The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1968
Page 26
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26 Palm Beach Post, Friday, November 1, 1968 New Minority Status Isolates Indian Moslems both of which would probably be required to allay communal tensions. seclusion and wear the long veil called the burkah when they go out. There are not many women In burkans to be seen at the birth-control clinics, with the result that the rate of Increase of Moslems Is noticeably higher than that of the general population. The minority of Moslems that is both nationalist and modernist finds itself increasingly lonely and vulnerable, increasingly pessimistic about the possibilities of an economic upsurge for India and a rap-prochmen! with Pakistan, Pakistan does not want to see them adjust in India. To disarm Hindu revivalists, many Moslem modernists would like to see the community agree to reform Moslem family law, which still permits polygamy In India and forbids the taking of Interest. Reform of Hindu law was pushed through 12 years ago, enabling Hindu revivalists to charge that the burden of secularism has fallen only on the majority- This legacy of partition helps to re-enforce the conservatism of Moslems in another vital area family planning. Most Indian Moslem women still observe purdah that Is, country, are more in Urdu than In Hindi. But the language has now been banished for all official purposes and discouraged in the schools. This places Moslems at a disadvantage In approaching the government or competing for its jobs. And the rejection of their language is taken by them to be a rejection by Hindus of their right to a place in Indian life. Fear breeds a conservatism that no would-be Moslem leader dare challenge. The powerful propaganda apparatus that Pakistan trains on the community helps to keep that fear raw and, therefore, prevents reform. To many Indian Moslems It almost seems as if written from the Hindu point of view to describe the Moslems who ruled India for 700 years as foreigners. In their search for a national language, the northern Hindus have also tried to remove Moslem Influences from their speech. The actual spoken language of the north, sometimes called Hindustani, blends Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic words. But the Hindi adopted for official purposes is heavi-lySanskritized and nearly incomprehensible to most Mose-lems. Yet Urdu, the language of the Moslems and once the dominant language of North India, is virtually the spoken tongue written in Persian script. Even today Indian movies, beyond any doubt the strongest secular force In the ance with the left and right Communists. The Moslem resurgence had its most significant impact in Utlar Pradesh, the backward nortnern state that Is the most populous in India and also the one with the most Moslems nearly 12 million, more than Syria, Lebanon and Jordan combined. Ironically, North India which has witnessed the worst strife between Moslems and Hindus produced a common culture that Indian nationalists cited as proof that the two communities were essentially one. Jawaharlal Nehru, who celebrated this "synthesis" in his testament, "The Discovery of India," was himself one of Its finest products, a high caste Hindu by birth with a strong feeling for what the Moslems had contributed to India. Despite Nehru, the common culture has been under assault since Independence. Books have been written seeking to show that the Taj Mahal, one of India's glories, was really more Hindu than Moslem. Indian history has been re A A A AA'A'ftftAftAftftftftftftftAftft Aftftfti THE ONLY MAN IN THE DISTRICT 3 COUNTY COMMISSION RACE WHO HAS PLEDGED FULL-TIME SERVICE TO YOU. :.THIS YOU CAN BELIEVE! ( "A nation that can't keep the peace at I home, can't be trusted to keep the peace . abroad." RICHARD M. NIXON ( Ruth Thomai-John Caaaidy, co-chairmen Ralph Ant ley Treat. ra. roi. Aav. ay r.u. tuun 1 1 niAun-Auncw iumm. gualUlly Kithls Kuervcil mmaiix Of VALUE CiN V.TlmMwSltrr NEW DELHI - Hamid AH, a' Vender of sweets, and Rafiq Ahmed, a tailor, have their tiny. shops on a narrow lane in Old Delhi, not far from the seat of power of the Moslem rulers of the old Mogul Empire. ' From a bus stop nearby it Is only a 20-minute ride to the brQad avenues of New Delhi nd the seat of power of the jiew India. Yet in the 21 years Nhat the country has been independent, neither Hamid All nor Rafiq Ahmed has taken the trip. Both Moslems, they say they would feel out of place here. , Tugging at his beard, the tailor denied that he was inhibited by memories of the Hindu-Moslem riots that accompanied independence and the partition of the subcontinent between India and the Moslem state of Pakistan. He had heard of the recent resurgence of communal violence J-rthe Moslems, by an overwhelming majority, have been 1h$ losers in the fighting but if wasn't that either, he said, 'Jhat was holding him back. .-"There's nothing there for ne," he explained, groping for tfords. "New Delhi is for people with educations and flhelelothes." -What is true of the sweets -vntler and the tailor is true of he -overwhelming majority of 4fiI55 million Indians who Jriake up the world's third-iargesi Moslem community .'after Pakistan and Indonesia -and the first of any consequence in Islam's history to face the challenge of adjusting rto mirr:ity status In a democratic state. '. The passage of years since the trauma of partition which left the community a remnant in its own eyes and a potential fifth column In the eyes of the majority only deepend the Moslems' feelings of rejection and isolation. The predicament of the Indian Moslem remains Inseparable from the problem of India and Pakistan, for the mistrust .between the two countries is still essentially the mistrust of i Hindu and Moslem. J Their sense of insecurity . leads most Moslems to cling to each other and their tradi-. Hons. But this reflex only ; deepens their predicament: The more their commitment to ' India is questioned, the more they tend to withdraw Into themselves, thereby making It even easier for their commitment to be questioned. in the process, Hindu revla-; list movements like the Jan .Sangh and Rashtrlya ;Swayamsevak Sangh, which . want to do away with the secular state established by the constitution and adopt a toug-' her posture in regard to Pakistan, steadily gain strength ;and respectability. 