The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 230
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 230

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 230
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Page 230 article text (OCR)

Pfirt i ni si trr. ii nm 7qr (3) In the Word With Gil McOowell 813845 PLAY Essentially Jull: Friend! SC Sports Newt (1:00) 299241 SHO Slargale SG-1. A bereaved alien holds Daniel captive. (TVPG) 3213932 TLC Trauma: Lite in the ER: At Tampa General Hospital, residents run the trauma center. (TVPG) 725116 TRAV Rough Guide (CC) (1:00) 2057970 TVLHooan's Heroej 1052796 (100) A&E Law S Order: An anti-abortion organizer (Edward Herrmann) faces prosecution when a follower shoots a doctor who performs abortions. (CC)(1:00) 317425 AMC (11:15) Movie: That Touch of Afn(1962) Cary Grant. Virtuous secretary coyly leads bachelor on. (Comedy. (1:45) 57648932 AP Animal Ooctor 57222 BET Rap City Top 10 896203 CNBC Charles Grodin (1:00) 8466609 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Movie: The Return ol the Pink Panther(WS) Peter Sellers. Nincompoop Clouseau again seeks diamond and irks boss (Comedy, G. (2 00) 1851593 CSPN Primetime Public Affairs 921357 AP Vets in Practice 29131 CMTV Showcase 51319 CNN Moneyline (Repeat) (CC) 234628 El Howard Stern 520883 ENC (11:45) Movie: The Anderson 7apes(1971) Sean Connery. Various agencies eavesdrop on ex-convict planning heist. (Suspense. PG, (1:45) 20685135 EWTN Promises From His Heart FOOD Ready Set Cook! GOLF Golt Channel Academy HBO Dennis Miller Live: Stephen King (CC) 4538338 HGTV All in Good Taste 15593 LIF Golden Girls: Dorothy reunites her high-school tennis team. (CC) 841932 MAX Movie: Booty Call (1997) Jamie Foxx Absurdity does not discourage passionate couples. (Comedy. R. (1:30) (CC) 401864 NIK Taxi 694086 SCFI Kolchak: The Night Stalker (CC) 3816222 SHO Hunger A man-eating woman VH1 100 Greatest Artists ol Rock a Roll: Artists 40-21 : host Kevin Bacon (1:00) 828777 WGN Honeymooners 372048 203920 12:30 a.m. (J) SB (12:35) Late Late Show With Tom Snyder 2546452, 7004297 O S ' (12:35) Late Night With ConanO Brien 7968471, 7966013 (T) (12:45) News (Tf Canada sud fp Carman 63 (12:35) Soldier ol Fortune, Inc. 6459742 B3 Vibe 59278 ;39 LAPD: Lite on the Beat AP All Bird TV 112278 BET Midnight Love 585758 CNN Showbiz Today 339297 DIS Mickey Mouse Club 169013 ESPN World's Strongest Man Competition ESPN2 NBA 2Night FOOD Essence ot Emeril HB03 (12:35) Movie: Barbarians at 10:30 p.m. (2) Mark Russell: The satirist targets politicians and newsmakers. (CC) (TVPG) 66338 Frasier: First-time mall-shopper Frasier buys his son last-minute gifts (CC) (TVPG) 53864 39 Living single: Khadiiah s hart- sister (Tatyana Ali) stays with her the night before a track meet. (CC) 28203 S) Benny Hinn 378357 COM Police Squad!: A revenge slay ing leads Drebm into a love mangle. (TVPG) 1054154 OIS Growing Pains (CC) (TVG) 396628 meets a vegetarian. (u) 2 JbUBb SH02 Movie: Alaska (1996) Thora Birch. Kids seek dad in wilderness and save bear cub (Drama. PG. (2:00) (CC) 9484086 SUN Lightning Weekly 64845 TRAV Great Castles ot Europe (CC) 7782777 WGN Honeymooners 548154 Midnight (T) Charlie Rose 39758 (10 (12:05) Oprah Winfrey 5443617 ESPN Baseball Tonight: Nightly baseball news and highlights. 873406 FOOD Tamales World Tour Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan feniger. 