The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 2, 1968 · Page 11
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 11

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1968
Page 11
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 2, 196ll They're Look Who Was Prize Spooks Out Halloween Night 4 --J H i I ';t P i ' . ' i ' I l V v l4 RAGGEDY ANN - A winsome Raggedy Ann indeed is Heather Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson, who only lacks .Raggedy Andy at this 'moment. Heather displayed her costume at the Recreation Department's costume parade Halloween in Vedado ParkinHillcrest. Staff Photos by Lou Payne JUST LANDED - This scarey outer space man just landed and won first prize at the Recreation Department costume parade, because judges mistakenly thought this was a costume! Kerry Chamber-len, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Chamberlen, is really behind the ray gun. HALLOWEEN FASHIONS Only Mr. and Mrs. David F. Narshall know for sure that it's their daughter, Christie, under the brown bag disguise but Diana Dodge is easily recognizable in her pert Little Bo-Peep outfit. Diana's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Winston Dodge. Joys, Jolts Of Retirement PROMINENT VAIncomelnformationFormsReady yDE SIGNER JATT E R N :. yourw.kv HIGH-STYLE NEWEST FASHION FRONT - THE PANEL law" pensioners switched to the new system. Many did not, however. Now they are getting another opportunity to qualify for higher benefits. "Old law" pensioners can make the change in February, March or April of next year. They will be getting complete information and a sign-up card around the end of January. If they change before May 1, Veterans Administration officials point out, any additional payments to which they are entitled will be paid for all of next year, starting New Year's Day. The Senior Citizen Tourist Guide program of Ontonagon County, Michigan, which employs older people to answer questions about tourist attrac- . rates and income limits also protects all those on the VA's pension rolls from having their pensions reduced in 19 because of higher social security payments. This week more than a half-million of the VA's pensioners are being advised that they will have another chance to raise their monthly pension payment. They were among the 1.4 million getting VA payments back in 1960 when Congress wrote a new law offering higher monthly benefits to those who would reveal their incomes. The "old law" payments were paid without regard to the income of the veteran or dependent. Because it was to their advantage to do so, most "old have $200 per year more in income and still qualify for pensions and dependency benefits. Veterans without dependents will be eligible if their incomes do lot exceed $2,000, instead of $1,800 as before. The limit for those with dependents Is raised from $3,000 per year to $3,200. The old law used only three income levels for calculation of payments. The new law has as many as 28 income brackets, in $100 amounts, which will mean bigger VA checks for many pensioners. The more numerous income brackets in the new law will give more than a million pensioners about $120 million more next year. The law changing pension By Til EO DOR SO II IX H AT WASHINGTON (NANA) -Nearly two million totally disabled veterans, widows and children will gel Uncle Sam's annual income "Information, please" form this week a month earlier than usual this year. Instead of being mailed with the Veterans Administration pension checks that will be delivered about December 1, the pensioners' Income report cards will be sent with the November pension payment. The deadline for returning the chock-sized questionnaire to I'nele Sam has been moved ahead, too, from the end to the middle of next January. Eligible for Veterans Administration pensions are war veterans with low incomes and total physical disabilities not incurred in military service, as well as widows and other dependents of war veterans who meet the income limitations established by Federal law. At age 6.r or older, provided he has few financial resources, the typical veteran is presumed to be disabled and hence eligible for these modest payments. Veterans Administration officials explain they are mailing the annual income questionnaire a month earlier this year in order to make certain that the pension checks sent out at the end of January reflect the new pension rates and income limits that go into effect next year. Under the new pension system, the amount of each pensioner's monthly check will depend on his estimated income for the year, as reported to the VA on Its once-a-year income questionnaire. Until it has In hand the returned