The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 234
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March 29, 1998

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 234

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 234
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Page 234 article text (OCR)

TCM (1:15) Movie: Two Guys From Miusiwii)46i Dennis Morgan. Colby's Clubhouse 3453278 Science Court 14891 Eye onS. Fla. 61723 Grilllno With Chat George Cabbie and manicurist meet incogni to prince. (Comedy, Bw. (i:j 86941452 Tl r Rannunllnn Ruide 801146 Hirsch: 89079 A&E Bob Vila's Home Again: (CC) 824655 TMC (1:20) Movie: Thousand Pieces 933365 TMC Movie: Mrs Winterboume (1996) Shirley MacLaine. Luckless woman Is mistaken lor dead heir's dead wife (Comedy, PG-13. (1:50) 4483742 TNN Bill Dane Outdoor! 948297 TRAV Undersea Adventure! 3248568 TVL Royal Family 68331 81 UNI La Cuchufleta 946839 VH1 FT-Fashlon Television 640758 Noon . AP Horse Tales 10029 nntuMnuiir mis Danielle (1991) Tsilla Chelton. Old French widow BET Caribbean Rhythms 539723 CNN CNN Saturday COM Movie: Cheech t Chong Still Smokin (1983) Cheech Marin. Wasted comedians wander into Amsterdam, Holland. (Comedy, R, (1:30) 1849758 CSPN Public Affairs 32255520 CSPN2 Public Affairs 9847948 DIS Torkelsons 200029 DSC Wings 422346 E! Paparazzi 966988 ENC (2:15) Movie: Side 0irf(1990) C Thomas Howell. Two guys team up for L A. beach volleyball tournament. (Action, PG-13, (1:45) Ol faoo (133U) nosaiina wmu. uiu West saloonkeeper loves Chinese slave won in poker. (Romance, (1-50) 94043617 TNN Championship Bull Riding 810075 TRAV On the Road With Charles moves in with kin ana misnenaves. r-nmortv (2 00) 475452 CMTV Showcase 69365 CNN Travel Guide 44U61 COM Dally Show 5218162 ENC Movie: The Anderson Tapes KuraH 1496013 TVL Lone Ranger 3449471 USA Movie: Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990) Anthony Perkins. Norman Bates recalls being 1940s teen warped by mother. (Suspense, R, (1971 ) Sean Conner, various aeir aauacrimn nn ex-convict plan ning heist. (Suspense, PG, (1:45) ESPN College Golf: (Live) (2:00) o-nni hwiMB 3511 ennn Two Fat Ladies VH1 Legends 447278 GOLF Par lor the Course WGN Xena: warrior rnnceis 928810 EWTN Choices We Face FAM Big Valley 606346 FOOD Taste 452075 1:30 p-m. HB03 Movie: Down periscope (1996) Kelsey Grammar. Navy admiral stacks deck against beleaguered sub commander (Comedy. PG-13, (1 30) 3279704 FX Hart to Hart 44323bb F GnH Channel Academy Live HB03 Movie: Groundhog Day (X Baking With Julia iff Incredible Cuisine With Chel Jean-Pierre HGTV This Uio nouse: ij i ic r.Mrt.1. Rirtar ir.r.l 977153 (1993) Bill Murray, iv weameimaii riav keens reneatino. (Romance- NIK Ren ft Stlmpy Show: (CC) comedy. PG, (1:45) Faithville 3452549 Inn Country Chefs: 93520 I El Amor Que Vale 900029 crci Uitclnn Runntit 7196094 6003549 HGTV Carol Duvall Show 69617 HIST Combat at Sea: (1:00) SHO Movie: The Shrimp on the Bar- AP Pet Connection 39100 BET Thea 896520 CNN Science and Technology Week fcf1990) Cheecn Mann ftusudiidn 89758 1 ic n. urt ualklkl 602520 (Comedy. PG-13. (1 30) 999636 NIK What Would You Do? 678758 COM Drew Carey: Human kanoon .10174. NOS Wok With Yan384U3 crci crh 9 7S41773 TLC Hometime tum Ratsmasters 