The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 1, 1968 · Page 1
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 1

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Friday, November 1, 1968
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The Palm Beach Post Complete Stock Market Pages 3 1-35-36 SERVING THE HUB OF FLORIDA'S FABULOUS GROWTH AREA VOL.LX.NO. 190 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1968 50 PAGES-: -PRICE TEN CENTS dent Order .JjiSlL Thumbnail Editorial One thing wrong with this country today is that too many liars are "telling it like it is." TID 0 .rresi hi Bombi 0 N. Yieta am -Dig Peace Parley To Push For 2 Main Goals ''v;:-rJ Paris Peace Talks To Be Broadened WASHINGTON (UPI) President Johnson Thursday night announced a complete halt In bombing of North Vietnam starting at 8 a.m. today and a broadening of the Paris peace talks to include the South Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. In a nationwide broadcast just five days before the presidential election, Johnson said the United States had made it clear to Hanoi that productive talks could now begin next Wednesday but could continue only if South Vietnam cities are not shelled and the Demilitarized Zone is respected. The President's long-awaited announcement of a break-through in the Paris discussions was accompanied by a warning that there was no agreement on a ceasefire and as Johnson put it "there may well be very hard fighting ahead." But he said the time had come to test North Vietnam's good faith with a bombing halt and "to try to ascertain if an early peace j - ! p i 1 , .... , p h'V i .... . I t X . . (APVIrepholo) ANNOUNCES HALT President ment of North Vietnam. During the Johnson was in conference Thurs- presidential announcement, still day night at the White House with photographers were not permitted military advisers before announc- to make photos, ing a complete halt to all bombard- 23 Die In Reds' ; Rocket Barrage i -tt NGUYEN VAN THEEU i: President Johnson's announcement on Vietnam. Spokesmen said al least 20 persons were killed In the Cho-lon district about 6:30 a.m. Friday by the impact of a 122 mm. rocket. Undetermined numbers of wounded lay In the wreckage, they said. The shelling first since RAMON NOVARRO telephone Wednesday night. Mrs. Shannon said Novarro was working on his autobiography and was in no financial trouble. !fc tin- i rz.' -! M 0 1L Saigon Weighs Johnson Action SAIGON (UPD Communist gunners fired at least 14 rockets Into Saigon Thursday and early Friday, killing 23 persons on the eve of Vietnam's biggest national holiday. The attack broke a two-month lull in rocket bombardments of the capital and continued as the world awaited 3 i 1 9 Aug. 22 began at 9:30 p.m. Thursday with a barrage of seven powerful rockets Into scattered sections of the city. Two children were killed and six others wounded In the first wave, spokesmen reported. The rocket barrage continued as President Johnson announced on national television that he had ordered a total bombing halt of the North and that expanded Paris peace talks, including the Saigon government and the Viet Cong's National Liberation Front, would begin on Wednesday. After the Initial barrage, four more 122mm. rockets slammed Into Tan Son Nhut airbase at the edge of the capital at 1:23 a.m. but caused no reported casualties and only light damage. About five hours later, three more rockets whistled into the city, Including one that killed 20 In the heavily populated Cholori sector, primarily a Chinese residential district. Another rocket killed one and wounded four at the southeastern edge of the city about 6:45 a.m. Chiang's 81st TAIPEI (UPD Nationalist Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek spent his 81st birthday quietly with his family Thursday while the nation celebrated with mass rallies, stage shows and fireworks. The generalissimo, his wife, two sons and grandchildren remained aloof from the clamor at an undisclosed resort In southern Formosa. People Speak Sports 29-33 :: Stocks 34-36 Theaters 39 : Today's Activities .... 18 g TV Clock 24 g Weather Map, Table ... 