The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 2, 1968 · Page 8
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 8

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1968
Page 8
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8 Palm Beach Post-Times, Saturday, Nov. 2, 1968 State Looking To Share In Gatorade Bonanza U.S. Sets Prices On Cane New Military Hardware Shown To Army Group V WASHINGTON REPORT oped Gatorade on his own time. O'Connell said he did not agree with the assumption that some of the Regents policy on patents and discoveries had been broken. Ferguson noted that the Resents had not taken notice of the situation until recent weeks when news reports raised questions about the situation. He said he was appointing-the investigating committee because it was the board's responsibility to find out all the facts and take appropriate action to protect the rights of all involved. Ferguson named Julius Parker of Tallahassee chairman of the committee which will work with Ashler and the board staff. He also appointed board members Henry Kramer of Jacksonville and Dr. Louis Murray of Orlando and told the committee to take any sworn statements necessary "so this can be cleared up to the satisfaction of all based on the facts as they occurred." Into the body much faster than water. University officials said earlier that the drink was developed In a project at least partially financed bv a federal grant but Ashler said there was some question whether Cade did the research on his own time. He noted, however, that the discovery had been reported to the federal government agency which provided the grant and that Cade had tried to get the university Interested in Inquiring patent rights to the product in 1967. Regents Chairman Chester Ferguson instructed the committee to find out If Gatorade was developed as part of a federal research project. If It was, he said, the federal government retains all rights. However, Ferguson said all state rights will be enforced If the committee determines that the state does have any rights. Ferguson told newsmen in the audience that Information still was Incomplete but that all documents connected with the investigation would be made available at the appropriate time. "In the meantime, I hope you will refrain from expressing any opinion or pointing any fingers," he said. Stephen O'Connell, president of the University of Florida, who recently filed a report on the Gatorade situation to the Regents, said he had never heard any discussion of the possibility that Cade devel You have to wonder, however, if the national economy pump priming by government contracts to defense Industry will ever get down to sensible levels. The suspicion grows that industry has come to rely too much on defense contracts and has built In all kinds of pressures to keep any President and his Administration from reducing the load below, say, $65 billion a year. People still talk about President Eisenhower's warning to beware the military-industrial complex. But nobody does anything much to control it. If a survey of Washington, D.C.'s Negro ghetto is any indication, Federally sponsored anti-poverty programs are getting to middle-income ghetto residents but not the lowest income people. U.S. Sen. Winston Prouty, R-Vt., ranking Republican on the Senate D.C. committee had a Negro staff conduct a survey and they found that most (66 per cents never heard of the GAINESVILLE (AP) - A special Investigating committee was created by the State Board of Regents Friday to see If the state can share In profits from the Gatorade bonanza. Regents Vice Chancellor Phil Ashler also said the board has notified Dr. James Robert Cade, discoverer of the formula, and Stokeley-VanCamp, the Indianapolis firm that bought the rights, that the state will assert any rights it has. Ashler had been trying to prepare a full report on the situation for the monthly board meeting but said the facts developed so far were not sufficient. He said the situation was far more complex than he had anticipated. Cade, director of renal kidney medicine at the University's J. Hillls Miller Health Center, has estimated that a private corporation he heads will receive royalties of $25,000 to $2.5 million per year from sale of the drink. Gatorade, promoted for use by football teams and recently offered for retail