The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 184
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 184

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 184
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Page 184 article text (OCR)

States Army Parachute team; burn victim undergoes surgery; remote-control airplane. (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 397504 TNN In-Flsherman 220368 TNT Warner Bros. Story: No Guti No Glory: Oscar winning classic movies. (TVPG)(1:00) 395146 TRAV Primetlme Traveler: (Part 1 Ot 2) (l:OU) 1167252 TVL Ed Sullivan: Temptations; Vanilla Pudge; Myron Cohen; fling with guy's bride amid Elvises. (Comedy. PG-13, (1:40) (CC) 5575875 SUN Goin' Deep (1:00) 74962 TBS Alaska's Bush Pilots: Jared Leto flies with veteran Alaskan pilots to capture the spirit of the North. (TVPG) (1:00) 630900 TLC Movie: Trinity and Beyond (1995) History of U.S. nuclear weapons program from 1945-63. (Documentary, (2:00) (TVG) 390691 TMC Movie: Jerry Maguire (1 996) Tom Cruise. Attack of conscience changes L.A. sports agent's life. (Romance-comedy, R, (2:20) (CC) 5779707 TNN Championship Rodeo (1:00) 315900 TNT Movie: The Exorcist (1973) Ellen Burstyn. Jesuits try to save a possessed girl. (Horror, R, (2:30) Gilbert Price; jugglers the Baranton Sisters: Jacques D'Amboise. (TVG) 7572146 USA Pacific Blue: Palermo's move to deport the son of a diplomat threatens a government sting; a basketball player's past could ruin his future. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 625078 VH1 Behind Hi Music: The career 87523. 72542 (10 60 Movie: Dangerous Minds (1995) Michelle Pfeiffer. Teacher seeks to inspire urban miscreants. (Drama, R, (2:00) (CC) (TVPG) 13962, 33639 32 Foro 12610 Backstage Live: Hosts Gary Campbell and Connie Ross bring us the latest from Las Vegas. (1j)0) 30504 QJ 45 TBN Kenneth Copeland (1.00) 8012207, 85165. 72504 (23) UNI Calls Ocho 1998 (TVG) (2.00) 82981. 303165 (39 WGN Unhappily Ever After: Jennie and Tiffany pitch a TV series to a former network executive. (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) 84962, 343392 CQ Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home: "Portrait of Addiction; The Hijacked Brain" Addicts experience pain and face possible recovery: addiction affects the brain. (Part 1 Of 3) (CC) (TVPG) (2:00) 53558 QD King Is Coming 201368 AP Crocodile Hunter (TVG) (1:00) 36726 BET Lead Story 654436 BRAV Inside the Actors Studio: Gene Wilder. (TVPG) (1:05) 5457894 CMTV Signature Series: Classic country videos. (1:00) 70184 CNBC Best of Rivera Live (1 00) 1021542 CNN World Today (CC) (1:00) 610146 CSPN British House of Commons (1 00) 38184 CSPN2 About Books (2:00) 1008691 DIS Walt Disney: Cast celebrates CNN Impact (CC) (1:00) 613233 COM Or. Katz: Professional Therapist: Dr. Katz suggests that Ben get a car. (TVPG) 2201523 CSPN Public Affairs (1:00) 31271 DIS Movie: The North Avenue Irregulars (1979) Edward Herrmann. Minister and ladies' auxiliary help T-men nab mob. (Comed-y. G, (1:45) (CC) 5544504 DSC Real ER: Documentary explores the trauma unit of Chicago's Cook County Hospital. (TVPG) (1:00) 171287 El Jerry Springer: Behind the Scenes: Jerry Springer's talk show; interviews with staff and crew. (1:00) 925436 EWTN Mother Angelica: The Rev. Peter Damian Fehlner discusses his new series "Mariology." (1 :00) 7757829 FOOD Bill Boggs' Corner Table: Guest is Kathy Kinney of "The Drew Carey Show." 49558 FX In Living Color: "Fire Marshal Santa"; "Great Moments in Black History." (CC) (TVPG) 5260320 GOLF Viewer's Forum: With Peter Kessler. (1 00) 671487 HBO Larry Sanders Show: Hank seeks a secluded niche; Artie considers other otters. (CC) (TVMA) 983639 HGTV Good Life: Green Mountains of Vermont. 