25 xj Women's News 9-11 Old-Time Idol Of Films Slain PARIS (UPI)-U.S. and North Vietnamese negotiators today plunged into immediate preparations for full-scale peace talks on the Vietnam War. Diplomatic observers to the "official conversations" that have gone on in Paris since May 13 said the immediate aim to the broadened talks, which will Include represonta- Hopefuls React To Halt Cautious hope could best describe comments by those candidates for major offices who could be reached Thursday night on President Lyndon B. Johnson's announcement of the bombing halt In North Vietnam. Former Gov. LeRoy Collins, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, said: "The President's report on the Vietnam war sounds very encouraging and we all hope and pray that this is the beginning of the end of our military involvement there." Collins said he would have further comment at a press conference scheduled for II) a.m. today in Gainesville. U.S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers, seeking re-election to his Ninth District seat, said: "All Americans, I am sure, want an honorable end to the war in Vietnam as soon as possible. I would hope, however, that with the halt of the bombing that definite assurances of reciprocal action on the part of North Vietnam have been obtained. Robert W. Rust, Rogers' Republican opponent, was reported on a campaign swing through St. Lucie county, and could not be reached. Although U.S. Rep. Edward J. Gurney, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, could not be reached Thursday night he made several comments on Continued on Page 2 Where Is Tullahoma? The Palm Beach Post Times' Seventh Annual Fun'n'Sun edition will he published on Nov. II) and the mailing list is growing by leaps and bounds. Hundreds of local and area residents want friends and relatives who live in other states and even foreign countries to know what it's like here in this fine section of Florida. It has become almost a tradition to send this showcase edition each year. Mr. Charles Bo ho of Tulla-homa, Tenn., is on the mailing list. A friend in Lake Worth is going to have us send him a copy. Tullahoma is a fair-sized town of 13,637 inhabitants located in south central Tennessee. It is situated at the junction of I.S. Alt. 41 and State Route 55 and some 16 miles southeast of Shelhyville. .VI r. Bono will receive his Fun'n'Sun in a special colorful wrapper and inside he'll find hours of exciting reading all about the Palm Beaches and surrounding area. Dozens of sparkling pictures some In full color will catch his eye. And he'll be real pleased his friend In Lake Worth was so thoughtful. It's easy to send the Fun'n'Sun. We do all the work. Simply use the coupon ads that appear regularly in the paper. Single copies mailed in the continental U.S. are only 35 cents each with a reduced rate (or multiple orders. Foreign mailing is only 50 cents a copy. Want to make a far-away friend happy? Mail the Fun'n'Sun. But don't delay. November 10th is getting close. tives of the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese government will be twofold: Agreement on a ceasefire. President Johnson said this had not been agreed to as a premise for his bombing halt experiment. And laying a groundwork for a political solution to the war. Communist and Western diplomats alike hailed the total bombing halt ordered by Johnson Thursday night as a major step towards peace. Both U.S. Ambassador W. Averell Harriman and Hanoi's chief negotiator, Xuan Thuy, rushed to their offices early this morning to begin immediate preparations for the full scale peace talks, which Johnson said would begin Wednesday one day after the U.S. presidential elections. The diplomatic observers said Harriman and Thuy would likely contact one another shortly to work out technical arrangements for expanding the talks. Johnson said In his televised address he had reason to expect Hanoi would begin "prompt, productive, serious and intensive negotiations in an atmosphere that is conducive to progress." Neither Harriman nor Cyrus Vance, the number two U.S. negotiator, would comment on the President's speech. An aide said both men listened to the President's speech over a portable radio. "They were glued to it," the aide said. Thuy was informed of the President's speech promptly by newsmen. The North Vietnamese negotiator was believed to be In communication with Hanoi on arrangements for the first session of the full scale peace talks. The North Vietnamese delegation was expected to outline its position on the next stage of the peace talks at a news conference later today. Pham Van Ba, the head of the newly-opened NLF information center In Paris, was expected to sit in at least on the Initial stage of the peace talks. The Saigon government was expected to be represented bv Its chief observer here, Pham Dang Lam, currently In Saigon for final consultations. President Johnson's decision to halt the bombing of North Vietnam was regarded here as a major personal success for Harriman and Vance. Both men have long urged Washington to take such a step to get the Paris talks off dead center. Sub Paris Sighted WASHINGTON (AP) - After a five-month search, the Navy announced Thursday it has spotted pieces of the vanished nuclear-powered submarine Scorpion about two miles down on the floor of the Atlantic. Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, chief of naval operations, said "Objects Identified as portions of the hull of the submarine USS Scorpion have been located about 400 miles southwest of the Azores in more than 10,000 feet of water. The find was reported Wednesday night by a Navy oceanographic research ship, the Mizar, which has been scanning the bottom with underwater cameras, magnetic sensors and sonar gear. "Mizar reports that the submarine's location has been confirmed by means of remotely controlled photography," Moorer said. Egypt Adds Tax CAIRO (AP) The Egyptian government announced Thursday the imposition of surcharges to "further the contribution" of the people to Arab efforts against Israel. The added taxes are on electric and water bills, passports and club membership fees. is possible. He said he had acted on "unanimous military and diplomatic advice and judgment" ol his advisers, Including Gen. Creighton W. Abrams, the U.S. commander In Vietnam. The military, he said, had assured him of his oft-stated condition that a bombing halt would not result in Increased American casualties. "We could be misled," Johnson said, "and we are prepared for such a contingency. We pray to God it does not occur," While not setting a deadline for results, the President recalled the prolonged Korean negotiations of 1951 through 1953 and said: "Our people will Just not accept deliberate delay and prolonged procrastination again." "What we now expect what we have a right to expect are prompt, productive, serious and intensive negotiations in an atmosphere that is conducive to progress," he said. Official sources said the United States has reason to believe the over-all tempo of the fighting will be reduced, although heavy fighting was expected In the future. It was clearly up to Hanoi to stop shelling South Vietnamese cities and eventually to withdraw forces from the DMZ, although officials said this aspect could not be called a "tacit agreement" or even "conditions." They were merely positions made plain to Hanoi. The only firm agreement reached with Hanoi concerned the seating of a South Vietnamese delegation, which the President said would play "a leading role" In future talks, with the National Liberation Front political arm of theViet,Cong, also present. It was not disclosed here exactly how the seating of both antagonists was arranged except that it Involved a "your side, our side" formula. The presidential order, coming exactly seven months after his March 31 speech withdrawing from politics and restricting the bombing of North Vietnam, affects all air, naval and artillery bombardment of the north. The President said that "I cannot tell you tonight specifically In all detail why there has been progress In Paris" thai prompted his decisions after consultation with his top advisers and U.S. allies. But the dramatic break came last weekend. Russia's exact role in the Vietnam developments was not Immediately clear. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin met three times during the past two weeks on Oct. 19, 21 and 22. U.S. officials conceded the sessions were to keep the two great powers Informed of progress In the delicate negotiations leading to an end to the bombing. But they said they did not know how much pressure the Soviets had brought on Hanoi. Johnson said that since his March 31 speech he and his administration were careful to make sure that "no one (polltl cal) candidate would have the advantage over others" In his efforts to achieve a breakthrough toward full-scale peace talks. But there were sure to be political repercussions from the timing of the bombing halt. Senate Republican Whip Tl.omas Kuchel said he and other legislators as well as the American people surely approved Johnson's move. But Sen. Bourke Hlckenlooper, Iowa, ranking Republican on the Sea-ate Foreign Relations Committee, charged the bombing halt was politically motivated. i i HO CHI MINI! and only active battleship, the 5t,000-ton New Jersey, which entered the war only a month ago. Johnson's order will ground an estimated 800 to 1,000 Air force, Navy and Marine Corps planes from flying missions over the North, Whi'ihci" ihi'if will be d iv:-back In air power deployment was not immediately known, but presumably some of the warplanes that normally fly missions over the North will be used to attack Communist Infiltration routes, supply trails and storage areas In Laos and South Vietnam. Israelis Raid Egypt TEL AVIV (AP) An Israeli commando unit slipped Into Egypt Thursday night, blew up two bridges and a power station on the Nile River, and got back safely to Israel, the Israeli army announced here. The government said the Israeli action, 144 miles north of the Aswan Dam, was reprisal for "a series of aggressive Egyptian acts" across the Suez Canal in past weeks. Mild Partly cloudy and mild through Saturday. Easterly winds 10-20 m.p.h. Predicted