questionnaire containing the pensioner's estimate of his income for next year, by law the VA cannot pay the pension. In 1969 and thereafter, a veteran or his dependent can Mind Your Own Business Here's How Rich Get That Way Children's Letters To God Pieces wrie tie vnafi YUt door axi tell h to be $0 raeaVl, the people whose assets had Increased said that they had never even considered selling them. What about diversification one of the cardinal rules of stock market Investing because It spreads the risk? Those with $10,000 or less invested, on the average, divided it between just two companies. Investments of $10,000 to $100,000 tended to be divided among about six companies. From $100,000 to $500,000 the Investment on the average was spread among 14 companies. And Investments of $500,-000 or more tended to bedivid- W" Medicare tions and vacation spots in the I'pper Michigan area. After two weeks of training at the Gogebic Community College, the Senior Guides are assigned to parks, lakes, rivers, falls and Islands. They advise fishermen, sightseers and rockhounds, provide first-aid assistance and help motorists. The 60 Senior Guides, who range from 50-to 84-years-old, work 20 hours a week, with some on duty every day. From Federal anti-poverty funds, they are paid $1.60 per hour. "This is Interesting!" exclaims Miss Ingebar Fredrik-son, a Senior Guide of Rockland, Michigan. "I didn't realize so many people used this park. I am having more fun than a bushel of monkeys and I'm getting paid for it! " ed among about 25 companies. In addition to common stock, 47 percent of the group had invested In real estate, 31 per cent In businesses they were Involved in and 15 per cent in bonds. Regarding bonds, ownership was widespread at the highest income levels and especially ownership of tax-exempt bonds. The study also revealed that the rich work hard at their jobs, despite the big bite Uncle Sam takes out of their incomes and they work hard at their Investments taking an active interest in their portfolios and often managing them with your local Social Security office to tell them what you plan to do. Q. I have a heart condition, and my dentist says I must be hospitalized to have several of my teeth extracted. Am I covered by Medicare for the extraction and for the hospitalization? K. B. A. Medicare will not pay your dentist's bills. The only dental services which are covered by Medicare are for surgery related to the jaw or for the reduction of a fracture of the jaw or of a facial bone. Likewise, If a patient is hospitalized solely because dental services have to be performed, such as the extraction of teeth, Medicare won't cover the hospital expenses. However, In this particular case, If a patient has a history of heart trouble, and his physician Indicates he must be hospitalized for the performance of dental services, the hospital expenses will be covered by the hospital Insurance program even though the dentist's services are not covered. L laiaaai Men's ot Alt M Office 1m for By PATMl'RPHY What's the formula for getting rich? Work hard, invest every penny you can in common stock and don't worry about taxes. This is a tried and true formula. And if you don't believe it, consider the evidence at the Brookings Institute in Washington on how the rich got rich and stayed that way. Conducted by three University of Michigan economists Robin Barlow, Harvey E. Bra-zcr and James N. Morgan, the study covered a sample of 957 people who had incomes ranging from $10,000 to more than $1,000,000. You may not think an income of $10,000 a year classifies one as "rich" but according to the authors of the study, people with Incomes of $10,000 or more receive 40 per cent of all incomes and control over 60 percent of the country's personal wealth, although they make up one-fifth of the population. The study debunked the myth that most rich people Inherit or are given their money. Handed-down wealth accounted for less than one-fifth of the total wealth represented by the 957 people studied. Regardless of income level, no more than one-seventh of the people said they had Inherited or been given the principal source of their wealth. This means, of course, that they accumulated most of their money themselves. In fact, the richer the people, the more likely the source of their mones was the appreciation of their assets. And this most often meant their portfolio of common stock. This was true of 12 per cent of those with Incomes between $10,000 and $15,000, 50 percent of those with Incomes more than $10,000 a year and 80 per cent of those at the highest income levels. A total of 75 per cent of the people studied had some of their money invested in common stock virtually all of those