The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 194
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 194

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 194
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Page 194 article text (OCR)

VH1 VH1 to One: Celine Dion. (1:00) 467769 WGN News (CC) (1:00) 274011 10:30 p.m. C3DCB Straight Talk With Derek McGinty: "Straight Talk on Addiction" Treatment options for addiction: with Suzanne Somers. (CC) 30856. 49653 0 Trouble With Father 63081 (33J Frailer: Frasier's son arrives for a visit just in time to watch him play Softball. (CC) (TVG) 27382 Q Living Single: Kyle's desire to save a historic jazz club leads to a Roaring '20s-style fantasy. 21081 CJ) Benny Hinn 900059 BRAV Movie: USfraoa(1954) Anthony Quinn. Carnival strong man mistreats witless waif (Drama. BW, (2 00) (TVPG) 838653 COM Make Me Laugh (TVPG) 2287943 DIS (10:35) Growing Pains (CC) (TVG) 79504230 E! Night Stand: Romance follow-up (TV14) 995127 ESPN2 NHL 2Night: Hosts Bill Pidto and Barry Melrose. 1688160 FOOD Dining Around: Hosts Nina Griscom and Alan Richman. 14585 FX In Living Color "Sally Struthers for Feed the Planet "; "Televangelist on Trial "; "Rodney Chang: Rice Cube "; "Ugly Woman Ugly Masseuse " (CC) (TVPG) 5246740 HB02 Russell Simmons Del Comedy Ail-Star Jam: 0 L Hughley: Rod-Man Retha Jones: Drew Fras-er. (CC) (TVMA) 7739856 HGTV A Gardener's Diary: Garden oasis. 27289 MTV Oarla (TVPGI 227382 NIK I Love Lucy (CC) 666540 SH02 (10 50) Movie: The Spitfire Gn(1996) Alison Elliott. Smalltown businessman distrusts ex-con running diner (Drama. PG-13, (210) (CC) 43187721 TMC (10:50) Movie: Back of 69vora(1995) Paul Mercurio Aas-tralian gas jockey meets diamond smugglers. (Adventure. R. (1:30) (CC) 3483498 TVL Gree Acres 2261905 1 1 pjn. ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN2 World's Strongest Man Competition (Repeat) EWTN Journey Home (1:00) FAM 700 Club (1:00) 103363 FOOD Taste FX X-Files (CC) 5808092 GOLF Golf Central HB02 Movie: The Substitute (1996) Tom Berenger. Soldier of fortune teaches in a tough Miami high school (Action. R, (2:00) (CC) 7315943 HB03 (11:15) Movie: Party Girl (1995) Parker Posey. Wild New Yorker finds niche as library clerk. (Drama. R. (1:35) 99629978 HGTV At the Auction 36672 HIST Secrets ot World War II: Combined land and air campaigns at Okinawa (1:00) 28950 LIF New Attitudes 876672 MSNBC White House in Crisis 4894721 MTV Lovellne 101905 NIK Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 894943 NOS Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow 886030 PLAY Movie: Babewatch 7: Malibu Waves (1 997) Nikki Lynn. A beach brigade boasts a new recruit. (Adults only. AO. (2:00) 298059 RCN Movie: Monte Carlo (1986) Joan Collins. U.S. writer courts Russian singer who's spying on Nazis. (Miniseries. (1:30) (Part 1 14607276 REQ1 Movie: Soul Food (1997) Vanessa L. Williams. Sisters deal with family and romantic enses. (Comedy-drama. R, (2.00) (CC) 340045 SC Sports News 420363 SCFI seaOuest OSV (CC) 8165837 SUN Cycle World 23818 TLC Eitrem Machines 240189 TNN Dallas: J R and Jock are wounded by sniper tire when a man from Jock s past seeks revenge on the Ewings during their hunting trip in Louisiana. (1 00) 248721 TNT Movie: Police Academy 3 Back in Training (1986) Steve Guttenberg. Misfits protect academy trom budget cut (Comedy. PG. (2 00) 1801 30 TRAV Amazing America 3846653 TVL Gansmoke (1 00) 2463011 UNI Primer Imp ado Eitra 195905 USA Silk Stalkings (CC) 587301 VH1 Video Collection 868634 WGN Beverly Hills. 