The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 200
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 200

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 200
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Page 200 article text (OCR)

E3 Frasier: Martin asks an animal psychiatrist to evaluate lethargic Eddie. (CC) 50967 j Martin: Martin is jailed for credit-card fraud. (CC) 8677 6Q Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: BB gun: street fight: dog kidnapped psychic son. (Horror, R, (2:00) 3141870 SUN Heat Tonight 78238 TBS (7:05) Andy Griffith 5867783 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again: Pouring the basement slab: repairing windows: electrical layout. (CC) (TVG) 381344 tracks suspects: auto accident. (TVPG11967 (39 Home Improvement: Jill's new lob leaves nm with trie housework. (CC) 1561 Ring ol Fire: "Spice Island Saga" Lome and Lawrence Blair: from Singapore to the Aru Islands: pirate ship: python hunters: pearl divers: ritual sword dance. (CC) (1 00) 78257 O Shepherd's Chapel (1 .00) 167851 ASE Law i Order A judge (David Groh) prosecuted for harassing an Japanese bosses at US plant (Comedy, PG-13. (2:00) (CC) 4786580 HGTV Victory Garden (CC) 50344 HIST Crusades: The less-than-holy siege of Antioch; Crusaders march to Jerusalem. (1:00) 17899 LIF Supermarket Sweep 858948 MTV MTVLivi 497986 NIK Figure It Out 876219 NOS More Money With the Oolans 403290 RCN Movie: Adam Bede 0992) Patsy Kensit. Desperate 19th-century dairymaid abandons baby. (Romance. (2:00) 6356696 SCFI Quantum Leap (CC) 7908783 STARZ Hollywood One on One 2420325 STARZ (6:15) Movie: Doc Holly-wood (1991) Michael J. Fox. Stranded fast-lane doctor meets girl in Southern town. (Romance-comedy, PG-13. (145) 77229325 SUN Last Word 22770 TCM Movie: The Strawberry Blonde (1941 ) James Cagney. Ex-convict dentist recalls wife and other woman, circa 1900. (Romance-comedy. BW, (2:00) 5367734 TLC Renovation Guide 219621 TNN Dukes olHazzard (1:00) spelunkers find evidence of a onetime civilization in Central America. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 2967, 54677 X JAG: Mac, a ringer for the victim, defends Harm against murder charges. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 7035. 38615 Q ) Mad About You: The couple s British neighbors suspect guests at Paul's birthday party of art theft. (CO (TVPG) 7677, 5219 (X SD Movie: What's Love Got to Do With It (1993) Angela Bassett. Life story of Tina and Ike Turner. (Biography. R. (2:00) (CC) (TV14) 85509. 45509 CIS S3 Home Improvement: Al becomes a difficult tenant when Tim overdoes his role as landlord. (Repeatl (CC) (TVG) 3783. 94290 QI Tracks Ahead: "The Electrolin-er' Old model railroad at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: the Electrolmer; tourist railroad: Lincoln funeral tram. 47344 Movis: Night Train to Munich (1940) Margaret Lockwood. British and Gestapo agents vie tor Czech inventor and daughter. (Suspense, BAV. (2:00) (TVG) 10851 2) Oceanus: The Marina Environment 30054 R1TBN Today (CC) 6709073 TMC (7:15) Movie: Sister Act (1992) Whoopi Goldberg. Singer on the run plays nun, shows chorus how to rock. (Musical comedy, PG. (1:45) (CC) 56123677 TNN Dallas: Bobby becomes attached to a ranch hand's son: Pam tells Bobby about the medical threat to her unborn child: J R. has Sue Ellen followed. (TVPG) (1:00) 479073 TNT Babylon 5: A message from the future sends Sheridan into the past to prevent the destruction of Babylon 5. (Parti of 2) (TVPG) (1:00) 462783 TRAV On the Loose in Wildest Africa 1449870 TVL Phil Silvers 7523870 USA Highlander A gang takes MacLeod, Tessa and Richie hostage. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 674948 VH1 Hollywood t Vinyl: "Titanic." 