The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 18
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 18

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1968
Page 18
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18 Palm Beach Post, Friday, November 1, 1968 Wallace Ties Self Nixon Vows To Slash To Peace Move Housing Program Tape Humphrey Hits Nixon s 'Unemployment Doctrine' housing policy which creates and maintains dependent tenants and overlooks the bene-, fits that come from Individual home ownership." gettin back too late to vote, so they voted by absentee ballot Thursday morning. Sitting in the living room of lis Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park Nixon appeared In high spirits as he prepared his ballot. How he would cast his vote was "confidential information" he said, "but you are free to speculate." Daughter Tricia, 22, voted for the first time. His other daughter Julie, must wait until next year because she is ADVERTISEMENT HOW TO CONTROL YOUR AGING es, "are going to have a great compact, a great alliance on Election Day with a victory that will rock this nation a victory that will be a miracle." Several thousand persons lined the streets of nearby Harrison as the Democratic presidential candidate took to an open car for a trip to a large electronics plant and a street-corner rally. An estimated 3,000 workers filled the street outside the plant to hear Humphrey again denounce Nixon and his advisors "for seriously suggesting it would be good to have a little more unemployment." "They think it would cool off onlyJ20 Nixon said he would pro mote cooperative housing projects and condominiums in which people own their apartments as chief features of his housing policy. He criticized federal housing projects as creating more slums and said "it is time we extricated ourselves from a low-income TMtne latestfacts about hearing loss, physical slowdown and how to retard them. How Fast Are You Aging? gives useful hints about diet, daily routine, improving your outlook. One of 39 articles and features in the November. Reader's Digest. ' Pick up your copy today. READER'S DIGEST:: KEEP OUR COURTS NEWARK, N.J. (AP) Hubert H. Humphrey said Thursday that Richard M. Nixon "has taken the American people for granted." The vice president called his Republican opponent "the man who specializes in the doctrine of unemployment." He charged that while Nixon has "refused to debate the issue of war and peace in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, he has not been above using the faces of our fighting men in his Madison Avenue commercials." "The Democratic party and the people," Humphrey cried as he struggled for New Jersey's critical 17 electoral vot Scientist Sets Paul Sykes, scientist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, will speak at the regular meeting of the Audubon Society of AN'S n II lol 6 V mi the economy," he said. "I agree cutting away American jobs as Mr. Nixon proposes, will cool off the economy and put It in the deep freeze of recession." Humphrey once again roasted Nixon for refusing to debate the issues with him. "The man who Is unwilling to face his opponent In an elec-tion,"he said, "Is most likely incapable of facing our adversaries in international relations. "Mr. Nixon is taking you for granted. He has refused to fill the empty chairs on every platform. For over two months I've been asking him to face up to the issues. "I suggest to Mr. Nixon that the voters will refuse to let him now fill that empty chair that will be in the White House at high noon on Jan. 20." Earlier Humphrey ran across the first persistent group of hecklers he has encountered in some time. They chanted "Dump the Hump" and "you're a hypocrite" through out his speech on the campus of Fairlelgh Dickinson University until the candidate finally called on his supporters to drown them out. "They're chanting 'Dump the Hump' and they're right," Humphrey said in good humor. "I want to get rid of that hump 'vice' and I want to become 'President Humphrey.' "I've been carrying that load of 'vice' too long; I'm going to put Ed Muskle in charge of 'vice.' " He then proposed a federal program subsidizing and giving academic credit to students working In government and politics. When the heckling persisted as he was calling on students to take a new and active interest In the election, Humphrey said: "I ask the great majority of those who have respectfully listened to me to show now that you mean business to drown out those