The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 227
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 227

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 227
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22 99796 BET Planet Groove Top 20 Video Countdown (2:00) 807319 CNBC Business Center 8516951 CNN Moneyline (CO 422661 COM Police Squadl: Drebm investigates a blond cashier who has braces (TVPGi 7237932 USA Baywatch (CC) 789593 VH1 Legends 181834 WGN Saved by the Bell (CC) 403357 6:30 pjn. fT 0 CBS News (CC) O 6 NBC News (CC) (T News (CO 'TO QJ ABC News (CC) 1? Capitol Update Gp Tailgators 23 UNI Notlciero Unhrision Grace Under Fire ICO 33 Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air (CC) jj Mad About You ICC) 39 Simpsons (SS) (CC) AMC Movie: The Young Lions (1958) Marlon Brando Nazi and U S. soldiers meet amid World War II inhumanity (Drama, BW. (3.00) 611715 AP Amazing Tails 24319 BET 227 7391 95 Bacon. (1 00) 829406 WGN Family Matters: Counseling determines Llrkel is the source ol Winslow family strife. (CC) (TVG) 769425 7:30 p.m. (X '. 'Alio: Rene's birthday 48 G IS Entertainment Tonight (CO 16. 8338 Q 1 Jeopardy! (CC) 5086. 6970 re; extra ico 3628 fT Oeco Drive 8834 37 Krafts' Creatures: "Who's Who'' The history of animals (CC) 40319 Mothers-in-Law 68715 Real TV 20593 39 Seinfeld: George's crossed phone lines acquaint the gang wrth a woman who isn't what she seems. ICO (TVPG) 55390. 3336 CD Wealth and Wisdom 2898 CNBC Equal Time With Bay Buchanan 9423048 CNN Crossfire (CO 186357 COM Police Squad!: Drebm probes a boner's suicide Directed by Joe CSPN Close Up II 00) 91154 DIS Movie: Samp (1942) Bambi. Thumper. Flower and Owl Animated. (Children. G. (1:10) (CC) 9836951 DSC Gimme Shelter Stone facades: installing plumbing electricity and heating and air conditioning to a new house, organic pest control. (TVG) (1 00) 999883 El El News Weekend (TVPG) (1 00) 816932 ESPN2 RPM 2Nlght: Motorsports highlights. 9133339 EWTN Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Mass II 00) 4317357 FAM Waltons (1:00) 959390 FOOD Cooking Live!: Chef Sara 5102864 USA USA High (CO 161048 WGN California Dreamt 473116 6 p.m. GT NewtHour With Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer details the day's top stories. (CO (1:00) 83593 "4 Newi (CC) Q'6JlX!15"BNews(CC) '17 Reppies (CC 53883 (0 Morton Downey Show 23 Noticias News 40357 Ey Home Improvement (CC) 3 Family Matter (CC) Mad About You (CC) 39 Living Single (CC) C9 NewtHour With Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer details the day s top stories (CO (1 00) 25628 Q)700 Club (Repeat) (1:00) 381852 A4E Northern Eipoture (SS): Joel finds himselt honored as a tribal member after healing one of its elders. Holling closes the Brick. (CC) (1 001141319 AMC Hollywood Backstage 188680 AP Wild About Animal! 33067 BRAV (6:20) Sii Character! in Search ol an Author 82241883 CNBC Edge (1:00) 9916883 CNN WorldView (CO (1 001 COM Tim Allen: Men Are Pigt 3210116 COM Make Me Laugh 3234796 DIS Brotherly Love (CC) 492241 ESPN SportsCenter (CC) (1 00) 193048 ESPN2 Rev It Up EWTN Our Lady in Scripture 1 Tra dition FAM Carol Burnett and Friends: Guests Sammy Davis Jr., Cher. 791203 FOOD Julia Child HB02 (6 45) Movie: Wind (1992) Matthew Modme America's Cup loser tries to win it and girlfriend back iDrama. PG-13. (2 15) (CO 74591425 MOulton (1 00) 80244 FX Miami Vice: A cowboy's larcenous attempt to Improve his cattle attracts attention from the