196238 7:30 p.m. ex-lover (Jane Kaczmarek) claims he is a victim of another vendetta. (LC) (TVPG) (1:00) 409342 AMC Movie: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964) Terence Morgan. Egypt dig's U.S. backer moves mummy with immortal broth er. (Horror. (1:30)(TV14) 769948 AP Human Nature: Host Olivia Newton-John. (TVG) (1:00) 18431 BET Planet Groove (2:00) 244509 CNBC Business Center 6264615 CNN Moneyline (CC) 590412 COM Daily Show (TVPG) 7516580 DIS Movie: Just Like Did (1 996) Wallace Shawn. Nerd s bullied son hires macho guy to pose as dad (Adventure, PG. (1:45) (CC) 1513069 OSC Gimme Shelter Installing a tin ceiling: installing a kitchen fluores 08122 TNT Lois i Clark: The New Adventures ol Superman (CC) 791832 TRAV Adventure Bound 7170615 TVL Bosom Buddies 2293677 UNI Club America 314275 USA Baywatch (CCI 857344 VH1 Michael Jackson: 80 s Videos 418122 6:30 p.m. rr cbs News (co fj 6 NBC News (CC) (2) 'Alio, 'Alio: Recovering battle equipment. 141 ( 4 Entertainment Tonight ICC I 509. 3899 QU Jeopardy! (CC) 7219. 1-31 (T EXTRA (CC) 8561 (T Deco Drive 5615 3? Krafts' Creatures: "The Cow Show' Manatees. (CC) (TVY) 69054 eD Mothtrs-in-Law 541 22 j Universe: The Infinite Frontier 52764 D Mario Murillo 7779948 gt Real TV 49238 RJ 39 Seinfeld: Jerry's mechanic cent light box: smoke damage. (TVG) News (U, I gg ABC News(CC) 1 Capitol Update ) Florida Lifestyles 23 UNI Noticiero Univision steals his car: Kramer plans to return ) Grace Under Fire (CC) used bottles to Michigan. (Part 2 of 133 Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air (CC) 2) (CO (TVG) 74035. 5257 33 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hilary must work for a caterer after her credit cards are shredded (CC) (TVG I 967 Real Stories of the Highway Palroc Mit-ano-run suspect broken taii ight: murder attempt (TVPG) 5D35 23 UNI Maria Isabel (TVPG) (1:00) 56677 453035 33 O Moesha: Moesha helps a basketball star (Kobe Bryant) score points on his SAT exam (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 7325. 9515 39 Butty the Vampire Slayer Buffy loins forces with a new vampire slayer (Bianca Lawson) to save Angel (Part 2 of 2) (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) (1 00130073 45 Praise-a-Thon (Cont'd) 3615 Q) Kenneth Copeland 107344 A&E Biography: Interviews and film clips profile the life of Gloria Swan-son, actress, fashion designer, writer inventor. (TVG) (1:00) 409162 AP Animal Doctor Elephant pedicure: zebra arthritis St Bernard surgery (TVPGl 27528 BRAV Movie: Melvm and Howard (1980) Paul Le Mat Nevada milkman helps bum. is named in Howard Hughes will (Comedy-drama R, (2 OOl (TVPG) 987677 CMTV Big Ticket: Country muse hits (1 OOl 32035 CNBC Hardball With Chris Matthews n 00) 1045122 CNN World Today (CC) (1 00) 698528 COM Dana Carver Critics' Choice: The comedian performs (TVPG) (1 00) 6342493 CSPN Pnmetim Public Affairs (3 001 .956388 CSPN2 Public Affairs (8 00) 3757783 DSC Wild Discovery Salmon migration (TVPGl (1 OOl 704734 E' Michael Landoa: The El True Hollywood Story: The actor s Irte and career with Ed Asner Ned Bearty: Me"m Osen Menssa Giioert (TVPGi 12 00) 172783 ENC Movie: Vertigo (19581 James Stewart Ei-oetecti with tear of heights talis tc woman Suspense PG ,2 '5' (CC .9931431 h EWTN Mother Angelica d 00) X .769?' 22 FAM Rescue 911: Hang-glider tails J into ocean her supers severed r- (1.00) 646346 E! E! News Daily (TVPG) 183764 ESPN Baseball: Cleveland Indians at Seattle Manners (Live) (CC) (3:00) 755509 ESPN2 RPM 2Night: Motorsports highlights. 