The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 218
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 218

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 218
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Page 218 article text (OCR)

29552111 ESPN Up Close: With Chris Myers. 661666 ESPN2 American Outback EWTN Visionaries, Mystics 1 Stig- matists FAM Carol Burnett and Friends: Guests: William Conrad. Alan King. 270463 FOOD Taste FX 21 Jump Street (CO 2823802 GOLF PGA Championship Highlights (1:00) HBO (6:15) Movie: Superfighls (1995) Brandon Gaines. Nmia helps kickboxer take down crooked promoter (Martial arts. (1:45) 33720314 HGTV Victory Garden (CC) 58043 HIST Crusades: Richard the Lion-hearted and Philip of France go to Jerusalem; the Fourth Crusade destroys Constantinople. (1:00) 35918 LI F Supermarket Sweep 283937 MAX Movie: Dragmslayer (1981) Peter MacNicol. Sorcerer's appren tice must slay fire breather (Fantasy, PG (2 00) (U) 45SU4J MTV MTV Live 899647 NIK Figure It Out 201208 NOS More Money With the Dolans 558734 RCN Movie: Champions: A Love Story (1979) James Vincent mcni- chol Top teen figure SKaiers in raw. Romance, 2:00 (U, 3999463 SC Jim Morris 597463 SCFI Omnium Lain (CC 7240869 SHO (6:15) Movie: Street Fighter II: i he Animated Movie ( l yy ) tvn 8197531 HGTV This Old House: Kitchen appliances and a hot water heater are installed 24598 HIST Air Combat: British and American pilots fly from the first carriers dunng World War II. (TVG) (1:00) 61260 LIF Intimate Portrait: Children, directors, co-stars and friends remember Audrey Hepburn. (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 449666 MSNBC InterNlght(CC) (1:00) 2083395 MTV Madonna Videography: Madonna videos. (TVPG) (4:00) 579937 NIK Ooug: Doug cannot sell lousy chocolate; chubby Doug works off weight. (CC) 567376 NOS Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow: Musical and comedy talent of the 70s. (1:00) 317314 PlAY Movie: Recipes( 1998) N.J. DeBahia. A French bistro offers a varied menu (Adults only, AO, (2:00) (TVMA) 53622 SC Baseball: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Live) (3:00) 298802 SCFI seaQuest DSV: A room containing Lucas and confederation leaders breaks away from an underwater resort and disappears during a United EarthOceans Organization summit. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 2188005 SH02 (7:15) Movie: 77 Invisible Kid (1988) Jay Underwood. Teen continues late father's experiments. (Fantasy. PG. (1 45) 39706802 SUN College Track and Field: SEC Men's and Women's Indoor Championships From Baton Rouge. U. (Repeat) (2:00) 30598 TBS (7:05) Andy Griffith 9076579 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again: Refin-ishing wood floors: new windows; lighting store (CC) (TVG) 606685 TMC (7:20) Movie: Cund(1997) Zach Galligan Woman is swept away by man with deadly obsession. (Suspense. R. (140)(CC) 76510840 TNN Dallas: Miss Ellie fears for her marriage when she thinks she has breast cancer. Sue EHen sees Dusty. Alan continues J R.'s plan (Part 1 of 2) (TVPG) (1 00) 777647 TNT Babylon 5: Shendan sets a telepathic trap for the Shadows Dr. Franklin tails for a singer (TVPG) (1 00) 793685 TRAV On the Loose kt Wildest Africa 133371 7 TVL Phil Silvers 7277550 USA Highlander Duncan regenerates in an emergency room, but a doctor sees and becomes obsessed with immortality (CC) (TVPG) (1 00) 874127 VH1 Legends: Eric Clapton. (1 00) 399918 WGN Family Matters: Carl Urkel s bodyguard the boss s daughter comes on to Eddie (CQlTVG) 246227 7:30 pjn. flp Alio. 