sale, has Interesting possibilities because of claims that it is assimilated Clean-Up Drive Slated In Indiantown INDIAN TOWN A cleanup campaign gets under way today In Booker Park near here, and a 15-man committee composed of residents of the community Is to remove about 24 junk cars. James Elijah Is chairman ot the committee which will remove the junk cars. Other projects are planned during the clean-up drive. Equipment from Martin County mosquito control department under the direction of Lester Sherer will help in moving the old vehicles. Vehicles from 1st and 2nd Streets will be moved to the county dump on West Farm Road. By DALE PL'LLEN Washington Bureau WASHINGTON - The military-industrial complex, often criticized by President Elsenhower in the 1950s, was on display here the past week. At the Sheraton-Park Hotel the Association of the U.S. Army was convening and the industrialists pulled out all the stops to put their hardware on display hardware they either have sold to Uncle Sam or want to sell to Uncle Sam. On hand to give the sales pitch at various big industry "booths" were not only smooth talking men but leggy, mini-skirted girls. Colonels and generals moved from display to another, featuring guns, planes, laser ieams. The U.S. Army, of course, helped the industrialist; "set up the displays and cranked out plenty of puff material about the convention. The war and death items on display Included sophisticated, electronically-guided gadgets of all description. The costs for items was staggering. One incendiary shell devised by one company and not yet sold to the Army costs $15. It is not hard to see how the nation spends $80 billion a year on defense with the war in Vietnam gobbing up at least $.10 billion. A rapid firing weapon spitting out $15 shells can eat up a $100,000 in no time. ECT Pd REP. Pol. Adv. TAX ASSESSOR (A) f r DON K. CREAMER Named Director Of SCAMA Don K. Creamer, classified advertising manager of The Post-Times, has been elected to serve as a director for the Southern Classified Advertising Managers' Association. The organization (SCAMA) has a newspaper membership which includes 65 dally and weekly publications in a 15-state area throughout the South. Creamer previously has served on the SCAMA advisory committee. Announcement of his director's appointment came from Willis B. McLe-more, SCAMA president, who Is associated with the Gainesville, Ga., Daily Times. SCAMA'S member papers are In Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryalnd, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. The association's annual business conference will take place inFebruary In Houston, Tex. 2 Fined $150 Each On DWI Charges Two men were convicted in Palm Beach County Magistrate Court Friday for driving while Intoxicated and fined $150 each. Maxwell Bernard Johnson, 53, of 4108 Linda Lane, West Palm Beach, and John Geoffrey Ahem, 21, of Pompano Beach, also had their driving licenses suspended for three months. NEED NEW FLOORS? coll sn irriM flooring GRIFFIN COMPANY Southtrn Blvd. at laht Ave. 832-7561 Free Estimates I it X j Wilson Heads Personnel Unit j? JUDGE JAMES STEWART COUNTY JUDGE DID YOU KNOW? THAT ... IT TAKES AN EXECUTIVE . . . WHO IS CAPABLE, WHO HAS INTEGRITY, IS EFFICIENT AND WHO IS TOTALLY QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED TO DO THE JOB! -T- GROUP 2 REPUBLICAN N. M Ad. I Cam. Iim. VOTE FOR ROBERT C. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Agriculture Department announced Friday the level ot prices It has determined under law as "fair and reasonable" for 1968 crops of sugar beets and Florida sugar cane. Processor-producers who buy sugar cane and sugar beets from other growers must pay at least that price to qualify for federal payments under the Sugar Act. Under a formula, sugar cane growers this year will receive a basic price of $1.12 a ton for each one cent a pound of the season's average price for raw sugar. Thus If the season's average raw sugar price Is 10 cents a pound the basic rate for sugar cane would be $11.20 a ton. The 1967 rate was $1.09 a ton, which resulted In an average price of $10.02 for a ton of sugar cane. In addition, producers cooperating in the government program last year received Sugar Act payments of about $1.01 a ton for their cane, the department said. Sugar beet prices for 1968 were announced at "not less" than those provided In this year's contracts between producers and processors, thus guaranteeing a slight Increase over the 1967 average payment of $13.20 a ton, the department said. In addition, sugar beet producers last year received Sugar Act payments averaging $2.30 a ton. IR Planners Push 3 Goals VERO BEACH - The Indian River County Planning Authority met Thursday for a luncheon meeting at Riviera Restaurant. Three recommendations presented by Edgar L. Schlitt, chairman of the sub-committee were unanimously adopted: 1. That the name of the group be changed to the Indian River County Long Range Planning Authority. 