low this morning at PBIA 65, high this afternoon 82, low tonight 65. Temperatures recorded for 24 hours ending at midnight Thursday at Palm Beach International Airport, high 79, low 58. Humidity 60 Barometer 30.18 Wind: High 17; Low calm Prevailing Wind ENE Sunrise today 6:30 a.m.; Set 5:38 p.m. Moonrise today 3:46 p.m.; Set 3:17 a.m. INLET TIDES TODAY High 6:35 a.m.; 6:53p.m. Low 12:30 a.m.; 1:00 p.m. OCEAN TIDES TODAY High5:00 a.m.; 5:18p.m. Low 11:18 a.m.; 11:36 p.m. SAIGON (AP) President Nguyen VanThleu called South Vietnam's security council Into tp-secret session Friday to consider President Johnson's momentous decision. Thleu had been informed of the Johnson statement by U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker only a few hours before the presidential broadcast. While there was no Immediate official reaction, It was evident that the government of South Vietnam was deeply affected by Johnson's speech. The speech reached Americans in Vietnam live over the armed forces radio, but government stations did not lm-' mediately cany the news In Vietnamese. It was held up pending the outcome of the security council meeting. The council which only last Tuesday had met and rejected a proposed Joint communique on the bombing halt comprises all the senior South Vietnamese military commanders, plus the major Cabinet members. There was little outward excitement among American soldiers Interviewed In a limited sampling. Nobody said the pace of the war would slow or that he would get home any sooner. South Vietnamese Interviewed on the streets seemed to accept the Washington move as a step toward peace. But Johnson's acceptance of the Hanoi-dominated National Liberation Front at the Paris talks spread dismay among informed Vietnamese even though the President said their presence "In no way Involves recognition of the National Liberation Front In any form." i Whether the Saigon regime would take part In the talks under these conditions was evidently the major question facing the security council meeting. All Its members have stated publicly they would never recognize the front, although the government has also said It had no objection to front representatives attending the meetings as part of Hanoi's delegation. Johnson's order will affect seven air force bases In Thailand, two Air Force and Marine bases In South Vietnam, and three Navy 7th fleet carriers and 13 other ships In the Gulf of Tonkin. The ships Include the world's mightiest HOLLYWOOD (UPD Old-time movie idol Ramon No-varro was beaten to death Thursday in a brutal fight that rampaged through several rooms of his Hollywood Hills home. The one-time leading man of silent films and early talkies was bludgeoned on the head and shoulders, said officers who followed an extensive trail of blood through the actor's bedroom, den and living room. The body was discovered sprawled on top of his king sized bed. Novarro, who played dashing heroes on the screen among them the first "Ben Hur" also cut a romantic swath among Hollywood glamor girls and was the idol of millions of housewives. Police, who could not immediately find a motive for the slaying in the actor's $150,000 Spanish-style home, said he had been found within hours after his death. Novarro's pa-Jama-clad body was discovered at approximately 8:30 a. m. by the actor's male secretary, Ed Weber, who first called Novarro's brother, Ed-uardo, and then police. Hollywood Detective Chief Robert A. Houghton said he was brutally beaten and that furniture was overturned and the victim's glasses were broken. No weapon could be found, but officers said it appeared Novarro had bludgeoned to death after putting up a terrlf-. ic struggle for hi; life. Novarro, a lite-long bachelor, lived alone on winding Laurel Canyon Boulevard. He was last seen by his brother 10 days ago when he entered Good Samaritan Hospital for a routine checkup. "At that time Ramon seemed to be in good spirits and was given a clean bill of health," Eduardo said. Among the last persons known to have spoken to the actor before his death was a friend, Mrs. Leonard Shannon, who discussed a business transaction with the victim by POSl GEORGE WALLACE said Thursday he and Gen. Curtis LeMay could take some credit lor Hanoi moving toward settling the war; Vice President Hubert Humphrey assailed what he called Richard Nixon's doctrine of unemployment; Nixon promised to cut housing program red tape and help people own their homes Page 18 COLLINS INVADES rival's home territory; Gurney predicts victory by 125,000 votes Pages 39, 14. Bridge Column . . . Classified Ads . . . , :: Comics :j: Crossword Puzzle . . Editorials, Columnists : Horoscope . . , . News Of Record . . S Obituaries . 37 41-49 . 37 37 . t J7 36 25

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