The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 183
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 183

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 183
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Page 183 article text (OCR)

(Crime drama) 7767310 TLC Trauma: Lite in the EH 561252 TNN Quest lor Adventure 955542 TRAV Rough Guide (CC) 7136271 TVL Julia 2259233 UNI Lo Mejor de Lente Loco 953184 USA Movie: Shoot to Kill (1988) Sidney Poitier. FBI agent and mountain-man guide track killer. (Action. R, (2:00) (CC) 624349 VH1 Behind the Music 196097 6:30 p.m. (T) News (CC) I NBC News (Utl C41 1 ,09 News (CC) j Headline News ABC News (CC) Ante Usted I 4! TBN Joyce Meyer UNl Noticiero Univision gascar; Bolivia. (1:00)1018078 CNN Perspectives: Women inspire changes in the workplace. (1:00) 623610 COM Movie: lWF(1989) Weird Al Yankovic. TV-station manager tops big rival with wacky shows. (Comedy. PG-13, (2:00) (TVPG) 6319165 CSPN Booknotes(1:00) 18320 DIS Timon a Pumbaa (CC) (TVY) 853610 DSC Wild Discovery: Wolves live in an extended family group. (TVG) (1:00) 726356 E! Elvis in Hollywood: The El True Hollywood Story: Singer and actor Elvis Presley; with Marianne Mob-ley: Barbara Eden; Sam Phillips. (TVPG) (2:00) 662959 ENC Movie: Heart and Souls 0992) Robert Downey Jr. Four guardian angels watch over banker from boyhood. (Fantasy, PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 8885417 ESPN NCAA Women's Championship Special 543875 ESPN2 RPM 2Nlght: Motorsports highlights. 1414184 EWTN Fourteen Flowers of Pardon: The life story of St. Maria Goretti. (1:00) 7661078 FOOD Ready Set Cook!: Host Sissy Biggers. 45542 FX Movie: Cocoon(1985) Don Ameche. Florida retirees swim among alien pods and feel young again. (Fantasy, PG-13, (2:00) (TVPG) 7667252 HBO Movie: Mission: Impossible (1996) Tom Cruise. Treachery in Prague puts lone agent on the run. (Action. PG-13) (CC) 449610 HB03 Movie: Hotta (1992) Jack Nicholson. Rise and fall of Teamsters union boss Jimmy Hoffa (Biography, R, (2:30) (CC) 4997252 HGTV Before ft After 1950s brick rambler. 64748 HIST Modern Marvels: After more than two millennia, the pyramids continue to inspire architects. (TVG) (1:00) 54146 LIF Movie: Beyond Obsession (1994) Henry Thomas. Young man and victim's daughter charged in murder. (Docudrama, (2:00) (TVPG) 427833 MAX Movie: The Blue Lagoon (1980) Brooke Shields. Shipwrecked boy and girl grow up as lovers (Romance, R, (2:00) 627851 MSNBC Tim I Again: Host Jane Pauley. (1:00) 1152320 MTV Road Rules: Detroit emergency room: Anne falls for a doctor (TVPG) 176252 NIK Mystery Files of Shelby Woe: Shelby tracks a burglar. 109455 NOS New Loretta Young Show: A widow with several children gets a 0b on a New York magazine. 292374 RCN Rich Man, Poor Man: Tom begins a career on me sea Rudy marries his lifelong love. Julie (Susan Blakeiy) (Part 9 of 12) (TVPG) (1.001 6313981 SC Sports News (1 00) 379233 SCFI Earth 2: Taken hostage by Terrians during a snowstorm Alon-20 learns of a pun to take Ulysses away from Devon (CC) (TVPG) (1 00' 1314894 SHO Movie The American Prest-denf(19S5s Michael Douglas Rival epioits president s romance with lobbyist (Romance-comed PG-13 (2 001 (CC) 6361 84 STARJ Movie: Sew (191 heve Carnpt A psveno kilter targets a 7131441, 888184, 538523 (3D WGN Parent 'Hood: Zaria suspects Robert is having an affair. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 1829, 593726 CD (7:50) Hermitage Masterpieces: "Velazquez. El Greco, Goya and the Spanish Masters" Spanish masters; Velazquez; El Greco; Goya. 34469726 CD Word lor Living 755504 AMC Behind the Screen: Nick Clooney previews coming attractions. (CC) (TVG) 285349 CNBC Best ol Equal Time With Bay Buchanan 2789349 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) 256962 DIS Omba Mokomba: Radio-host Mokoma (Beniamm Brown) talks about animals. (CC) (TVY7) 671558 EWTN Saints and Heroes 7179078 FOOD Michael's Place: Chef Michael Lomonaco. 50962 HB02 Movie: Laurel Avenue 0992) Mary Alice. About a black working-class family in St. Paul, Minn. (Miniseries, R, (1:30) (Part 2) 9400417 HGTV Dream Builders: Disney's New Town Celebration; choosing a builder. 47436 MTV Road Rules: The group adopts three piglets: Future Farmers of America; Noah's hometown. (TVPG) 814900 TMC (7:35) Movie: Joe's Apart-men((1996) Jerry O'Connell. Singing, dancing roaches help luckless N Y. transplant. (Musical comedy. PG-13, (1.25)(CC) 46836349 TNN Bassmasters: Maryland Bass-master Top 100 on the Potomac River. (TVG) 942078 TRAV Great Castles of Europe (CC) 2346523 TVL Munsters: Grandpa answers a matrimonial ad. (TVG) 2279097 8 p.m. (J) Nature: "Secret Garden" A typical garden holds rich diversity Of wildlife. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 7287 CI tD Touched by an Angel: A teen who feels overshadowed by his popular brother retreats into a world of his own making (CC) (TVGH1 00) 9455. 38271 (X 9 Simpsons (SS): Homer, fired for trying to enlarge a doughnut in the reactor core, joins the naval reserve. (CC) (TVPG) 3349. 60233 VT Especial 47900 () Judge Roy Bean 49368 33 Movie: The Mosquito Coast (1986) Harrison Ford Crank inventor drags family to lungle. builds big ice maker. (Adventure, PG. (2 001 5829 j"Q Movie: Dead Connection ( 1 341 Michael Madsen Policeman and newswoman hunt kilter boner. (Suspense R (2 00) 54233 39 WGN Sister. Sister Tamera won t leave Ta and her boyfriend alone (Repeat) iCC) (TVG) 3981. 655078 CI) Cberiima Now 797964 A&E Movie: Trie tbb-Tide0998) Roobie Coltrane Three desperate men board a plague ship to Australia (Adventure. (2 00) 821720 AMC Movie- Dead tmperH964 Bene Dav Edith kills Margaret, her twm and takes er identity (Mvstery BVv (2 00) (CC; TVD3) 44'0?8 AP Wild Rescues: Cat sanctuary: seat 'OS o Kuwait Brazil monkey CVGU27184 BRAV Bravo Profiler 03 a Jac Mason (TVPii 735575 CMTV I't Ticket Country mu&jc hits (I 90i 50320 CNBC Ushuaia v Ab Force stuH-pnots submarine racing sjn rating m Austria Mada interviews and computer analysis attempt to explain Sasquatch. (TVG) (1:00) 421964 AP Hollywood Safari: Paint ball warriors terrorize the animals. (TVPG) (1:00) 30542 BRAV Junket Whores: Hollywood movie promotion campaigns are costly but not necessarily cost-effective. (TVPG) (1:00) 759455 CNN World Today (CC) 525504 DIS Going Wild! With Jeff Corwin: Sonoran Desert, Ariz.: roadrunners; scorpions. (CC) (TVY7) 844962 DSC Black Holes: The Ultimate Abyss: Astronomers, astrophysicists and computer animators illustrate the realities of black holes: narrator John Hurt. (TVG) (1:00) 519368 El 1998 Academy Awards Fashion Review: Celebrity fashions at the 1998 Oscars ceremony: hosts Joan and Melissa Rivers. (TVG) (1:00) 926165 ESPN SportsCenter (1:00) 434788 EWTN Lenten Reflections 2074523 FAM Movie: Hot Siofs.' (1991) Charlie Sheen. Top-gun pilot checks rival, woos girlfriend. (Comedy. PG-13, (2:00) 685610 FOOD Two Fat Ladles 36894 HGTV This Old House: Triple-decker: a Japanese home: models of prefab houses. 