The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 224
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 224

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 224
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Page 224 article text (OCR)

El Gossip Show 531195 FSPN2 Co-ed Training don highwayman Capt. Macheath writes opera of his life. (Musical, (1:40) 98956947 TLC Salty's Lighthouse 919628 TNN Crook Chase 615390 TNT Lonesome Dove 648628 tion. PG-13. (1:30)(CC) TLC Pappyland 753999 USA Facts of Lite 514393 VH1 Women First 355406 WGN Adventures of Captain Planet 360203 9 a.m. 4809680 FOOD Chef du Jour HB03 Movie: Hot Pursuit( 1987) John Cusack. A pirate shanghais a teen who missed his plane. (Come HGTV Decorating With Style TRAV Aooalachian stories LIFthlrtysomethlng (CC) (1:00) 7786593 dy PG-13, (i:3Ur"uJ HGTV Sew Perfect 35661 MAX Movie: Who Is Killing the Great Msnir Srhnnl Rut 69425 569b8U TVl Family Affair 95(1bU9 Martha 3tu9rt I Ivinn 54593 MSNBC Morning Line 33381 db NIK Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Chefs otturope?WQ) ueoige Can-it Mannalfl SusnfiCtS dietinQ USA Wings 22351 2 VH1 Top 10 Countdown 251241 WGN New BatmanSuperman 247932 gourmet is culprit. (Comedy, PG, NOS Streets of San Francisco 1-nm 233845 Aaveniures oi(u 2 ou) tijooau um Climt 1(18086 10:30 a.m. SCFI Incredible Hulk (1:00) SHO Movie: Oucsiw(1986) Big Comfy Couch 65609 8566852 snu Fiihinn Fever 58131 Kevin Bacon, stocK-excnanye nur ehAt turnc hirurlfl messenaer. TBS Beverly Hillbillies 881390 Gayle King 251 lb Tai Chi: Innerwave Marilyn Hickey .Inline Judv (Adventure. PG, (2 00) 335113 SUN Sportsman Adventures 27767 TLC Bingo Molly 472512 TRAV On the Road With Charles iuhr Unnnpninn Now TLC Elementary scnooi mum TMC Movie: Rata rVu(1994) Jason Scott Lee. Easter Islanders race for love and glory, circa 1680. (Adventure. R,(1:50)(CC) 6449512 TNN Dallas (1:00) 635154 TNT Spenser: For Hire (1:00) CQ Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 67116 Kuralt 6054425 mi Miiircteit M27864 AP Wild About Animals 95690 DIS Katie and Orbie 395999 ESPN2 BodyShaping USA Perfect Strangers 700086 VH1 Premiere Videos 636749 WGN Pinky t the Brain 585556 628864 triv 1 Taste (or Travel 3343067 TVL My Three Sons 6938680 10 a.m. tWIN&uperaainH FOOD Michael's Place linn? n n asi Mnvie: Blake (53 Charlie Horse Music Pizza USA Major Dad (UU) Btra,K VH1 Behind the Music 248777 WGN Andy Griffith 900845 Edwards' Thats Lite! (1 986) Jack (TGeraldo Rivera 50338 Lemmon Feeling oio, a uniorma architect frets to his wife. (Comedy- 11:30 a.m. (J 1Q Jenny Jones timi. drama, PG-13, (1:45) CfT Florida Face lo Fact (ft All News Channel Q) 45) Praise the Lord (2:00) 211b I People's Court n Hawaii Flve-0 Q Martha Stewart Living 831 1 6 77942864 HGTV Joy Philbin's Haven 12222 NIK Muppet Babies 429609 SUN Classic Adventures 81338 (33 saniorg a son tc io ffia Rnsiiannn IC.CA (T7 Sit and Be Fit TBS Mama s Family bistor Tl n Sklnnamarink TV 733135 9 Theodore Tugboat (CC) 26796 Q) Rod parsiey AP Animal ooctor wseu TRAV Appalachian Stories UNI mane Montel Williams 49048 Judge Judy ,33 Amen 39 Ricki Lake 32970 G9 Puzzle Place 50999 rti 