The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 202
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 202

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 202
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EH becomes a World War I hero. (War, BAN, (2:30) 9505219 TLC Trauma: Life in the EH: New Orleans; a comatose woman; man overdoses; woman has a ruptured blood vessel in her brain. (TVPG) (1:00)440561 TNN Chronicles: Humor In the Heartland: Performance footage of Minnie Pearl. Uncle Dave Macon. Whitey Ford, Jerry Clower, Jeff Fox-worthy and others with host Terry Bradshaw. (TVG) (1:00) 455493 TNT NBA: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls (Live) (CC) (2:30) 699899 TRAV Amazing America: Society for Creative Anachronism: paintball; intellectual society's meeting. 1425290 TVL Petticoat Junction 7509290 USA Walker, Texas Ranger: Walker goes under cover as a bull rider to protect Alex's former beau, a witness against a mob boss. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 683696 P John Hagee (1:00) 3975401 23 UNI Pueblo Chico, Inllerno Grande (TV14) (1:00) 69141, 473899 D Malcolm I Eddie: To show up Nicolette's beau, Eddie coaches Malcolm's young basketball team. (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) 3344, 44702 (39 Dawson's Creek: Dawson's dream of romancing Jen is jeopardized when she discovers a secret. (Repeat) (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 27509 tQ Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home: "The Next Generation; The Politics of Addiction" Children of addicted parents; public policy challenges for addiction. (Part 3 of 3) (CC) (TVPG) (2:00) 57764 35 Praise-a-Thon (Cont'd) (7:00) 4470412 CO Something Good Tonight (1:00) 163035 A4E Movie: Jane Eyre (1997) Samantha Morton. Charlotte Bronte's gothic heroine loves her boss. (Drama, (2:30) (CC) 451986 AP Vets In Practice (TVPG) 71412 BET Hit List (1:00) 541899 TMC Movie: Daddy's Gr(1996) William Katt. Man's adopted daughter kills any who come between them. (Horror, R, (1:35) (CC) 2569615 TNN Nunsense 3: The Jamboree: Vicki Lawrence portrays Sister Amnesia who pursues her dream to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. (TVG) (2:00) 458580 TRAV Lonely Planet: Indonesia: ani-mists; Mount Rinjani; Komodo dragon; Spice Islands. (1:00) 1181832 TVL I Dream ol Jeannie 3452219 USA Boxing: Boris Powell vs. Robert Hawkins. Heavyweights From Bay St. Louis, Miss. Powell (25-1, 14 KOs) takes on Hawkins (15-2. 5 KOs), 10 rounds; Tony Marshall (27-7-6. 10 KOs) vs. Anthony Jones (38-7-2, 26 KOs); Kathy Long (1-0) vs. Lena Akesson (7-0). (Live) (CC) (2:00) 686783 VH1 Behind the Music: Photographers. (1:00) 161677 9:30 p.m. O CS3 Latellne: Fred Graham replaces bed-ridden Freundlich; womanizing McKenzie pursues Gale. (CCKTV14) 47325. 45967 7jj Comm. Bulletin Board (8:00) 8122580 0 Praise the Lord (CC) (3:00) 6624764 ,23 UNI Primer Impacto: EdiclPn Nocturne (1:00) 79528, 476986" (33; Mad About You: A young professional couple strives for happi- -ness.(CC) (TVPG) 70141 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Wort and Alexander face down a Wild West ringer for Data when the holodeck goes awry. (CC) (1:00) 73702 (39 News 52870 H) James Roblson 787764 AMC Steve McQueen: King ol Cool: Kevin Spacey examines the action hero's career. (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 411431 AP Wild Australia: Zoologist Michael Archer tells about the platypus, koala, kangaroo and other creatures unique to Australia. (TVG) (1:00) 17702 BET Comicvlew (1:00) 544986 BRAV Movie: Reunion (1989) Jason Robards. Jewish man recalls himself and friend amid Nazis in 1933. (Drama. PG-13, (2:00) (TVPG) 247561 CMTV Non-Stop Country (8 .00) 9790677 90 69 That's Lite: Catherine attends Mike's party; Patty lets Catherine know there are no free CNBC News With Brian Williams (CC)(1:00) 1068073 rides. (CC) (TVPG) 70764. 