The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 237
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 237

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 237
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baseball news and highlights. 538346 at Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. 14365 GOLF Profiles of s Pro: Harvey Penick 183810 ESPN2 NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancou ver Canucks (Live) (3:00) 8653617 HBO (10:15) Movie: The Devil's Own FAM Movie: Beyond the Poseidon (1997 Harrison Ford. Policeman Adventure(W9) Michael Caine. Salvagers, madman, survivors learns Irish houseguest is IRA terror trapped in capsized liner. (Adventure, ist. (Suspense. H, (2:00) (CC) 4142278 HB03 (10:15) Movie: Tin Cup PG. (2:30) 732839 F000 Taste: Host David Rosen- garten. 23013 TRAV Adventure Bound: Machu Pichu, Peru. (1:00) 2958655 TVL Hogan's Heroes 6829988 VH1 100 Greatest Artists ol Rock 4 Roll: Artists 40-21: host Kevin Bacon. (1:00) 282278 9:30 p.m. O) Gavin 4 Parti MacLeod 3466742 GD Jack Van Impe 431617 COM Drew Carey: Human Cartoon: The comedian performs in Cleveland. (CC) (TVPG) 5238926 EWTN Holy Land Rosary 8252365 (1996) Kevin Costner. Texas driving- GOLF Masters Highlights: "1984" range owner tries lor the US. Open. Ben Crenshaw wins. 272758 (Comedy, R, (2:25) (CC) 98358597 HGTV Bed and Bath Design: Deco HGTV Interiors by Design: Combin ing modem and classic ideas. 94549 HIST Movie: For Us, the Living: The rative artists redo their master bedbathroom. 87687 MTV MTV Ultra Sound: Metallica. 358162 NIK Wonder Years: Kevin and friends crash a slumber party ot older girls. 174162 NOS Dante: A boxing has-been returns to the ring 728655 Medgartvers Story 1983 Howard EWTN (9:45) Faith Matters 24177723 E. Rollins Jr. Story of the civil-rights HGTV Room lor Change: A bedroom Home 45100 MSNBC Time 4 Again 1571758 MTV Mattrock 358297 NIK Happy Oays 837094 NOS Stagecoach West 61 1 926 PLAY Movie: Nikki Tyler P.I. (1996) Nikki Tyler. Sleuth traces missing woman's steps (Adults only, AO, (2:00) 968605 SCFI Mystery Science Theater 3000 3728013 TLC Mountain Rescue Boot Camp 451425 TNN Opry Backstage 939549 TRAV Mysterious Places 3222520 TVL Hogan's Heroes 6824433 UNI Noticiero Univiilon: Edlcidn Nocturne 920891 VH1 RuPaul Show 551810 WGN Coach (CC) 382742 11:30 p.m. '.',;, (T S3 (11:35) NYPD Blue (CC) (100) O Xi Saturday Night Live (CC) (130) 98520. 96162 flO Soldier ol Fortune, Inc. (Repeat) (1:00) ID (11:35) Living Single: Khadl-lah's interview with Grant Hill leads to romance (CC) 7783075 (nOobieGillis 66704 Q) Pat Boone 23 UNI Lo Mejor de Bienvenldos AP Lassie 46075 El Howard Stem 987471 EWTN Bright and Good FOOD Ready Set Cook! GOLF Leaderbeard Report HB02 (11:45) Movie: The Substitute (1996) Tom Berenger. Soldier of for leader slain in 1963. (Biography, (2:00) 68075 MAX Movie: Turbulence (1997) Ray REQ1 Movie: Gl. Jane (1997) Demi bona. Scuffle aboard 747 trees mur-derer-in-transit. (Suspense, R, (1:50) Moore. A female Navy SEAL faces a tough taskmaster. (Drama, R, (2:30) uu 9Uyo gets three distinct looks. 32297 NIK CatDog 817365 NOS It's a Great Lite 457655 STARZ (9:45) Movie: The Chamber (1996) Chris O'Donnell. Lawyer defends his KKK grandfather on death row (Drama, R, (2:00) (CC) 2366704 TCM Movie: The Maltese Falcon (1941) Humphrey Bogart Private eye Sam Spade and others seek a SC MLS Soccer Tampa Bay Mutiny (CC) 5335723 MSNBC Time 4 Again: Host Jane Pauley. (1:00) 2946810 MTV True Lite: Heroin addiction in Piano. Texas. 