The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 231
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 231

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 231
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Page 231 article text (OCR)

65767839 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again 409097 2 a.m. (Tj ITN World News (41(2:10) Plctlonary m Inside Ed. 12100 Mo 12:05) View 7122891 TRAV Outdoor Journal 6105758 TVL Green Acres 4569618 3 a.m. C5 (2:05) Martha Stewart Living 58966839 HB02 Movie: JFK 0991) Kevin Costner. New Orleans DA Jim Garrison sees assassination conspiracy (Docudrama, R, (3:10) 37623029 HGTV Home Front 749471 HIST Movie: Triple Cross (1967) Christopher Rummer. British sale- C2") StarGazer :15) Weather and Radar (41(3:1 5130617 Q) Josh McDowell (3. UNI Cristina 203433, 675365 f3f Tarean rSa Soul Train IJLeeza141100 (6j(3:05) News (T: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman cracker double dips as WWII dou HO (3:05) Jenny Jones 4801 1 00 CQ Power of the Spirit 969568 ble agent. (Suspense, (3:00) IB (3:05) Entertainers 4803568 AP Lassie 715029 BET Comlcview 659452 943839 MAX Movie: Bid Moon (19) CNBC Business Center 2329297 Mariel Hemingway. Bitten lournalist CNN Larry King Live 905297 COM Movie: Short 7im (1990) teeis beast growing within him. (Horror, R, (1:30) 260636 father (Comedy. R, (1:45) 70416365 TMC Movie: Relative Fear (1994) Darlanne Fluegel. Parents raise homicidal switched-at-birth boy (Suspense, R, (1:35) 7368742 USA Movie: Silk n Sabotage 0994) Julie Skiru. Computer scientist seeks revenge on competitor (Adults only, R, (1:30) 203742 VH1 Insomniac Music Theatre 379365 4 a.m. O Nightside 851075 C7J Deco Drive (TO (4:05) Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher 7558029 IB (4:05) Matlock 881 10013 IE) Movie: The Man With the Golden Arm (1 955) Frank Sinatra. Dried-out heroin addict returns to wife and habit in Chicago (Drama, BW. (2 00) 451839 CM UNI El Balcon de Veronica 6D Movie: Backstreet Dreams (1990) Brooke Shields. Grad student helps autistic boy, loves his criminal father. (Drama, R, (2:00) 359487 '33 Andy Griffith 56520 CDWCW Worldwide (39 Movie: Fire Birds 1990) Nicolas Cage Army pilots )oin drug war in Apache assault copters (Action. PG-13, (2 001 34433 J Praise the Lord 23 UNI Maria Isabel NightMan Q Highlander 1 39 Strange Universe CQ Washington Week 16623 Q) RoadSigns A&E Law t Order 493278 AP Gentle Ben 721075 BET Jazz Discovery 373948 Dabney Coleman Doomed police MSNBC Weekend Magazine With man tries to get killed before retire Stone Phillip! 6552162 MTV Darla 863487 NIK Odd Couple 790452 N0S Ballroom Dancesport Compe BRAV Movie: A WorU Apart (1988) tition Hi4Bio PLAY April Rendezvous A Ghost Love RCN Glass Virgin 8668520 Barbara Hershey bin s activist mother is jailed in 1963 South ment (Comedy-drama, PS-13, (2:00) 4111029 CSPN Public Affairs 822433 DSC Raging Planet 350723 E! Howard Stem 659471 ESPN SportsCenter 718723 ESPN2 Skateboarding EWTN Mother Angelica FAM 700 Club 532365 FO00 Emerll Live GOLF Goll Talk Live 343433 HB03 (2:25) Movie: Parry Girl (1995) Parker Posey Wild New Africa (Drama. PG, (2.00) REQ1 