with Incomes above $75,000 owned stock. Their primary investment objective was capital gains. Only after this did safety and liquidity become Important Investment criteria for most. By and large, this group did not engage In much portfolio turning. In other words, they tended to hold onto investments that had done well for them. In fact, 64 per cent of By EUGENE MILLER Q. What advantage is there in having Blue Cross and Blue Shield when Medicare pays 80 per cent whether one carries Blue Cross-Blue Shield or not? J.L. A. It makes sense to carry private health Insurance policies as long as they supplement but do not duplicate Medicare benefits. For example, you might want a private health policy that pays the first $40 of your hospital bill (which Medicare does not cover) or the first $50 of your doctor's bills (which again Medicare does not pay). The policy might also be written to cover your hospital bills when your Medicare benefits run out. So a private policy can be useful even though you have Medicare. Q. I may need emergency hospitalization at any time, because of a heart condition. I have lost my health insurance Your TRESPASSING) Etrrf KEEP OFF GRASS BEWARE OF DOG vjCl King I-mIiiim Svnrlicntc Inf., SALVATION ARMY PICK UP YOUR SALVAGE FURNITURE, CLOTHING t APPLIANCES. PHONE 832-2835 A876 SIZES 8-16 PRINTED PATTERN It's one of the prettiest new shapes the young, buoyant lines closer to the figure. From the shaped princess bodice, seams channel into a front pleated panel. The deml-belt Indicates the new Importance of the waist. Morton Myles of Jeunesse a top New York Designer curves a proud-standing, little cuff collar for this flattering design. Printed Pattern A876 is available In NEW Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 (bust M) requires 3 yards 35-lnch fabric. Send ONE DOLLAR for Printed Pattern A876 to The Palm Beach Post-Times, Pattern Department, P.O. Box 59, Old Chelsea Station, New T5 (3 iaiM of K3X8 KGXS nil bt in York, N.Y. 10011. (Add, 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing and special hari-dllng.) Please print plainly YOUR NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, STYLE NUMBER and SIZE. You'll Love BIG MAG iou in Toun! Riviera Beach Lake Worth Okeechobee Blvd. McDonald's West Palm ftni Kov. Get measun Mr. Nainani Tel." 833 I191, lovi, fw awm Beach 1 W. V d for: 1 1 I Irltht I OiImm Hlb I 0401 H Silk Ntciti.i, card and have asked my Social Security office for a new one. What will happen if I am hospitalized before I get the new card? R. B. A. If you do have to go to the hospital before you get your new card, the hospital will simply ask the Social Security office to verify your hospital Insurance coverage and furnish your correct health Insurance claim number. The hospital will need to know what protection you have under Medicare and when it began. If you are a,bje to show your Social Security card or a record of your Social Security number to the hospital, this will help them In requesting information from the Social Security office. Q. My father just received payment on a Medicare claim. He had submitted doctors' bills totalling $43. The carrier only made payments of $23. The carrier stated on the benefit notice sheet it sent that charges "have been reduced to amounts payable by law." My father has already paid his $50 deductible for the year and was counting on getting 80 percent of the $45, or $36, not just $23. What happened? M.S. A. What apparently happened Is that the Medicare carrier felt that not all the doctors' bill were reasonable. They either were more than the customary charges of the doctors or more than the prevailing rates charged for similar medical services In your area. If you or your father want to protest the determination, ask the carrier serving your father's area to review the case. You might also get In touch World lights rncrvtd. 1x1 Sound lik arithmetic to you? It't net! Thi ii ncwipaptr talk for a 1 column by 1 inch ad. Think it't too imall to bo noticed? You're reading it , . . . . orcn't you? Poit-Timot Advertising poyt! I i 2 DAYS CnLY Kov. 2nd Don't miss this opportunity & Women 'T-T Hong Kong t; $45 to $72 Select your choice of over 3.000 samples . 624 NORTH H STREET LAKE WORTH, FLA. Xto5i2m ? PH. 582-7568 Jly I REGISTER NOW: C Morning or Afternoon Sessions 8:30-11:30 12:30-3:30 Age 2W to 6 lininitFF" BUS SERVICE AVAILABLE For Appointment Call Holiday Inn Downtown Display: Itidtd Swttttri, Topi, Htnd lndin 5 on 1. 9foiei, na ttoi ml nntinn in Sunday s r j Section WW) I UM IAILURS INI. 2007 Florida Ave., N.W., Washington, When Shopping Use P-T Classified D.czoooy i CHsn Km Cuilom Tallari 1M v

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