The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 56
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 56

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1968
Page 56
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PAGE 6 Riviera Beach High f Jupiter High School Neivs Drive For Track I Halloween Funds Advances p0,lceSe' Song Fest Tried For Loosen-Up DONNA DAY DIANA NILSON wV, 1 NORTH PALM BEACH - A $ Halloween Dance, sponsored $ by the North Palm Beach Ac- $ Hon Teens, will be held this Si Saturday from 7:30-11:30 p.m. S: at fhe Palm Beach Gardens $ High School gymnasium. $ Tickets will be on sale at the j door or may be purchased from any member of the Ac- & tlon Teens for $1.00. i Music will be provided by $ the Blue Wedge. That assembly was for the students who went to Boys and Girls State to give a report of that exciting and enlightening experience. Jeannle Rottweiler gave her speech for herself and Alice Ewlng, who Is skipping her senior year and going to college now. Will Eilliott and Joe Dwyer then gave their report in the Huntley-Brinkley style. Boys State and Girls State is sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. This experience Is to Inspire young people to take more Interest In community and state By DIANA NILSON JUPITER Last Monday a new method to "loosen up" was tried at assembly. It is called Song Fest. A brave group of people led the senior high students, who had a copy of the words, In singing three popular folk songs. They were accompanied by guitar and piano. The Idea is for people to "get rid of the chicken in you and lose your Inhibitions" in the words of the assistant principal, Eric Bailey. Most people like to sing: after all everyone sings in the shower! that everycitizen of the United States should know what America Is, where It Is headed today and, most Important, where is should be headed. If you and I, as Americans, do not do our own thinking and acting to chart this nation's course, you can be sure someone will do it for us. Don't let anyone but yourself decide your future." Any person, student or faculty member, Interested In bettering the school may put suggestions In the suggestion box which is at the Trading Post. Don't think that they won't be considered. They will. Even crank suggestions will be considered foolish.. A few people didn't take the writer's advice about getting plenty of sleep the night before the PSAT including the writer. When they get the results of the test they will see if they should have shown their school spirit by going to the game with Clewiston or not. - The ones who didn't show school spirit, but scholastic spirit Instead, last Friday can show extra school spirit this Friday by going to the away game with Belle Glade. affairs. The following excetpt from Will Elliott's speech shows that he is so inspired and would like to arouse others' interest: "I believe you will agree By DONNA DAY RIVIERA BEACH - The students of Riviera Beach High School raised over 60 per cent of the needed .'i.UtHI in their first week of the 18 track drive. The homeroom representatives in each class have been draining all the extra money out the pockets of their fellow classmates for this worthwhile project. The Junior Class is leading the senior, sophomore and freshman classes as far as amount donated in homerooms. In the different service clubs the Key Club is ahead. In front ot the school is a board showing the progress that has already taken place. We hope to be able to see progress taking place in the stadium soom. Although the track is still the center of attraction at Riviera, the clubs are busier than ever with different service projects. The Civinettes held a car wash last Saturday and made well over $15(1. They also have been busy washing black boards for all the teachers. The Junior Red Cross is having its anual drive this week. President Paul Hoar hopes to see students contribute to an even worthier cause than our track. The Keyettes are busy each week selling the spirit ribbons. All clubs are getting ready HHUAL DOVEGHBEB SAIE..'