The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 236
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 236

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 236
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Page 236 article text (OCR)

ieine (0AII Newt Channel (1:00) Q) Laverne Trfpp 23 Noticiat ABC Newt (CC) 21033 6j Pensacola: Wingt ol Gold (Repeat) (1:00) 33 Blosiom (CC) 0 Team Knight Rider (Repeat) CC 1:00 (391 Outer Limits (Repeat) (CC) (100) (AS Praise-a-Thon (2:00) GD Cornerstone Pretentt (1:00) A4E Foot Soldier: Military training today: prototype 21st-century sol dier 1:00 809346 APAII Bird TV 92433 CNBC Tim Ruuart 9330384 CNN WorldView (CC) COM Make Me Laugh 3114988 DIS Growing Paint 842549 DSC Raains Planet: Pilots fly into hurricanes to gather data: National Humcane Center, Coral Gables, Fta. 11001814278 E! Wild on the Strip 454568 ENC (6:15) Movie: High Anxiety (1977) Mel Brooks Doctor with vertigo heads Institute tot the Very Very Nervous. (Suspense-comedy, PG, (1 45) 29423655 ESPN Hone Racing: Flamingo StakesAshland Stakes From Hialeah, Fta (Same day tape delay) (1 00) ?8b74Z ESPN2 MotoWorid (Repeat) EWTN Bookmark FAM Movie: Mercy Mission: The Rescue ot Flight 771 (1993) Robert Loggia Pilot lost over Pacific awaits rescue (Oocudrama, (2 00) 647568 FOOD Dining Around FX 21 Jump Street (CC) 2794346 GOLF Passages to Paradise HBO Movie: J he First Wives Club (1996) Gold Hawn Dumped for younger women college pals seek revenge (Comedy. PG, (2:00) (CC) 917704 HB02 Happily Ever After Fain COM Robert Townsend: Playing the Nut Role: Segments of stand-up comedy, music and shows filmed in Los Angeles. (TVPG) (1:00) 3870384 CSPN America and the Courts (1:00) 74100 DIS Movie: 02: The Mighty Ducks (1994) Emilio Estevez. Injured hockey player re-ups as peewee coach. (Action, PG,(1:50)(CC) 5421655 DSC Scl-Trek: Researchers discover new information about the origins of man. (TVG) (1:00) 561549 E! Fashion Emergency: Arizonian gets L A make-over. (TVPG) 397549 ESPN SportsCenter (CC) 212618 EWTN Our Lady ot the Angels Monastery ss (1:00) 4384029 FOOD Two Fat Ladies (CC) 34599 FX Miami Vice: Castillo grapples with his emotions, protecting his ex-wrfe from a drug kingpin trying to kill her and her husband. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 4386487 GOLF Golf Channel Academy: David Leadbetter on putting. 594742 HB02 Movie: Forever Young (1992) Mel Gibson. Two 1990s boys thaw a frozen 1930s test pilot (Romance, PG (2:00) (CC) 8068075 HGTV At the Auction: Baker's table; dough box; silver picture frames; Doughty birds 63433 HIST History's Mysteriet: In 1980, 290 Iranians die when the U.S. Navy shoots down an airliner. (TVPG) (1 00) 14742 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: Highlights ot the week's reports and features on 'Dateline NBC." (1 001 2954839 NIK AM That: Spice Girts 576346 NOS What t ft All About World: Comedy routines; pseudodocumen-taries; musical production numbers. (1:00) 271162 PLAY Movie: Dangerous Invitation (1998) Corby Timbrook. Couples swap mates on a sunny secluded beach (Adults only. AO, (2:00) (TVMA) 16346 SC Baseball: Milwaukee Brewers at Flonda Marlins (Live) 192278 SCFI Movie: The Sender (1982) Kathryn Harrokf Suicidal amnesiac sends psychiatrist nightmares by telepathy (Horror, R. (2:00) 2760015 SUN Heat Tonight 32549 TBS (7:05) Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves (Lrve) (CC) (3 00) 11780471 TCM Bogart The Untold Story: Stephen Bogart profiles Ins father. Humphrey: interviews with friends, biographers and colleagues (TVG) (1 00) 2812029 TMC (7:20) Movie: fletf(1996) Laurence Fishbume Escaped convicts fight while evading authorities. (Action R (1:40) (CC) 76481384 TRAV Great Palaces of the World: Catholic King Philip II of Spam builds thetsconal 8482641 TVL Addams Family: Lurch fans for Morhca s school chum. (TVG) 7148094 VH1 100 Greatest Artists el Rock 1 Roll Artists 80-61 host Kevin Bacon (1 001286094 7:30 p-m. C5D '" A" Rent rxomrws to many Vverte 365 ( 4 ) Flammeje Fortune 433. 