Gun Kelly" "Bonnie Parker Story On u S no I BIG II I DflDATUaCM SIDNEY POITIER "FOR THE LOVE OF IVY" ON Ul NO I 2 Big j MM WOtlK Dmi Mirtia A knits Sttwrt 235 and LOUNGE Interstate 95 West Palm Beach Sunny Itltf Coral Gable .and serving our compfefo Sunday Dinner Specials from $2.90 up . . . offer 2 P.M. BURN . Thriller Swop Shop Sun St. Valentine's Day Massacre" Young Dillinger" COLOR HITS MARY TUN MOORf- "DON'TJUST STAND THERE Hits Tonv Francioto f f ' 967.2500 STEVE McQUEEN SMITH" Davit Roodi lakt Worth HI Hl.l SOI i; S. KOI k I OM.IT EARL & SHERI VAN f BENET DRI(,LV ItWY Bl RI ISQl E .SKITS IM.l'S "GEORGE & GWEN" ROCK N ROLL SOUL BABIES "THE APOLLO MYTH" MV.7V, III IUWM PIUS "GOOFY'S FREEWAY TROUBLES' rBANDOLERO'7ri sweet ride" 41 STARTS SUNDAY AIR CONDITIONED RESTAURANT Palm Beach Mall 12th St. and Alto in Miami Miami Beach JUS). SliNHixt Stj HI 112 t JACK LIMMOM WALTER MATTHAU "ODD COUPLE Cernvr Lcb Worth LAST TIMES TODAY "BANDOLERO" DEAN MARTIN

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