372742 at Chicago Fire (Same day tape delay) (2:00) 500510 SH02 Movie: Joe 's Apartment (1996) Jerry O'Connell. Singing, dancing roaches help luckless N Y. NIK Wonder Years: Kevin's first day statuette (Crime drama, BW, (2:00) transplant. (Musical comedy, PG-13. 263641 TVL Hogan's Heroes 5212988 1:30) CO 3586278 WGN Coach: Luther attends an Elvis TMC (10:35) Movie: Marked Man (1996) Roddy Piper. Inmate seeks of ninth grade brings shock. 198742 NOS New Loretta Young Show: Christine's celebrity profile raises eyebrows. 719907 PLAY Naughty Amateur Home Videos: Toys SC Sports News 164433 SHO Movie: Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman MM 995) Lorenzo justice for fellow prisoner's murder. Action, R. (1:35) 80815704 TNT (10:35) Movie: It Lives Again (1978) Frederic Forrest. Parents take memorabilia auction in Las Vegas: guest Kathy Kinney. (CC) (TVPG) 477384 10 p.m. (4" 0 Walker, Texas Ranger Conspirators kidnap a scientist for a genetic discovery that will enable them to create invincible warriors (CC) (TV14) 11:001 8278. 82549 Lamas A reincarnation of Alexander tanged baby to secret institute (Hor tune teaches In a tough Miami high school (Action, R, (2:00) (CC) ror H. (215) (1V14) 27624758 ofaiaiu TRAV Undersea Adventures: Bonaire. 9046758 TVL Hogan's Heroes 1932988 HGTV Decorating Cents 51907 MAX (11:50) Movie: The Glimmer Man(1996) Steven Seagal LAPD O i Profiler: A kidnapper with a 1 1 p.m. (TNews (CC) detective links serial murders to tycoon (Action, R, (1:30) (CC) 5739452 NIK Happy Days 441471 n 6) News (CC) Gl 6D MAO TV (Repeat) (CC) (100) (10 News SHO Movie: Balance ot Power (1997) Billy Blanks Man tights to avenge his friend's death (Martial the Great faces a toe (Action. R, (1 30) 842128 SUN College Softball: South Carolina at Tennessee (Taped) (2:00) 93723 TBS (10:05) Movie: Rocky (1976) Sylvester Stallone. Heavyweight champ gives club tighter title shot. (Action, PG. (2 35) (TVPG) 44523471 TLC Legends: (Premiere) Gen Colin Powell is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff m Desert Storm. (1 00) 674100 TNN Ralph Emery on die Record With Andy Griffith: Ralph Emery interviews Andy Griffith (Part 1 ot 2) (TVG) (100) 656704 TRAV Exotic Wands 9957810 TVL Hogan's Heroes 1956568 USA Movie: Nc Laughing Matter (1998) Suzanne Sorners Alcoholism CD News (CC) 2468617 (17 Ohanak (1 00) need tor media attention fixates on a TV anchorwoman (Anna Galvin) whom he wants to cover the prisoner exchanges (CC) (TV14) (1 :00) 39487, 37029 fT' News ICC) (1:00151655 J7 Haitian Television Network: (Creole) 16723 B Backstage Live: Hosts Gary Campbell and Connie Ross bnng us the latest from Las Vegas. (1 00) 86907 63 Comm. Bulletin Board (8 00) 7992029 arts. R. (1 45) (CC) 1662704 STARZ (11:45) Movie: Casino 1995 Robert De Niro. Bookie and S Preview Theater 52452 Eastman Curtis 3 Noticias -ft News 8491181 pal make Las Vegas casino an empire (Crime drama. R, (4:00) 33 Wild Things (Repeat) (CC) (LI.) S8UU?Ui?S (1 UU) r& X-Files (CC) (100) TCM Movie: To Have and Have Not (1944) Humphrey Bogart Skipper fools Nazis, flirts with singer on Mar Carman (CC) 1721568 G3 Going Places (CC) (1:00) 1(1 00195617 5842 tinique (Adventure. BW, (2 00) I Real Stories 1 the Highway threatens to destroy a woman s lite. 28Ub617 CO In he Word Witt Gil McOowell Patrol: Strange excuse: passenger's 1 00 TNN Grand 01 Opry Live (CC) 347704 (Drama. (2 00) (CO(rVPG) 