The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 203
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 203

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 203
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Page 203 article text (OCR)

MSNBC News With Brian Williams 4895246 MTV Singled Out 703739 NIKNewhart521197 NOS Dennis Wholey: America! 798933 SC Sports News 722517 SCFI Sightings 7946820 SHO Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries 163197 SUN Last Word 49555 TLC Diana's Story 559623 TMC (12:10) Movie: The Glass Cage (1996) Erie Roberts Strip-club bartender is at center of shady dealings (Adults only. R. (1:40) 67595536 TNN Dukes of Hazzard 564555 TRAV Lonely Planet 48001 78 TVL Petticoat Junction 1 045807 UNI Al Ritmo de la Noche 746371 USA Highlander 120555 VH1 Behind the Music 371 807 WGN in the Heat of the Night 102739 12:30 a.m. rr CR (12:35) Late Late Show With Tom Snyder 2615536. 7166081 O 6 (12:35) Late Night With Conan O'Brien 7037555. 7035197 (T! (12:45) News '17 Teletravel News NOS StrMtt of Sm Fnncisco: Injured Stone must undergo delicate surgery to restore his hearing. Guests: Meredith Baxter. Gerald -McRaney. (1:00) 159832 PUT Strip Search SC Sports News (1:00) 539054 SCFI Flash: A lightning bolt turns a forensic scientist into a superhero. (Part lot 2) (CC) (TVPG)(1:0O) 1331561 SH0 Movie: The flaptont (1991) Mimi Rogers. Revelation leads woman from sex to religion (Drama, R. (1:40)(CC) 6785290 STAR2 Movie: The Nutty Professor (1996) Eddie Murphy. Potion turns shy. obese Professor Klump into Buddy Love. (Comedy. PG-13. (1:45) (CC) 9517870 SUN Dng Racing: NHRA MacTools Gatornationals From Gainesville. Fla. (Repeat) (1:00) 44832 TLC Trauma Center (TVPG) (1 00) 463412 TRAV Rough Guide: Travel guides visit the Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne s sewers and a Bachelors 4 Spinsters Ball. (CC) (1:00) 1191219 TVL Hogan's Heroes 2252257 VH1 100 Greatest Artists of Rock 4 Roll: Artists 100-81 : host Kevin Bacon (1:00) 164764 WGN Hoooymooneis 606290 11:30 p.m. (i Q (11:35) Late Show With David Letlerman: Don RicWes: Mimi Rogers: musician Steve Miller. (CC) (1O0)4918702. 1133798 O ? ' 0 1 35) Tonight Show With Jay Leno: William Hurt: actress . Demse Richards: Joe Cocker. (CC) MflO) 5245561. 5276431 (Jj (1 1 45) Keenen Ivory Wayans (CC) (1 00) 5269141 (10 (Q (11:35) Nightllne (CC) 8358U54. 2193306 37 Brazilian Music (0 Sherlock Holmes 23 UNI Notlciero Univision: Edi-cion Noctuma ''33 Good Times (39 Married ... With Children (CC) A4E America's Castles: Lavish U.S. homes and castles include Salisbury House, Agecroft Hall, Virginia House. (CC) 733325 AP Emergency Vets 82764 CNN Moneyllne (Repeat) (CC) 379141 COM Win Ben Stein's Monty 9879851 E! Howard Stem 162829 EWTN Feminism a Femininity: A Catholic Perspective FOOD Ready Set Cook! GOLF Goll Channel Academy H803 Real Sports With Bryant Gumbef: Arizona State basketball game-fixing scandal: Detroit Red Wing Vladimir Konstantinov; NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon: Mount Zion High School's basketball program (CC)dOO) 7372238 HGTV Surprise Gardener 97696 LIF Golden Girls: A lover's inadequacy makes Rose feel the same way (CC) 926073 NIK Taxi 746899 SHO (1 1 :40) My Giant Showtime Movie News: Billy Crystal 58505412 STARZ (11 45) Movie: Smoke (1995) William Hurt Five tales revolve around Brooklyn cigar shop. (Drama, R. (2 00)(CC) 4796122 TRAV Great Palaces of the World 9643219 (12:35) Hard Copy 1083517 Vibe 90468 10:30 p.m. (33 Frailer Martin asks an animal psychiatrist to evaluate lethargic Eddie (CC) 56561 (39 Living Single: Max is shocked to learn her former college roommate is marrying a woman. (CC) 38290 Q) Benny Htm 796412 COM Make Me Laugh (TVPG) 2254615 1 Niiht Stand: Pre-execution inter m fSNewt J7 Weekend al'Haitlent CD Real McCoys 23 Notlcias ft) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (CC)(1:00) (33 Martin (CC) S) Jerry Springer Guest con- fiontations (1:00) 74344 (39 Real TV C0 Chinatown: The history of San Francisco's famous neighborhood. (CC)(1:00) 61870 GO In the Word With Gil McDowell (100) AMC Movie: The Getaway W2) Steve McQueen Bank robber and wife flee to Mexican border. (Action. PG. (2:15) 7346870 AP Animal Doctor 83257 BET BET Tonight 233493 CNBC Charles Grodln 9569054 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Dally Show 3473702 CSPN Primttime Public Attain 758180 DIS Movie: Menace on the Mountain (1970) Pat Crowley. Boy protects mother trom bully and Civil War deserters (Adventure, (1:00) (Part 2) 613615 DSC Justice Files: Prison life: rehabilitation: brutality: capital punishment (1 00) 467870 E! Howard Slam 420832 ESPN2 Karate (1:00) EWTN Get a Lite - In Christ FAM 700 Club (1:00) 649412 FOOD Tasle FX X-Files (CC) 5875764 GOLF Goll Central (Repeat) HBO Movie: 77 :( 1997) Penelope Ann Miller Biologist, cop hunt deadly creature in museum (Horror, R. (1 55) (CC) 5437344 HGTV Gardening by the ram 58561 HIST Civil War Journal: Superior railroads give the Union an advantage (1 00) 50677 LIF New Attitudes 389493 MAX Movie: Smilla s Sense of Snow (1997) Julia Ormond A scientist believes an Inuit boy was murdered. (Suspense. R, (2 00)(CC) 119054 MSNBC White House in Crisis 4861493 MTV Level ine 647054 NIK Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 307764 NOS Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters 772967 PLAY Movie: Spm S Lovers (1998) Jamne Weatherman meets girlfriend s lesbian lover (Adults only. AO 12 00) 787290 RCN Movie: Monte Carlo (1986) Joan Collins U S writer courts Russian singer who s spying on Nans (Ministries. (1 30) (Part j) 4674948 REQ1 WWF Wmstlentants XIV: Bouts include Mike Tyson w Steve Austin From Boston (Repeat) (CC) (3 00) 400290 SC Snorts News 228561 SCH MaOutst OSV (CC) 8132509 SHO? Mom: Smpfaas(1996 Demi Moore Congressman pursues stnpper seeking custody of daughter iComedv-drama. R. (2 00) (CC) 9256561 SUN This Wee M NASCAR 78035 TLC Trauma Lite tw ER 916257 TNN Dallas: Bobby becomes attached to a ranch hand s son Pam lees BobOv about the medical threat 1o her uncooi child J R has Sue FUen trdowed (1 00) 2H829 TNT Movw: to'in'9 9 Gold Ham Policeman guards librarian aware ot plot tc x pope (Su,pense-rnrwoy PG (2 30) ,-3e51 TRAV Amarms America 7141865 TVL GensmoM (1 Mi 243C78J UNI Prmrn kneecto Extra 71??90 USA Si Stattmet 'CC) 201162 VH1 loeends 'ee WGN Beverly Hills, O?10 (SS) (CC) 4.'BJ 39 LAPD: Lite on the Beat AP Vets In Practice 704352 BET Midnight Love 124474 CNN Showbiz Today 416791 DIS Mickey Mouse Club 1 1 3710 ENC Movie: The Spiral Staircase (1975) Jacqueline Bisset Repeat killer stalks mute beauty at her uncle's mansion (Suspense, (1:30) 2663265 ESPN2 Karate FOOD Essence of Emeril HBO (12:55) Movie: Muroer at 1600 (1997) Wesley Snipes Investigators probe a killing in the White House. (Suspense, R, (1:50) 39863555 HB03 Movie: The Gnat White Hype (1996) Samuel L. Jackson