81 5520 DIS Flash Forward 461723 TRAV Bob Ootsons America OSC World ol Wonder 90V5B Fl Behind the Scenes 438520 SHO Movie: A Family Thing (1996) 6952013 TVL Hogan's Heroes 5225452 FOOD Molto Mario FX Pet Department 2718926 unn Mnvia- Marc Attacks' (1996) Robert Duvall WKansas reonotn learns mother, half-brother are black. (Drama. PG-13, (1:50) 4072100 SUN Ship Shape 21433 TRSMmrie: Wmrd Science (1985) 1 p.m. Jack Nicholson. Naive earthlings Origins With Burt Woll ArAiinil fhn Track pay. in a parody or sus sci-n m iComedv. PG-13. (2:00) Kelly LeBrock Teen nerds computer- 164013 generate magical rjeaury (ramasy, Dr.-ii irnni 197988 CI National Geographic: On Assignment (1 00) 76015 rg Main Floor (0 National Athletic Awards: HB02 Movie: Used People (199.!) Shirley MacLaine. Jewish widow bounces back m 1969 Queens. N Y. TLC Men hi Tool Belts Wih Ed and (Drama. PG-13. (2 00) HGTV Company ot Animals 1 1 704 Joe 582655 TNN This Week in Country Music 359549 TRAV Historic Traveler 2082605 TVL Lancer 9469810 VH1 Legends 962162 WGN Baseball: 70439704 LIF New Attitudes 4wsi UIV I nnnmt TunM 829100 T Decor O Student Bodies 88297 6 Hang Time 86839 10 Spring Holiday Gospel Music herd 57704 (17! Inspiration o( Painting: Acrylics (H Wheel Power mttids Like You 1720839 23 UNI Super Sabado Sensaclonal 03 New Adventures ol Winnie the Pooh 95278 Kj) Home Improvement 33 Movie: Meatballs III Sally Kellerman. Porno queen's ghost coaches summer-camp nerd. IComedy.R, (2 00) 27013 B3 Movie: The Swiss Family floiwson(1975) Martin Milner. 1800s couple and sons shipwrecked on island. (Adventure. (2:00) ?6655 39 Movie: Sword ol Gideon (1986) Steven Bauer Israeli commandos avenge 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. (Action, (4:00) 458926 Baking With Julia: 78723 45 Praise-a-Thon fj Spanish Programming A&E Bob Vila's Home Again: (CC) 191839 AP All Bird TV 88988 BET Teen Summit 700384 CNN CNN Saturday COM Dairy Show 1948549 CSPN International Programs 62013 DSC Gimme Shelter (1:00) 818094 El E! News Weekend 458384 ESPN Figure Skating: (Repeat) (2 00) 896907 ESPN2 X Games Files EWTN Our Lady ol the Angers Monastery Mass FOOD Julia Child FX Collectibles Show 2798162 H803 Making Ot: Multiplicity: (CC) 2247346 HGTV This Old House: 86520 HIST Air Combat (1 00) 75926 LIF Golden Girts: (CC) 353617 MSNBC MSNBC Special 6933988 MTV RocM-Jock s Greatest Hits 745556 NIK Rocfco's Modem Lite 197013 RCN Movie: VaMyottheDoUs (1981) Catherine Hicks. Three women rise and tan in Hollywood. (Drama. (4 00) 4422926 SC Sports News 801452 SUN This Week NASCAR 86094 TBN Pratse-a-Tho 2300742 TBS Movie: Drop Dead Fred 1 1 991 ) Pnoebe Cares Sad wte saved by her iriaginary cniMhood tnend (fantasy PG-13 (2 00) 246015 TLC rtometime 181075 TNN m-fisherman 196907 TNT Movie: My Cotism Vmny (1992) Joe Peso Wise-guy Brooklyn lawyer defends cousin in Alabama (Come-tfv R (2 30i 348004 TRAV Holiday USA 9956181 TVL Grew Acres W5839 USA Pacific Blue 447520 VH1 Top IB Countdown .534758 WGN Soot Train 4 6655 NOS Monterey Cookin' 436162 2:30 pan. (100)515i?U g7 Tommy Tang's Modem That Cuisine tr) or. Jim's Great Pets! 05 Kids Club1712487 23 UNI OndaMai 60810. 