The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 185
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 185

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 185
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defense lessons from CD. and Triv-ette at Alex's cabin. (CC) (1:00) 5683691 (33 Grace Under Fire (CC) 0 (11:40) Hermitage Master 807721 LIF One West Walkikl (CC) 401818 MAX Movie: Class of Nuke fm High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid (1992) Brick Bron- (39 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) (1:00) C0 Hermitage Masterpieces: "Highlights of the Masterpieces" The Hermitage collection is among the finest in the world. (Repeat) 5448349 CD In the Word With Gil McDowell (1:00) A4E Treasure: Two searchers compete to find Capt. Kidd's treasure on Oak Island. Nova Scotia. (1:00) 494320 two children. Nikita misses an easy hit and must follow her prey into a Balkan death camp. (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 711829 VH1 Behind the Music: A profile of The Carpenters. (1:00) 921610 WGN Newt (CC) 6172982 10:30 p.m. pieces: Hoad to impressionism: 19th Century France" Impressionism and Postimpressionism; Monet; Renoir; Pissarro. Degas. (Repeat) 59123252 AMC (11:35) Movie: Spellbound (1945) Ingrid Bergman. Woman psychiatrist reads amnesiac murder AP Wild Rescues 91165 CMTV Non-Stop Country 4861610 CNBC Best of Charles Grodin (1:00) 9525610 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) (1:00) COM Daily Show 3519558 CSPN Booknotes 36639 CSPN2 Public Affairs 9529436 DSC Justice Files: Two domestic kidnappings; an international abduction; the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (1:00) 409252 El 1998 Academy Awards Fashion Review 439829 ESPN SportsCanter(CC)(1:00) 850962 EWTN Life on the Rock (1:00) FAM Hawaii Five-0 (1:00) 681894 FOOD Two Fat Ladies (CC) FX Miami Vice: As drug-lord Crockett's memory gradually suspect s dream. (Mystery, BW, (1:55) 95851097 AP E.S.P.U. 99928 COM Viva Variety 9842707 DIS (11:45) Goliath II 65941287 FOOD Ready Set Cookl GOLF Leaderboard Report HB02 (11:45) Boxing: Lennox Lewis vs. Shannon Bnggs. Heavyweights From Atlantic City. Lewis (32-1,26 KOs) defends his title against Bnggs (29-1,24 KOs), 12 rounds (Repeat) (CC) (1:30) 8963726 HGTV Extreme Hornet 99900 NIK Happy Dayt 771981 NOS Law and Mr. Jonet 701558 STARZ (11:45) Movie: Fortress (1993) Christopher Lambert. Outlaw parents land in high-tech prison. (Science fiction. R, (1 :45) (CC) 27315707 TNN NASCAR Garage 189287 returns. Tubbs feels his partner has gone bad and must be destroyed. (Part 2 of 21 (CC) (1:00) 5831320 GOLF Goll Central HGTV Before a After 36487 HIST Classic Cart With Edward sky. Look-alike brothers fight subhumanoid soldiers. (Science fiction, R. (1:45) 6406363 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips 4270092 MTV 120 Minutet 425498 NIK I Love Lucy 180547 NOS It s Great Lift 252059 PLAV Playboy's Sorority Girlt RCN Movie: Heartstrings (1993) Phyllis Oilier. Live and love overwhelm a would-be artist. (Comedy. (1:30) 1134951 SC Sports Newt 854566 SCFI New Edge 7246522 SHO (12:15) Outer Limits 86791996 SH02 (12:15) Movie: Drunks (1995) Richard Lewis. AA meeting in basement of New York church. (Drama. R. (1:30) 65799059 SUN ACC Live 847214 TLC Movi: Trinity and Beyond (1995) History of U.S. nuclear weapons program from 1945-63. (Documentary, (2.00) 689214 TNN Auto Racing: NASCAR Dura-Lube 500 From Phoenix. (Repeat) (CC) (2:00) 661818 TRAV Primetime Traveler 4285924 TVL Cannon 9140653 USA Silk Stalkings (CC) 889672 VH1 Blockbutttr Entertainment Award! (CC) 496566 12:30 a.m. X 2poim4 Children (6 (12:50) EXTRA (CC) (1:00) 7317092 Ql Siskel i Ebert (CC) 80011 T5 (12 35) Psi Factor Chronicles of the Paranormal (Repeat) (CC) (100) CQ (12 45) George Mich) Sports Machine 2623924 17 Haitian TV Music ED (12:35) NYPO Blue (CC) (1:00) '656943 K5 Jack Van Imp 01 Tales From the Crypt (CC) S5 (12:50) Hermitage Matter-pieces (Repeat) 58857092 COM Tick (CCl 6754450 DIS Spin and Marty 318189 ESPN2 High-School Basketball: McDonald s Slam Jam (Taped) (1 00) 3033363 FAM Feed the Children 59127 FOOD Oimng Around H80 Dennis Miller Live (CC) 212158 NIK Happy Dayt 468837 NOS lone Wolf 507011 SCFI CNet Central 1208547 TNT Movie: Barry Lyndon (1975) Ryan 0 teal Thackeray's 1 700s Irish rogue courts nch widow (Drama PG. (4 00) 416585 Herrmann: Edward Herrmann looks at an era when U S car makers strove for perfection. (1:00) 76271 LIF Barbara Walters: Interviews of (JJ Cuba y Su Historia 54436 (33: Mad About You: Jamie's old boyfriend (Eric Stoltz) works with her on a public relations project. (CC) (TVPG) 72165 (39 Seinfeld: Jerry and Elaine anticipate dating soon-to-be-single friends (Cary Elwes. Debra Messing) (CC) (TVPG) 54894 AP Emergency Vett: Terrier's eyeball out of socket: overgrown turtle jaw (TVPG) 34610 BET Feed the Children 904558 CNBC Best of Hardball With Chrlt Matthews 8360287 COM Critic: Alice's gold-digging sister, Randa, meets Duke at a costume ball. (CC) (TVPG) 2210271 FOOD Taste: Host David Rosen-garten. 52078 FX In Living Color: "Am I Black or White": "BS. Brothers at the Funeral"; "Bail Bond": "Handi-Man and the Tiny Avenger": musical guests A Tribe Called Quest. (CC) (TVPG) 5286368 HBO Movie: Always Outnumbered (1997) Laurence Fishburne. A former convict has a positive impact on others. (Drama. (2:00) (CC) 789436 HB02 (10:45) Damon Wayant: Still Standing: The comedian discusses relationships, fatherhood, earthquakes and drugs (CC) (TVMA)(1:00) 8867436 HB03 Movie: Iron Eagle V(1995 Lou Gossett Jr Military plot: Attack Cuba with chemical weapons. (Action. PG-13. (1:40) (CC) 1861691 HGTV Hornet Across America: Greensboro. Ga.: Reidsville N C 49542 MTV Austin Stories: Love triangle: Laura s make-over. (TVPG) 705813 NIK Taxi (CC) 523271 NOS Westerner The wife of a pitchtork-wieidmg farmer has eyes tor Dave 457610 SH07 (10 40) MotriC Draculi: Dead and Loving It ( 1 9a5 1 Leslie Nielsen. Clumsy Oracula bags salesman moves on to London (Comedy PG-13. (1.35) (CC) 13246707 TCM Movie: A Place in the Sun (1951) Montgomery Clift Man loves nch girl takes poor girl boating lOrama. 6 W (2 30) 9582368 TNN Fa Witt Orlando Wilson: Speckled trout and redtisn n South Louisiana on the Guff of Mexico (TVGl 922829 TVL Johnny Ring: A banker refuses a loan to a rnan whose wife is dangerously 2294?33 WGN (IS 40) Instant Replay iCC) 70751164 TNT Warner Bros. Story: No Guts, No Glory 597962 WGN NightMan 948707 Midnight Next of Kin ! 4 Pensacola: Wings of Gold (Repeat) (1 00) EXTRA iCC) (1:00) 66092 6. (12:20) Savt Our Streets I Repeat) '17 Immigration USA (0 All Newt Channel 23 UNI Movie Los Reyes del Paienque Humberto Cabanas En un palenque se puede vivir (Spanish. (2 00) 838566. 