487013 AMC Movie: Northwest Mounted Pofc(1940) Gary Cooper Texas Ranger on manhunt helps Mounties VH1 100 Greatest Artists at Rock 4 Roll: Artists 20-1, host Kevin Bacon. (1 00) 285365 TRAV Mysterious Places 7686549 TVL Hog an s Heroes 9464365 VH1 Solid Gold 967617 WGN Movie: Best ot the BWI1989) WGN News (CC) (1:00) 300687 put down rebellion (Adventure, (2 05) 9082742 AP Lassie 47568 BET Movie: Full Eclipse (1 993) 10:30 pjn. Enc Roberts U S martial artist and team train for South Korea meet (Action, PG-13. (2 00) 891 100 ff (10 45) Movie: Kagemusha Mano Van Peebles Wild vigilantes recruit policeman to jom them (Hor (1980) latsuya Nakadai Feudal Biief Midnight ror H (2 00) 841365 doubles for Japanese warkxd. (Drama PG. (245) BRAV Movie: Act ot the Heart! 1970) (X Movie: Marmtgum Two: On the 121041 ove(i99l KrrstySwanson Statue '17 Ptnjy SeGenle (Spanish) of Bavarian maiden comes to Me in Genevieve Butok) Hengious fanatic confesses her love to Montreal priest (Drama, PG, (2 00) 209365 ?wi U S store (Fantasy. PG. (3 00) 17246 QJ John Jacobs 1 707988 33 Real Stones tf the Highway Patrol: Drug-abuse haven drug deal sours troooer slaving triggers man (Q(12 05) Living Single 6406360 17 Ovarama Saecials 14679 CMTV Jammie' Country 10162 CNBC Best m Charles Grodia (1 00) 8353181 CNN CNNSeorts tllattrated (CC) (1 001 rap crhzen arrests drunken driver: kilter pursy (TVPG) 34452 3 Viper A wilderness tour turns deadly when extortionists take West-lake and a corporate executive hostage (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) (1 00) 37013 "5 News 40976 GO God s News 726297 kit Movie: mm(1996) Kate Beckmsaie Chronc 1800s matchmaker nearly misses love (Rornanr-comedy. (2 00) (CC) 843655 AT Wrid M At let Reptile trainers and handlers (TVG 69617 BET Cemtcview 1 79365 CMTV No Sloe Cewrtry (1 00) 90487 I- CNBC Tim Restart 8096443 g CNN WorM Today fCCl 814758 COM Sent Pant Canman discovers ! tw fa" t aemity (CCj (TWA) 0 194QJ-8 DU (1t 751 Growinf PaM (CC) m TVGi32?5?758 2 DSC Justice Files Betrayal of tr,ist -j surgery apaifnei snapping child cat (1 !i .553520 J ENCMovn iif Rnf(l3f7) 1 Ja"ies CoCum Sdperipv sondes - coo-ow tycoon s i"n o amfli wrnm .Action (2 00y (TVPS) fiiC'TO Ctrm vm AnaelKS (1 00) fs FOOD TameiM World Tear Chefs SMict at Nrto 6827 Real Videos hunt (TVPG) 43100 139 Real TV Berserk eteohant gun- 23 urn worn WO DOT CW 1988 FeoencoVika Meovs encuenfan tire sma plane babv animals ("peati iTVPGl 26346 un puebio mgrato (Spanish. (3 00) ''JB 11U414 COM Robert Tovnsend: Ptaymf tie Net Role 3522758 CS(1l American Perspectives J 19162 DIS Wall Oisney (CC) (1 00) f?'J549 CD Jewish Jewels 7026 1 7 AP Pet Shoe Harry Shearer Kenny Kioston. tiger rescue (TVG) .Wi65 G3 Peosacola Wings f Gold 33 Star Trek Vovaoor D Movie: The By town 1987) DSC New Detectives Case Shi its FT Cermcwew 188013 CNBC Best 0 Hardball Writ Chris IvWttMion 1 950s Cheapo crap-Shooter eves gangster s smoper m 2791051 we 'Drama. R. (3 00) V'582 CNN Caen Gang Recall to Forensic Science: Investigators solve muTerj wfiout finding a boov 11 00) 176635 f' Howard Stem 5SSf. 36 ESPN SawtsCenter (CO 52H81 2"?-B ?9 (at Final Conflict J2 t 8: Nature 10306 lUWK COM Vnra Variety- CVster CaNe the tatw-spmng mn Ovine War-wr Out Jackson (TVPG) EWT Wert Over FOOO Two Ft Ladies ;CC 601 f toil Central AAlioraehf ThrsWee 810211 ESPN Base TerngM fcg-ny Htm Kitty Bartholomew Toe t V Hollywood Salad 735940

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