Movie: 6 . Juried 997) Demi 941810 Moore A female Navy SEAL faces a CNN Crossfire 327520 0IS Movie: Jungle 2 Jungle 1 1 997) Tim Alien. Tribal boy visits his tough taskmaster (Drama, R, (2 30) 861891 SC Sports News 383926 TLC Trauma: Lite In the ER 136810 father in New York City (Comedy, PG. (1:50) 6584758 Yorker finds niche as library clerk. (Drama. R. (1 35) 85828891 TNT Movie: Moving (1988) Richard ESPN Inside the PGA Tour ESPN2 NBA2Night EWTN In Concert 7375075 FOOD Michael's Place r ryor New Jersey yuppie moves CB Firing Line Debate 81365 wife and family to Idaho (Comedy, 45 Praise-s-Thon Cont d GOLF Golf Channel Academy H (2 00) 86727B TRAV Rough Guide 6567094 GD In the Word Witt Gil McDowell A&E Movie: Z.Wfi(1964) Warren HBO Movie: Michael Collins (1996) TVL I Dream el Jeannie 7400471 Liam Neeson. (he early-20th-cen- Hearty Young therapist seduced by tury Irish freedom fighter (Histori HGTV This Old House 617433 MSNBC White House in Crisis 4244100 MTV Amp 530907 NIK Rhoda 675704 N0S Lone WoH 657013 PLAY Essentially Juli: Friends RCN Movie: Stealthe Sky (1988) Mariel Hemingway An Israeli spy seduces an Iraqi pilot in the '60s. (Suspense. (2:00) 4013433 SC Sports News 644520 SUN Eitreme Championship mental patient. (Drama, BW, (2:00) cal drama R, (215) 682094 114789988 MSNBC InterNight 6288384 MTV Music Videos 671094 AMC (4:15) Movie: Romanottand Juliet1l) Peter Ustinov Concordia s general plays Cupid tor U S Soviet lovers (Comedy, (1 45) NIK Happy Days 787988 PLAY Movie: Jenteal Loves Rocco (1996) Jenteal Who loves Jenteal back (Adults only. AO. (2 00) 87799365 Wrestling 218365 TIC Boh Vila's Home Again 123723 AP Jell's Collie 626181 CNN CNN International CSPN2 Public Affairs 2409487 FOOD Cooking Live! 154100 VH1 My Generation 761655 WGN Simon i Simon 778159 1:30 a.m. C2j Capitol Update (T (135) News 0 I (1:35) Friday Night 1 7 (1:45) Seven it Eleven 0 35) Entertainment Tonight M19029 R) Benny Hinn 23 UNI Club America (1:35) News 43332988 33 Reel Stories of to Highway F-itrot fi) Med About Yos CS Wall Street Week Witt Levis Rukeyter 11487 CNN CNNSports Illustrated COM Police Squad! 1848029 DSC Storm! 414520 SC Sports News 773164 TRAV On the loose h) Wildest SH02 (3:15) Movie: The Mean Sea- ion(1985) Kurt Russell Miami HB02 (4:10) Movie: frartne Starlight ( 1 995) Arme Panflaud Irish-American dwarf writes autobi Africa 6013723 TVL Hogan's Heroes 2563033 VHf Legends 204926 WGN Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing 677742 newsman becomes Numbers Killer's media link (Crime drama, R (1 45) 15965297 TNT Movie: Bust Loose (1 981 ) ographical novel (Romance R, (1 50) 65266617 HB03 Movie (ion You to Death (1990) Kevm Kline An unfarmtul 2uH mjn. Richard Pryor Ex-convict buses kids and teacher cross country Nightly Bus Report 64549 12:351 Kwik Witt (Comedy R. (2 00) 303636 man s wife repeatedly tries to kil turn (ComeOy drama, R. (1 40) 4499094 HIST Knights and Armor 271655 T Headline News ENC Movie: fuH Metal Jacket (1987) TVL Mannis 7087075 VH1 Crossroads 741891 WGN Movie: Jeremiah Johnson Matthew Modine Marine seen from (2 35) Gayle King 7554433 Jeff Fenholt Caps (1972) Robert Redford 1830$ loner MAX (4:201 Movie: Marathon Man (19761 Dustm Hoffman CIA and Nazi dentist chase New York stu becomes Rockies mountain man. (Adventure. PG. (2 00) 945636 dent (Suspense. R, (2 10) AMC Movie: War You (1 952) Dana Andrews Uncle Sam sends small town family men to Korea (Drama B W (1 45) 44607055 3:30 BJn. 6785549 AP Flipper 621636 MSNBC Time I Asai 3751926 MTV MTV After Hews 860810 NIK Mary Tyler Moore 699384 (Y (3 40) Nightside 90462181 39 Motmbes Cf) Wall Street Week Witt Leva) CNBC Eeea Time Witt Bey Buchanan 2308704 DIS (2 40) Cosmic Capers 45099162 RCN Movie: Qrufwi Benevtr (1991) Miranda Otto Actressnorse lover meets producer morse breed Rukeyser71968 Ei Hewenl Stem .645278 ESP? RPM 2Niehf HGTV New Yankee WwtBhsf er Down Unoer (Pomance-comedy (1 301 4209100 SC Sens News 758297 SCFI Retro TV 7313443 CJJ Prayer 634162 AP Advsnfres St Skipey to Km- free 612988 CNN CNNSeer Nhistraled ENC Movie: The Agony and the csusy (1 965! Charttcm Heston Pope Julius II mates MetwunneJo basic training to Tet offensive (War R (2 OOl 3340461 ESPN American Mescle ESPN? Kids m the Way 91 3861 7 FOOD to) Food Today HGTV Hemes ky Design 454891 LIF Homicide: Lite en to Street .663075 MTV Oarie 412297 NIK BokNewhsrt 412162 SCH Movie: In Oar Hjr (1993) Timothy Hutton Maine professor's bad pen name takes over (Honor. R (2 301 3420100 SH02 Movie: Vitm (19681 Cvndi Lauper Psychics ffy to Ecuador to find tabled city of god (Romance-comply PG (1 45) 1356636 STAR (1 45) Movie: . And Justice torA(l979,' AlPaano Lawyer ag'ees to defend wdoe he hates Comv-ama, R (2 00) 1721013 SUN Fiends Baseball Witt Andy leea616617 TIC Trams In) hi to ER H'520 TMC (1 SOI Movie' Bodv Count (1996i Sonnv Oba Venjul assassin besets tww 0nans spe- 636568 TBN Praite-e Thea (Cent d) MAX Mowe: kTwpnfmo the AWwffj (1997) Jomimi Pttoenn Class dis 71P6100 TCM (4 10) Mevie: The West Pont Story (1950) James Caflney Broad tinctions aflect two iUfcs families (D'ama R (1 50) 2378100 NiK Bewitched 694839 pamt Sistme Chapel itistccal dfma (? 15( 4773636 ESPN Go (Repeat) (2 CO) ?T)?9 way director and girlfriend do show N0S Dinars us ui en is) at me ataaemy iMusn comedy B n 50! 742810O 6520 ESPN2 NHt: .9153926 FOOD Chef Jeer GOtF Ge Central SH0 (2 35) Movie Marti Gun (Hun (ii Cvwla Wams Mob TVL Mister 14 886845 4:30 (MTV. sir s interracial icwe aair i 1920s Ha-iem (Drama R (1 201 ) I In Lacy 67S891 RfQt Mene G I "i9'l Demi Moce A lemaw avy SJ i faces a ciio i (4 351 Am. new TBS (2S5Mwe S'1i fouj tasrnjt rnama R. :5 I HxHem Havmnn H9SQ Knar (7 !! .(W3M 33 traey (mc fm'Si Reeves Oopey dude time ttavis to SM0 (I 551 Memo WjmIW ciai-cnmfs unit (Action ft (1 40) fetch ceief or ivioi prMerl .1742 3 p lummq fur Phe AP Tmhiw t Lets .722734 OH 14 Sli Gee Wtor (Comeflv PG (2 0S m my rm Um .174,-iw TCMMovw Capwf I '950 f manor Parei An Kwiof r laftfls m a "' Sat ipwn Vl arts ii "i' STAR (J i Km rvsn-rw ii!'; Col- Mne OsjM tcn f f MttMM e St Psat tXF tea Cravat USA Mewe S"vw Operator ( i 1 Samu Combs Jr vaung OWors and nurses ore ip f iw (Cnrm-v (7 0"! '5?97 VH1 Pop Uf V4aa "60 5 women p"V wm-- prilles ; Taw ."'.? CO ID (D'ama B W (1 4ii TVL ThelGH.ra;

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