54306 fJJTJ Imminent Danger 83870 33 S3 In the House: Marion visits his grandmother in New York in order to see Natalie. (CC) (TVPG) 85561, 10306 AP Vets In Practice (TVPG) 70344 EWTN Holy Rosary 4731561 EWTN (9 45) Faith Matters CNN World Today (CC) (1:00) 671851 CMTV Signature Series: Classic country videos. (1:00) 52899 CNBC Rivera Live (1:00) 1065986 CNN Larry King Live (CC) (1:00) 678764 COM Rowan Atkinson: Not Just Another Pretty Face: The British comedian appears in skits from the last 10 years. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 6362257 DSC New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science: Investigators solve murders without finding a body (TVPG) (1 00) 104590 EWTN Religious Catalogue 9395572 FAM Diagnosis Murder: An IRS investigator trunks Mark cheated on his taxes, a police detective suspects him of murdering his accountant. (CO (TVPG) (1:00) 500865 FOOD Emeril Live: ChefEmerd COM Viva Variety: Chester Cable the table-spinning man: Dionne Warwick: Chuck Jackson. (TVPG) 2245967 VH1 My Generation 105986 WGN Movie: The Pick-Up Artist (1987) Molly Ringwald. New York playboy finds way to impress girl. (Romance-comedy. PG-13, (2.00) (TV14) 907431 8:30 p.m. O 3D For Your Lo"8: Dean's aggravating mother (Tyne Daly) visits: Bobbi reveals Reggie's sexy moves (CC) (TVPG) 9412. 7054 '10 69 Something So Right: Hurt by Sheldon. Sarah hires a lawyer to make Jack her father. (CC) (TVPG) 2290. 13325 (17 Great Smoky Mountain Railways: The building of a railway. 26851 5) Palm Beach County Nalurescope 19561 QJ 45 Betty Jean Robinson 6788580. 2122 (33 EO Clueless: Cher tries to end the relationship when Mel dates her ' art teacher. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 6832 9122 Q) Highlights 186851 AMC Movie: AH That Heaven Allows (1955) Jane Wyman. Rich widow loves tree surgeon 1 5 years younger. (Romance. (1 .30) (CC) (TVG) 634528 33758870 GOLF Profiles ol a Pro: Tom Lehman. 296219 HBO U S. Comedy Arts Festival's Tribute to Monty Python: In Aspen, Colo (TVMA) 11 00) 233948 HB03 (9:45) Movie: Misbegotten (1997) Kevin Dillon. A sociopath donates sperm to a childless couple. (Suspense. R. (1:45) (CC) 16360832 HGTV Decorating Cents: Redesigning a (amity roomkrtchen for a man in a wheelchair. 52948 NIK Wonder Years: Kevin is promoted to honors math. 294851 TVL My Three Sons 1557737 10 p.m. Lagasse (1 00) 32073 FX NYP0 Blue: Simone leads the investigation when a murderer claims someone close to the squad; Russell questions Simone's approach to the case: Donna quits heriot) (CC)(TV14)(1:00) 7610344 GOLF Golt Channel Academy: Dean DIS (10:20) Goofy Adventure Story: Goofy recounts his family s adventures (CC) (TVG) 72812219 DSC Mysteries ol the Unexplained: Near-death experience: nighttime hauntings: secret of Chillmgham Castle (TVG) (1:00) 459667 E! Talk Soup: Host John Henson. (TVPG) 772832 ENC (10:15) Movie: Tom Curtain (1966) Paul Newman. U.S. physicist defects to East Germany to pick professor s brain (Suspense. PG, (215) (TV14) 95734528 ESPN Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Anzona Diamondbacks (Live) (CC) (3 001 486967 EWTN Gospel ol