7nn Cluh 260999 90783b TVL Family Affair 1 06071 5 USA Wings 41 9749 WGN Men in Black: The Series CNN CNN a Company (CC) 895593 COM Tracey Uliman 6939319 DIS Madeline (CC) 916406 ESPN2Kiana's Flex Appeal 380067 A&E Equalizer 316796 1 1 a.m. . (Repeat) EWTN Scriptural Rosary FAM Carol Burnett and Friends APPetLinenc ruru ynn.sinn Country 95067 (X Sesame Street (Repeat) (CC) (1 nn, .Acnfi 240154 CNBC Market Watch 9919512 FOOD Tamales World Tour urtv Union A Alter 48574 CTCD Price Is Right (CC)(1:00) MAX Movie: Oatty Duck s Quack- 305(4. ltim fjJJ Sunset Beach (1 00) 94796 busters (1988) iwei Bianc. uany s nhnct-hucfinn links 11 cartoons. Animated (Fantasy, G, (1:30) 6 i news tiW ( i.uui T Hawaii Five-01100) $5 Sally Jessy Raphael (1 00) 25680 T Un.llil H Maury Povlclt 49319 (6.1 Leeza 30661 (XfQ Regis tKathle Lee 67715, 72661 flO' Jerry Springer 87593 3? Kidsongs Television Show 45512 CD Stars with Anita Finley 3651 2 Q) Credo A. Dollar FQ Sally Jessy Raphael 473574 gp Pictionary 33 America 's Funniest Home Videos Q Mr. Men 74406 39 Adventures ol Sonic the Hedgehog 21390 t Sesame Street 21951 Pralse-i-Thon (Cont'd) CD James Robison AMC Movie: The Hasty Heart (1 949) Ronald Reagan Patient and nurse comfort dying soldier in Burma. (Drama, BW, (2:00) 265195 AP Pel Connection 18406 BET Vibrations 181883 CNN Morning News COM Movie: The One and Only (1978) Henry Winkler. Would-be actor becomes garish pro wrestler in 1950s New York (Comedy, PG, (2 001 9574796 CSPN2 U.S. Senate 1573999 DIS Little Mermaid 399715 DSC Assignment Discovery 563777 E! Kate a Allle 366512 ESPN SportsCenter 129222 ESPN2 Crunch Fitness EWTN Best of Mother Angelica FAM Wiltons 745319 FX Life Goes On 6955116 GOLF British Open Highlights HB02 Movie: frankie Starlight (1995) Anne Panllaud Insh-Ameri-can dwarf writes autobiographical novel (Romance. R. (145) 7720338 HGTV Carol Dwell Show 23338 HIST History Showcase 747654 LIF Sisters 741593 MSNBC Morning Line 3452425 NIK Little Beer 423425 SC Minor -League Baseball: 223203 SCR Lost m Spec 3259425 SH02 (9:1 5) Mow: Jerry Maguire (1996) Tom Cruise Attack of conscience changes L A sports agent's ete (Romance-comedy. R. (2 30) 27303883 SUN Outdoor Triifs 85154 TBS little House en the Prsirte 105777 TIC Big Gang 737951 TMC (9 251 Movie: Lost America (1985) Albert Brooks West Coast yuppies pod assets buy big motor home (Comedy. R.(1 35) 16974319 TNN Chit Dance 897067 TNT CHiPs 880777 TRAV f die Roe Wi Chart KereN 9049645 m Monsters 1031203 USA Gimme free 81 9785 VH1 Crossroads 379086 WGN Ammamacs 384883 9:30 own. 5 lamey I Friends 64226 T GayttKi9s'54 l7 Pazrte Piece 57645 SJoMHeoee Marshy Brow S3 America s fmwtest Home Vieot Q Fetus eaS Ra .19067 3i Caeca fJlOaWwios at Eagles AP AMoaWiy Amman "357 DiS ttev MwntarM at " Peek .3ji. ft) Kenneth Copeland ..... a . j FaIm mm Dmi (CC) 724U67 MSNBC Equal Time With Bay Buchanan 3339864 NIK Gullah Gullah Island 248661 RCN (11:35) Great Romances of the Twentieth Century 56169609 SHO Movie: In me Presence ot Mine enemies (1 997) Armm Mueller-Stahl Rabbi and family hide m the Warsaw Ghetto (Historical drama. PG-13 (1 40) 1025203 SH02 (11:5) Movie: Bum Witch. Bumf (19621 