The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 229
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 229

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 229
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Page 229 article text (OCR)

'10 63 Boy Meets World Si FOOD EmerX Lrre Chef Emenl Laoass (1 00) 3208 a:-i.7.l.'.:. I rT Washington Week (CC) .40390 T Q Nash Bnoges: Drug-related upset wim Cory. Topanga goes out FX NTPD Bias: The unit investigates with a cute guy. (CC; TV5i .7357. .10628 muroers lead to a millionaire, tvan and Bertina go under cover at a transgender beauty pageant guest when a dead body s placed m the rrecmct Sipowcz womes about 7Z Traveling Lite: Xondon" Lon Tneo s heafth. Medavoy diets (CC) RuPaul (CCi (TV14) .8135. 92203 don .14406 RJ John Osteen (CCi .4564406 (TV14)(1 00) 4315999 GOLF Challenge Golt Byron Nel- sorvXen Ventun vs Amok) Cri Watl Street Wee Wrlk Laait Rukeyser "The Value Line Primp J Palmer 'Gary Plaor (1 00) .988777 Onanoo (CC) .4425 m Peacemakers .933048 HB02 Movie: The Juror! 1996) Demi Moore Mob h man menaces luror AP Vats M Practice (Premierei The l muroer trial 'Suspense. R. (215) vet students return (TVPG; .75838 weds feisty pregnant Latina (Comedy-drama PG-13 12 OOl .353067 HBOJ Movie Independence Oay 11996) ff Smh EarrhJmgs y$ erf akens si 15-mae-wide ships (So-ence fiction PG-13. (2 45) (CCi 35780319 HCTV Party it Horn Magicians: Caesar saiad 99135 HIST la Sean if History: Trey was the site of Homer t epic Trie Iliad" (TVG) (1 00) 17116 LIT Unserved Mysteries (CC) (TVPGiOW) .971512 MM Movie; fathers Oay (1997) Room Wiams A woman tells two men that they fathered ner son (Comedy-drama, PG-13, (2 00) ICCl 9o40s6 MSNBC Big Show With Keith Olber- menofl rj) 2069715 MTV Music Videos (TVPGj 1 00) 966680 NIK KaBlamt: Outtakes. archenemy ICC) .33995661 HCTV Awesome Interiors: Folk artists, estate rncwncoemoiibon sales .67609 HIST Movie: Triple Cross (1967) ESPN? NHLPA Be a Player 8668244 F000 GritlM' I CMMia': Gnfcng bauecuing and smoking .12048 HCTV AH Goof Taste: Popular garoen m Pme Mountain. Ga. .75870 NIK Bewitched .617749 Christopher Plummer Bnbsh safe cracker double dips as WWII double agent (Suspense. (3.00) 558425 LIF Movie: Through Naked Eves TRAV Great Caches at Europe Eng (1983) David Soul Man with binocu land s Howa'd Usm me turTh-piace of Francis I (CC) .4183834 TVL Family Affair. Graduate Cissy I J 6 Homicide life on the Street Munch and Gharry probe the kjHmg of a high-school student who appeared to have no flaws. Keller-man gets good news (CC) (TV14) (1 OOl .69951. 67593 (Z 3 Hews (CC) (1:X) .6131 9. .45999 35 632020 ICC) (1:00) .98785, 94947 T7 Dance tot a Chicken: Cajun Marat Grer Cajun Mardi Gras. a rural event, is exotic and colorful (1 00) 30703 GDComm Bulletin Board (8 00) 7925357 Q) Praise the Lord (CC) (2 00) 7865241 23 UNI El Balcon He Veronica (TvPG, (1 00 .43593. 220086 33 Mad About Yoa: Paul and Jamie ciash while sola-shopping (CC) (TVPG) 44116 O Star Trek: The Neit Generation: ftmet talis tor a member (Melmda Culea) of an androgynous race (CC) (1 00) 47777 39 News 42883 CD James Robuon 369609 AP Cane Toads: The Cane toad was imported from Hawaii to combat the gray-back beetle. (TVG) (1:00) 98067 BET Comicview (1 00) 271845 BRAV Movie: A Work Apart (1988) lars watches woman with telescope, pans to stay out all nignt .7249777 as someone watches. (Suspense. 