Matt 5202306 FAM Hawaii Five 0 (1 00) 350342 FOOD Mediterranean Marie: Chef Mano Batak 43764 FX hi living Color "Salty Struthers tor Feed the Planet"; "Teievangeiist on Trial ': Rodney Chang Rice Cube '. Ugly Woman Ugly Masseuse " (CC) (TVPGl 5204764 GOLF Challenge Golf: Dow Finster-waxl Bob Goaioy vs Arnold Palmer 'Gary Plaver from Santa Bar-tfj Caul (1 00) 659865 HGTV Kitchen Design: Floor designs 30238 HIST Great Shier ' Battleships" World War II battleships (TVG) ,1 OO. .42412 MSNBC Time t Again: Host Jane Pauley (1 0011119615 MTV Tree Lrit: (Prenwei Heroin audction i Piano Tevas 754783 NIK Happy Days .589431 4 CD Public Eye With Bryant Gumbel: Imeida Marcos. Defense Secretary William Cohen and Martha Stewart give tours ot their homes. (CO (1 00) 1306. 28238 fj 6 Dateline NBC (CC) (1 00) -9948 60290 C? 3News(CC)1 00) 97344. .57344 10 S HYPO Blue: Swowicz sutlers a setoac while undergoing more medical tests Sanoneand RusseH have another encounter with the wife of a ow oicer suspected of murder (CC) (1 00) 26870, .91764 17 Sessions at West S4tk: Son Youih 6 f riseli and Jimmie Dale (1 00 1 .55590 CD WCW Worldwide: With Too Vr.vone and BoOOy Heenan (1 00) .39986 Retnmuth discusses developing consistency 320615 HB02 Movie: Eyeotthe HW(1995) Jeff Farwv Zoologist uses half-wolf to track Mount s killer (Adventure. PG-13. (1 45i(CC)89Sr615 HGTV Room by Room: Updating a master bedroom 86344 HIST Empires of Industry: ShipbiiSd-mg from 1941-45 Henry Kaiser, mass-producing ships (TVG) (100) 4325 LIF Movie: In Broad DavhgMlim) Brian Dennehy Fed-up townsfolk handle bulty their own way (Docud- rama 2 00) (TVPGl 85552 MSNBC News With Brian Williams itCnl 0011116528 MTV All Time Toe 10 Videos (TVPGi (1 OOi306847 NIK Wonder yean: Kevin plans to impress a cef. family tnend then arne strikes 302219 NOS Rockters Files '1 00) .189073 PLAT Naughty Amateur Horn Vtons GwUnenos RCN Movie: rie U" lm i99 mm Pari OS heiress meets --x"n on wa, to wed B"ti;-" Oukf Oama (2 00l T.'PO63504'2 AP Emergency Vets (TVPG) 90685 OlS (S:45 Movie: father and Scout (1994) Bob Saget Camping trip unites fattier and son (Drama. PG. (1 35) (CO 64850580 FOOO Grillin' 1 Chiltin : Grilling, barbecuing and smoking 24493 MGTV Surprise Gardener Planting in shade 11967 NIK Bewitched 153870 RCN Great Romances at the Twentieth Century: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Baca (TVPG) 7526967 TRAV Great Palaces of the World The Doge s Paiace fuses Eastern and Western architecture 1444325 TVL F amity Attain The twins plan a turp"se Birthday party for French 7526325 VHlPot Ut Video. 184493 pan. i Meyers e Addiction: Close la Home: Tne Next Generation. The Pomes o Aodtction Children of acactM parents public podcy chat-eoes to tmnaton (Pan 3 of 3) X.:TVCGi, 2 0015054 4 CB PK Eye W Bryan" Gombei &j(i"j. vomex of Iceland. ''' 00ie9 1&351 (J ? Frasier fea'ing Maim S t" fact Vps a detects She"vs past 'Hoeati f'Ti&i.5-; ;.": 10 f3 Home improvement Sa-n." develops wie B'ac and ftamj Ootf w 'c the Wh- "ewtinpet (CC iTVtii .i'B'3 17 Ciatucai yawn t-,i- v ""wau letrnam -a, (' fTii J4431 QadttS-.r3B SC SH News (1 OOi 7 $H02 Movie t -re-v V-as n CUSTOM DUILT... Aluminum Roof Scrn Room Clan Rooms, Windows 4 Doors Vinyl or Acrytic Windows Storm Panels Accordiams Awnings Dosignor Serooei Doors Ro-tcrsons sews Jocta " er"rnts on pmcm iStKtwse R 12 Xi .4 t M Ktwtrv I' r e TIC Dana s Swy T n-jr-iaae lacv ' Soexnr tn f Proa ( A r-umtxes mtp sranoaf Tvj. '.1 00 -oC325 I t.'g'i JMJ

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