The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 179
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 179

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 179
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Page 179 article text (OCR)

FX Picket Fences (CC) 5850455 GOLF Goll Chanml Academy HB02 Tracey Takei On ... (CC) 8216320 HGTV Breaking Ground 81788 HIST Trains Unlimited (1:00) 62078 LIF Golden Girls (CC) 339894 MTV MTV Ultra Sound 324962 NIK Hey Arnold) 357165 NOS Stained Glass With Vicki Payne 207542 RCN Ice Princess (CC) 2480788 SC 'Canes Watch 669368 SCFI Time Trai (CC) 8100900 TIC Homettme (CC) 661691 TNN RaceOay 738097 TNT In the Heal ol the Night (CC) 721707 TRAV On the Loose In Wildest Africa 8991 702 TVL While Shadow 2482146 USA WWF Superstars 273469 VH1 Behind the Music 341610 11:30 a.m. (X) John McLaughlin's One on One 2813 Q Popular Mechanics lor Kids (Repeat) 47417 CP Miami Herald High School Sports Show 41287 10 This Week In S. Fla. 81829 Q Better Homes and Gardens (Repeat) (CC) 23487 fl7 Parenting Works! (CC) C3 Great Western Theatre QJ Laverne and Edith Tripp - 23 UNI Control 40417, 675894 65 This Week With Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts (CC) (1 00) 900691 Hp Video Auto Classifieds 33 Saved by the Bell (CC) 03 Jim Barry a Financial Success 25287 AP Acorn: The Nature Nul 36423 OSC Jaws t Claws 350252 f WTN Holy Rosary FOOD Chet da Jour GOLF Golf Channel Academy HBO Movie: Mission: Impossible (1996) Tom Cruise Treachery m Prague puts lone agent on the run. (Action. PG-13. (2 00) (CC) 759894 HBO? Movie: Sense and Sensibility (1995) Emma Thompson Men romance and abandon sisters in 1800s England (Comedy drama, PG (2 151 ICC) 19673639 HGTV Gardening by the Yard 82417 LIF Golden Girts (CC) 330523 MTV MTV News 1515 325691 NIK AashhlH Real Monsters 358894 NOS For Tear Home 208271 REQ1 Movie: teat It to Beaver (1997) Christopher McDonald An all American boy grows up in suburban Ohio (Comedy, PG. (1 30) ICC) 247368 SC Panthers Weekly 660097 SHO ( 1 1 35) Movie: Some Kind of Wonderful Eric Stortt Tomboy helps grease monkey woo popular girt in school (Romance PG-13 (1 401 (CC) 69414271 STAR2 (11 45) Movie: Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Move (I996j Michael J Nelson Mid sci 97691 MSNBC NBC News Today in America 9619252 MTV Celebrity Deathmatch Death-bowl 98 775287 NIK My Brother and Me 497417 RCN Rich Man, Poor Man 3086766 RE01 Movie: event Horizon (1997) Laurence Fishburne. Rescue party encounters supernatural forces in space (Science fiction, R, (2:00) (CC) 43417 SC Sports News 530417 SCFI New Edge 8188788 SHO (1:15) Movie: Teenage Mutant Nmia Turtles (1990) Judith Hoag Four superturtles and couple vs. ninja Foot Clan (Fantasy. PG, (1:45) 34489900 STARZ Movie: Promise the Moon (1997) Henry Czerny. Ranch lore-man falls for newcomer in 1 920s Canada (Western, (1:45) 8823875 SUN NBA Action 77962 TBS (1 05) Preseason Baseball: Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves (Live) (CC) (3 00) 92830184 TLC Science Times 558788 TNN Best ol Shadetree Mechanic 732813 TRAV On the Road With Charles Kuralt 4822504 TVL Daniel Boone 1286784 USA Movie: Always (1989) Richard Dreyfuss Firefighter pilot in heaven spots girlfriend on earth (Fantasy. PG. (2 30) (CC) 277417 VH1 Behind the Music 176233 WGN Movie: Perry Mason: The Case ot the Musical Murder (1 989) Raymond Burr. Lawver Mason defends stage manager for killing director (Mystery, (2 00) 640368 1:30 p.m. " , (7 EastEnders m 45 TBN It h) Written (CC) Q3 (1 .40) Hermitage Masterpieces: "Road to Impressionism: 1 9th Century France"' Impressionism and Postimpressiomsm: Monet: Renoir; Pissarro; Degas. 