30894 LIF Intimate Portrait: Actress Heather Locklear discusses her career and family. (TVG) 151558 MAX Movie: Sudden Impact (1983) Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry meets artist with her own code ot lustice. of Gladys Knight; with Little Richard; Dionne Warwick. (1:00) 862977 8:30 p.m. CZD8D Damon: Damon needs to have a police physical but is afraid of doctors. (CC) (TVPG) 5184. 89368 Q7 Colombia al Oil 33707 Cy In Style with Greg Hauptner 28875 FT) Bishop Eddie Long 6751436 635U97 TRAV Primetime Traveler (Part 2 012) (1:00) 1154788 TVL Daniel Boons: Feelings for Jemima make a dashing young outlaw (Fabian) consider reforming. (1:00) 6302875 USA Silk Stalkings: Cassy and Tom are convinced of a friend's innocence. (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 638542 VH1 Behind the Music: Tejano music singer Selena Quintamlla Perez. (1:00) 928523 9:30 p.m. !j Opiniones 83436 39 Alright Already: Carol and Renee scheme to get rid of an employee. (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) 83894 23 UNI Imageries de Impacto: Se the 1961 film "Babes in Toyland." With Annette Fumcello. Tommy Sands. Ray Bolger and Ed Wynn. (CC) (TVG) (1 00) 757097 DSC Joined it Birth: Confined twins try to be individuals despite sharing the same body: narrator Sherry Stringfield. (TVG) (1 00) 821900 EWTN Crisis H Culture 7290748 FAM Carson's 21st Anniversary Q) Singles Plus 193900 Bfcl Bobby Jones Gospel Hour (1 00) 383962 ENC (9 45) Movie: Jungle Fever (1991) Wesley Snipes. New York architect and woman make waves with biracial affair. (Drama. R. (2:15) (CC) 94748894 EWTN Holy Rosary 4704417 EWTN (9 45) Faith Matters 33721726 GOLF Golf Central 254639 MTV Beivis and Butt-head (TV14) 434813 NIK Bewitched 252271 WGN Alright Already: Carol and Renee scheme to get rid of an Special: Celebrity guests Rodney Dangerlield: Bob Hope. Dean Martin. Bill Maher. Eddie Murphy: Dolly Parton. Richard Pryor Joan Rivers; Garry Shandling. (TVPG) (2.00) 772 720 FOOD Emeril Live Chef Emeril Lagasse (1 00) 43078 GOLF Scortcard Report 362097 HB02 Movie: The Second Cm! War (1997) Beau Bridges Governor closes Idaho borders to Pakistani refugees (Comedy. R. (1.45) (CC) 8913271 HGTV Numin Mart us Southern piesenta lo mas imponantes imageries del arlo. 6841 7. 20741 7 39 WCN Jamie Foil Show: Robbers mistake Jamie for their leader. (Repeat) (CC) (TVPG) 9788. 867813 Q3 Hermitage Masterpieces: ' French Classical Style of the 17th and 16th Centuries " French Classical style. 8504 ;45 TBN Eddie Long 3726. 64691 CI) Joyce Meyer 547261 APE.S.P.U.: Endangered Species Protection Unit of Africa. (TVPG) 14261 BET Ben Haden 496349 DIS Aladdin (CC) (TVY) 849417 ESPN Women's College Basketball: NCAA Tournament. Final From Kansas City. Mo. (Live) (2 30) 830875 ESPN2 Auto Racing: NASCAR Food City 500 From Bristol. Tenn. (Same day tape delay) (CC) (3 30) 2621165 FOOD Oming Around: Hosts Nina Gnscom and Alan Ricnman 31349 HGTV Eitremo Homes: Electronically controlled house, sculptor s compound 11523 MTV Road Rales: Nightclub dancing Dr Tim follows Ann to Canada. Noah s faithfulness s tested (TVPG) 268287 NIK Nick News: A tyrannosaur skeleton brings S8 4 million at auction quilting Scotty brscotti. girl power 188962 NOS Dante: Bodyguard Dante wakes up Hi the drunk tank 125829 SUN Souther Golf 73349 TNN Silt Dsnce Outdoors 209875 TVL Flip Wilson Shew: Tim Conway: Andy Grittrm. Cora Ward 7584961 9 p.m. T Meyers en Addiction Peso la Hems: Portrait ot Aflotcnon Tne Huacned Bram Addicts experience pam and face possible 'ecovenr lodction arrets me b'am (Part 1 03.'rC!TVfGr2 00t4i46 '4 OJMewe Chtnct oi t Lifetime i " :NS i Joi" Rinef A coupie weo so mat iw have oealt insurance 'Rnmance-comedv OGi (CCi fWi-2542 H558 i'7 fD Fe Mirta euestiom I tome W Jijent iDjrrfcn Mc&avtm about en taw .