The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 33
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 33

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1968
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Friday, November 1, 196833 (EDO ftllflJEW) UOGOl mmj iviv?ivl:v CHIP SHOTS: A Roundup Of Area Golf It .J I L. i Si . l "-t r. tlJf 51 better ball of twosomes tournament of the Men's Golf AsSOCia- TO i , v Vf its F r. AREA RADIO DISC JOCKEYS uuii, cuiu (lie muiiicta, trim a ncr 62, were Jim Barry and Jack Liggett. There was a tie for second, at 64, between the tearm , of William Burgess and NorrU ckss C with 33i. followed bv Mai lis t ry 36 and Ed Wlencer 37... LOST TREE CLl'B A net 81 won best ball of foursomes tournament of the Ladies GA tor the tears) of Mrs. i. Howard Thompson, Jr., Mrs. Joseph Franklin, Mrs. Henry Lindner and Mrs. Robert Creasey. PGA NATIONAL GOLF CLl'B There were 39 teams in a LAKE WORTH GOLF CLl'B The Nineolers group of the Men's GA resumed play this week, after a summer layoff, with a handicap tournament. Veme Dodd won Class A with 33 with Jim Nash at 34 and a tie 35 between Tom Evans and Sid Leonard. In Class B, It was George Moeller, 35, William Ray, 38, and a tie at 38 between Clem Trunnell and Ray Veihmever. Eric Johnson won Lee Gregory WEAT Ed Gent John Marty Ryan Burns Matthews McKay WHEW WQXT WEAT WIRK Bob Clark WJNO Terry Lee WPBF Bob Thomas WWOS-FM Norman, Leon Svlrsky and Ed, Glunt. Other finishers: Lorne Craw-i ford and Milt Prentiss 65; John: Jordan and Ray Dotson, George Mahoney and Bill Brown 66s;; n i. 1st i i i n . . j ti Florida v. Auburn Florida 21-17 Florida 21-7 Florida 28-21 Florida 21-7 Auburn 21-7 Florida 10-7 Florida 7-0 Auburn 21-13 Miami 28-12 Miami 28-6 Miami 2J-7 Pitt 12-7 Pitt 10-3 Miami 35-14 Miami 22-6 Miami vs. Pittsburgh Pitt J3-12 FSU 13-0 FSU 14-7 Tie 7-7 FSU 7-0 FSU 18-6 Florida St. vs. Virqinio Tech. FSU 19-7 FSU 28-14 FSU 35-21 Tampa 14-10 Tampa 28-14 N. Mkh. 12-6 Tampa 21-10 Tampa 28-21 Tampa 7-6 Tampa vs. Northern Mkh. Tampa 21-7 Tampa 7-6 Houston 21-7 Georgia vs. Houston Houston 14-0 Houston 13-6 Houston 14-13 Houston 28-13 Georgia 21-19 Georgia 21-14 Houston 10-6 Miss. 21-6 LSU 41-14 Miss. 21-14 LSU 45-27 Miss. 14-7 LSU 14-10 LSU v. Miit. Miss. 21-10 Miss. 14-10 Colts Colts 24-7 Colts 21-6 Colts 29-14 Colts 21-10 Colts 17-14 Baltimore vs. New York Colts 35-22 Colts 35-14 35-7 Dolphim v. San Diego 28-14 San Diego 14-3 San Diego 14-13 San Diego 35-14 San Diego 35-12 San Diego 28-21 Dolphins 14-10 San Diego 31-19 Son Diego oulk rvuinauu anu duu narvoyv John Kledes and Cal Bettis 67s; Jay Walton and Harry Edelman, Ed Wheeler and Bill Noone, Hugh Gilchrist and John Askley, Wes Gwatkin and Ed Dickson 68s. In a Ladles GA handicap tourney, Arlene Strong was.;, the winner with 70. Other wln-r ners in Class A: Mildred, Walsh 74, Fran Herman 75, Joan Runkel 76, and tied with 78s, Fabia Jacobsen, Marge Sinister and Enid Schwenrke. There was a four-way tie for first place in Class B among BiUie Warner, Myrtle Campbell, Jan McKenile and Ethel Lehmer, all with 7Ks. Fraaj Wesley was In with a 79, and ' at 80 were Arlee Henderson j and Alice Williams. Grace He-rath won low putts with 28. , The Men's Senior GA played 4 team tournament with those re suits: Gordon Stoops and Georgd Mahoney In a tie with Cal Lan- Hqii 3nrl Tnkn TnrHan with Qc A F. Hill 12-7 Riviera Bch. y. Forest Hill F. Hill 20-14 Riviera 20-13 Riviera 21-14 F. Hill 14-7 F. Hill 14-10 F. Hill 20-7 F. Hill 19-13 Roos. 14-6 Roosevelt vs. North Shore NO. Shore 13-6 Roos. 3-0 Roos. 30-7 Roos. 28-0 N. Shore 21-14 Roos. 35-7 Roos. 21-13 Bob Husky 40-16-4 .714 Ed. Plaisted 39-17-4 .696 Chuck Voorhis 42-14-4 7S0 Bob Balfe 38-18-4 .679 Chuck Otterson 37-19-4 .661 Don Boykin 37-19-4 .661 Ed. Buckow 35-21-4 .625 Hank Froshaug 36-20-4 643 SPORTS WRITERS Florida vs. Auburn Auburn 18-16 Auburn 20-13 Auburn 28-10 Auburn 24-10 Auburn 21-14 Auburn 13-10 Auburn 38-7 Florida 14-7 Miami S3-7 Miami 21-3 Miami 25-6 Miami 28-14 Miami vs. Pittsburgh Miami 42-0 Miami 28-14 Miami 21-0 Miami 31-7 FSU 24-10 FSU 10-8 