that shout." A great chorus of "We want Humphrey" muted the sounds of his detractors. Humphrey, still showing every sign of confidence that he will upset Nixon Tuesday, was to campaign later Thursday In Michigan, moving on today to Illinois and Ohio. EXPERIENCE COUNTS . . . Judge Russell Mcintosh practiced law in Palm Beach County 11 years prior to 1960. For 8 years he has upheld the dignity ol your court. Audubon Talk the Everglades Tuesday at 7:45 p.m. Sykes, who is working on endangered species, will show slides on the banding of the Terns of the Dry Tortugas. Leroy Stearns, bird photographer, will present slides of birds likely to be seen at the Florida Audubon conference which will be held Nov. 1417 on Sanibel Island. The public is Invited to attend. The meeting will be held in the Friendship Room of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association building on the northwest corner of South Olive Avenue and Southern Boulevard. Renter's Nightmare HOLYOKE, Mass. (AP) -Police said a man rented an apartment, painted the walls, windows and refrigerator black, then left without paying his rent. YOUR MAN "I think our strong attitude might have something to do with them talking of concluding the war," Wallace said of himself and his running mate at a planeslde news conference. Wallace made his comment before going to a wild rally where police waded into the crowd and seized about 15 pro-and anti-Wallace demonstrators who started fighting among themselves while the candidate called to the police to "carry these folks out! " "It's unfortunate, probably, that all this comes on the eve of an election," Wallace told newsmen about possible movement toward agreement in the Paris negotiations. "There are those who will say it's politically inspired," he said. "I don't say that because I'm not aware of all the facts. "I don't mean to impugn anybody's motives." To avoid leaving himself open to charges that peace developments at this time were politically motivated, President Johnson should tell all he can about the negotiations "In keeping with national security," Wallace said. Wallace lost his temper at the shopping center rally when a miniture whisky bottle thrown from the crowd of 4,000 struck the head of a "Wallace girl", clad in red, white and blue. She was not hurt. The bottle glanced off her and hit another Wallace girl. The girls, recruited locally, are used to collect contributions from Wallace crowds. When the bottle was hurled, Wallace shouted: "It's all right to throw a rock at me, but don't you hit the little girl in the head with a rock-you hear that?" Wild pusing and shoving erupted when a group of about 50 hecklers tried to get closer to Wallace's platform and local and state police lined up to push them back. A dozen Wallace girls who had been standing in front of the platform were removed when the pushing began. Wardens at the Washington County Jail said about 15 persons had been arrested on charges of disturbing the peace. When the pushing started, Wallace called out to the police: "Why don't you police just carry these folks out? Will you do that? Just carry them out." Then, addressing the hecklers, he shouted: "You're making it unsafe for everyone here, and you ought to be carried out." V (IP RUSSELL mm SENIOR CRIMINAL COURT JUDGE N. W. d auftt Camp. Jrtmt DEMOCRAT YOUR PALM BEACH COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR Mote MUST 0 AN KESSEL TOUftOT SPENDING is vp 124 since 1960 when we began the two party system in Palm Beach County" Ho hanHloQ mor 5fl Mil Aff nnn inrliwirlii'it r'ineortinnc onmiallu Collects for 23 separate taxing agencies. (us) 8 REID Po' X X Pnl Aij TAX ASSESSOR NEW YORK (UPI) - Richard M. Nixon said Thursday that America's housing programs were snarled by "incentive-destroying red tape, and promised a new policy aimed at helping people own their homes. Nixon got off to a quick three-vote lead in the presidential balloting earlier Thursday when he, his wife and daughter, Tricia, cast their absentee ballots. "The number of housing units destroyed by urbanjr-newal is estimated to be four times greater than the number built," the GOP nominee said, adding that more federal and public housing were not the answers to the problems of the nations' cities. He said federal constructions programs now displace about 73,000 families a year, most of them "members of minority groups" for whom the problem of relocation is usually more difficult. Without going into specifics Nixon promised to "Involve our nation's