-. tfle js wc mn nevf involved h tamer (OCi (TvKii 1 001 (Action. R. (2:00) 342368 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips: Highlights ot the week s reports and features on "Dateline NBC " (1 00) 1175271 MTV MTV Ultra Sound: Metallrca. 796165 NIK Tail (CC) 514523 NOS Law ot the Plainsman: Sam is suspicious of a lawman come to fetch a prisoner. 448962 PLAT Girls el Spring Break '97 RCN Rich Man. Poor Man: Julie and Rudy try to win back her son's affections: Tom returns to get custody ot his son (Part 11 of 12) (TVPG) 11 001 6303504 REQ1 WWF Wrestlemania XIV: Bouts include Mike Tyson vs Steve Austin From Boston (Repeat) (CC) (TVPGK3 00I471184 SC Sports News (1 .00) 392184 SCFI Sightings: Haunted aircraft carrier: astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Roswell crash debris primordial program psychic research pastille regression, crop circles (CC) (TVGmIOOI 1304417 SHO Movie: flasc Instinct (1992) Michael Douglas Erotic writer lures detective hunting e pick ki'ter (Suspense. R. (2 151 (CC) 70354. STAR2 Movie The Trmger fleet 1996i Kyle Mactachlan Yuooes cope during i California tsar out iSnsimi R (1 451 (CCI 9S8o;26 SUN College Basketball NABC Ail- Star Game F'fm San Anton'O. j iflM2 00i .58436 I TBN Print a Thoe ,8 00 1 m .3'66233 J TBS Survival at Ike Yellowstone P Wohres A c -rfsia. program Z b'ings woiyes tort Yellowstone CD Pj-n hest Matthew 'ox (CC) 2 (TVP&H1 30w?i3?87 5 TNN Fishing With Roland Marti x iTY&l S3j1 "O TRAV Lonely Planet 8'tl Sal O vaac mat -in 3a-.- religious 52 Accents Home ot Fine Design: Construction continues m Preston Hollow. Texas host Joe Rugguro (1 00114558 HIST I Search it History: Ancient man imagines future innovations (TVGM2 0OI 57233 MSNBC Weekend MegazMw Wit Stone Phillips: MigMignB of me week s repots and features on Dateline NBC'H 00) 1172184 employee. (Repeat) (TVPG) 293829 1 0 p.m. CF 6D News (CC) (1 00) 80610. 55829 17 Europe Seminal 45788 (Q Time tor Hope 1 1 00) 33691 3 Comm. Bulletin Board (8 00) 8195436 CD Praise the Lard (CC) (3 00) w80320 33 Mad About Yea: With Jjmw out ot town. Paul is let wth her da'iy dutws (CC) (TVG) 63417 ED flits Tne muroers ot two rouet scientists are Imked to a mentally retarded janitor (CC) (1 OOi 73368 J News .45146 45 Praise-a-Then .4 001 387894 CD J" Falwetl (1 OOi 930368 Ait Sei Tiles: Th USS Indianapolis mysteriously Jinks 145 TV5(' 00 1 871405 AMC Mene The Unoumied Uomem i '956 Estne Wiinams Htgn-tcnoo- teaOe' staed by her studm (Drama (1 35 1 rV'PQi 7265i4 AP Emergency Vets Stray cat Wh compose rrjctyes t?ajr dog tut (wok iTVPG' 252 uy 1IK Memo House Cant i9 -'8 W Matmaa Recent fl-venee mams recently widowed Surgeon ad eo (Comenv PS, ii ssi (TvGi 5f "3M5S Cvm Sitr? Nite Dance Rent ,i flft. .-J2-1 CNBC Thd Rmctrt B2M&39 MTV Beavts and lull -need TV14) 344726 NIK Bewitched 440829 NOS Stigecaacn West A mater returns from prison to recover the Army payroll he stow (1 OOt 913F91 HAY Wertd at Pliyfcey RCN Rk Mm. Pee Man Rudy and June are unhancv lo" s temper ftums to haunt fwn (Pal 10 pMJiinPGMl 00'63fX'i7 SC See News '1 OOi 3?..' SCFt Ana Natwai: A Los Angeles potee selective cooes ts new partner in turn sirucjfcng W c.. ;cf"5- sand pa.-.5s sumtue into tartf sorwy (Part a ? CC iTV1 11 Out 1 TO 5 5 TVL lane Ranoer A srsaecmn Sn- 40751 $hoj Mewe honevmooit m Wytt xf news as man f"Vu ;.'8f3 N) USA La lemma NKa To U4 ! 92 i James Cam Gamble! wins

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