2. That it encompass any of the areas that are deemed necessary or vital to the orderly growth of Indian River County. 3. That It would be empowered to hold public hearings on matters deemed necessary by the authority. A further recommendation that a full time county planner, working In conjunction with the city was vital, was left open to further study. TV CLOCK 8:30 4 Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Hour 5 Super President 10 Dennis the Menace 12 Discovery 9:00- 5-7 Super Six 10 Jumpln' Jack'sSaturdayClub 12 CasperCartoonShow 9:30- 4 Wackv Races 5-7 Top Cat 12 Adventures of Gulliver 10:00 4 ArchleShow 5-7 Flintslones 10-12 Splderman 10:30 4 Banana Splits 1012 Fantastic Voyage 11:00 10 Saturday Hop 12 Journey to theCenterof the Earth 11:30- 4 The Herculolds 5 Underdog 7 Junior College Show 12 Fantastic Four 12:00- 4 Shazzan 9 Up Beat 7 U.M. Roundtable 10 News ( 12 George otlhe Jungle 12:15-10 Wrestling 12:30 4 Johnny Quest 7 Youth and Issue 12 American Bandstand 1:004 Moby Dick and Mighty Mlghtor 5 Wrestling 7 Candidates (or Supreme Court 1:1510-12 College Football Today 1:25 7 Smalhers 1:30 4 Lone Ranger 7 Gadabout Gaddls 1012 Clemson vs. N.C. Stale 2:00- 4 Salarl 5 Fast Side West Side 7 Bowling 2:30- 7 GE College Bowl 3:00 4M "Saturday's Hero" 5M "Woman In Green" 7M "ToChase a Crooked Shadow' 4:15-1012 College Football Today 4: 30- 5 NHRA Drag Nationals 7 John Gary Show 10 Car and Track 12 Young Men ot Action 5:00 4 Lost In Space 5 Campaign and Candidate 1012 Wide World of Sports 5:30- S GE College Bowl 6:00 4-5-7 News, Weather, Sports 6:30 4 Hawaiian Eye 5 Frank McGee Report 7 Ironside ' 10 Consolidation Project 10 12 Desllu Playhouse 7:00 5 I Dream of Jeannie 7. 30 4 The Jackie Gleason Show 5-7 Adam 12 10-12 Dating Game S:0O 5-7 Get Smart 10-12 NewlvwedGame :30- 4 My Three Sons 5-7 Ghost and Mrs. Mulr 1012 Lawrence Welk Show 9:00 4 Hogan's Heroes 5-7M "Banning" 9:25-12 Humphrey 9:30 4 Petticoat Junction 1012 Hollywood Palace 10:00- 4 Mannlx 10:25-10-12 NIxon-Agnew 10:30-10 All American College Show 12 Don Rlckles il:0O- 4-5-7-12 News: Weather: SporU 10M-" April In Paris" 11:15-12 Cinema 12 11:30-4 JoePyne 5 7 Tonight Show 12 Summer Olympics 12:40-12 New 1:00-10 Newt 1:15-10 Nightmare Theater NOTE: These llatlnn are supplied by the TelevhlsR Staltom ana the Pool-Time la not reaponalble for laal second changes. RADIO LISTINGS WFAT-Weat Palm Beach (MBS) SM WIRK-Wert Palm Beach lis' WJNO-Weal Palm Beach 12M WPBP-Weal Palm Beach (FM) MM ftqXT-Palm Beach (NBC) 1S4 WWOSPalm Beach (FMS) Stereo n H LIZ Lake Worth IIM WHEW-Rlvlers Beach (ABC) 1M WDRF-Dttraj Beach M2t WSRR-Bwa Rett 7M WSWN Belle Glude (MBS) M WSWN-Bellc Glade (FM) MI RMTS JapHer 10N jotrcso Charlie M. Wilson, director of personnel for the county school system, has been elected president of the Florida Association of School Personnel Administrators. His term of office Is for the next two years. Wilson was elected during the state association's annual meeting which was held at but lLJtt fciatei JtCt-- '''' " I 1 J 9 - mtm : ff I Pledged to not only full time overtime service. poverty Program's neighborhood development centers. National Education Association officials are hopeful about suits filed against school boards in Pinellas and Escambia counties. "II we win these It will then be a simple matter to go Into other counties and work out settlements," said Cecil Han-nan, NEA official In charge of coordinating efforts by state and county NEA affiliates In battles with state and local boards. American sports fans who also don't like the OEO Job Corps program may have mixed emotions these days. George Foreman, who won the Olympic heavyweight boxing gold medal and