40067 FX In Living Color: Fire Marshal Bill in Space: Benita Butrell. Delegate: Museum Guide. SillyCone (CC) ffT Nova Gestao (jB All News Channel HJ Marilyn Hlckey n UNI Al Ritmo de la Noche DIS Walt Disney (CC) (1:00) 289999 DSC Justice Files: Rape victims speak out. (1:00) 322357 El Howard Stern 198048 ESPN SportsCenter(CC) (1:00) 780357 EWTN A Closer Walk FAM 700 Club (1:00) 504999 FOOD Taste FX X-Files (CC) 3353796 GOLF Golt Central HB02 (11:15) Movie: Feeling Min-nesota (1996) Keanu Reeves. Lowlife lovers flee with loot to Las Vegas (Comedy-drama, R, (1:45) (CC) 28731661 HGTV Party at Home 62154 LIF New Attitudes 237680 MSNBC White House in Crisis 1504086 MTV Lovellne 595241 NIK Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 262241 NOS Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow 254338 PLAY Movit: Spies S Lovers (1998) Janine Weatherman meets girlfriend's lesbian lover. (Adults only, AO. (1 30) 173222 RCN Movie: Daydream Believer (1991 ) Miranda Otto Actres&ttorse lover meets producerhorse breeder Down Under (Romance-comedy. (1 30) 8795628 SC Sports News 821999 SUN Southern Golt 24970 TLC Real America: 40 Hours (TVPG) 1903628 NB03 (10:45) Movie: The Craft (1996) Robin Tunney. LA. teens strike back at tormentors with witch 03 (12:05) Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher 7221075 Fp) Keenen Ivory Wayans 654839 lit 6) All In the Family 97617 39 LAPD: Lite on the Beat G3 NewsHour With Jim Lehrer craft (Horror. R. (1:50) (CC) 45554241 HGTV Homes by Design: Ecological architecture: house ol glass. (CC) 13951 NIK I Love Lucy (CC) 420338 RE01 Movie: G l. Jarw(1997) Demi Moore A female Navy SEAL faces a the 6are (1993) James Garner. HJH Nabisco's CEO decides to take over his own company. (Docudrama. R, (1:50) 91418988 HGTV This Small Space 1 1 081 0 LIF Unsolved Mysteries 123891 MTV 1 2 Angry Viewers 266 1 59 NIK Dick Van Dyke 779891 PLAY Playboy Late Night RCN Great Romances ol the Twentieth Century 2006384 SCFI American Gothic 8756100 SHO (12:45) Movie: Mulholland Falls (1 996) Nick Norte Ex-iover's murder creates problems for '50s L A cop (Mystery, R, (1:50) 33534075 SUN Golt: (Repeat) (1 00) 347162 TBS (12:50) Movie: Weird Science (1985) Kelly LeBrock. Teen nerds computer-generate magical beauty. (Fantasy. PG-13. (2 05) 50766568 TCM Movie: Dial M for Murder (1954) Ray Milland London playboy plots perfect murder of wife (Mystery. PG, (2:00) 9377520 TVL Family Attair 2008742 1 a.m. rjp Great Crimes and Trials ot the Twentieth Century f?i(125) StarGazer CjO (105) Maury Povteh 1253723 R) Mike Barber 33 Real Stories ot the Highway Patrol 19 Cops 03 Washington Week 93549 A&E Titanic: The Legend Lives On 410704 AMC Movie: Drums of Tahiti (1 954) Dennis 0 Keete Smuggler buys bride to help him run guns m 1877 Tahiti (Adventure, (130) 451926 AP Cane Toads 983988 BRAV (1:05) Movie: Breaker Mortnt (1980) Edward Woodward Aus 73100 (3) You and Me A4E Biography 963758 AP Breed All About It 834988 BET 227 421365 BRAV Inside the Actors Studio 6062655 tough taskmaster (Drama. R. (2:30) (CC) 793241 SHO (10:45) Outer Limits: Only three vaccines are available for a dozen patients 59483661 CMTV Jammin' Country 645181 CNBC Rivera Live 1499181 CNN Newsnight DIS Zorro 881723 DSC Wild Discovery 865162 TBS (10:35) Movie: The Golden 641715 tnm Dallas: Miss Ellie deals wrm ner fear of Jock s and Lucy s cold reaction tn tut mactnrnmv Sue EHen meets Dusty at a hotel (Part 2 of 2) El Melrose Place 212704 ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN2 NHL 2Night EWTN Our lady ot the Angels Monastery Mass FAM Bonanza 336758 (1 001623319 tut Mnnr Which Wav Is I' (1977) Richard Pryot Fruit-picking labor hero turns corporate flunky (Comedy R (2 00 419338 rain Amarina Amenta 3335048 cn(1986) Eddie Murphy Social worker taps karma to save mystical child m Tibet (Fantasy PG-13. (2 151 (TV14 15313845 TCM Movie: Rebel Without Cause (1955) James Dean Anguished teen resents parents, causes trouble (Drama (2 00) 4568338 TLC Trauma: Lite in die ER: Paramedics hear the cry for help and race to get their patients to the hospital alive (TVPG) 734864 TMC Movie: ce(1992) Omar Epps Hanem tour rob store thr of the gun hooks one (Crime drama. R. (1 35) 1177048 TNT Inside the NBA 732406 TVl Green Acres 10381 16 WGN Hwieymeoners 381796 FOOD Essence ot Emeril FX NYPD Blue 4327810 GOLF Golt Channel Academy Lhre HBO (12:10) Steve Harvey: One Man 20669568 HGTV Awesome) Interiors 832520 TVL Gunsmoke 11 00) 3539048 UNI Primer Impacto Extra 563203 USA Movie: Suspect (1967) Cher nr. innnvKt on hiiv helps pubkc tralian and fellow officers tried tor defender on murder case (Sus Boer War act (Drama. PG. (155) 35946839 HIST Nt Search ol History 649907 LIF Golden Girls 87346 MSNBC News With Brian Williams 4726162 MTV Beavis and Butt-head 605742 NIK Newhart 414452 pense R 2 30'4JbJ VH1 Elvts: Atom From Hawaii 684311 WGN News (CC) 925154 CMTV Noo-Stof. Covntry 681029 CNBC Charles Grodia 881 7538 CNN Borden ol Proof 347384 COM Police Squad! 7493181 DIS Movie: The ADsent-Mmded Pro- , 1 1 :30 p-m. (T Ogi11:35l Lett Show Wr NOS This Is America 21 0346 SC Snorts News 672162 SHO Poltergeist The Legacy 4349075 STAR2 Movie: Hewhert to Run (19931 Jean-Claude Van Damme lessor (1961 1 Fred MacMurray Pro DavM Lenerman: iom rw5. fessors latest flop is suofbouncy tlubber (Comedy. G. B.W (1 40 wnter director Harmony Konne sinoer Scott Weiiand (CC) (1 00) ,o?80 3732241 4316758 11 pjm. rr Toe Rang M' Lei (100) T News 'CC O tRNewsiCC) 7 Stvm ft Eleven T (11:151 Dec Drive (Repeatl T7 Rosrmt iVOOl () Root McCoys 23 Untwist Star Tret: Deep Spice Nine ltd H 001 33 Martin CO () Jerry Springer Secret irVk-tfi 1 OOi 719-0 n D I TV DSC Discovery News 792810 I' Witf en tie Stan 923568 ESPN? Snowboarding: (Taped) $ (11 35) Tonight Show Wit Jay lone: Bong m Da Noise Bring n Da unk" performance 'CC) (1 001 2797672, 4592654 Escaped-convict he-man protects tarm widow and kds (Action. R, (1 451 5836636 SUN Last Word 92015 TIC Royal Secrets 492988 TMC (12 05 Mown: The Swveoer (1996) C Thomas Howell Vigilante 8880364 EWTN Heroic Joomey: The Lire end i 7 (ll 3l neenen wory wjyam (CD I' 00 4.'92R52 iroup recruits L A cop. O'Phaned 10 f3 (11 3SINight1me (Ct) leoacy ot Mtanvs Casey -g FOOD Tamales World Tow O FX Miami Vice 7758075 f GOIF Challenge Got HBO (1:15) Movie Maximum RisA bv murder (Action R (1 45i -?4-.j5 8WE6M MM 7452 f"JT) Shotgun Siede uw noncienj uihvtsioh, rw 1996i .lean-Claude Van Damme TNN Motor Madness S2?fU TRAV lonely Planet Wf3'?94 TVl Pethcoat Junction ' 967?3 cion Nocturne O A Science CWywv Maws of Kte and Deatn B'earrwouons m meocme rare ettucat Questions and assumptions about We and death 3.3 Geo Times frenchman kirks Russian Ma'ia m O New York lAchon.R (1451 WGN k tic Hoot ol the Night Momee) ... Witk Craiertn (CU

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