Janet Blair British professor destroys wife s voodoo kit. (Horror B1rV, (1 45) 54753048 SUN Sportsman 57990 TBS Beverly Hillbillies 899319 TRAV A Test tor Travel .3344796 TVL My Three Sons 6946609 USA Manx Oad 'CO 880661 WGN Andy Griffith ,901574 Noon x (T Cousteeu Odyssey (1 00) T News (CO O? Id (H News (CO , 6 Another World (CC) (1 00) "4241 17 Jenkins' Art Wortcshop CSPH House of Representatives 6168390 DIS Bear in the Big Blue House 524574 DSC Home Matters 321628 El Jerry Springer Behind the Scenes 255067 ENC (10:15) Movie: One Summer Love ( 1 976) Beau Bridges Ex-mental patient returns to mother, meets other women (Drama. PG. (1:45) 79689357 ESPN SportsCenter 789628 ESPN2 Cory Everson's Gotta Sweat EWTN Evangelization Today FAM 700 Club 306845 FOOD Motto Mane FX Dynasty 3352067 GOLF British Open Highlights HBO City Duma: The Story at the 1951 CCNT Basketball Scandal 781086 HGTV Company at Animals 26609 HIST Movie: DonlLoo Back: The Story ol Lerov Satchel Paige (1981 ) Louis Gossett Jr The first buck pitcher m the American League (Biog'aphy. (2001 82593 LIF LA law 576116 MSNBC Hardball With Chrts Matthews 1503357 NIK Busy WorM at Richard Scarry 65574 NOS love Boat 253609 RCN Mow: Getting Warned (1978) Richard Thomas Songwriter woos TV anchorwoman whose weodmg s da.-saway (Comedy (1 35i RQ1 Mew: 6 I JJ.-H997i Derm Mowo A terna Mi SEAL laces a tough tamater iiam R i2 301 229241 SCR law) at me Giants .846 208 STAR2 (10 151 Movte Alia 1195'! Saliv Kiand tn-Oeth movie Oixwn oerrjved Bv w-O" lariet iD'a"a P&-1 v -7dW SUN Fitkme Wita Shelley 0 Court-ivy i TBS Mama s Family .??59T) TCM 1 701 Mane The Bfor s Opra i ' to3 , Larx Over Lon uni ngujci w ' (2 001 03 View (CC) (1 00) 52512 Ricki Lake (1:00) 72390 33 SantonlO Son 4715 gj Dr. Quina. Medicine Woman (CO I (1 00) y) Cosby Show (CC) C0 Charlie Horse Music Pizza (CC) 25067 Q) In the Word With Gil McDowell (1 00 1 A&EOuincy.M.E. (1 001396932 AMC Movie: Laoy Godiv(1955) Maureen 0 Hara Medieval noble opens husband's eves wfi nde. (Action (1 301 869970 AP Amazing Tails 65241 BET Jam Zone 810048 BRAV Sn Characters In Search of an Author 1545357 COM SoaaiCCl 6921390 OIS Chip N Dale s Rescue Rangers (CO 915777 DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (1 001 301 So Ei Wild on tie Orient 2352C3 ESPN Tennis: Family Ore Maoa- nne Cup Quatemai March f,om Hilton Head S C (Lwei (2 00) M4H6 ESPN? Fitness Beach : Repeat) EWTN ReligirNB Catalogue FOOO Pic at V Day FX Picket Fences CCi 3337T'3? GOLF Bntish Ooen Highligitt 1 00) HBO Movie: TV Sn m trr Pwac BuDtXe ii9"6i Jorlravca Teem with immune denc "nust iwe m grm-ttf tuMe itVama 1 45) 4'l'3i9 HB03 Movie CrooimtS.'Wi Riflier Haje Mapc cn- helps a stuaem save tne wcnC i Scienoe fic Cross-Wits Access Hollywood (CC) 9562 Geraldo Rivera n OOi 905' 2 33 Honey. I Shrunk the Kids (CO) i "Ol (3 Vieer (Repeat (CO '1 001 39 Ricki Lake Personal appear-a've II 001 ;S64 PlSrlardBeFrle''-96 On Homekeeeers With Arthelene Roy A4E Northern Eiaosere iSS) Joel finos hims' honcr! as a tr'Dai memtver hMhng one or US ei"S HDg closes the B'ick 'CC ,i T'i .14535 AP Pet Coflnectioa 2137Q

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