Va. Tech 13-7 FSU 20-7 FSU 10-7 FSU 28-24 FSU 17-7 Florida St. vs. Virginia Tech. FSU 21-14 Tampa 21-20 Tampa 17-14 Tampa 24-21 Tampa 21-14 Tampa 21-6 Tampa 20-7 Tampa 34-6 Tampa vs. Northern Mkh. Tie 13-13 Georgia 7-0 Georgia 14-10 Georgia 15-14 Houston 29-12 Georgia 23-21 Georgia 14-13 Georgia vs. Houston Gerogia 16-7 Houston 21-13 four-way tie at 70 among Clarence Hodgin and Bob Daley, Al Halgh and Nippy Parsell, Bill Asbury, and Dr. Frank Hendrlk- LSU 14-13 LSU 20-7 LSU 14-13 LSU vs. Miss. Miss. 19-17 Miss. 13-7 LSU 14-10 LSU 21-14 LSU 20-7 Wilt 5 Pen Pal By GEORGE VECSEY (C) 1968 N.Y. TIMES NEWS SERVICE NEW YORK If all the old bellhops from the Catskills are true friends of Dave Newmark, they have put away their pens and their stationery and resisted the urge to write Big Wilt Chamberlain one more letter. Their buddy Dave has to look Big Wilt in the eye tonight. Newmark is the seven-foot-tall center from Columbia University who is now a rookie for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association. Tonight he will have his first professional encounter with the huge center of the Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody knows how tall Chamberlain is, because he refuses to be measured, but he is certainly three inches above seven feet. At 275 pounds, he out-weighs Newmark by 35 pounds. And nobody knows how strong Wilt is, either, because he has not been known to hit anybody very good thing for whomever he might have hit. But there was a trying moment, four years ago, when Dave Newmark had the nervous Idea that Big Wilt might want to hit him. The young man from Brooklyn, N.Y., was working as a bellhop at a resort in the Catskills, waiting to enter Columbia In the fall. A number of other young basketball players also worked at the resort, playing ball in their spare time, telling each other how they were going to dunk the world in a basket some day. As the clumsiest bellhop In Sullivan County, N.Y., Newmark had a certain fame. Yet he began to wonder why his buddies kept grinning and waving every time they spied him. Then one night Newmark was in the living room when he looked up and saw 275 pounds of angry man, scowling and holding a piece of paper in his hand. "Is this your signature?" Wilt asked. "It's my name," Newmark said, rather politely, "but it's not my signature." Newmark also caught a glimpse of the letter. It said: "Dear Wilt You lousy so-and-so. You couldn't even shine my Converses (a brand of sneaker). If you had any guts to play me one-on-one, I'd wipe the floor with you. With characteristic sincerity, Newmark urgently convinced Wilt that some of his buddies had written the letter as a prank. Wilt decided to investigate the other bellhops, but warned New-mark "I'll catch you later." Wilt never did any damage to the bellhops, and the next day he challenged Newmark to a "friendly" game of one-on-one. They played against each other Informally and, In 1966-67, when New-mark missed a season because of illness, he worked for a television network and became even more friendly with Wilt. But tonight Newmark will get to see the other side of Wilt the giant who wears down the other giants, not out of malice bul out of sheer physical presence. The other wise old giants of the NBA have already tested the new kid on the block. Zelmo Beaty of Atlanta yanked Newmark by the arm, heaving him out of bounds. Then Beaty complained to the referees that Newmark was being too rough. And Wayne Embry ol Milwaukee, almost as broad as he is tall, leaned on Newmark and whispered "I'm gonna have to hurt you, Dave." Yet Newmark knows Embry is his friend from his days with the television network. "I hit back," Newmark adds. "I've got to do it." (Arthur Daley, who regularly writes this column, Ls on Colts 31-20 Baltimore vs. New York Colts 28-17 Colts 28-16 Colts 31-28 Colts 42-10 Colts 24-17 Colts 24-10 Colts 28-24 Dolphins 20-16 San Diego 38-7 San Diego 30-10 San Diego 31-21 San Diego 24-17 San Diego 38-17 Son Diego 3S-17 San Diego 35-10 Dolphins vs. San Diego Farwell. Tied with 71s were John Nelson and Walter Morris, Bull