652160 QJRoseann (CC 33 Viper (Repeat! (CC) (1.00) ED Tales From the Crypt (CC) 39 Poltergeist: The Legacy iRepeati (CCM1 00) Q3 (12:15) Hermitage Masterpieces (Repeat) 46685382 O Psalms H OOI A&EMovil: Tne fob-Tide! 1998) Robbie Coitrane Three desperate men board a piague ship to Australia (Adventure (2 00) 544721 AP Crocodile Hunter 470566 BRAV Inside the Actors Studi 5687437 CNBC Best t Rivera Live (1 00) 5787295 CNN Perspectives (Repeat) (1 00) COM South Part (CC) 7119189 CSPN Bntisk House et Commons 472924 CSPN2 About Books 5770905 DlSZorr (CC) 787407 DSC Wild Discovery (1 00) 560769 E E! News Week 494108 ENC Movie: Popeve i1980i Rohm v warns Sailor steals sunny Owe 0 om large Biuto (Comedy PG. li DC) 1411363 ESPN Billiards (Repeat) (1 00) I Lifetime (CC) 694368 MSNBC Time t Again 4834349 MTV Loveline 689436 NIK Happy Days 349146 NOS Richard Diamond, Private Detective 299523 PLAT Hot Rocks RCN Rich Man, Poor Man 2494981 SC Sports Newt 991504 SCFI Web 8198165 TBS National Geographic Explorer "Saving JJ ': "Woodpecker Man : "The Eagle and the Snake": "Lyle Lovett: On the Road " (Repeat) (CC) 12 05) 3789368 TLC How i They Do That? (CC) 817558 TMC (11:20) Movie: Swingers (1996) Jon Favreau. Show biz hopefuls discuss women and careers (Comedy. R. (1 40) (CC) 33994287 TNN My Classic Car 668504 TRAV Primetime Traveler 4832981 TVL Gunsmok (1 00) 2403639 UNI Nottcitr UnrvisiM: Edicion Nocturia 666146 USA lie Easy (CCl 223784 WGN Eartk: Final Conflict 101011 VH1 Behind the Music 339675 WGN Coach (CCl 898487 11:30 p.m. 1 a.m. X ""I Hill (1 00) 17363 4 NYPO Blue (CCl 11 001 '4 (11 35) Sports Sunday: Review o the s events and O Wib 19769 7 Entertamori (100) 51771 f'"vev 1S8'3'J81 fjsoomirve 75349 C9 (1:15) SeertsPtajt (Repeat) , 1 1 p.m- 6 (11 id! Moras Michael Sports Machine (SrM?2D2yai the Races E WIN Oar Laoy t Id Anoett Monastery Mass ft 30) in 2 X Batlyissne1 (1 00) T News 'CC OfQNtws (CO 61097. FAM John Osteon .3W547 FOOD Tkree Dog Bakery FX 21 Jumt Street iCC) 2368092 GOLF o Scjthweste'n Be Drywn '.-.a Round From San ( J) Mm Hammond 33 Movi er Instinct ( 1983) fcsei.ssa Giloet Psychiatrist burned aler tier ex-salient kitts someone. iSuUwns (2 00) (CC) .no? 76 CD Ponergeist TN Legacy i pea! it.C) (1 00) "39 Fm LA. (Repeat) (CC) i' 30) tDPtalmtil 00) kr Emeroenc Vett .916943 BET Pet. PeooN .3Sf S8S BRAV (1 (Si trtr Prvhiet " j-1 CNBC test d Ckartet Cro (1 UJ .54.2it1 Ant-vno iRfatW2 30i 638295 KBOJ (12 10) Movie fioiewbdd 1 1 99" ) j v oigM Vij'iantes ra a i J Comedy SOowcjh ( t 00) 10 (11.35) FX The Sonet i"-fwat' d OOi CD SoorttPtus .8311523 111 S Entertainment TsnigM B.n, (.ryua (CC) (1 00) "3(338 "f? MusicVi Mernacional () American Religious Tow Hall 23 UNI Tmjire Dee tor. lt-t'tm Rector fl 111 35) traitor, lent fUneer woman j esfanoed Hut-bane jflacn a )- jo of seouial-atjs "-$ ae wit- ?49 8 Newt (CCl T fll 20) leertt Final (CC) '664610 T. Swy Sports Extra W fl) Wt 17 KwllOt (0 Mutrv Revert .19523 23 Noun Me Hammer, frnwat Eyt :' (1 (W J5 taw (CO CD Own Lmms i Repeat) :C& ft JO tuatt Fifida town 1923. lOocud'ama R (2I5i (CC) HGTV Nemo Mortis - ton then Accent Mom t Fine Design HIST Modem Marvels d 00. CM CM

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