1432580 EWTN Our Lady ol the Angels Monastery Mass (1:00) 7612702 FAM Waltons (1 .00) 900801 FOOD Cooking Live!: Chef Sara Moulton. (1:00) 23401 FX Miami Vice: An executive s murder alerts Castillo to the Yakuza s presence, but the arrival of a Japanese investigator is no help (CC) (TVPG)d 0017681832 GOLF Goll Channel Academy: Jim McLean s eight-step swing starting the backswing 150783 HB02 Movie: hankie S Johnny (1991) AlPacino Ex-convet cook chases waitress who plays hard to get (Romance-comedy, R. (2 00) (CC) 3788054 HGTV This Old House: The vacation home is enclosed: rough plumbing and electrical work. 16412 HIST Vietnam: The 10.000 Day War Opposing armies battle to control South Vietnam s 2500 villages. (TVGN1 00143141 LIF Intimate Portrait Diahann Carroll achieves success on Broadway, on television and m her family Irte (CO iTVGi (1 001 300667 MSNBC mterNight ICC) (1 00) CNsC Equal Time With Bay Buchanan 2716493 CNN Crossfire iCCl 214580 COM Win Ben Stout's Money (TVPG) 2299851 El Gossip Show (TVPG) 81 1035 ESPN2 NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Philadelphia Flyers (Live) (3 CO) 2623851 GOLF God Central 874851 HGTV House Doctor Cone lighting. garage door kit creating a workbench 30580 NIK Rugrats: Tommy s favorite stuted animal taken away: magician Angelica makes Ul disappear. (CCI 889783 3 Mad About You (CC) (39 Simpsons (SS) (CC) AP Amazing Tails 36764 BET 227 277677 COM Make Me Laugh 2200967 OIS Brotherly Love (CC) 624561 E! Behind the Scenes 815851 ESPN2 Street Rodder (Repeat) EWTN Evangelization Today FAM Caret Burnett and Friends: Carol and Sis: As the Stomach Turns 869054 FOOD Julia Child HGTV Your New House 41 696 LIF Debt 872528 NIK Tiny Toe Adventures 890899 RE01 Movie: Wes Craven Presents kvWimasfr(1997) Tammy Lauren. A gemologist unwittingly frees an evil genie. (Horror. R, (1:30) (CC) 27899 SHO Movie: When We Wert Kings (1996i Muhammad All vs. George Foreman m Zaire. 1974 (Documentary PG (1 30) (CC) 525493 SUN Racing Resort Hialeaft Part 96122 TLC Ronovatioe Guide 219801 TVL Hogae I Heroes 2217257 7 p-m. (X Nightly Bus. Report: Louis Emenkrantz (CO 4851 f t Her Copy (CC! 6219 O EXTRA .CC) 1257 .6 Access Hollywood (CC) 9899 J HiEd.(CC)6325 24j1 10 0 Wheel el Fortune (CC) tjSi 1880 17 Bill Nye the Science Guy Deserts' The umoi ecosystem of r"1s camels (CO 38696 CD Sherlock Holmes 23764 f 3 Oettmos: An Mroewctio Is SpwhnXl20T6 f II Borne 67903?5 Z) UNI Esmeratee iTVPG) (1 00) 7G257. 477615 SC Florida High-School Sports Resort 291 257 SUN NBA: Boston Celtics at Miami Me llivei (2 301105948 TBS (7 351 Andy Griffith .8642764 1110344 MTV My So-Called Lite: Angela forgets aoout Jordan and flirts with Corey Party s friend meets Graham's business partner (TVPG) 700683 NIK OouSiCO 165615 TLC Bo Vila s Home Again Bnck-ng m a window ptumrjmg renovations piumoing iixture showroom. fCCnTVGi 619865 TRAV Outdoor Journal: Puree Lodge B C . toboggans insect txtes. NOS Tony Orlando end Daw Raio- Musicai and comedy talent of anery race-car crash toOdier calls S tni he ic stncen mother (CC) 0 me 70s (1 001150561 (Tv'PGid 0GI9M621 PLAY Mow: Sermares ( 1 995 1 Ash-lyn Gere Two worlds of passion FOOD Ready Set Cook!: Hosl Sissy o ishmg the Amazon 2380967 TVL Muntters. A magazine seiects the Munsters as an average tanily (TVG) 2206141 VH1 Sei Appeal 824509 WGN Coach Havaen must choose FX X-Files, The Snen from a French "p O merge into on (Adults only. AO, 12 OOl (TVMAl .52035 SCFI MlOixxt OSV: An exiled dicta-tot taxes scientists hostage to gam salvage she tad prev to a tavi ness ahei wormo on a mysterious between two tntaic k 0f5 (Part 2 of 2i (CO (TVPGl W8141 wertape from vVono Wa' n iPal 1 o? 'CO'nna it 00 7690580 8 p-m. GOLF Golf Channel Aueemy Live: access to the boat s tecnnotogv and nyiahiiitate Ms autistic son (CC) (TVPGiil 00i .1332290 SM02 Movie: The fun i'9"8i ( Dougas Psychic gm helps spy fmd Pan1 Sermoiy (oatnii il Qui 'J tj) Nova: "Sean fw me Lost 2J914 Ca t reop Archaeologists and

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