The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 153
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 153

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 153
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Page 153 article text (OCR)

r 1 HOEST AND JOHN REINER HOWARD HUGE9 mi ImllfilllH "H 3 1 used to have a photographic memory, but I ran out of film." "Of course the stock you picked went i It sells your dog food." "But what if if Just 7 AttioP" MFOmUDM FOB THE MIHT EVBTX (e-VTSS-b) Tablets Genenc lamr talontant tiyorocMondt reormed rjf ofha comptaaia reoorted durmg dracal triaK Ccflrjtaints that earn reoorksd about as often wrtti placebo (sugar pa)) as with EVISTA are not discussed hem. It s important to talk with your doctor about possible side effects If you want to read mora, ask your doctor or pharmacist to give you the professional labeling. Most patants toejratc treatment with EVtSTA very wed. The maionty of stoe effects at came trials with EVISTA have been mid. They (M not usually cause patants to stop taking the rnetfecioon. baabA ' " " alas CIMVfS eaajenaai Mvimii ear reaeaaj un ctoia sa eus mwMi Please read this intomanon careruey before yon begin tatanfl P1STA. t a eiajuute to road the riforrnation each btra your prescnpbon a refuted in case utormanon a avaaaoe. Tha summary does not tel you everythaig acout EVISTA Vow doctor your bast source or eitormanon about tha medians You should aft weti ban or tm betore you bagel Wang EVISTA and a reguar crackups pmat a witoiw aaaaiaiaa i wain ana a trnuw EVIITA ibrm eely ay after aeeei Mta ta He akaaat I take EVttTA? Take one EVISTA tablet once each day. EVISTA can be token with or without food and at any time or the day. If you truss a dose, start taking the medicine agam as soon as possible, on your normal schedule. You do not have ID make up tor the rressed doss. It a ennonant to keep taking EVtSTX tor as tong as your doctor prescribes I EVISTA can prevent osteooorosa only you take it regularly EVISTA las bean prescribed speoncaiy tor you by your doctor Oo not r-rveyour medone to anyone atse. even t tray have i swnkar conortion it may tarn them. West aaaaal I aeaaj aaato taktag EVttTA? What taking EVISTA, you should avoid : being invnobde tor a tong erne, tor eaamcae. stayraj ai bad atler surgery or prolonged bed rest Bong anmooee may nervosa tha rut at Mood dots (such as dots a tha legs lungs, or eyes). You should stop taking EVISTA a Mast 3 days (72 hours) betore you pan on bang aianotae tor a long ame EVISTA therapy should only be started aoaai ater you am tar on your la and tuty mobae (see eVkat are Sa paaaakto eaaa etaacai el EVtSTAT) Whan traabng tor long penoos, i a enponant to get up and mow around paraxkcaHy. taking any tortn of estrogen trarjpy aa corras as a p. Daa or aiarAon. taking the Llmaiiaaiul luaaaig irataune dioastyranara. Ask your doctor I tart a anytreng aha you should (void whet taking tat meoone t you are taking aartaret or other ooumarM products (bknd tanners), your doctor may need to check your ptutraomnw ame rpro-bme") and adjust your medcra amen you arst start taking EVISTA You should M your doctor I you art taking any otrw nwtfcanes. I ar cm bece-ia eieaasat yea akeaM sat Wa EVISTA Do not sua EVISTA s you raw or rate bad Hood dots. I you we" be mrnoMl tor a long ame or a you have eve daaase. Your bones am constantly bang rebut First, old bene removed, then I a replaced with new bone. Tha process keeps your skeleton hearthy and strong. When the ovanes stop producing the tomaa hormone estrogen and a woman enters menooause. the body changes a many ways For example, bone may be lost faster than can ta replaced, causing the bones to grow thenar and weaker. Tha thrraig of the bones a called asanponss. At the start osteopoross has no symptoms However, as It gets worst II can cause broken bones (fractures) kading to pan and dnjabaty hactures due to osteoporosis often occur n the