11 WORKING TO ELECT HICKS SUTI REPRESENT ATIVI-DIST. U MR. WATSON B. DUNCAN, III JR. COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR Pd. fol. Ad. BATTERIES sale HA1I0NAL & EAGLE BRANDS In the last few years the middle ground has eroded alarmingly, despite some striking evidence that the secular cause has not been lost. Last year a gentle, bearded Moslem educator and nationalist. Dr. Zakir Husain, was elected India's third president. More recently, another Moslem, Mohammed Hidayatul-lah, became chief justice of the supreme court. But the other side of the ledger shows a steep rise in anti-Moslem violence. Since 1964, about 1,500 Indians, some 1,250 of them Moslems, have been killed in communal riots.' According to officials, that is about four times the toll for the previous 14 years. For nearly two years after the war with Pakistan there was little communal strife. Then in August last year at least 170 Moslems some say at least twice as many were killed in the Industrial center of Ranchl In Bihar after Hindu demonstrators opposing any concessions to Moslems on the status of Urdu, the language spoken by them there, clashed with Moslem students. So far this year there have been clashes in Meerut, Calcutta, Allahabad, Karlmganjl, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Aur-angabad and Nagpur, resulting in the loss of more than 100 lives. The proportion of Moslem dead to Hindu dead has been at least five to one and sometimes ten to one. Enaith Habibullah, a retired major general . of the Indian army said: "These are massacres like the pogroms against the Jews. The aim is to push us back into ghettos." That, at least, Is the result. In Ranchl, more than a year after the riot there, about 1,000 Moslem employes of the heavy engineering corporation are still huddled together in a dormitory they have been using as a refugee camp. A number of Ranchl Moslems left for Pakistan, as did many of their friends and relations. In most cases, It seems that the real disability of the Moslem in India is not that he faces discrimination as a Moslem, but rather that a Hindu competitor will be favored either because his family has some influence or because he is of the same caste, as the person making the decision. Outright discrimination Is more clearly shown on the lower rungs of the bureaucracy. Moslems account for less than one-half of 1 per cent of the clerks and messengers In the ministries of the central government here. Those figures are not published by the government, and discussion of what to do about the problem is virtually nil. The official position often seems to be that the problem does not exist. Rather than join democratic opposition parties to seek redress, Moslems have been returning to the outright communal politics of the days before partition. The last election produced a resurgence of such parties, especially In the southern state of Kerala, where the Moslem League which proudly acknowledges its part In the struggle for Pakistan before 1947 was able to win a toehold on power by forming an electoral alll- AT DISC0MS DISCOUNT irOHEJ FRIDAY SATURDAY RAY.0M SPORTSMAN iiitiil lUC I If VT I 'New metal clad heavy duty I tTJT 1LLIH 44 UAL. 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Emphasize efficient and economical administration in the Sheriff's office, plus providing capable leadership for the department. Red Taylor will do all these things, and MORE, because he has a solid background of 28 years in law CREME RINSE 16 0Z. LIST ;jljf 100 Nlcai M li the.. Novelty LS, Uti Tw!f yMA YOU SAVE 33 lU YOU SAVE 40 YOU SAVE ISiJ j ) TABLETS 36'f list SHAMPOO,,, 0Z. LIST b r ' 4 l Sli r. 1 t"T - I 1JOO I 1 If f i I I .,-ssii enforcement and police administration. LATHER, NORMAL OR DRY PUSTIC 10ml .MEN'S CUSHION BOYS' PERMA PRESS nf ii ikiw MrN II 1 1 K I'ILM J WAI VIUJ CREW SOCKS PAJAMAS Dacron cotton; full cut Bailie waist Sizes 8 to 16 YOU SAVE 25 llI You'll recojniie the S ( ' X Collar or Crew Nkbt S fi Whit. colors VH.'.$vl - TM.m' U 'V Jy) neck: Cotton knit SUOl f M V ! filM '?T 3 r H ( Selection of C00rl Vi lS&S A,'d. color. ZJ, 13 Tv,rrI. of 1 .00 Grade $'h?M "hite colors SiMf 1013 jlrref. of $1.00 Grade van- Allow an employee to run full time for a political job while on the public payroll. Put press agents on his payroll when the crying need is for trained law enforcement officers. Engage in wild spending with taxpayer's money the present sheriff's budget is at an all time high up 28 percent from last year. Avoid confrontation with his opponent or refuse to discuss issues of public interest. Allow his deputies to usurp the authority of municipal police departments or other law enforcement agencies. Offer headlines as a substitute fcr ability and efficiency. Call in the Governor every time the sheriff's home front image needs polishing. N. Nl. AY IV 17W C &AAJ zzzr ffi id r i i aa ii If J ft M i ii ii

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