. for Homecoming, which is coming up the week of Nov. 25. The theme for the floats this year will be television programs. The students from the various clubs will be out in the community looking for places that will possibly donate their necessities. This Friday night Riviera Beachs mighty Hornets will reallv knock down the Forest Hill Falcons. Although It will be an away game. I'm sure the students will show excellent support. Saturday the all important S.A.T. (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) will be given to seniors who have their admission slips from the test center. This test is important to all students' who are hoping to go on to college. The spirit at Riviera Beach High School is buzzing more than ever in every project done. This could possibly point to the greatest year this school haseverhad! m CARPET GL0 . v II .riM WHOLESAUl SIZE DESCRIPTION WAS NOW I 9 j T. II 1 1 BuOJNJjmu ,2x9 MSh0) K0de 679, H99 M til 6 II I 12x15 While Plush Nylon 159.99 79.99 Jl SIZE 12x9 12x15 DESCRIPTION WAS NOW Red Shag, Kodel 167.99 8 3.99 White Plush Nylon 159.99 79.99 I SIZE DESCRIPTION WAS NOW SIZE DESCRIPTION WAS NOW John F. Kennedy High Scholars Will Be Honored Friday 12x12 9x12 12x15 12x12 9x12 12x15 12x12 9x12 12x15 12x12 12x15 9x12 12x12 12x15 9x12 12x15 12x12 9x12 12x15 9x12 12x12 9x12 Gold Tone Tweed, Hertulon 159.99 79.99 Orchid Nylon Plush 95.99 4 7.99 Avocado Kodel Shag 279.99 1 39.99 White Shag, Kodel 223 99 1 1 1.99 Pink Plush, Nylon 95.99 47.99 Bed Shag Kodel 279.99 1 39.99 Avocado I Aqua Tweed Herculon 159.99 79.99 White Shag Kodel 167 99 8 3.99 Orchid Plush, Nylon 15999 79.99 Avocado Tweed, Herculon 159.99 79.99 Blue Green Herculon Tweed 1 25 99 58.99 Blue Herculon Tweed 7800 24.99 Avocado Shag Kodel 157.99 78.99 Peacock Hi-lo Nylon 137.99 68.95 Blue Plush Nylon 95.99 47.99 Gold Shag Nylon 197.99 98.99 Gold Nylon Plush 127.99 63.99 Seige Tweed Herculon 119.99 59.95 Bronze Green Tip Sheared Herculon 1 99.99 99.99 Lavender Plush Nylon 95.99 47.99 Roman Gold level Loop Herculon 127.99 6 3.99 True Blue Shag Nylon 143.99 7 1 .99 12x15 Hertulon Tweed 125.00 58.99 9x12 Herculon Tweed 78.00 24.99 9x12 Brown & Black Tweed 23.99 1 1 .99 9x12 Pink Serged 39.99 19.95 9x12 Sapphire Slue level Loop Herculon 95.99 47.99 9x12 Avocodo Shag Kodel 118.99 59.48 12x12 Beige Plush Nylon 127.99 63.95 12x15 While Shag Kodel 277.95 1 38.95 12x15 Blue Tweed Herculon 118.95 59.95 9x12 Gold Shag Nylon 119.95 59.95 9x12 Pink Plush Nylon 95.99 47.99 12x15 Green Tweed Herculon 119.99 59.95 9x12 White Shag Kodel 1 65.98 82.99 12x12 Avocado Nylon Plush 127.99 63.99 9x12 Blue Green Tweed Herculon 1 20.99 59.99 12x12 White Plush Nylon 127.99 6 3.99 12x15 Celery Shag Kodel 279.99 1 39.99 9x12 Gold and Avocado Shag Kodel 167.99 83.99 12x12 Blue Green Tweed Herculon 159.99 79.99 12x15 Avocado Tones Herculon 197.99 98.99 9x12 Gold Nylon Plush 95.99 47.99 12x12 Sapphire Blue Level loop Herculon 127.99 63.99 12x15 Pink Plush Nylon 159.99 79.99 12x15 loman Gold Level loop Herculon 1 59.99 79.99 12x12 lavender Plush Nylon 127.99 63.99 9x12 Bright Gold Tip Sheared Herculon 1 1 7.99 58.99 12x12 Gold Shog Nylon 157.99 78.99 12x15 Blue Plush Nylon 159.99 79.99 12x12 Bright Gold Tip Sheared Herculon 157.99 78.99 12x15 Gold Nylon Plush 159.99 79.99 9x12 Brown Tweed 23.99 1 1.99 12x12 Pink Plush Nylon 127.99 63.99 9x 1 2 Orange level loop 36.00 1 8.95 12x15 Avocado Nylon Plush 159.99 79.99 9x12 Blue Shag Acrylic 95.99 47.99 12x15 Bright Gold Tip Sheared Herculon 1 97.99 98.99 12x15 Cameau Blue Shag Nylon 237.99 II 8.99 12x12 Sandalwood level loop Herculon 1 27.99 63.99 9x 1 2 Commercial Gold Beige Tweed Herculon 95.99 70.99 9x12 Comeou Blue Shag Nylon 141.99 70.99 VIVIAN BLACKMON wgeaBatesssssssssssssssssssss RIVIERA BEACH Recognition w ill be given to students making the honor roll and honorable mention at an assembly program Friday. Students who maintained a B average "In rough last year will receive the letter "K" also at this assembly. The honor society Is In charge of the program. Monday the FHA held the first of a series of bake sales as a fund-raising project. The bake sales will be held every Monday after school in front of the gym and at the bus stop. The week of November 4 through 9 is Homecoming