The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 190
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 190

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 190
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NIK Garfield and Friends 359295 NOS Rockford Files 191769 SUN Law Talk 522653 TBS California Dreams 6679653 TLC Hometime 465276 VH1 Pop Up Video 298566 5 p.m 756363 SC Florida High-School Sports Report 652740 SH02 Movie: The Hot Rock (1972) Robert Redford. Thief and gang botch N.Y. diamond caper. (Comedy, PG, (1:45) 73032301 STARZ (5:45) Movie: A League ol Their Own (1992) lorn Hanks, me 1943 debut of the women's baseball TBS (6:05) Family Matters 9565295 TLC Renovation Guide 486769 TNN Dukes of Hazzard 687653 TNT Lois 1 Clark: The New Adventures ot Superman 1 82063 TRAV Adventure Bound 7103943 TVL Bosom Buddies 2226905 UNI Club America 482943 USA Baywatch 311295 VH1 Video Collection 609818 WGN Saved by the Bell 936491 6:30 p.m. rfjQCBS News 6 J NHL NOWS News 10 S3 ABC News i f Capitol Update Ozziei Harriet 21061 Badge UNI Noficiero Univijlon (?) Capitol Update (4) News qcd mains News (17) Arthur 70905 fS Comm. Bulletin Board Q) Praise the Lord (23j UNI Primer Impacto 17450, 730092 fg News 50189 Bp Simpsons (SS) Full House Q) Family Matters (39 Hangin' With Mr. Cooper C0 Arthur 6943 QJ 100 Huntley Street A&EQuincy. M E. 615363 AP Breed All About It 76127 BRAV Movie: La Strada (1954) Anthony Quinn. Carnival strong man mistreats witless waif (Drama. BW. (2 00) 997450 CNN Inside Politics 638407 CSPN Close Up 57092 CSPN2 U.S. Senate 8126856 DIS Dinosaurs (SS) 393585 DSC Travelers: (1:00) 620295 El Uncut 575127 ESPN SSA ESPN2 ESPNEWS EWTN Image ol God 2061059 FAM Bonanza 613030 FOOD Michael's Place FX A-Team 2042924 HB02 Movie: Mr. Atan(1983) Michael Keaton. Auto engineer's wife gets )0b: he stays home (Comedy. PG. (1:30) 4097301 HGTV Gardener's Journal 61059 HIST Real West: (1:00) 99189 LIF Golden Girls: (CO 614769 MSNBC News Chat 1691634 NIK Are You Afraid ol the Dark? 632030 RCN Anna Karenina 755301 1 SC Sports News 935585 SCFISii Million Dollar Man 6350108 TBS (5 05) Saved by the Bell 1248540 league. (Comedy-drama, PG, (2:15) 45975585 TBS (5:35) Saved by the Bell 3001769 TLC Home Savvy 489856 TMC Movie: Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys (1995) Martin Sheen. Boys demand days off in return for nuclear device. (Comedy, PG, (1:30) 904276 USA USA High 786450 WGN California Dreams 281568 6 p.m. (X) NewsHour With Jim Lehrer (CC) (1:00) 57011 (4) News Or6)C7gTIBNews (J7j Reppies 27301 ft) Jerusalem On Line (25 Write Course: An Introduction to College Composition '23 Noticias g News 61635 gp Home Improvement 33 Family Matters 0 Mad About You 39 Living Single C3 NewsHour With Jim Lehrer (CC)(1:00) 73108 CD 700 Club 601276 A&E Northern Exposure (SS): (CC) (1:00) .773011 AMC (6:15) Movie: Promise Her Anything (1966) Warren Beatty. Adult-film maker babysits while widow woos shrink. (Romance-comedy. (1:45) 33178160 AP Wild About Animals 90295 CNBC Edge 6860160 CNN WorldView COM Comedy Club Comedy Network 2 2242943 CSPN Public Affairs 40363 DIS Growing Pains 231063 DSC Wings: (1 00) 788943 El Talk Soup 206585 ENC Movio: The fortune (1975) Jack Nicholson Con men stoop to bilk heiress in 1920s Los Angeles. (Comedy PG. (2 001 1373547 ESPN Up Close: 707818 ESPN2 North American Fisherman EWTN Catholic Morality and the Catechism FAM Carol Berne", and Friends: 325363 FOOO Taste FX 21 Jump Street .5234011 GOLF World Match Play Highlights HBO Tracey Takes On (CC) m Krafts' Creatures 7914 CD Praise TV AP Lassie 80618 CNBC Market Wrap 6276450 CNN CNN Today COM Movie: The Favor (1994) Harley Jane Kozak. Wife asks single friend to fulfill her fantasy. (Romance-comedy, R, (2:00) 7568943 DIS Timon ( Pumbaa 986996 DSC Great Chefs: Great Cities: 362769 E! Melrose Place 729011 EWTN A Closer Walk FAM Big Valley 879769 FOOD Mediterranean Mario FX Fall Guy 5195914 HB03 Movie: The Proprietor (1996) Jeanne Moreau. Tragic memories send French author to childhood home (Drama. R, (2:00) 4137382 HGTV Today at Home 88450 LIF Designing Women 31 1 160 MSNBC Newstront 6991522 MTV MTV Jams 631721 NIK AaahhIH Real Monsters 353011 RE01 Movie: Leave It to Beaver (1997) Christopher McDonald. An all-American boy grows up in suburban Ohio. (Comedy. PG, (1:30) 51189 SC Sports News 189479 SCFI Battlestar Galactica 2897818 SH0(4:15) Movie: The Deceivers (1988) Pierce Brosnan British agent and native expose Thugs in colonial India (Adventure, PG-13. (145) 73283498 STARZ Movie: Who's That Girt (1987) Madonna Hapless New Yorker told to escort blonde out ot town (Romance-comedy. PG. (1 45) 5736214 SUN All Pro Sports Basketball 57566 TBS Super looney Tunes 708672 TLC Men m Tool Belts Witt) Ed and Jot 469092 TNN Dukes ot Hazzard 196634 TNT In the Heat ot the Night 112672 TRAV Lonely Planet 4296194 TVL Cannon 3489363 USA Bavwalck 435214 VH1 My Generation 297382 WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 (SS) 556127 4:30 p-m. (F Magic School Bus 924 Jedgejeoy 17 Magic School Bos 13108 (fn AH News Channel fr?5 Hem Behavior fy Rod Parsley g) Frtsh Ptmco of Bel-Air 33 Save y the Boll ) Family Matters 39 Now BatmaftSupennM Adventures 2214 (JWishhone68i8 AMC Movio: The Crimson Pirate (19521 Burt Lancaster Pirate and Sideiuc he hgfil Spam (Advrur (1 451 7563566 AP Pot Connection .11130 BT Rap City 110634 CNN Bare Ol Prool .700C30 DiS AMdm .630560 DSC Grcol Chots ol Worst: 3V653 ENC Movio: Who i Harry Cnmfr (1969iJor Candy BumJemg orv vate eve s Doss pots him on kiOnap ca (Comedy PG-13 (1 30 i?'fy EWTN stones Ol Hymns FOOD ea Sot Coo 60tf ton OomioI Academy HBO A CmeeoHa laeim The lady Vxt Fifht Back. (CCi (1 30) ' in HGm At to Acoo IK DtOMnf Wemeo .34 7? MAX lie Pfianfl"'1!! 'y iV Purp-costumed stioei-tmc tr to trwvafl tr&Ktvnnm (Action PG (1 45 .?SiS37 Bp Grace Under Fire 33 Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air 0 Mad About You 39 Simpsons (SS) AP Amazing Tails 81547 BET 227 655837 COM Make Me Laugh 2233295 DIS Brotherly Love 536455 E! Coming Attractions 297837 ESPN SportsCenter 718450 ESPN2 Snowmobile Racing EWTN World Over FAM Carol Burnett and Friends: 349943 FOOO Julia Child HBO Movie: The Ultimate Lie Kristin Davis. A law professor discovers his daughter's secret (Drama. (1:30) 262653 HB02 