private sector and all of Its initiative and resources" In programs that would afford slum dwellers the dignity of home ownership. Nixon's housing statement was issued as Republicans gathered for two-hour long nationally televised extravaganza in New York's Madison Square Garden that brought Nixon and his vice presidential running mate, Splro Ag-new, together on the same platform for the first time since the GOP convention. It kicked off the final push of the campaign which will see Nixon stumping for two days in Texas before going on to California for the windup. The Nixons will be flying from California back to New York on election day and do not want to take a chance on VOTE FOR EXPERIENCE DEMOCRAT ... f can? a HAGERSTOWN, Md. (UPI) George C. Wallace said Thursday he and Gen. Curtis E. LeMay could probably take some credit for causing Hanoi to move toward settling the Vietnam war. CYO Plans To Cleanup City Litter A clean-up campaign In West Palm Beach Saturday by more than 150 youths will begin and end at Howard Park, the site of a high wire enclosure where all debris will be deposited so that the public can see to what heights litter-ers might go. The collection point where the receptacle was Installed Thursday is the soft ball field at the park on Lake Avenue near thp armory. The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), of St. John Fisher Church volunteered th.s civic action as a start of its youth week for the churches in the east coast deanery. The project, which will cover almost every major street in the entire city, will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude about 3 p.m. Public Works Supt. Reece Bickerton singled out the project of sprucing up the city's parkways and roadsides as being one of the greatest needs of the community. MacDonald Hamburgers' Inc. will supply refreshments to the workers during the day, David Thomas, a MacDo-nald's representative said. Sites marked for the cleanup are: Forest Hill Boulevard, Flagler Drive to the Seaboard Coast Line railroad, Southern Boulevard, Dixie Highway to Congress Avenue, Belvedere from Dixie to Congress, Okeechobee Road, Lake Avenue to Military Trail, Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard from Dixie to Okeechobee, 45th Street from Pinewood to Military Trail, Pinewood from 44th to 46th Streets, Georgia Avenue extensions from Mad-dock Street to Gregory Place, West Railroad Street from 3rd to 7th Streets, Windsor Avenue from 23rd to 45th Streets, North Terrace from 45th northward, 48th Street west from Greenwood and the general area of Good Samaritan Hospital. Activities Today HIVIKKA BEACH Duplicate Brirtt'i' Club. 7:30 p.m. Com-muniu Federal Savings LAKK I'AKK North Countv Senior Citizens, 1 p.m., bowlinE at (Jarden Lanes, shuttle at Lake Park Court; 7 p.m.. shuffle al Lake Park Court. Adult Education, ft a.m. First Federal Savings. Federal Hiehwav. BOVNTON BEACH Castoff Square Dante, 8 p.m. Civic Center. East Ocean Avenue INC. Jl i.i.l WHAT'S ALL THIS ABOUT EXPERIENCE U I IOM HOLLARS annually. YRS. LAKE WORTH If" TAX COLLECTORS " I Mm OFFICE I fcS YRS. I.HJ'l-llH.l. u JUDGE "BANZAI" CURRIE if MEW YRS. TAX 5 YRS. TAX ASSESSORS OFFICE COLLECTORS ASSISTANT LINE f A GOOD JUDGE can't run for office as a "politician"! A GOOD JUDGE doesn't rendeT decision! based on party affiliation or political views. A GOOD JUDGE makes decisions by applying the LAW to the FACTS in each case. Therefore, when a Judge seeks re-election (as does Judge Banzai Currie) a fair comparison of his EXPERIENCE and legal knowledge to that of his opponent would be in order. Judge Currie tried cases in aj courts before he went on the bench. He was elected City Judge of West Palm Beach for three years. In over 17 years on the bench he has heard more than 50,000 cases in the SMALL CLAIMS-Magistrate COURT as the senior presiding judge (there are S judges) The local Bar voted him "well-qualified" 175 to 13. He employed and trained the courteous and efficient clerks in the Civil Division. Judge Currie'i OPPONENT has never tried a civil case in any court; his entire three year legal career has been spent as an assistant to the county solicitor. This is EXPERIENCE vs. INEXPERIENCE) On November 5th, please remember Judge Currie's experience and vote for him. You will have cast your vote for one of the most respected men in Florida legal circles; and a judge whose 17 years EXPEP'ENCE gives him an understanding of your problems. Sound logical? 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