33t5 10 American Journal 'CO 6013 ffi Cant Guard The CanMwan: O'ng smuooimg iReoeaiinei "17 Kratls Creatures: Arribada I The Sea Turtle Invasion" Sea turtles mtya to Costa Bca to (ay egjs fCCnTVYi .23.365 fj) Joy of Musk Wit Diane Bisk FTJHenJCoeylCC) 92487 FJ Seineie fume dates the guy wno fleirvered Jerry new couch d) Inside Ed. Weekend (CC) 9549 rig abc News (CO gf K-9Kapert Zola Levitt 1 23 UNI Noticiero Univition Newt 90075 (33j America't Funnlett Home Videos (CC) AP Horse Tales 16013 BETThea (CC) 473433 BRAVCaprlccIo 889891 CNBC Best of Hardball With Chrlt Matthewt 9321636 CNN Reliable Sources 747907 COM Make Me Laugh 3138568 CSPN (6:45) President Clinton's Weekly Radio Address 49542988 DIS Muppets Tonight (CC) 939029 ESPN2 Auto Racing: CART Toyota Grand Pnx of Long Beach Qualifying From Long Beach, Calif (Same day tape delay) (1 00) 8889520 EWTN Religious Catalogue FOOD Julia Child GOLF European Tour Magazine HB02 Babar 6606433 HGTV Spencer Christian's Wine Cellar 98617 NIK Hey Amoldl 224471 SC Marlins on Deck 571029 SH02 (6:45) Movie: The Razor's fd0(1984) Bill Murray. Somerset Maugham hero seeks inner peace. (Adventure, PG-13) 23040758 SUN Racing Report: Hialeah Park 50433 TRAV Travels In Europe 3672568 TVL Hogan't Heroes 321 8758 WGN Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Tampa Bay Devtl Rays (Live) (3 00) 559549 7 p.m. (T. Ordinary People. Extraordinary Deeds: Five people are honored tor their volunteer efforts 9433 fa? Hard Copy (CC) 7029 (T Access Hollywood (CC) (100) 38758 (D Walker, Texas Ranger Trtv-ette's leads go awry, so a TV reporter interviews a reluctant Walker. (CC) (TVPG)(100) 52384 CIO 83 Wheel ot Fortune (CC) 9617. 65891 (0 Inside Ed. Weekend (CC) 7013 QZ Newton's Apple: Paper money trail weightlessness outdoor science labs (CC) 12377 (0 Roller Sports League (1 00) 67636 Q) Laveme and Edith Tripp 6463723 &J UNI Humor Gigarrtt (TVPG) (1 001 34568. 655075 g Home Improvement Tim gets a good pnee for his hot rod (CC) 86948 (33 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air A robber manes oft with the tamiry's Christmas gifts (CCl (TVG) 9487 ID 39 X-Files: Though X-Files has been closed, reassigned Mulder investigates a videotaped alien sighing m Mexico (CC) (1 00) 38742. 85636 Cg Lawrence Weft: Champagne Toast to the Big Bands" Myron Flo-ren Bamev Lidoek Henry Cuesta. (1001 32568 (J) RevealMvj Tnr 395181 hit Mysttrwt ef lie fcWe The BiC s great hood compares with ymtur accounts other cultures (TVGKlOOl 556617 AMCMovw: Wth a Song m My heart (1952 1 Susan Havward Singer Jane Frrjman comes back a"er 1943 plane crash (DorurJrjma. (2 00) lTVGi 529723 AP Buck Stephen I Animal Bites: Cuner ems tnue-footed boobies, parrots ma a fashion statement (TVG i 61029 ITT Planet Groove Top 78 Video freemen i2ti 264907 CNBC Ohnmnc Shew: figure skating. John Srrotti S training group Ha &ras .8410723 CNN Capital Gang 494510 (CC) (TVPG) 54384 (33) Roc: Joey and Roc make promises they can't keep. (CC) (TVG) 891 QfJ New Faith 754079 AP Buck Staghorn't Animal Bites: Sumo frogs; flying squirrels; elephant trek. (TVG) 12297 CNBC Best ol Equal Time With Bay Buchanan 9310520 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) 736891 El Model TV: Yasmeen Ghauri; Angela Lindvall; drag queen Lady Bunny; Top Model magazine. (TVPG) 459407 ESPN College Hockey: NCAA Tournament, Final From Boston. (Live) (3 00)826015 ESPN2 RPM 2Night Motorsports highlights. 