'Alio: Helga s given a truth serum 31 4 (Q Entertainment ToaujM (CO .27 8005 fl 1Q Jeopardy! (CC) 5753. Jj7 Buchanan 9456376 CNN Crossfire (CC) 656869 COM Win Ben Stein's Money (TVPG) 3263208 E! Gossip Show (TVPG) 124531 ESPN Outside the Lines (1:00) 963463 ESPN2 Extreme Bloopers 1995 (Repeat) 3790918 GOLF Golf Central 209840 HGTV House Doctor Installing a skylight; fixing scratches in wood; crown molding. 45579 NIK Rugrats: A garbage truck seems monstrous; the kids think Spike can talk. (CC) 281444 TBS (7:35) Baseball: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta Braves (Live) (CC) (3:00) 95229531 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again: Kitchen cabinets; landscaping; construction salvage. (CC) (TVG) 337043 TRAV Outdoor Journal: Texas rattler festival; outdoor gear for women; South Pacific sail fishing. 3707208 TVL Munsters: Herman and Grandpa are mistaken for bank robbers. (TVG) 3270598 WGN Coach: Mary Hart reviews the first six seasons in an interview with Hayden (Parti of 2) (CC)(TVPG) 960395 8 pjtv (J) World of National Geographic: "The Living Sands of Namib' Fog from the sea helps sustain unusual wildlife in the harsh Namib Desert. (CC) (100) 31 11 (4T G3 Promised Land: A principal may be faking his school's academe results: Nathaniel cheats to get a cub scout badge (CC) (TVG) (1 00) 5579. 56734 ( J J) Friends: Ross becomes lealous when Emily agrees to show his ex-wife s lover around London. (CC) (TVPG) 7005 5647 (7 3 World s Wildest Police Videos: (Premiere) Police chases; surveillance videos; SWAT team raids shoot-outs: host John Bunnell. (CC) (TV14) (1 00) 18550. 85840 10 3 Figure Skating: World Championships. Men s Free Skate From Minneapolis (Live) (2 00) 6548? 56314 (J7 CQ Fla. Crossroads: "One Long Week' Protecting children. (CCI 13444. 5685 0 Technology Today with Dr. Turner (100) 50192 Rl TBN Today (CCI 8518227 23 UNI Maria Isabel: (Conclusion) (TVPGI (1 00) 79604. 784937 33 Mad About You: Friends relatives and a parade thwart plans for a Sunday m Manhattan (CC) (TVPG) 2531 B3 LAPO: Lite e the Beat Highspeed pursuit bar brawl murder witness body m a car trunk (Repeat) (TVPG) 8531 ,39 Hercules The Legendary Journey Outlaw Amazons bund a boy and kidnap his sister, making her one of them (Repeat! (CC) (TVPG) (100158192 45 TBN Pratse-s-Thea (Cont'd) 18 101 7626753 7790622 m axMiti Coeeland 424043 mastermind Dlots world domination. 4nimated. (Martial arts, PG-13, 1 451 44853314 ESTAR2 (6:15) Movie: Guntlghter's Ewoon(1995) Lance Henriksen Gun- Imger meets unknown oaugniBi, grits outlaws (Western, PG-13, 1 451 66866482 RUN LaslWor 90145 Characters impede man seeking Christmas toy for son (Comedy, PG, (1:30) (CC) 8440799 HGTV Your New House 49395 LIF Debt 274289 NIK Tiny Toon Adventures 285260 REQ1 Movie: Wes Craven Presents Wishmaster (1997) Tammy Lauren. A gemologist unwittingly frees an evil genie. (Horror, R, (1:30) (CC) 45918 SC Devil Rays on Deck 51 1043 SUN Racing Report: Hialeah Park 98647 TBS (6:35) Family Matters (CC) 6538482 TLC Renovation Guide 308531 TVL Hogan's Heroes 3274314 WGN Saved by the Bell (CC) 964111 (D Nightly Bus. Report (CC) 9685 (TiHard Copy(CC) 4753 O EXTRA (CC) 1685 16 i Access Hollywood (CC) 9227 (J)Ca Inside Ed. (CC)6753, go S3 Wheel of Fortune (CC) 9869. 26956 gjj Dade County Youth Fair (1:00) . 56376 0 Public Defender: Attorney Bart Matthews (Reed Hadley) defends the innocent. 