818617 fQ UnVailed '98: The Ultimate Band and Board Event (1 00) 19346 TO Judy's Kitchen 48365 ftf El Club 700 618839 A&E America's Castles: (CC)(1:00) 812810 AMC Movie: Dracula. Prince ol Darkness ( 1 9661 Christopher Lee Tourists dine and lodge at Dracula's castle (Horror (1 30) 976617 AP Amazing Tails 95839 CMTV Non-Stop Country 241128 CNN CNN Saturday COM Janeene Garotalo 3432181 DIS Baby Sitters Club 636100 DSC Invention 166278 Ei Coming Attractions 603907 ESPN2 Girts High-School Besket-ball: (Live) (2 001 7694568 EWTN Fourteen Floweri ef Pardon FAM Bonanza 640182 FOOD Michael's Place FX Supercoilectors 3230891 HGTV What s Tour Hobby 93471 HIST Masters et War. (1 00) .51346 LIF Nest Door With Katie Brown 346452 MAX Movie: To GMm on Her 3M Birthday (19961 Pt Gallagher young widower won't lei wrte jo iiienates daucter iDrama. PG-13. (1 35i.S873704 MSNBC NBC News Today t America .76926 MTV Rock N -Jock Baseball 693907 NIK Leoney Tunes .15520 SC College BasebaM: 3310'3 SCHBwz3215'iiO SHO Mom: fr.TFti97?Wam Daniels John Adams Fw ffaman Thomas erson at! compmv Virr comeflv Gi 6?12988 Sun Motet Sports Ms 95742 (X Pierre Franey's Cooking M Europe (17 Ciae Italia! (T) ultimate Deer t Turkey Show f 4 Dale Evans 53 UNI Control 53520 216100 m World et Collector Cars: 6278 fj) En Contacte AMC Movie: Those Magmhcent Mm m Their Flying Machines (19651 Stuart Whitman Yank rivals Briton m crowded 1910 air race (Comedy. G, (2 30) 3724 71 AP Breed All About N 91 704 BRAV ArtsBreab 832162 CNN On the Men DIS Torketsons 834520 EWTN Get a Lite - In Christ FOOO Dining Around HGTV Carol OuvaH Shew 71 556 MAX (2 35) Movie: It to?d Gun 21? rne&ne ol rar(l99l) Leslie Nielsen An wot rxcemn tons evil energy broken iComedy. PG-13 (1 25i. 93208623 MTV MTV Jams CoufNdowa 651520 NIK Wild and Crazy Kids .209162 NOS Cook" Cheap .704574 SUN NBA Action 68452 TLC Heme Savvy 210926 TNT Movw: 7 Castjwe on 6-gan s s"rf 1 1 9 79 ' Bob Denver G'txoan Snircv Thurston now IH jno merest (Comedy. (1 30 .5-V1-J6 TRAV Travels Wdk Mo 3"53487 3 P-m. REQ1 Movie: inewmeuwi Michael Douglas A mysterious game invades a man's ordered lite (Suspense R. (230) 246433 SCFI Making Of: Lost Kj Space 7195365 STARZ (1:45) Movie: The Associate (1996Whoopi Goldberg Wall Street whiz invents male partner to bag clients (Comedy. PG-13, (2 00) 7212297 TLC Renovation Guide 912487 TRAV America's Historic Trails With Tom Bodetl 6951384 TVL Have Gun, Will Travel 5224723 2 p-m. (7-Sunshine Cuisine (J (0 Auto Racing: (Live) (CC) (3 00) 812655. 948461 O 1 Ten" tt."vl ) 35471. 53013 ,T NHL: .438617 lg f3 Figure Skating: (Taped) (2 00 1 86365 .57467 17 Oebbi Fields Graat American Desserts (V) Fishing Nor America f5 Comm Bulletin Board fti On the Treasure Coast 2j UNI Calient .29029 663029 NHL: 490162 33 Movie- AAurMft 4(1992) Corey feidman Hot-dog waw-skier leads camp n comptKjn (Comedy R 12 001 9520 O Movie OiJsl1985ipaul Keier Coivot buOdies tonr mcvmg business waingmc iComecjy PG-13 12 001 .33297 CPJ Gentle Oocter Veterinary Med-.e- .587 (5J Reseat del tntieme AAf Grn Tew d 00) O40742 APPrtLwe6 013 1 2:30 p-m. J Nellie Katre S Cooking Snow H VeenaOie Heave 17 uw lamancasa s At Home mm Fiewom fj" Debbie Travts' Pi "ted House O Send by the Bell The New Cues' (flfpeati ICCi 26510 "6 NBA Inside Stuff ff Best el Joy ot Pn Ott HMO 360 '5

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