The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 177
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 177

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 177
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Thurber's daydreamer as sea captain, surgeon, RAF pilot. (Comedy, (2:00) 798184 AP Mother Nature 590097 BET Timothy Flemmlng 161436 CMTV Non-Stop Country 1250981 CNN CNN International CSPN CSPN2 Public Affairs 363165, 8109558 DIS Mickey's Mouse Tracks (CC) 538184 E! Gossip Show 240946 ESPN SportsCenter (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) 688287 O News (CC) (1:00) 11829 ( 6 i Today in South Florida (CC) (1:00) fT) Click (TO) TV Mass CB Sports Illustrated lor Kids Show (Repeat) (CC) 58184 CjT) Florida Outdoors QJ 45 TBN Rod Parsley (1 00) 23 La Santa Misa f Wall Street Journal Report 25523 fQ Larry Jones (33 6Q Captain Simian i the Space Monkeys 70368. 98813 39 All New Captain Kangaroo (Repeat) 50542 Q9 Kidsongs Television Show (CC) 92639 CD Robert Schuller (CC) (1 00) A&E Movie: Beat the Devil Humphrey Bogart. Absurd uranium-seekers meet in Italy, on boat to Africa (Comedy-drama, BW, (2:00) 414184 AP Jim Henson's Animal Show 18233 BET T.D. Jakes 997788 CNN CNN Sunday COM Movie: Real Life (1979) Albert Brooks. Docu filmmaker moves in with typical American family. (Comedy. PG. (2:00) 2409813 OlS Madeline (CC) 373184 E! Coming Attractions 340981 ESPN Inside the Senior PGA Tour (Repeat) EWTN Divine Mercy Chaplet EWTN (7:15) More Reflections FAM Ben Haden 672146 FX Trapper John, M.D. (1:00) 2311184 GOLF Goll Central HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures (CC) 876900 HGTV Hands On 23165 MAX Movie: It s Alive (1974) John Ryan Couple's first baby emerges with fangs (Horror. PG, (1:30) (CC) 428813 NIK Family Double Dare 498146 SC Sports News 338271 SH02 (7 05) Movie: Ronnie and Julie (1 997) Ten Garr Love happens between teens from rival political clans (Romance, PG, (1:40) 22453900 SUN Public Affairs 494829 TBS Jetsons 423982 TVL Mannii 9160417 UNI El Chava 731184 USA Ultratorce (CC) 223964 VH1 SoulefVHI 515977 WGN Oral Roberts 368252 7:30 a.m. fT Wishbone (CC) 62349 (T Feed the Children HBO Babar 862707 HB03 (7:45) Movie: Police Academy Citizens on Patrol (1987) Steve Guttenberg, Misfit citizens and officers do crime-watch. (Comedy, PG. (1:30) (CC) 70244368 HGTV Hands On 35900 NIK You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown 400981 RE01 Movie: Event Horizon (1997) Laurence Fishbume. Rescue party encounters supernatural forces in space. (Science fiction. R, (2:00) (CC) 875441 TBS Scooby Doo 778879 USA Oouble Oragon (CC) 684731 WGN Singsationl 450287 8 a.mY fT) Barney 6 Friends 65875 (T B. Smith With Style O GD Today (CC) (1:00) 12558. 30900 CD FAM Charles Stanley (CC) (100) ("10 Vision and Values (CC) (1:00) tB Bill Nye the Science Guy (CC) 65900 (17 Computer Chronicles (CC) fft Down Home Television (1 00) JO 45) TBN John Hagee(100) 3 UNI Plaza Sesamo (1:00) 317726. 