3654162 FOOD Michael's Place: Chef Michael Lomonaco. 21907 GOLF Golf Central (Repeat) 215723 HGTV Collectible Treasures: Pedal cars; silver jewelry; cookware; hat storage. 90029 MTV Rock-N-Jock't Greatest Hits (1:00) 672723 NIK Rugratt: Stu and Drew's home videos; kids compete to save Angelica's necklace. (CC) 220655 SH0 My Lite as a Dog: Forged transcripts make Eric appear to be a genius (CC) (TVY7) 745549 SUN NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat (Live) (2:30) 260988 TRAV Mystic Lands: Myths and legends ot the Anasazi 3661452 TVL Munstert: A greedy developer buys the Munsters' home. (TVG) 3134742 USA Movie: Fatal Attraction (1987) Michael Douglas Lawyer with wife sleeps with twisted client (Suspense R. (2:30)(CC) 469471 8 p.m. ' . C2" National Geographic: On Assignment: "Height ot Courage: The Norman Vaughan Story" Norman Vaughan. 88 years old. climbs his eponymous mountain in Antarctica: storm chasers. (1 00) 6487 ( 4 09 Or Quim. Medicine Woman: Mike and a Cantonese herbalist (Robert Ito) work to prevent an epidemic among migrant Chinese. (CC) (TVG) (1 00) 8655. 92926 f J 8 TV Censored Bloopers 98 (CCl iTVPGI (1 00) 43636. 41278 (X 3 Copt: Stolen moped; skirt-clad flasher; suspected crack house; in NashviHe (CC) (TVPG) 2549. 16636 CIO fi-3 Figure Skating World Championships. Ladies Free Skate From Minneapolis (Lrve) (3:00) 618742. 490452 '17 Bootleg Theatre Now Playing Richie Haven: Life and career of musician Richie Havens 85617 m Or Hugh Ross 6472471 23 UNI Saoado Gigante (TVPG) (3 00 865742. 652100 33 Martin: Martin is tailed for credit-carp fraud (CC) 2907 O Star Trek: Voyager Janeway must form an alliance wUh the FWg m hopes of tending oft an aken We-form (Part lot 2i (Repeat) (CC) -t (TVPGid 00114162 I 39 ot : A Stranoer Among Us m (: 992i Meune Griffith N Y ponce- J woman probes murder m HasKhc r district (Mystery. PG-13. (2 00) 5 .asiOQ 0B 09 Great Pertorrortcei: Henry V JJ ai Snanesoeare s Globe' Mark - Rviance stars m Shakespeare s I HrrvV ' (CCl (100) 18988 "D 45 TBN Praises-Then (Cont d) O If. 'Tfl) 7597297. 9217766 Z (I) Actnt Word H 001 29710O A&F. BKigrephy- This Week (1 00) 565365 . AP lassie 74549 "H CNBC Usheaia (1 0011619636 O) Talet for Every Child (CC) 6615181 HGTV All Hi Good Taste 21015 HIST Clastic Cart Wit Edward Het-rmaiM: Edward Herrmann looks at an era when U S car makers strove for perfection (1:00) 64810 UF Movie: Changes (1991 ) Cheryl Ladd N Y. newswoman wrth lods weds LA surgeon with kids (Drama (2 00) 643742 MAX Movie: Own Reaction (1 996) Keanu Reeves Scientists are framed for sabotaging a water protect. (Action PG-13. (2 00) (CC) 645100 NIK Kenan Ktl 200891 REQ1 Movie: 6 1 Jane (1997) Derm Moore A female Navy SEAL faces a tough taskmaster (Drama, R, (2 30) (CC) 274181 SC Halls ef Fame 484549 STARi Movie: Sww(1996) Armn MueMer-Stahl Australian piano prodigy David Helfgott s story (Drama PG-13, (2 00) (CC) 4283346 SUN liglitning Weekly 69181 TBS (i 05) WCW Saturday Night (CCl 7131029 TIC Movie: TrmHyind Bevond (19951 History of US nuclear weapons program from 1945-63 (Dorurnenurv (2 001 650520 TNT Movie Weh Way Is (Jp (1977) Sicna'd Prvor Fru-pctang tabor hero rums corporate fHrnW (Comedy R (2 00) 658162 TRAV Travels a Eereee 3658968 TVlJlie3l2l2"8 UNI La Meter de Fuera e Sent 197029 VH1 1M Greatest Arts t Roct t Ml 45042 6;30 pjn. 1 Oavtd Armereunh t Natural Vert 4 HQ CBS Newt (CC) Q XtKIWiai

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