85972610 CI) On Main Street AP Lassie 59417 CNN Earth Matters: Gray whales. 888610 DIS Flash Forward (CC) 114368 ENC (1:45) Movie: Take Her. She s Wine (1963) James Stewart. Father spies on teen daughter studying m Pans (Comedy, (145) 13348436 ESPN2 Figure Skating: World Junior Championships From Saint John. New Brunswick (Repeat) (1 001 7370894 EWTN Be Not Afraid Holy Hear (1 00) FX Pet Department (CC) 5258691 HBO Nona: To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday ( 1 996) Peter Gallagher. Young widower wont let wile go. alienates daughter (Drama PG-13. (1 45) (CC1 4955707 HBO? (1 45) Making 01 That Thing Yea Da: Tom Hanks writes, directs and stars m the movie (CC) 332'8097 HGTV Kitty Bartholomew: Tea r Harm) 64349 MTV Oddities: The Man 574707 NIK Tiny Teen Aaventeies 248078 SCH CWet Central 7955691 SUN Gator Tales 19875 TCM (1 45) Mane Cituen Kane (19411 Orson Weiies Associates recall an enigmatic newspaper magnate lO'ama PG BW (215) USA Pacific Blue (CC) 893542 VH1 Number Ones 452165 WGN Animaniacs (CC) 467962 12:30 p.m. CD Viewpoint 94875 ftj Cfj NBA: Houston Rockets at Miami Heat (Live) (2:30) 188981, 186523 fjgi This Old House (CC) 76504 51 UNI Tllulares Deportivos 63 Firing Line: "Should We Strengthen the Marriage Laws?" Marriage laws. 36900 GO Christophers DSC Discovery News 241 165 ESPN ESPN2 NASCAR 2 Day FOOD Two Fat Ladies (CC) GOLF Global Golf Adventures HGTV This Old House: Attic: carpeting and finish work: a review of the project. 65078 NIK KaBlamt 249707 NOS Crafting Today 173146 SH02 Movie: Heavy (1995) Shelley Winters. Shy, overweight pizza maker likes young waitress?. (Drama. R. (1:45) 72703875 TBS (12 40) To Be Announced 18912829 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again (CC) 553233 TMC Movie: Chances Are (1989) Cybili Shepherd Reincarnated man meets wife and buddy 23 years later (Fantasy, PG. (1:50) 4819894 TNN Trucks and Tractor Power 568165 TRAV Travel Show 7128252 TVL Hogan's Heroes 2731879 VH1 Pop Up Video 188078 WGN Sylvester t Tweety Mysteries (CC) 100165 1 p.m. (X) EastEnders (4 (Q Snowboarding: US Nationals From Bethel. Maine. (Taped) (CC) (1:00) 17726. 99455 CIO Bob Vila's Home Again (Repeal) (CC) n7 Classical Visions (1:00) fD 45 TBN Bishop Charles Blake Sr. 23 UNI Domingo Deportivo: Fut-bol, Toluca vs UNAM: resumen semanal (2 00) 45875. 494310 03 Access Hollywood: House tours (CC) (1 00) 55691 (33 Police Academy: The Series (Repeat) (CC) (1 00) Q9 Hermitage Masterpieces: ' Highlights ot the Masterpieces" The Hermitage collection is among the finest m the world 9981 707 QI Joy el Music AMC Movie: Tanan and the Leopard Woman (1946) Johnny Weiss-muller Natives aim to sacrifice ape man. Jane and Boy (Adventure. BW (1 30) 227610 BRAV Movie: Journey of Hope (1990) Necmettin Cobanogiu Turkish couple and son cross Swiss Alps illegally (Drama. (2 00) 346542 CMTV Stone Country 70815 CNN CNN Sundry DIS Baby-Sitters Club (CC) 372455 OSC Guillotine Documentary explores the history of me once-popular method of execution. (1 001 239320 E Gossip Show 276287 ESPN Ante Racing NASCAR Food City 500 From B'ftoi lenn (Uve) (CCH3 30I68KS8 ESPNJ Ultimate SailuaJ EWTN Mass FAN Movie All the flight Moves C&83) Tom Crinse Coach opposes stew-town toomad hero s dram (D'?ma R 2 00 1 963900 FOOD Geennet Getaways c 90) Fl SaeerceUectort 5854271 HGTV Hemewite .72436 HIST Hitler s War Machine U-ioits German submarines pev on Aiiied warships and convoys (1 00) GD Movie: The Maverick Queen (1956) Barbara Stanwyck Pinker-ton man meets saloon queen who knows outlaws. (Western, (2:00) 19349 m 43 TBN Adrian Rogers (1 00) 22 UNI Camera Inlraganti 03 Movie: The Owl and the Pussycat (1970) Barbra Streisand. Uptight would-be writer rooms with part-time hooker (Comedy. PG, (2 00) 46542 (33; Beverly Hills, 90210 (SS) (CO BO Movie: A Mother's Justice (1991) Meredith Baxter. Woman hunts man who has raped her daughter. (Docudrama. (2:00) 62900 '39 Movie: Scenes From a Mall (1991) Bette Midler. Trendy L A. couple bare their marriage at the mall. (Comedy, R. (2:00) 24639 CB High Goal Polo 80287 3) Catholic Man A4E Movie: Wait Until Dark (1 967) Audrey Hepburn. Blind woman has apartment intruders, looking for heroin doll (Suspense, PG, (2 00) 862287 AP Movie: Lassie: The New Begin-ningWS) John Reilly Collie shepherds orphans after tragedy on way to California (Adventure, (1 30) 842962 BET Real Business 814981 CNN CNN Late Edition (CC) (1:00) 875146 COM Movie: The Couch Trip (1988) Dan Aykroyd Escaped mental patient poses as L A psychiatrist (Comedy, R, (2 00) 9939287 CSPN Public Attain 2184184 DSC Invention: The taxi meter: an alternate-energy aircraft: ultrasound uses 515252 El Talk Soup Weekend 194639 ENC Movie: The Cheap Detective (1978) Peter Falk. 1940s private eye acts like screen Humphrey Bog-art (Comedy, PG, (1:45) 2091487 ESPN2 RPM 2Day EWTN La Santa Miss Oesde Santiago (1 00) FOOD Julia Child FX Collectibles Show 5278455 GOLF Goll Channel Academy HB03 Movie: Bophal (1993) Danny Glover African township laces apartheid in 1980s (Drama PG-13. (2 00) ICC) 2117252 HGTV This Old House: Artie insulation the Lexington Hotel. Chicago 39165 HIST Guns That Tamed the West Colt. Remington and Smith t Wesson produce weapons (1 00) 11271 LIF Movie: Indiscretion of an Amer-KanWife (1998) Anne Archer A woman must choose between her husband and lover (Romance. (2 001 942417 MAX Movie: The Yearling (1946) Gregory Peck Pet deer changes Florida farm family (Drama. G. (2 101 84181271 MSNBC MSN8C Special 7132455 MTV Jams Countdown 433184 NIK Rocke s Modern life (CC) 513894 NOS Oultt In a Day 447233 RCN Rich Man. Poor Man 5086946 SC Sports News 554097 SCFI Web 7975455 TCM Movie: Angels With Dirty faces (1938) James Cagney Boy turns gangster buddy turns priest. (Crime drama B W. ( 1 45) 5236146 TLC to Vila's Home Again iCC) B?73?0 TNN NHRA Today 3225? TNT Movie: Theltotist (1973) Enen Bursty Jesuits try to save a possessed girt iHorror R. (2 30) 2S03O9 TRAV Historic Traveler 1 72 1 829 TVL Creea Acres 2217184 entist snows space travelers a bad sa-fifiim (Comedy PG-13. (1 15) ICC) 85184610 TIC Hometime ICC) 667320 TRAV On We lease a Wildest Amte 7541 261 WGN Pinky I Hie Brain (CC) 898207 Noon f Itsaes and IN Media T PensactU Wings 1 Geld 89811165 TNN Race at tie Weak Coooer Wond Cassc H From Phoenix (1 00 1 73165 TRAV Be Detssa s America 7127523 2 pjn. C2" Trtsmc (1 00) (' 00 1 fj f NBA Showtime 10 Travel Uedete Tf Jay el Mauc With Diane lisk (1 00

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