148610 S3 Robert Schuller (CC) (1.00) 939962 QQ Dr. Kennedy (1:00) (33 D Mask 65829, 87146 39 Van-pires (Repeat) 47558 ffl Arthur (CC) 60900 Gil On Main Street AMC Movie: Mark of the Gorilla (1950) Johnny Weissmuller. Junglt Jim and aide recover queen's gold from Nazis. (Adventure, BW, (1:15) 9588726 AP Madison's Adventures Growing Up Wild 21146 BET Rod Parsley 811894 CNN Sun. Morning (2 00) CSPN Washington Journal 49405 CSPN2 America A the Courts 5728542 OlS Bear In the Big Blue House (CC) 479707 E! One Day at a Time 446504 ESPN ESPNEWS ESPN2 Spanish Fly (Repeat) EWTN Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Mass (1 30) FX Eight Is Enough 2312813 GOLF Golf Central HBO Movie: Memoirs of an Invisible Man (V992) Chevy Chase Spy chases stock analyst made invisible (Science fiction PG-13, (1 45) (CC) 9747558 HB02 Boiing: Lennox Lewis vs Shannon Bnggs Heavyweights From Atlantic Cty Lewis (32-1 26 KOs) defends his title against Bnggs (29-1, 24 KOsl. 12 rounds (Taped! (CC)(1:30) 9049523 HGTV New Yankee Workshop (CC) 36078 HIST History Showcase (1 00) 399455 NIK Moppet Babies 510707 SC Preseason Baseball: St Louis Caidinets at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Repeat) (3 001 348368 SHO Mrs. Piggle-Wiajle (CC) 152707 STARi Movie: Raising Arizona (1987) Nicolas Cage loser and wile hidnip Quintuplet from store fT) Headline Newt m Blostom (CC) SSi U.S. Farm Report (1:00) Qy Blessed Assurance (1:00) AP Bock Staghorn's Animal Bites 950455 BRAV Junket Whores 238813 CNN CNN International DIS Ink S Paint Club (1:00) 230271 EWTN Crucial Questions, Catholic Answers GOLF Goll Channel Academy HB03 Movie: Hardbodies (1984) Grant Cramer. Aging swingers pay beach bum to fill hot tub. (Comedy, R, (1:30) 7579320 HIST World at War (1:00) 155813 MAX Movie: Surviving Picasso (1996) Anthony Hopkins. A mistress stands up to the forceful artist. (Biography, R, (2:00) (CC) 208252 MSNBC InterNight (CC) 5830368 MTV Singled Out 983165 NIK Bob Newhart 574900 PLAY Farrah Fawcett: All of Ma RCN Isn't It Romantic? (CC) 6641225 REQ1 Movie: Soul Food (1997) Vanessa L. Williams. Sisters deal with family and romantic crises. (Comedy-drama, R, (2:00) (CC) 611320 SC Sports News 865981 SCFI Trailer Park 1448417 TVL I Dream ot Jeannle 9262829 USA Street Sharks (CC) 336233 WGN Cimarron Strip 232639 5:30 a.m. CTi Coast Guard (Repeat) (J Lite Signs 56875 (J5J America I Black Forum 54417 f 7 1 Headline News B Better Homes and Gardens (Repeat) (CC) 96417 53 UNI Notlciero Univision: Edl- tidn Nocturna (Repeat) EO Honey. I Shrunk the Kids (Fiepeat) (CC)(1:00) AP Buck Staghorn's Animal Bites 580610 BET Don Stewart 168349 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) ENC (5 45) Movie: Tike Her She's fin(1963) James Stewart Father spies on teen daughter studying in Pans (Comedy, (145) 36218233 EWTN Feminism I Femininity: A Catholic Perspective GOLF Golf Channel Academy MTV Singled Out 930287 NIK Newhart 678455 SCFt Beyond Reality 8096469 SHO? (S 35) Movie: Bmgo(m) Cindy Williams A dog follows a family to me new home (Comedy. PG 11 301 86734523 STAR 15 45) Hollywood One o One 6279? TBS GemerPyle .212813 TVt t Dream 4 Jeanne 7150436 6 a-m. C2 6reendlig Marsh (CC) 1?2 t- T Sinesaflenl n O TM " Hwn a. Rebecca s Garde (Repeat) X 'T WCWPreHOOi O fT) All News Channel (1 00) f f) Cemm Helm Board (8 00) CO SD 45 TBN Mac Hammond 5 0 Ml Zt fJJ Aedemetrve Life 6r0?B7 3a IngMee Snvy Wth Belle X ?9 l Every Voice - & Slrytime CC) "504 fti 00. '69558 Al esreern tor Ke i 00) Jf AMC Mew TV W rf ( If f i T SvaiHv fJn1"i tienny Me I ESPN2 