Hults and Karl Schrade. Harry Kramer and Bill Brown,-Al Nelson and Ed Montgomery. BREAKERS GOLF CLUB In a better ball of twosomes Z event, Helene Pulver and- Riviera Bch. vs. Forest Hill F. Hill 7-0 F. Hill 21-7 F. Hill 21-13 F. Hill 20-19 Riviera 14-13 F. Hill 14-10 F. Hill 14-13 Riviera 13-7 N. Shore 14-13 Roos. 26-13 Roosevelt vs. North Shore Roos. 27-6 Roos. 19-14 Roos. 42-7 Roos. 12-7 Roos. 21-20 Roos. 14-6 Olympic Afterthoughts: Mildred Thome tied Ginger Preston and June McElroy with 68s. Tied at 69 were Mary Eleanor Mallamo and Pansy Galambos, Betty Shirk and Betty McCambeU, and at 71, Marlene Colbert and Delene, Pepper, Ella Risden and El VanLandrlngham. PALM BEACH NATIONAL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB The Amateur Golf Association of the Palm Beaches played a match play against par tourney which ended In a three-way tutor first place, at Plus-3, among Ross Ackerman, Cal Bettis and'. Bill Brown. Tied at Plus-2 wer$ Ed Dwyer, Al Halgh, Chet Hun-1 ter and Al Iorlano. Joe Garrlty won a prize for coming closest to the pin at the par-three lit hole. him put on his gloves and overcoat. Dutch and German mothers don't tell their children every morning, 'Watch out for the automobiles' or 'Be careful not to sweat.' " The paper concluded: "And to whoever asked why Italy won three gold medals at Mexico City, we can answer with the words of an Italian mother who said: "Why should I send my child to practice In the swimming pool? He'll come out with wet hair and catch cold." PRAGUE (AP) - Vera Casla-vaska, married to Josef Odlozll In Mexico last Saturday, received the Czechoslovak Order of The Republic from President Ludvlk Svoboda Thursday. The ceremony was also attended by party chief Alexander Dubcek, Parliament president Jozef Smrkovsky and Premier OldrichCemik. She won four gold and one silver medal in gymnastics at the Olympic Games In Mexico City. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Kenya may make a bid to hold the 1976 Olympic games in Nairobi, Kenya's minister for cooperatives and social service said Thursday. The minister, Ronald Ngala, said the bid depended on whether Nairobi's planned $14 million stadium is finished in time. Nairobi City Council already has submitted plans for the structure. MILAN, Italy (AP) A leading Italian newspaper bitterly blamed doting mothers Thursday for Italy's poor showing at the Mexico City Olympics. Corriere Delia Sera of Milan, in an editorial, said that Italian mothers produce sissies instead of athletes, children who can't go to schools by themselves and are warned against playing games because they'll sweat. Deploring the penchant of Italian mothers to fuss over their children, Corriere pointed to the non-Latin nations of Europe as the right example. "There Is not," the paper claimed, "a single mother in Oslo or Budapest who thinks of taking her children to school or who waits for them at the school gate. 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Spin ii ii :: fei Eicijs Tsi sin s lorn tibiim iiiitwiii tsi ; - 1 !Zj 4-ply nylon cord runs cool, protects against blowouts Duragsn ll rubber delivers long, trouble-tree mileage Curv-control tread design provides safe traction No trade-in required all tires mounted free OTRIOI GENERAL JET AIR-II Cfc& TAPE RECORDER 3 295 Original Equipment WHITEWALLS Same Tire That Comes on 1967-61 Cars. Dual Treads For Extra Traction. Whisper Quiet Cornering And ioft Ride. Jet Age Styling. Ml' Two-lone, kith impact cise with handle. Compact, portable, versatile. Dynamic speaker. Single control for Off-on built-in coil. Cord recessed. 3" reel ol tape and take-up reel with three "C" cell batteries included. - v-v JSSSSSS: V "ROSS" WALKIE TALKIE S(n88 Vses"! ALIGN FRONT END Our specialists correct caster, camber, toe-in, toe-out and Inspect steering. Phone tor in appointment . . . tr drive in ...TODAY! 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Federal Hwy. 5600 Biscayne Blvd. Douglas at Giralda Ave. 757-7681 923-2476 273-32 7 7 751-8 5 6 4 444-7141

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