Movie: Fly Away Home (1996) Jeff Daniels Canadian builds plane so daughter can lead geese south (Drama, PG. (2 00) 7667818 HGTV Dream Builders 96479 LIF Debt 329189 NIK Tiny Toon Adventures 354740 SUN Racing Report: Hialeah Part 58295 TBS (6:35) Family Matters 5637769 TCM Movie: Mr Dodd Takes the Air (1937) Kenny Baker Rural electrician turns radio singer: voice changes (Musical comedy, BW, (1 30) 6234837 TIC Renovation Guide 460721 TVL Hogan s Heroes 2240585 WGN Saved by the Belt .936671 7 p-m. (X Nightty Bus. Report Don Phillips (CC) 8585 r4V Hard Copy (CC) 3653 0 EXTRA ICCI 4547 1 6 Access Hollywood (CC) 2139 CT IB Inwdo Ed. (CC) 2943. 416J 10 (3 Wh( ot Fortune (CC) 2721. .63653 17 Bill Nye to Science Guy: ' Archaeology The science ol a'Tiaeoicgv (CCi .9069 Sheriff of Cochise 85837 Onto Jo .834 79 Litestyte Magazine .6723653 23 UNI Esmeralda (IVPGi (1 00) .'6740 820'89 TCM Movio: The Black Legion (1937) Humphrey Bogart. Autoworker (oms black-robed hate group (Crime drama. BW, (1:30) 9383108 TLC Hometime 748011 TNN Clue Dance 732450 TNT Kong Fa: The Legend Contie- oes 725160 TRAV Rough Geido 1488769 TVL Manmi 7562769 USA Saved by the Belt: The New Class 765045 VH1 Too 10 Countdown .567108 WGN Family Manors 3S8653 5:30 p.m. 709276 HB03 Movio: Fools Rush In (1997) Matmew Perry New York WASP weds feisty pregnant Latina (Comedy-drama PG-13. (2 00) 4726108 HGTV Victory Garden .61617 HIST Crusades: 11 00155382 JjfjITN World News O 6 r iO CDNews LIF Supermarket Sweep 338837 1 ! wisnooao .i iou fT) lifestyle Magazine 22856 ftS Hard Copy .11 112 3 Mamod ... With CMIdroo 33 Family Manors MAX (6 151 Movie: Ox HoUvwood (1991 1 Michael J Fo Shanded fast-lane doctor meets gut m South-em town (Romance-comedy PG- 3 Hangm With Mr. Coopor 39 SimesoeslSSI fg Fnsaer Frasier s son arrives for a visit tust m time to watch twit play Softball (CC) (TVGl 96450 I 13 (1 45i 28005950 Cfi SUN Capitol Update 33 Mart: Bed'idDen Mamn MTV MTV live .951837 NX Figure ".Out .330160 NOS More Money With to Dsiaat 627214 ap Pen. mo t'iinu CNN Showbu Today .791 382 DiS Growing Pains 46S340 t Behind to Scenes .209672 epecis Grna to baoy nun (CC) J vii i r- rn Real Stories ol to Highway Z RCN Mono Just Me aotf You (19S0i Louise Lasser Ta woman Pelret E'raric amnng miury accident mwOf threat spaceship house (TVPG) .9653 39 Nome hnpiovement At her f S NBA tame Shjt) FSPK? ISPNSWS EWTN Get .7152301 FOOO to Food Today HGTV Brooking 6rond .11194 lit GetOM Cms: (CCi 331 924 MTV tl Anon Viewers 326092 NX Recta s Modem Lite .340547 NOS BiH! 4 to Bear .il'l FtfOt Mono Swtoxf!l99n d"ves cross country wtft salesman (ComMv -drama (2 OOi '9924 SC Snorts News .8E3540 SCFt OnanoHO leaf 793-011 SnO Movie: Tie American Presh Hem 1 1994 1 Mi Doupias Rival caw reunion ji rnoMs an old bovfrienfl and rue e friend wno stie Him (CC) .6547 C0 Wwo HI: franco Franco r;fma wines .'! ePHits p'esmenf s romance wrm tonfvrst i Romance-comedy PG-13. C3J Shepherd s Chaoot (1 00) VtnrVH L UV'1'.ams Sslrs dal wth family and rna-- crises ro (2 00, 5-'"8 AAE Law I Order A homeless man tuN Last Word .4T943 (Comedy drama R i2O0;

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