The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 37
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 37

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1968
Page 37
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Palm Beach Post, Friday, November 1, 1968-37 THE LITTLc WOMAN Aaiwcr to Previous funic Seoworthy Tinrt-cvru KM KM is life t& FTptpp ffUS S. WHAT WC EEO J (f" S A -AT ; KEI3 " IT SUCH A NUISANCE To) IS A REMOTE CONTROL . C KEEP GETTING To BN THE TV, : f ft . t Tyas HIM - lair Hip oK8 BLOXDIEt fJsQ KjtJ15 5V!'''i k here's something a what A COOK- j a oiw, wsiu 4AT MiffHT IMPROVE l IS IT? POOK ! I ft) ' REDEYE 1"' L . I . 1 1 , j 1 1-1 t inirpni cir.ur II , S YA 'OSIEFIRESBUTONLV LUDICROUS SIGHT. A( KOSS I ". submarine 7 IX-slriiyiT 13 Human moralist 14 Handsome one (slang) 15 Slet'iH-r's 16 landed pniHTty 17 Urge (Seol.) IR Kind of letluec 19 Bad (comb, form ) 22 Chair 24 Tree of India 27 Verbal 29 Guelder-rose 32 Badgcrlike mammal 34 Sang in a certain way 35 South American river 37 Martini ingredient 38 City in California 40 BullliKhl choors 41 Diminutive suffixes 42 Spirited 44 Diligent insect 45 Pronoun 47 Kthinpian title 49 Hamitic language 52 Right days 56 Reluctant 57 Forms 58 Ship carrying oil 59 Thoroughfare DOWN 1 Beast of burden 2 Numeral 3 Donkey (comb, form) 4 Simple 5 Frostcrs 6 Human groups 7 Qualified "I'm afraid I'm spoiling him. Now he wants some cereal and a prune Danish." HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY v n tLr VmeW r if V -SWEET l 1 1 12 3 U 5 6 I 7 8 19 1 1 0 Ml l2 15 16 17 18 TFifTF" 22 W " 24" 25 26 27 28 I 1 29 30 1 31 32 33 I 134 35 36 j37 W 39 J 140 42 43 I 144 45 46 " 47 48 49 150 51 52 535455" 56 57 58 59 voter 8 Not too well 9 Sleeping places 10 Kdible tuber (var.) 1 1 Soak flax 12 Cornish town (prefix) 19 Glum 20 Biblical mountain 21 Spaniards, Italians, etc. 23 City in Italy 24 Philippine city 25 Odd number 26 First-born 28 Penitential season 311 Court 31 Philippine knife 33 Mauna 36 Aircraft 39 One side to another 43 Ship for pleasure cruises 45 Listen 46 Otherwise 48 Heavenly body 49 Was seated 50 Eggs 51 Male adults 53 Primate 54 Letter of alphabet 55 Superlative ending Rough, Ready three and East doubled. Then came the save. West took out to three spades and played it there. He did lose the two trump tricks, but because both the club and diamond finesses wo'ked for him and since he was able to ruff out the ace and king of hearts to establish dummy's queen for a club discard, he made four odd but Australia still lost 630 points or 12 International Match Points on the hand. Q The bidding has been: THE HOODLUM IN HIS OWN TRAP, WITH HIS GUN SINKING OUT OF SIGHT. S ills u MI ( v WE ASAIN Vi' fclt4 TRYING TO J U SCARE ME V -Jf AWAy?l"lT 1 '"1 coro!ETO J TCH JJVl. -ATTi? p - ) ,,- TlW " A I ) i INtwipaptr fnitrpiiu Ann.) JACOBY ON BRIDGE less plans are carefully .outlined. There appear to be detours. Be flexible. Know that one who extends invitation may lack authority. If prepared, day is success. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Financial picture may be out of focus. Tendency is to be careless with money. Overcome it. Seek greater understanding within family unit. Hold off on luxury purchase. Check prices, claims. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Day features sudden events, reactions. Permit others to commit themselves. Then you can respond with greater effectiveness. See things in realistic light. Avoid self-deception. No wishful thinking. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Tasks which are essential have way of eluding your grasp today. Determination, pacing and timing are necessary. Past responsibility must be met, accomplished. Fulfill obligations. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Misunderstanding could arise with young person. Don't be forced Into corner. Review facts. Explain views then you gain needed understanding. Be ready for changes, possible accusations. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): People in authority want to get away. You could provide an unusual evening of entertaining at home. Emphasize quality blended with simplicity. Original approach gains you admiration. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) : Ideas today may need further development. Don't be in too much of a hurry. Relative who says one thing could mean something different. Know this and respond accordingly. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Budget could be strained. Avoid waste. Tendency is to expect more than is realistic. Correct this then day proves fruitful. Study Income potential. Significant gain is possible. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are Intense, passionate. Nothing halfway all the way or nothing. You need greater balance and confidence. Your Influence is due to spread. You gain greater recognition. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for ARIES, TAURUS. Special word to CAPRICORN: domestic situation needs your attention. SOWTn.3 -J... weve os VnO j-L. f I I am's timing IS PERFECT! ABOVE HIM - V tfrt PHANTOM The SUBURBAN HOME OF A WELL-KNOWN! AMERICAN! AND DUCKWOOD CRUMSTEAD.T LILABWER HI AN D LOIS &ut r WHAT C'N, kids' you WANTA WANT A STofcV SWITCH HENPY RIZEI AIM HIM.. DICK TRACY A thatM BIS HAWK J HAVING j I A LOOK yA AT ME- M f so I LOOKED a him in dm, 7v, THE FLINTSTONBSD YOU EVEN V WEAR A" rTfff topcoat yH toqav? fVfAJ w- 1& I ' 1 HENPY RIZE : I AIN T Jv YtTT HIM... I L A HE I KklEW UE'B riMALLV EAT TOO MANY H"trr SHALL West North East South 1 Pass 1 Pass 2 A Pass 3 Pass 3 V Pass 3 A Pass ? BLACK DO OR SHALL I GET ONE. Or THOSfc NfcW BECAUSE HE STEPS BACK' WARD INTO HIS OWN QUICKSAND! NST- CNOwT T0 Z, now know PIP PAY ME TO PASSPORTS : NOT A A .WE WERE ALL TO AMOSlTHAT'LL HCPIN6 TO BE .- ? rrr r. m 1 NO-THE WEATHER 'I J WAS BEAUTIFUL AT.VfcA WHEN I BUT THEY W0ULPS0 A S08 STORY WHICH THE REBELS LOOK -LIKE RELEASING YANK AT THE Togr MARTHA .' V 6E A November 1, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Previous concepts are subject to sudden revision. Nothing appears settled. Contract could be broken. Mate, partner might react in eccentric manner. Keep mind open to adventure plenty of it today. TAURUS (April 20-May20): What was a secret comes Into open. Absorb added knowledge. But don't reveal all you know. Keep some things in reserve. You make discovery of value. But be careful about trusting wrong persons. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Unusual friendship could blossom. Accept social invitation. Be co-operative. Refuse to take sides In dispute. Your company Is especially desirable. Display intellectual curiosity. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Shakeup Indicated where domestic affairs are concerned. Conflict could exist between business and home duties. Ride with the tide. Don't force Issues. What you need comes to you. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Not wise to go off on journey un- CARMICHAEL KnJoW WMAT I Miss A$0UT &00P HEALTH? Th0SE G&T-WEU. CAW ki . ' . Copynflht "A8 toi i They'll Do It Every I THOUGHT THE IT WAS...ANP TROJAN WAR MXJ'LUSEE, WAS FOUGHT SOMS IN A BY GREEKS! FEW MOMENTS -WS.fA WE WEEP NEW X WHY? IT' HOW ABOUT ) ) YOUR V Time 3 nr.. AjS ( HOW ABOUT V ROCK x WILLYA, mff THE SCOKES. r KI' HDL-. .uJ F0R3"3 c nS, ONE SANDWICH I MAKE MY OLD BASIC - f- f- THIS COLD SNAP CAUGHT EVERYONE BY SURPRISE 4 By Neg Cochran BR TH BULL ARE I HAP BOTH UNHAPPY GOTTEN THE THEV EACH NEW DESXi- AN HAVE WHAT TH'eULL WOULC1 THE OTHER HAVE STAMPEPEP WANTSU TH PROMT 0PFIC6, TO FIND OUT WHY HE DIDN'T get it yi s 1 , Olympiad Bid? NORTH 1 4k 104 32 AK K 984 3 J 10 WEST (D) EAST 4KQJ 8 7 5 96 V Void V Q 10 972 J 7 5 4AQ10 AQ 64 8 7 2 SOUTH A VJ86543 62 K953 ! Both vulnerable West North East South 1 Pass 1 N.T. 2 V (See column for rest of bidding) Opening lead K Canada defeated Australia in the Bridge Olympiad tofin - isn lounn 10 Australia s mn A large part of the margin of victory came from today's j f . 1 . ' hand, which typifies the free - wheeling style of bidding used by both Canada and Australia. defa?ySo&etwoWheUart 5 ca 1 We 1' exacts shu can. we wont exactly snud - der, but we doubt if we would nave maue u tuner. We can't fault North's three heart call in the slightest, except from a result standpoint. Shorty Sheardown of Canada doubled. Bruce Elliott left in the double on the theory that Shorty could be depended on to know what he was doing. He opened the king of spades. South took his ace and led a diamond to dummy's king and East's ace. East led a trump to dummy's ace. At this stage South decided to save what he could from the wreckage. He led a second diamond from dummy. East was in with the queen and knocked out dummy's last trump. South led a third diamond from dummy and ruffed it. Then he played a club to West's queen. West led a spade. South ruffed this for his fifth trick and still had to make his jack of trumps to get off for down three against the 5-0 trump break, with all finesses going wrong. The bidding proceeded the same way at the other table. Eric Murray, who likes to bid whenever it is his turn, also overcalled with two hearts. Sammy Kehela raised him to FERD'NAND" ' i . ri.W L M I N I - MOURN ER5 OUT OUR WAY rh kM You, South, hold: 4AK76 VKQ94 AKQ107 What do you do now? . ... , Tinl iTLT?" r three no-trump but do not pass, We glllfhUy , avor (hreeno. trump. today's question Inead "ddln. ee 8tpades your partner bids 'our nearts over your three hearts what do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlos lOPAY WILMO HAS A SLIGHT REQUEST-.. BUT ALL H GETS IS ASSORTED GLARES AMP TURNPOWNS- Mr tip TV J WILLIE JEWETT w PHILADELPHIA, PA.. LOORS LlkE WELL. IT IS Lj pyS6TTH6 WlLWO TAk.ES M W6WS, 1 II 1 .... f HEY.' ( BATTERIES! ftTB'TSV-LET MEANWHILE ...THE LOYALIST (5ERU&AN AIK AWf CAUCUS... fOKCE WARMS UP AN A12PLAKE TO BOMS THE 60OP Jlftu mjft CAPITAL CITY NOW HELP BY THE REBELS... A MV Btsi ' i 1 ' tfS-lt-"--' REQUEST V: M z'-&JZ- TDS Uk. O" fTV POW'T LOOK V AV AT 6 .' y , ' . STEVECA.NVSU, fl OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople SO THAT S ) ARE YDU SURE r BURNS AMD YEAH BUT IF auPDP V 1 TUPPP MIST OLD DESK Jl SOe ,M9TAK.E! AND AMY OF YOU CATS EVER THIS made vapor trails to, THE CITY ?t WANT 1HE WE OK WEMTl AFTER I CANJTCONCEN- K 35 V EAKSy TRATE WITH HOW WIUL I 1 CX-P PESK.THAT OLP PESKTKAT v WANT IT V !M)ITPD ' A 16 E ! HAS THE WITHOUT ); --H.IT? HAS THE f WOBBLES AMP ,f7 CA4TF4T PATH. BUTT TO OONT WA4T TO SE ZAP- feuKPR PED 6V THE FLEZ Ctj" 7. BE CHAIK THAT V HV r jy . yci tf WIN OH l tt-fwi IM L-Tah: there she is! W 1 THAT OLDl. i THERE! AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T I THAT'S SOMETHING IN THAT I MUD HEAP SEE? FORGET MY PRETTY J IS TROY? RIGHT, MR y3u pug up in general mesopotamiaV area r-T- P?V LITTLE LACY.' ' ff . T rr Ran FA ? 1M1 W MIA. he T.I.

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