Promoter finds white challenger to heavyweight champ (Comedy. R. (1:30) 9887587 HGTV Decorating Cents 719284 LIF Unsolved Mysteries 742826 MTV 12 Angry Viewers 233361 NIK Dick Van Dyke 883449 NOS Issues and Answers 388062 RCN Real Romance 2175468 SHO Beverly Hills Bordello 425449 SUN Women's College Tennis 94517 TVL Family Affair 2177826 1 JTU GT Great Crimes and Trials el He Twentieth Century f i (1 25) StarGazer TO (1:05) Maury Povich 1 322807 D Reinhard Bonnko 33 Real Stories of die Highway Patrol 39 Cops Why People Oonl Heal 1 How They Can 50265 A4E Movie: JaneCyre (1997) Samantha Morton Charlotte Bronte s gothe heroine loves her boss (Drama (2 30) 172771 AMC (1:15) Movie: Magic Town (194 7 1 James Stewart fame spoils pollster s average Amencan town. (Comedv-drama BW (1 45) SMI 3791 AP Wild Australia 575062 CNBC Charles Grodn 1 968802 CNN Burden ot Proof 83446 COM Viva Variety 7562265 DiS Mom: Candmhor 11977) David Niven Con men send tomboy to Mk noblewoman (ChHd'en G. (2 00 449807 DSC New Detectives Case Studios k Forensic Science 544?46 E' T Seue 9931 78 ESPN SoortsCeiner 906062 view (TV14) 781580 ESPN2 NHL 2Night: Hosts Bill Pidto and Barry Melrose 1655832 EWTN Crucial Questions. Catholic Answers 521 1054 FOOD Dining Amend: Hosts Nina Gnscom and Alan Richman 52412 FX MUirtiva Color: "Ghost II: Sammy Visits' : Elvis sighting in Michigan: Vera baby-sits (CC) (TVPG) 5213412 HBO Larry Sanders Shew: Hank seeks a secluded ruche Artie considers other offers. (CC) (TVMA) 927677 HBO? (10 45) Movie: Empn Records (1995) Anthony LaPagha. Employee dashes record-store manager s dream f Drama, PG-13. (1 30) lCC) 9505615 HGTV Best el American Design: Designer Paul Canvasser. Domimgue Ortee 49986 MTV Bmvts and M-neaa (TV14) 763431 Nik I lew Lucy (CC) 565851 TBS (IB 40 Movie: City Stokers II The legend of Curly Go(1994) Billy Crystal Three grown men hunt tw treasure near Las Vegas (Comedy PG-13 (2 30) (TVPG) 6493967 TCM Movw Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) James Cagney Lite of song-t- and-dance man George M Cohan W Musical IVW (2 30) 951412 z TMC (10 35) Mortr Cemoct S- 0 tors BsnM 8efinl ton nVfil Anme Wood Woman avenges mottt-qi muroer but sister ta rap 5 (Drama R 11 35 1 907677 Zj TNT Ins the NBA 31Q144 TVL Gran Acme 2?3W77 WG News iCCl 622238 1 IIPJTW X T tone M' lent (1X)) 4 Newi'fCl f 1 A (nnmiCC) Midnight (XOWieRose 67420 L10 (12 OS) Oprah Winfrey 5505401 27 Brazilian Paper TV (J) All News Channel 23 Al Rrtmo e la Noche (Joined Hi progress) (Q (12 05) Politically Incorrect With Bill Manor 73901 59 ) Keenen ivory Wayans 220975 33 Vibe 61246 CD A" the family 92772 39 LAPO: Lite en ttvs Beat CF NewsHour With Jim Lehrer 98352 CD You and Me A4E Biography 963159 AP Vets M Practice 419772 BET 227478159 IRAV Movie: Johnny Got His Gun (1971) Timothy Bottoms Soldier wfhout Nmbs or tace lies thinking (Drama PG. (2 00) 104197 CNBC Rivera live 1568265 CNN NewsmeU) COM Saturday Night Live 6368784 DIS tare 856913 DSC Wild Discovery 961 791 E' Melrose Place 368333 ESPN? NBA ?Night EWTN Our Lady ot Vie Angels Monastery Mass FAM Bonanza 735401 FOOD Essence el EmerM FX NTPO Blue 44994 GOl F & ori Channel Academy live HBO? (1? 15) Movie brace ot Mr rutii9. Hieana Dougias Eventual success tot vm ixwess tumed-swjstress (Com?v-drama R (2 10 1 4'19M7B HGTV Room oy Room u:-UJ4 MIST In Scan of History 248371 Lit Goioen Gun .0131 Jj" 7 (11 15) Dec Drm (Repeat) 0

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