Week for the Vikings. More school spirit than ever will be displayed during this week. The coronation of Miss Homecoming and her attendants w ill be held November 7 at 8 o'clock in the Kennedy-High gym. Our Homecoming Vuecn is vivacious Miss Jon-nie Flint. Her attendants are Ludine Warthen and Mabie English. In keeping with Career Week the Junior Class presented a program titled "A Look Into the Future." A skit was given starting with graduation of the class reunion of WHO. Saturday night there was a swinging dance in the cafeteria. Although the temperature had dropped, the dance was a success. Everybody came with sweaters, coats and jackets. After a few hours of dancing, the extra clothing wasn't necessary. Three cheers for the cheerleaders, who have done a wonderful job through the first half of football season. Our energetic cheerleaders are Lu-dineWarthen, Lla Burgman, Sherry Wyche, Shabarbara King, Shaion Herring, Karen Jones, Captain Jessia Jim-merson and co-captains Dorothy Kimble and Jeanette Hud son. And what would a pep rally be without the junior varsity cheerleaders? Captain Mary Coleman, you and your gills are doing a job also. A tip of thehattotheJ.V.'stoo. WPiV MAS fflJITMl iFTUil Oq(BG!IE mim Sim fljjgffiP cflji, mm laiinaiy ff M mm W&B 88 if Aorth Palm lleach High Students See Film About Narcotics mm ROLLS LARGE ENOUGH TO DO WALL TO WALL CARPETING. . .100's OF DECORATOR COLORS & STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. . .100's OF NATIONALLY FAMOUS BRAND NAMES SELLING BELOW WHOLESALE. . . DOITT MISS THESE FANTASTIC VALUES. . . SOME ARE PART ROLLS, SOME ARE FULL ROLLS, SOME ARE FIRST QUALITY, SOME ARE IMPERFECTS AND ALL ARE EXCELLENT VALUES 4 TERRY CLAYTON r ilUZlr in) iMZUlls iasw "'ti'1 txmuwy vtxm (7YT?u ) bv TERRY CLAYTON NORTH PALM BEACH -Monday evening turned out to be a very memorable expert encc for many area teens who attended a movie sponsored by the North Palm Beach Action Teens. The subject of the film was narcotics such as marijuana and heroin. After the students had seen the movie they had an opportunity to ask questions of a guest panel. Much knowledge was gained. Wasn't last Saturday night absolutely fabulous? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're not a Gator fan. This was the night that we saw Seacrest's lunior varsity massacred by a score of 27 0. Pretty great, right? That makes four straight wins since our one and only loss. (Including the games to come! t Does anybody know why some people attend our games If those same people aren't going to bother supporting our team? Do you know how depressing It Is to be giving our all and trying your hardest and to not be receiving any support from your classmates? Many members of the football squad have complained about the lack of student enthusiasm and support. Come on, Gators! We know you can yell loud enough for the team to be hearing more than Just the loud speaker. So. Let's hear It this week! Make the team and cheerleaders proud of YOU! This Friday night, the Palm Beach Gardens High School Varsity will clash with tlv Boca Raton Bobcats. This game is an away game played at Boca's field. Because this game is also Boca's hoineco ming, the opposing team is ex pecting a large turnout. As Its first project, the Student Council has decided to sponsor buses to the game. The junior class has dial longed the rest of the school in seeing who can fill their bus the fastest. The price for the bus trip Is $1.50. By taking the bus down to Boca, you'll not only have lots of fun, but at the same time you'll be supporting your class, the student council and, of course, the team. The spooks and goblins are out tonight in all shapes and sizes, but there Is very little to fear from these little ghouls. Even harmless pranks are traditional for Halloween but this is very little excuse for destructive vandalism. No matter what the date Is, destroying property Is against the law. Keep this in mind as you go out to have your "fun." Also don't forget about the Halloween curfew hour; this won't be so easy to lie your way out of as arriving late for class.

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