Auto Racing: NASCAR Moore's Snacks 250 Grand National series race, from Bristol, Tenn. (Taped) (2:00) 6366566 EWTN Fatima and the Family FAM Benny Hinn 839504 FX Collectibles Show 3800813 GOLF Golf Talk Live (Repeat) (1:00) 928962 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel (CC)(1:00) 584417 HB02 (6:15) You Don't Have to Die (CC) 6594436 HIST Movie: The Immortal Battalion (1944) David Niven. British subaltern leads recruits against Rommel. (War, BW) 910097 MSNBC Morning Line 3236875 MTV Music Videos 892146 NIK Gullah Gullah Island 671542 SC Sports News 434694 SH0(6:15) Movie: Summer School (1987) Mark Harmon. Gym teacher must teach English to misfits. (Comedy, PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 32383349 STAR7 (6:15) Movie: They Might Be Giants (1971) George C Scott. Shrink helps ex-judge who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes (Comedy. G, (145)(CC) 27208078 TBS Super Looney Tunes 21 5900 TCM Movie: Halleluiah (1929) Daniel L. Haynes Cotton-picker preacher meets temptress and her man. (Musical. BW. (2:00) www 6279436 TNT Scooby Dooby Doo! (2 00) 778900 TVL White Shadow 6705184 UNI La Santa Misa 989894 USA CNet Central 213542 WGN World Ahead 523252 6:30 a.m. (J Shining Time Station (CC) 39523 f 4 Christians In Our Community fj Travel Update 88813 ( 6 , Better Homes and Gardens (Repeat) (CC) Til) In the Spirit Herbal Sensatie 03 America's Black Forum 95894 73 Oscar's Orchestra 33349 Zone 68184 39 Betweee me Lines 13523 CQ Reading Rainbow 55610 AP Once Upon a Tree 8504 BET Ciefle A. Dollar 363287 CNN Etta Ktensch (Repeat) 404287 OlS Katie and OrWe (CC) 643455 EWTN Papal Audience EWTN (f S Caminanda caw Jesus FAM lets Levitt 968455 HB02 II 451 A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Beck (CC) M 15i .31719946 HB03 Movie: Onct Upon a Forest (193) Ciwwation crowds mouse, moie heflgmog badger Ammated UrU'i & (1 15i 7D46&79 HGTV Simply Quits NX lieesCMes?eM17 TBS Sneer leeway Tunes 3?88'3 TMC Movie Hud , 1 963 Paul Newman Tinas came raider's son arts rotten iD'a-na BW ,1 55) iCC) 77";84 UW Ncettra Famihe uiS'5 USA em Mai C-i ' r't5 Wt Key at David ttiK-li 7 turn. f 2 Meadwg Kaweew (CC) ,"feM2 Peer Pressure Protestant Worship CD 'rd Al Show (CC) 37691 17 Boat Shop 3 UNI El Club di lot Tlgrttos .82894. 710691 f3 investor's Weekly 17558 (5 Rev D S Mendefl 33 fD Extreme Ghostsusters :- 5 77320 f39 Adventores el Oliver Twist .46349 CD Barney t Friends (CC) .71146 AP Jim Henson's Animal Show 37368 BET Greater St. Stephens Baptist CHerc 959523 CNN roar Money (Repeat) 37S033 OlS PBJ Otter (CC) .3501 E Behind the Scenes .3:788 ENC Movie Just You ami Vt Kid (19?9. George Bums Retired magnate (Co"ef!v PG-13. (1 45) (CCi 797351' TBSSceeeyDnel4787J TCM Mevie time Hmmen (1 933) Kamanne Hepburn Woman raises daughters w Cv- War New Eng-tana ir-jr-ia BW (2 00) TMC (B 25 Movie M,:'-fic i 969i jets4 L"je Ocago iewver ow--" tier tym for no-ca.n c"5 iD-9ia PG 13. (?1'm .3"50Sf"5 TNT Sill-gee s Island .rrs"5 TVL My Three Sens .r?'4'A7 USA Wmg Cemmennet Academy vaudeviHia tnd$ g"i v tryn of car iComefly-drar-j P5 (1 5i a".'t ";6 ESPN tmiee the PGA Teet WTN Hety ftesary f TH (7 S) Etrii Metiers FAM 0t Kennedy GOLF Ueeerveenl rVttwl

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