10210 (SS) (CC) 813059 11:30 p.m. (T News (CC) f) i (11 35) Tonight Show With Jay Lena: Fran Drescher. Garth Brooks (CCI (1 00) 5285189 5216059 ( 7 (11 45) Keene Ivory Ways (CCl (1 00) 5209769 10 O (11 35) Nighttine (CC) 8381382. 2126634 0 News ICC) 6488045 17 Emrevista (0 Sherrlt at Cochise 23 UNI Noticier Unmtie Eat-ctoe Nocturne ESPN2 World's Strongest Man Competition (Repeat) FOOD Ready Set Cookl GOLF Golf Channel Academy HBO Movie: TheDevils Own (1997) Harrison Ford. Policeman learns Irish houseguest is IRA terrorist. (Suspense. R. (1:55) (CC) 8746479 HGTV Collectible Treasures 42479 LIF Golden Girls: Dorothy dates a man despite Sophia's objections. (CC) 480924 NIK Tail 293450 TRAV Great Castles of Europe (CC) 9676547 Midnight "I (T) Charlie Rose 7921 9 (T B (12:05) Late Show With David Letterman 3943967. 7783716 (10 (12:05) Oprah Winlrey 5088388 (AT Esquins du Mundo ft) Power Connection 23 UNI Al Rltmo de Ii Noch (12:05) Politically Incorrect With Bill Matter 5318035 Keenen Ivory Wayans 358702 m Vibe 99073 g)AII in the Family 37899 39 LAPD: Life on the Beat CQ NewsHour With Jim Lehrer 93851 (J) You and Me A4E Biography 752306 AP Crocodile Hunter 909325 BET 227 506986 CNBC Rivera Live 5754967 CNN Newsnlght COM Saturday Night Live 9100035 DIS Zorre 951412 DSC Wild Discovery 857590 El Melrose Place 463832 ESPN2 Motorcycle Racing EWTN Our Lady ot the Angels Monastery Man FAM Bonanza 870528 F000 Essence ot Emertl FX NYPO Blue 2335764 GOLF Golf Talk Live 552388 HGTV Kitty Bartholomew: Yoe'r Home 552431 HIST re Search el History 343870 LIF Golden Girts 806870 MAX Movie: Get on the 8us( 1996) Richard Etetzer (Drama, R. (2 00) 874344 MSNBC News With Brian Williams 4247764 MTV Singled Out 808238 NIK Newhert 626696 NOS Dennis Wheley: America! 128122 SC Sports News 850344 SCFI Sightings 1499141 STARZ Movie: A Business Attar (1994) Carole Bouquet (Comedy d'ama R (1 451 5300948 SUN Last Word 44054 TBS (12 25) Alaska s Best PHots 9396219 TCM Movie: The Lilt ol m Zola (1937) Paul Mum (Bogfapriy. BW. (2 151 72419528 TLC Feraie The Downfall at a Dechess 654122 TMC (12 701 Movie: ourxf!l996 nnif Tidv (Suspense. R. (1 50) 91989412 3 BET Comlcviaw (1 00) 803547 BRAV (10:15) Two Girl ind a Guy: Behind the scenes. 72152769 CMTV Non-Stop Country (8:00) 9723905 CNBC News With Brian Williams (CC) (1:00) 1091301 CNN Impact (CC) (1:00) 168030 COM Comedy Club Comedy Network 2: Brett Butler. Rosie O'Don-nell. Bobby Slayton. Richard Jeni. and Mark Curry (TV14) 2278295 DIS (10:10) Growing Pains (CC) (TVG) 43282092 DSC Mysteries of the Unexplained: Alien abductions; Loch Ness creature: Yeti. (1:00) 520856 El Talk Soup: Host John Henson. (TVPG) 986479 ENC Movie: The Parallax View (1974) Warren Beatty. Reporter traces corporate assassination conspiracy. (Suspense. R. (1:45) 1861856 ESPN Figure Skating: US Precision Team Championship From San Diego (Taped) (1:00) 988856 EWTN Abundant Life (1 00) 7644301 FAM Hawaii Frve-0 (1 00) 597653 FOOD Mediterranean Mario: Chef Mario Batali 63027 FX hi Living Color (CC) (TVPG) 5237092 GOLF Masters Highlights: "1968" Bob Goalby wins (1 00) 513566 HGTV Grow HI 85011 HIST Trains Unlimited: New York's Grand Central (TVG) (100) 58635 MAX Movie: School Da7(1988) Larry Fishbumo Activist opposes fraternity brother at black college. (Musical comedy. R. (2:00) (CC) 864837 MSNBC Time t Again: Host Jane Pauley. (1O0I 1142943 MTV Road Rules: Ice hockey in Montreal: Jen visits Jon Noah finds love (TVPG) 218634 NIK Happy Day! 961932 NOS Streets ft San Francisco: Keller goes under cover as a patient in a mental hospital where questionable deaths have occurred Guest: James Olson. (1 00) 452837 PUT Wet a Wild: Bottoms Up SC Sports News (1 00) 821943 SCFI VR.5: Returning to her childhood home Sydney learns someone very close to her once saved the Ntlie girl neid door from perishing in a tire (CC) (TVPG) 1371189 SHO Movie: The Portrait of a Lady (1996i Nicole Kidman Mamageto dommeenng man saps 1800s womansspir (Drama PG-13. (2 301 ICC) 348276 STAfU Movie: The Postman (1994) Massimo Tro Mediterranean fisherman s son bonds with exited poet (Romance PG. (2 00) 3490586 SUN Bonne Robert McCracken vs. lonme Beasiev Middiewe-gnts From Studio City Cant McCracken (30-0 HKOsltakesonBeastey (27-4 2 t KOs). 10 rounds (Pfoeati (1 OOi 22943 TBS (I1 10) Mevtr Pont ol ho Refum(l993 Bridget Fonda Agent turns death-row pan vto rwt-woman iSusp R. (2 15) TV14 59'0("837 TCM Movte The i.tnlwes d P.OO Hood ( 1 938 1 trroi Hynn Sherwood HrrQ outlaw saves King Ricnam Ma Mansn 'Action (7 00 1 34 bO TIC Parsiwsdicr Paramedics San F'ancisco a witt1 AtDS cas and herom abuses (i 00) .Mi4 TNN Mon4T CeweerB: Daye S"gi'v R As PKiry Sug (TV&i (i 00) 8?i' TRA fteaak Ge (CCi it 00) .i"?s4r TVl Hf s Hen .?r8tSS UM tvwf lam iCCi iTvii (1 DOi 16048 You Rang M' lard (100) $ iNows(CC) Seven at Eleven (11:15) Dec Drive (Repeat) News CorXioe Pen Rest McCoys Good Times Married ... Wet CMIdrea (CC) 23 Noticiss Q) Star Trek Deep Space Nine (CCl 11 00) 33 Marti (CC) fi) Jerry Sprinoef: Couples at ooas over pre-weddmg parties. (1 00112160 39 Rest TV CQ 0 tie Air Wis Jerry Havst 6 1 566 C5) W Wetd WHk Gil McDowell 00) A1E Law ( Order Kidnappers abduct me son ot Screw s friend and entomb turn m the basement ot an abandoned bunding (CC) (1 OOi 923'89 APAimnel Darter 71740 iff KT TewoM 435295 CNBCCherts6rie(1 00) -3. i? CNN CNN Sew Mestrtted (CC) COM Dailv Shew 3(. 30 CSPN Pnmetime Pshc Altairs S?01 D'i Men Menace on the Uoon-wn n 9 'u i Pal Dowwv Bov protects mother trorr Duv and Cnni War 0se iArtv"tjre. (1 00) iPan ti Bs6363 OSC Juke Fries The Sudi'ed Mu'de'S Anne ScitXM Doug hcwipae rrncoers ot jcx fi n-n Merwxw ii OOi 921721 t! Howard ten 7Air0 CQ On tie Atr With Jerry blavH 13301 UK Movie: AVFrndlrma1949) John Lund DtZ7y Wonoe and room-male have men troude (Comedy. Bw it 45i art9 AP Emergency Vets 37547 CNN Money'"" (Repeat) (CC) 833092 COM Win Be Slew's Menay H819479 E Hewerd Ster 136547 ENC (11 451 Mmne Shampoo (i9'5i va"en Bwrhr Love's snarl Btveriv Him hai'O'esser m 1968 (C3"wiv R (2 OOi 94 ESPN SewttCeiMf (CCl (1 00 1 TNN Dukes at Haaard 669054 TRAV lonely Planet 425?6 TVl Petticoat Janctiea 7186851 USA Hienianaer 225054 VH1 Hard Reck live 476306 WGN la va Heat at M Night 207238 12:30 a.m. f) 6 (12 35) isle NigM Witt Una 0 na 909"257. 1 (17 451 News ir httsn Maaanne G) E V Hr Q (17 l Mam Ceay 8235696

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