walked around the ring with an American flag, is a Job Corps product who admits he would never have made It to the ring or anything worth while except for the Corps which he now serves as a California Instructor. Richmond, Va., last week. The Florida group, which includes the chief personnel administrators from all 67 county school systems in Florida, met in conjunction with the American Association of School Personnel Administrator's annual convention. The national and state associations are primarily concerned with keeping their members up to date in administration of personnel departments, and knowledge of new laws affecting personnel matters. First Replacement NEW YORK (AP) The CBS Television Network said Friday a comedy-variety show headed by Glen Campbell will replace "Daktarl" on Wednesday nights beginning Jan. 29. This Is the first of the replacements expected to be made by the networks at mid-season. POST-TIMES WTIIS Miami Channel t WPTV Miami Channel 4 WPTV Wwl Palm Beach Channel ) W(KT-Mlaml Channel 7 WI.BW-Mlaml Channel Id HEAT West Palm Beach Channel U SATURDAY 6:15 4 Sunrise Semester 6:45- 4 News In Spanish 6:50-10 GIveUsThis Dav , 6:55-10 News 7:00- 4 Cartoons 5 Uncle Al Show 10 Cartoon Capers 12 Men Into Space 7:25 7 Inspirational Message 7:30 5 Superheroes 7 Super President 10 Fantastic Four 12 Science Fiction Theater 8:00 4 Forest Rangers 5 Blrdman 7 nalman-Balklds 10 Beatles 12 Klmba Ware W. SL-iJan ANNOUNCiS 1HI 0NIHO O MB OWCI rot rkt riAcra or gwmai otrimwr Oftict Hovn By Appointment sts-etee 1300 NO. FEDERAL HWY. un wotm, ha. I team. N. M. A, hy C. Inm COUNTY COMMISSIONER REPUBLICAN Pf, Pol. oJ Outh. Camp. Tri RE-ELECT On September 28, 1968, DAVE REID wrote the present Tax Assessor and asked several questions, including: TERMITES? CALL TOMASELLO 585-2551 FOR COMrUM ftST C0NTR01 StUVICt MEMHR OF !HE NATIONAL PESI CONTIOl ASSOCIATION ATPn tl r K I I I I I be published on this newspaper Dave Reid's Pd. Pot. Adv. laaTaTBaHBaTaaBaTaTaTaTaMaTaTHaaTaTaTMBai J (pip "Your 1967 Financial Report lists "Postage and Transportation $9,939.47" and "Auto Expenses $17,158.62". Who received the money tor "Transportation"? Who received the money for "Auto Expenses"? How much did each Individual receive?" ED MAXWELL County Assessor DEMOCRAT "During the period between 1961 and 1967 your payroll expenses increased tram $196,000 to $385,000, and during the same period your expenditures for "Equipment and Furniture" increased from $30,000 In 1961 to nearly $81,000 In 1967. I would like to know lor each of the years of 1961 through 1967, how many persons you employed full time, how many persons you employed part time and the salary of each." Reprinted from the Miami Herald, Oct. 4, 1968: . . . "Maxwell I laughed off, as not worth answering, Reid's trying to make an I issue of the budget, but said he might make a rebuttal . . . I "Vote for CONTINUED honest enforcement of the ad valorem assessment laws: don't pay someone else's taxes." IT'S T0 tOTH MM TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS OPENLY Today, Saturday, November 2 at 11:00 A.M. is the latest DO YOU KNOW n in MKL time a political ad can be given to or before Election Day? This ad had by 4 P.M., Thursday, October 31 CA IE Clerk Circuit Court KEEP 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Examine The Record of Proven Economy, Efficiency, and Courtesy f Served as Clerk of the Criminal Court six years. Reduced operating costs from $9.55 to $3.22 Fulfilled campaign pledge to combine offices of Clerk of Criminal and Circuit Courts doing both jobs for one salary. i NT t J V, II questions in this newspaper from today through Election Day, Dave Reid will not be able to placo an ad in this paper before the elections are over. If Reid's opponent answers so late, ask yourself why? If he doesn't answer, ask yourself why? RETURN COURTESY . AND AN OPEN DOOR POLICY TO THE ASSESSOR'S OFFICE! the present tax DAVE this newspaper to to be delivered to assessor "answers' REPUBLICAN Returned last year to County Treasury third highest per cent of fees in excess of operating costs in state Almost of a million dollars. if Modernized office systems and installed computer operation for greater efficiency. ELECT Created courteous and efficient DJ COUNTY ASSESSOR Lol Ul U L DEM.

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