12 OOl .981999 9 pjrx. MSNBC News With Brian Williams rf Mclaughlin Grow .7425 T tQ Uraofre Mysteries: (Sea (CCi 11 00) .2049951 MTV Ye! (TVPG) (1 00) .9531 16 NIK Wonder Years: The baseball coach tavors Kevin .267796 NOS Rocktort Files (CC) (1 00) 843086 accountant pmiosopny ol Prometheus. Loopy at the opera Suave-o-mat 5000 362652 NOS lev Boat (1 00) .23222 RCN Clan Virgin: (Premiere) A Victorian leaves home to find her place in the world with Nigel Havers and Emity Mortimer based on a novel ty Catherine Cookson (Part 3 ot 3) (TVPG (1 00) 3967864 son premiere) Missing baby gang attacks Marine hidden B'ble messages wrongful-death suit ICC) (TVPG) (1 OOi .5048 .99116 fj 6 Dateline NBC (CC) (1 00) tj6864 64406 '1 60 Millennium: Frank and Wans r.unt down two escaped con PLAY Sei Under Hot Lights: A Day in mo Lne of an Adult star RCN Movie: Steal the Sky 1 1 988 ) REQ1 Movit: G Jane H997, Demi victs from a women s prison and dis Mariel Hemingway An Israeli spy seduces an tragi pilot n the 60s. (Suspense (2 00) (TV14) 3960951 Moore A female Navy SEAL faces a tough taskmaster (Drama. R. (2 30) SCH Movie: 7?)eDanta(i993) Timothy Mutton Maine professor s cover one is pregnant (CC)(TV14) (1 00) .51932 .35512 10 Town Meeting: Corruption (Irveid 00) 48208 rf Classical Visions: "Handel s Opus 6 Part t" Concerti gross. (1 00) .80226 Barbara Hershey Girl's activist mother is lailed in 1 963 South Africa (Drama. PG. (2 00) (TVPG) 917135 bad pen name takes over (Horror. R. (2 30) .6847406 SH02 Movie: Jerry Mjptw(1996) Tom Cruise Attack ot conscience CMTV Tog 12 Countdown (1 30) 242244 CQ Movie: The Man With the Gold- changes LA sports agent s life envmii955)Franbinatra uried- (Romance-comedy, R, (2 30) ICCi .789048 SCft American Gothic: Through d'eams and visions tucas snows Gad the terrible truth about her past (CC)TV14j1 00) .2164425 SH0 Soring Fein Trinidad vs Manenge Zulu. Welterweights (LrveiFrom Baamon Puerto Rico Trinidad (32-0 ?8 KOsi delends his IBf title against Zulu (17 2-1 7 KQt. 12 rounds Also Wilfredo Vazquez vs Antonio Cermeno. Frank t iles vs Andrei Scnkaitkov (2 00, .526951 STAR Mono: The Island of Dr out herom addict returns to wife and CNBC News With Brian Williams (CC)(1:00) 1737715 CNN World Today (CC) (1:00) (CC) .9872241 TIC Royal Secrets: The Normans: the Medcis (TVPG) (1 00) .214425 543628 COM Police Squad!: A redhead is the key to the capture of racketeers. (TVPG) 1045406 TMC Movie: Beverly Hills Nina (1997) Chris Farley Ninia adoptee tracks mystery woman s boyfriend (Comedy. Pu-13, (1 30) (CC) habit m Chicago (Drama BW. (2 00ea(TVG).16425 Q Frederick K Price (CC) (1 00) .S32883 23 UNI Pwabla CMca, Inftema Grande (TV14) (1 00) .40406. .227999 fQ Saartna. the Teenage Witch: Sacrma must lace her fears when a sped goes awry guest Steve Alien. ICCl (TVG) .69087 (J3 Firing Line Debate: "Resolved 6ack Americans Are Best Served by DIS Growing Pains (CC) (TVG) 370680 DSC Raging Planet Pilots Hy into 54jsre Mwmu 119) Marlon Brando Folks TRAV Lonely Planet Beach resort of Negnl crocodiles of me Back River; Hope Bay Port Antonio: Jamaican hurricanes to gather data National Hurricane Center. Coral Gables, Fla. (TVG) (1 00) 998154 E! Talk Sou Weekend: Host John Henson (TVPG) (1 00) 815203 rk chicken: Blue Mountain Peak (1 OOl .2054883 TVL I Oream at Jearmie .69251 16 the Republican Party' Blacks and the ENC Movie: lne Osterma Weekend (1983)RutgeiHaiier CIA agent sets Republican Party William F Buckley VH1 100 Greatest Artists at Rock 1 Roll: Artists 60-41 host Kevin Bacon (1 00) .818390 Jr . Gary Franks Ward Connerley. Charles Canady Bob Shrum Cynthia 9.30 pjn. McKmney Chnstoper Edley Jr . Susan Estnch moderator Michael trap foi talk show host s shady friends (Suspense. R. (1 45) (CC) 5991970 EWTN Fourteen Flowers of Pardon: The lite story ot St Mana Goretb. (1 00) 4316628 kmsley (2 00) .54067 IT Wall Street Weak With Louis Rukevser The Value Line' Primp J. Orlando (CC) .95338 J) Something Goof Tonight (1 00) 071)48 Af Titanic: The Legend Lives On: FAM Hawaii FTva-B (1 001 958661 F000 Motto Maria: Chef Mario Batak 31319 FX la Living Color: B S brothers go fQ Boy Meets World: Cory's attempt to turn Enc s Jack s and Snawn s apartment kte goes awry. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) .68999 matures toow the disaster a 1980s epedihon seeks the wreckage host David McCakum (TVG) (2 00) .903086 AMC Movie Calamity .Anf (1953) west. Cousin Eisee vises tamvy. Guest Heavy D (CC) (TVPG) 1987680 Dons Dav Sharpshooter aims for Wild Bid Hekok (Musical, (1 45) AP Bread AM Abaat N: Pointers flush and retrieve prey on varied terrain in vrd weather (TVG) .52777 BET HH List (1 00) .201086 (IVti! .1Z19154 GOLF Golt Talk Lire: Byron Nelson (Call-m) (Repeat) (1 00) AP AN Bird TV Birds build nests on 981864 me mad maker ot halt-human beasts (Science fiction PG-13. (1 45) (CC) 8?b4?03 SUN IHl Hacker Orlando Solar Bears at Houston Aeros (Live) (3 00) .37? TCM Merle A Streetcar Named 0ere(1951j Marlon Brando A brute clashes wn hts wife s neurotic sister (Drama PG BW (2 30) .1790357 TIC Neat Amenta 41 Hears: The emergency-room system often frustrates medical personnel (1 00) .294661 TNN Moear Meanest Monster Truck Challenge IV from Indianapoks (CC) (TVGi (3 00) .297970 TNT NBA Los Angeies Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers (Livei (CCi (2 30) .521048 TRAV Amazing America- Soap bo derby Mary Kay convention steal guear convention .363849 TVl Penceet JtMctHM .7253970 USA Mown: I ne Age ot Innocence (1993i Darnel Day tews An 1870s t- lawyer loves hrs tree thuiung cousin (Drama. PG (3 00) ICC) Jr. (TVPGi .512970 z VH1 1(M Greatest ArksSs a) Reck O No Artists 80-61 host Kevin Barnn 1 rjOt .83154 WOK Mama Play Wish Ibr Me 5 (1971 iCimt Eastwood Airtenttan 3 stalks a DJ who had an aha with her iSustwe R i2 00 JJ (TV14, .63054 x 8:30 pjn. 4 If) Candid Camera Erpandmg bulges no change store poecv birarre hand vyv jsteS mo- 'CO br ustructot iCCi (TVGi .5951. iO 24?5 Connecticut s Faulkner Island (TVG) 516U9 HBO Movie: Host Waters (1997) Rutger Hauer Soviet and U S sub DSC Stern Warning!: Moroccan desert footrace ocean rescue CMTV Big Ticket Country muse hts (1 001.33154 CNBC Rnars Lira (1 00) .1 734628 CNN Larry King live Medium Rita Pngers GC(1 OOl .533241 marines collide m 1986 (Suspense PG. (1 30) (CC) 132796 typhoon batters the Philippines (TVG) .151796 EWTN Hotf land Rosary .8358593 EWTN (9 45) Fart Matters HGTV Home Front 45113 MAK Movie Stephen King s Thmrm (1996) Robert John Burke Grpsy's DSC Discovery News .269154 E1 Sueiiim Gywinasts Oiympc gymnasts with Kern Strug kadia Comaneci Domeiioue Dawes . host Mary iou Rerton (TiTGi (1 00) 24273951 MGTV This SmsM Space Updating a JS-era bungalow ooubie-duty fur curse prompts obese lawyer to caH m mob debt IMorror. R, 1 30) (CC) 7547 MSNBC Weekend Magazine Wit 8'?116 niture .59241 ESPN2 NHL: Anaheim Mtgv Ducks 'onaer Years kevm feels let at Phom Coyotes (Uvei i3 00) Stone Phillies: Highiigits of the wee s repots and features cm 877,36 down bv rs mam teacher beion- the bfj eam .5H';u3 STAR (9 4S Movie While SouaH iije BrOoos Teens go on Ojieiine SC ' (1 OOl .2059338 EWTN WorW Over .7393999 FAN Diagnosis Maraer A man 'Ben Masters' caoor m a conspiracy MTV Tap It Videos at the Week iTVPGi il Oil! .9203 Nik Haeey Days 4ti4390 NOS Streets el San Francisco The yearlong sanmg tnrj with gtufi sniper iD'ama P& 13 (215 ICCl '--' TVL My Tkree Sans .5318116 berween his wj and mist'ess Say Keiier'nan Victoria Jarnsoni disappears a gitneno fhrnrs Sreve is a WSJIrrn prantHfxISt iCCiiTvp-jI efficiency of Stone s new superior hampers ehewts to cam a psvrhe kiker Guest Patrick ONeal (1 00) 10 pom. (1 30 1 .9555. 4

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