government. Cuban communists and toy. (CO (TVPG) (1 00) 4319715 GOLF Golf Channel Academy: Jim McLean s eight-step swing back-swing completed 362672 HGTV This Old House: Energy-efficient woodbuming stoves: water purifiers 13715 HIST Road to Infamy: The Countdown Years: Decades of mtngue lead to the attack on Pearl Harbor. (TVG I (1 00) 31796 LIF Intimate Portrait Ricki Lake achieves success m her talk show and her personal lite (CC) (TVG) (1 00) 962864 MSNBC InterNtght (CC) (1 00) 2050067 MTV True Lite: Heroin addiction in Piano. Texas 863131 NIK Ooug Doug gets notes from a secret admirer Roger sees Doug on a TV kiddie show (CO 667244 Uante (IVPUI 3223680 ESPN Figure Skating: World Championships. Ladies Short Program From Minneapolis (Same day tape deiavl (3 00) 695777 ESPN2 Superbouts: "Vito Antuofer-mo vs Marvelous Marvin Hagter I" Taped 1 1 3079 in Us Vegas. (1 00) 6383883 GOLF Golf Central 746628 HGTV House Doctor Leaky bathroom cracked rafter 28135 MTV MTV Newt 1515 728357 NIK Rugratt: Cftuckie fears the slide, the rugiats think a pool ts a giant pottv (CO 711932 SUN Florida Baseball With Andy lopei 73661 TBS (7:35) Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves (Live) (CC) (3 00) 95296203 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again: Closet doors final interior decorating protect summary (CO (TVG) 850241 HGTV Before After 22951 LIF Debt 704777 MAX Movie: Spice Jam (1996) Michael Jordan Michael Jordan and Loonev Tunes Animated,'lrve-action. (Children. PG, (1.30) (CC) 966852 Nik Tiny Toon Adventures 722048 SC Devil Rays on Deck 13931 1 SH0 Movie: The Pesr(1997) John Leguizamo A small-time Miami con NOS Ballroom Dancetport Competi tion: Dancers display artistry and athletic ability (1 00) 814574 PLAY Movie: Fantasy Lane (1998) artist flees kilted mobslert (comedy. PG-13. (1 301 (CO 480970 SUN Racing Report Hialeah Park 84777 TBS (6 35) Family Matters (CC) 6505154 TLC Renovation Guide 861357 TVL Hogan s Heroes 3241086 WGN Saved by the Bell (CC) 494609 7 p-m. Leslie Glass A woman breaks her engagement for an art dealer (Adults only AO (2 00) (TVMAi 97609 SC Baseball: Chicago White Son it Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Live) (3 00) 728390 SCFI Kolchak: The Night Stalker Koichak believes a senatorial candi X "'Shin; But. Report 'CO 2628 rj Hard Copy (CO 7796 O EXTRA. 'CO 4628 6 Access Hollywood (CO 5970 (J CB Inside Ed. (CC) 9796. 7970 CSPN Home of Repretentativet 41222 DIS Growing Paint 478661 DSC Wings: Spy planes (1 00) 149951 E! Talk Soup 284880 ENC Movie: March or Die (1977) Gene Hackman Foreign Legion major protects Louvre curator's team (Adventure, PG, (2 00) 2156406 ESPN Up Close: With Chris Myers 191154 ESPN? Jimmy Houston's Sportsman Digest EWTN Family Covenant FAM Carol Burnett and Friends: Guests Tim Conway. Bernadene Peters 700951 FOOD Taste FX 21 Jump Street (CO 2890574 GOLF Golf Channel Academy Live II 00 1 HBO Movie: Dear Godt 1996 1 Greg Kmnear Postal worker answers desperate letter to Almighty (Comedy, PG f2 90(CC.341222 HB03 Movie: firsttm(1984 Tori Garr. Teen protects mother from drug-dealer boytnend (Drama PG-13 ' 2 001 (CO 8362932 HGTV Victory Garden iCCi 4e999 I IF Supermarket Sweep 713425 MTV MTV Live 312645 NIK Figure It Out 731796 NOS More Money With the Dolant 8W.262 RCN Movie: Getting Mjmed(1978 Richard Thomas Songwriter woos TV anchorwoman whose wedding is davsaway (Comedy (2 00) 36135 SC Flagler Sports Forum 139131 SCFI Oatntum Leap iCO 7200241 START. Movie Dragon Pv Bruce Lee Story (1 9931 Jason Scott Lee Based on the Me of the mamai-arts movie star iB'?gfapN PG-13 (2 00ii(Xi4-.?9574 SUN Lift Went .93425 TBS 16 05) Family Matted !CO 4474 H6 TCM Movie Trie Stcy of tvWT fillers 1 1 952 iW Rogers jt Lieof the homespun American rS-nraphv '? 