23368 HIST Automobiles: Turbine-powered Chryslers with Ghia bodies run on any combustible liquid. (TVG) (1:00) 78726 MSNBC MSNBC Special (1:00) 1176900 MTV Road Rules: Talent show with the Chicago Bears: gum factory. (TVPG) 167504 NIK Broken Record: A 14-year-old girl (Natalie Ramsey) tries to break an Olympic swimming record. (1 00) 170558 NOS Cafe DuArt: Original comedy sketches. (1:00) 924707 PLAY Movie: impending Groom (1995) Chasey Lam, A bride recalls past romances. (Adults only, AO, (2 00) (TVMA) 58829 RCN Rich Man, Poor Man: Tom begs his mother (Dorothy McGuire) for help in evading syndicate hit men: an accusation of debauchery threatens Rudy (Part 8 of 12) (TVPG) 11 00) 6304233 RE01 WWF Wrestlemania XIV: Bouts include Mike Tyson vs Steve Austin. From Boston. (CC) (TVPG) (3 00) 724788 SC Sports News (1 00) 39381 3 SCFI Space: Above and Beyond: Wnen a fierce battle with alien forces leaves the 58th squadron lost m space a mysterious Christmas message points the wav home. ICO (TVPG) (1:00) 1305146 SH02 (7:15) Movie: Elephant Walk (1 954) Elizabeth Tavlor, Englishwoman loves American on husband's tea plantation (Adventure, (1 45) (CC 14015233 TBN Bishop Clarence E. McClea-don 76436 TBS National Geographic Eiptortr: "Saving AT; "Woodpecker Man": "The Eagle and the Snaxe"; "Lyle Lovett On the Road " (CC) (TVG) 2 OOi 328338 TIC Extreme Machines: The space shuttle (TVG I (1001311184 TNN Han Parker s Outdoor Magazine .204320 TRAV Great Palaces at the WorM 1412726 TVL Addams Family: Morticia bol-sw a veterinarian s condaeoce. TV5i 7596726 VM1 Behind She Mirk A profile of ArdyGiM (1 001 9396.39 7:30 p.m. H7 Comentanee 57320 ft) Or Robert McDoueaM 54788 U) 45 TBN Jac Mlylo'd i1 OQ) 03 News 43610 Gj (6:40) Hermitage Masterpieces: "Modernism: Matisse. Picasso and More 20th Century Painters" Modernism: Matisse: Picasso. 87050417 d) Jewish Jewels AP Lassie 36320 CNBC Best ol Hardball With Chris Matthews (1:00) 1906338 CNN Moneyweek (Repeat) (CC) 267078 DIS Muppets Tonight: Spoofs of "Steppin Out," "Flipper": guest Martin Short. (CC) 579146 DSC Strange but True: Airline pilots finally tell of UFO experiences: film records a UFO in New Zealand. 827349 FOOD Essence of Emerll GOLF Golt: Southwestern Bell Dominion. Final Round From San Antonio (Live) (2.30) 750165 HB03 Boning: Lennox Lewis vs. Shannon Briggs. Heavyweights From Atlantic City Lewis (32-1 . 26 KOs defends his title against Briggs (29-1,24 KOs). 12 rounds. (Taped) (CC) (1.30) 3202726 HGTV Grow Ml 41252 MTV MTV Ultra Sound 892783 NIK Kenan ft Kel 816691 RE01 WWF Free tor All 96788 TNN One More Cast With Shaw Grigsby 946894 TVL Hogan's Heroes 2273813 7 p.m. CJ Lawrence Welk: "Great Movie Melodies" With Kathy and Janet Lennon (1 00) 5639 (f CD SO Minutes (CC) (1. 00) 2397, 29523 O T Asteroid V 997) Michael Biehn People try to save Earth from aste'oid fragments (Mimseries. (4 00) (CC) (TVPG) 656416 654078 (X S3 World s Funniest!: Party disasters wedding toast best man faints girt hides balloons (Repeat) (CC)(TV14j(1 00) 93639. 56558 '10 63 Movie: Safely Patrol (1997) Bug Hall A boy d scovers dishonest school employees (Comedy. 12 00) (CC; (TVG) 43252 18287 '17 Enterese 38252 If) Preview Theater 23320 tD 45 Or Clarence McCienoon 675fa1 8271 23 UNI Salud Dmero y Amor r'vu. i 3oi 82si 66o:-:o 39 WON Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher: J0'5an starve nirpsetf to wrestle m school iPepeati (CC) TVji 4233 942558 CD I715I Hermittoe Masterpieces: ' Bempianm and 1 7 past victim s aaugtiter (iwror. R. 7 03! iCO 7652320 SUN A acme, Report. Hiaiealt Part 8542 TCM Movie. Try Treasure of the $pni M?-f 1 1 94S i tumprrev fi'-jat Ift'ee u.xy Amencaris joirj m Menco lAdventut i'ti (2 33) 956875 Century rtc Waste's Dutch r l-mntb-fT .1,'Ht -4'7 CD On Wirtfi ft taetes 6?2e:6 A41 Ancient Mysteries Wittt Leonard Ntmoy Arr,tvvai f;im. o CM

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