22192 1 Jerry Barnard 8509579 (23 UNI Esmeralda (TVPG) (1:00) 98376, 775289 03 Frasier A focus group evaluates Frasier's radio program; guest TonyShalhoub. (CC) (TVPG) 51294 (33 Martin: Martin and the gang face an angry group of little people. (CC) 6111 EQ Real Stories ol the Highway Patrol: Loaded tires; resisting arrest; raid: cocaine tossed (TVPG) 2111 !39 Home Improvement: Tim s high-school flame wants to meet Jill. (CCI 6395 Q9 Ancestors: "Census and Military Records' Census reports; military records (CC) 6937 Q) Shepherd's Chapel (1 00) 391376 AAE Law I Order Children of a slain real-estate baron hire detectives to prove the man's widow committed the crime (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 454463 AP Human Nature: Re-establishing puffins; lemming study camel trading (TVG) (1 00) 29260 BET Planet Groove (2.00) 360531 BRAV Brave Profiles: Comedian Jackie Mason (TVPG) (1 00) 126024 CNBC Business Center 8556579 CNN Moneylmo (CC) 992173 COM Daily Show (TVPG) 7260260 DIS A Family Circus Easter Kids hatch a plot to capture me Easter burmy (TVG) 5226192 DIS (7:25) East Beevw b) Coming te Towe: A postman brings Easter questions to the bunny narrator Fred Awe (CCI (TVGI 44255802 DSC Gimme Shorter A trellis tor the yard, installing a gas range safety tips for workshops and garages: proper installation of a variety of insulation. (TVGI (1 001 469395 i fi News Daily (TVPG) 400463 ESPN2 RPM Wight: Motorsports highlights 58M177 IWTNOiirLadYeltieAiigets Monastery Mass (1 OOi 4.540685 FAM Walton (1 001436192 FOOO Coomng Live! Chef Sara Mouiton (1 00154918 FX Miami Vice: Two music eeeu-tves attempt lo cash i on Cam s resurrected careet bv exposing Sonny s drug-ai' ar-ego (CC) (TVPGi H OOi 4342043 6 OIF God Channel Academy: Jim McLean i e-ont-step swig nvee-Oiiatei bawswmg 552444 HBO? Movie Tm Stars horHtm-netu 1 1 9i Robert Dunn Wudcat-tei sme"S o on 'armanfl ti 30s Texas (Drama PG (2 OOi (CC) BBS (6 05) Family Matters (CC) 14407444 ft CM Movie: HHeaf (1949) garnet Cagney Hunted gangster s-; iris only to his Ma (Crime drama, W (2 00) 2853376 flC Renovation Guide 324579 i INN Dukes el Hazard (100) 936463 TNT Lets I Clark The New Adventures of Superman (CC) 9291 73 TRAV Adventure Bound 6066260 TVL Bosom Buddies 3250734 UNI Clue America 320753 USA Bavwatck (CC) 266395 VH1 legends 563666 WGN Saved by tie Bet) (CC) 940531 J 6:30 p.m. r SQ CBS News (CC) fj 6 NBC News (CC) J 7 NewsiCC) 310 R ABC News (CC) f 17 Capitol Update CD Ozne I Harriet 54289 EXTRA iCC) 3395 Dece Drive 1591 Moment Law 431 73 23 UNI NotKiere umvishm Grace Under Fire (CCI 33 Fresh Prince o Bel-Air (CC) Me About Toe ICC) 39 Simpsons (SS) ICC) AMC Movie: Istanbul (1957) Errol Hyrm Deported pilot returns to Turkey finds dead w4e eli Adventure (1 30) 970111 AP Armani Tails 34463 SET m 5947 COM Make Me Laugh 3267024 tS Brotherly Leve iCCl 9;9043 E' Fashaa Emerteocy 135647 ESPN SpertsCemer (CC) (1 00) t6?60 ESPN? MotoWorM EWTN Femwuj a Catholic CO- Peter LaLend 781419Z Reel TV 47937 Vj SeinteH Jem cashes OM A1E Biography Don Knotts Ron Howard and nwi friends profile actor Andy Griffith (TVG) (1 00) 463111 AMC Movie: The fjoarif(l947) Clauderte Colbert Citv couple run tarn next to Ma Pa Kerne iComedy. BW i? 00) (CO (TVG) 8;i46S5 AP Animal Doctor Dog brain dam-aoe dorwev s detooned legs I TVPG i 25314 BRAV Movie CnMftr(19e5 Peter Olooie Genius trs to Clone dead wie with coed and helper I Romance-cornet, . R. (2 00) TVPGl1? CNBC Hanttiali With Chris Di'ttvWv dcs "orn hts g-ano-mnmer (CO (IVGi 2542 3573 33 Fresh Prince et Bel-Air wi emulates Php and Vwan s activist tn) CO iTVGi 85 pj Real Stents et e Hiohwey Panel Highway altercation marijuana stash society test cariaduw iTVPGi91 73 (TJ mead 6227 CNBC (aval Time With Bay FA Caret Berne end Friends: Women oowi the Ok) Witness. fooo jt emu MBOJ IhM Jingle MlhtWav (19) Arnold Schwarnwegger W1 J

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