00 ?8."T48 TIC Renovation GuHM 84:777 TNN Dukes at HazzanJ 1 00l Affl date has soid his soul to the dent, after the man s campaign ooponents begm turning up dead (CC)(TVPG) (1 001.2155777 SH02 (7:15) Movie: The Secret Lite of an American tM(l968' Waw 10 63 Wheel of Fortune (CC) TRAV Outdoor Journal: Toronto 3767680 TVL Muntters: Herman stays late at an oftice party, angering Lrty (TVG) 3230970 WGN Coach: Unwitting Luther becomes the Don Juan of his retirement village (CC) (TVPG) 483593 8 pjn. X World of National Geographic: Australia s Animal Mvstenes Australia s wildlife much of it unique, includes kangaroos koalas ftwg possums and platypuses (CC) (1 00' 4636 4 (Q Kids Say tie Oamsest Things. Dead goiaiisn fortuneteilmg. love letters (Pepeati (CC) (TVG) V16 .3390 O f Players: A software giant lues Aiphonse to assassinate Charlie wtio is posmg as a computer wti ICO (TVOGi H 00 1 .86628 .779T) 7 ED Beyond Belie Fad or Fiction?. Mecnancal gonna goes berserk an art couertor s cftarr is cursed a detective prohes a Sut murrjer ca host Jcwf-an Fres (CO i TVPG K1 SO) 71796 .22048 10 O Sabnm the Teenawe Witch. jem accifmaiN erne's the 9574 82845 Matthau Press agent s wife puvs 37 Bill Nye the Science Guy: "Lite Cycles Lrvmg things grow. cak gin tor his star cint (Comedy. 11 45) 39773574 reproduce and d m cycles (CO 19951 SUN John R Wooden Award 59593 O Shotgun JlarJe 11319 ZJ uni tsmeraioa 1 vnj) 1 1 uu) TBS (7 05) Andy Griffith 9036951 TIC Bob Vila I Home Again): Basement staircase pamt vsntoe 44222. 221715 3 Frasier First-time mal-shopoer flooring piait (CD (Tvul 129833 TMC (7 ?5) Movie: Lost m America (I985i Albert Brooks West Coast Fiawer buys his son last-mmute O'fts 'CO (TVPG) 24932 33 FT) Baseball M waukee Brew ers at onoa Va'Ws (Livei (3 00) rupees pool assets bin bg motor home iComedv R (1 35) .3412 .975357 (CO .35633241 39 Home Impiovemont. Tim n TNN Dallas M'ss E ' deals w her Tanran m Ms tantasy uene srrj her sensuous dream wrth Al (CO oner reaim when s"e spends the ?8 tear 01 joc s and Luc.- s ctuS reaction to her mastertnmy s,j ftmt iw Dusty at a r-t 'Part 2 0 2) night Safina (BeceatifCCl irV", .8722 .91593 17 Tnweis ie Eeroee A'sate and '1 00.2'.iJ5 CE) Breakthrough Television s journal ef Science and Medicine f hut Bac bee's uiif Wai S"iTme .9-70 TNT Babyte S Of" assumes HV tr t-a-je-s g - Cairagne Count-v Fficii vre.ars v'.i Cems Caiedrj( F-av i CO 3'??9 Q) Shepherd s Chaeet 11 0O ta ove Gre 17 sector iT.-fQi 0. 1 H64 1 OHi .2'6r3 O All Newt Channel" X. . ' ' V At f Law 4 Oder A man k'Hed i an TRAV On the leot Wiient axwenf ca-iacning had mery fj) tbu Today 'CO .858999 uncovered a manf c'et-ca'O s:am Mne 5."9;- TVl PH Silvers . "214-22 USA HipManaer frn a ii want ! s- vr" mastftx! bv ins Gorier (CO TNT Leas 4 Clare The New Adve tvet e Supermen CO ' ' TRAV Atfvemure Bound .6T 3932 TVl totem ButMiet .32274 16 Um Cm America 6J:s951 9r jQ &nr tr 1 srarer r t"S iT (1 ."' . 1 .53425 vrn tot ItiM Artists e Reck ( 39 Titanic Secrets Revealed J P AP Hume Nature Beriabtatng bears pnarocn f jr-rvng snwn. huTer sfs i'VGi ' 00 Uyytr ncf tr uf carta s reoiessness co-"w tc dg an A-'SS 1 JO- 6 1 h-sr tevw to

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