spina hip or arm. Fractures of the spine are often panful, and over bme they can cause Megrt loss and deformity. The spaa can curve and the body can become bent ova In addition to EVISTA your doctor may recommend other ways to help prevent ostecoorosrs. These may include takrig cacum or wtarrun 0 surxaetnonts, petting certain types Of ewrase. gurtbng smoking and among less aconot t youTipnnce arw of the tolowirv please contact your doctor saaajng of hands, feet or tegs abnormal bteetang from the vagma "breast pan or onianjeynenl aol k FVSTA? EVISTA a a medcine used by woran atta irarinparei Id praren osanrioross (thai, aaak boras). Hew taw EVttTA aart? H) most women. EVISTA stops ta toss of bora mat often occurs aftor menopause EVISTA acta Ha estrogen on the bones although buadt bona id a ass orient Iran estrogen. It a not moan EVISTA prevents fractures. EVISTA don not act aa estrogen on be braes or uterus. What does EVttTA eejl ear EviSTA wa not treat not EVttTA 71. taaa aeacto at treat era la 1 1 1 1 II II eaaa eaca af EVttTA? A ram but senous. uae sheet eaai EVISTA a blood don a the vans These brood dots can prevent bwod tow and cause sanous medcat pruuana c or mam Be aert tor botb of rouba Report these ar any other unuaual ade i EVISTA does not sbmutae ta breast or ta uterus Tha means tat some of ta common ade enacts at estrogen such as spotbng or menstrua-type baaong and bmast tenderness, may be evoded EVISTA tad not eicreass the roe tor breast cancer or cancer ot the ereng of me uterus a carat studaa up trough two and one-ftad years. your doctor arwiMdianli para a ta calves or ag saeelkng (tha can airjcaa Wc ctoo a tm legs) EVtSTA also lowers tc bknd level of total and UX. ("bad) cholesterol; t does not rase evcenon or MOL ('good) cnm-sienjl Uraae estmoens. EVISTA does not strnutaa ta breast or ta uterus. you axparance vagina Weeding or breast symptoms you should see your OocWr keep tno and a meocines out cK the reach of cfiiMren In case of overdose, cat your doctor hosnrta or poison control center enmeouwty Tha summary grves you some anportant tacts atnut your markcra t you have any ouestons. ask vour doctor II you want to read more, ask your doctor or pharmacist to grve you ta protessiona taoenng Uarature issued Oecemoer It 1997 sudden chest pan. atorvass of bmati or cougfang blood (tea can blood dots a tne wigs). changes a asaon (tas can aitacaei btood dots a ta eyes). t you lave taaa or any other eMeerns an Mrjng EVISTA. your eaaa dodor or phannacat as aooa as posaoa (see eVkat atesaM I Beeaaj EVttTA') Paants anno EVtSTA had a haiha uuj'aiM of hot fonhas than 121197 taa- PA 2090 AMP fFtlfiTED M USA lat ekaaW eel take EVttTA? DonottokeEVTSTA. unw you neve been Wd by your doctor tot you ro paeaea inenopauee. EVISTA a tor uae orey by aoman aear " TOO ARE ON CAM KCOME mOUM KfJMJSE tT COTIJ) ruWIi YOUR taasoRN oaj. a you have or have had blood dots tut reduced a doctors eaevent. These may exam dots n the ags lungs or evs (thruniuuaa or praaonsi Tanng EV!S" may eicngne the ma ot Ihne emd dots. These dots can cause serus made pooiena dnaoaty or daati tram a anyone your tamey mi a nraory of bood dots or t you have congestive heart latum ar actvt cancer you should dooas tha aath your docex if you have tver daease unless your doctor says a at ngnl ID be EVISTA. you am aaerga: a) EVtSTA or ID any agrarJanti a I. eig a DUcaM (sugar pmi The aooence on pacetn aae 10 and me ce of ontyibiaae mob parants nonceo rat aaa enact aany a tnar it aas enusua ear peasnts B develop not easnes ana ta em t Patients taking EVSTA had a tagha orxunaxe of aa cramps twi patants tatt O-. Fi Uy and Company zfl)r rasaraajoaa. X wt)S USA ing a pucem ifi varsts 7N mspacnvavi Lke irarkcrws EVtSTA may cause arte e"acts a came uetnnei Tha aum-awy does not avmoe at poaaw sot eaaas w EVtS 1A Yoar doctor has beaa EVtSTA (iauua Hf3) MO) EVTSTA' HQ) EVtSTA" ('

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