The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 137
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 137

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 137
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The band plays on: But wouldn't a record deal be great? f k 00;p nnn nf The bottom line is they'i movement, the Densive pop of hnttnm line is they're still : "tA 'A ill I'V-'s - k n w - .. - --.V -.--J' 'A,,! --.-W'V GREG LOVETTStaff Photographer Lead guitarist Andy Stein and Evi Weintraub have been working style. 'This (latest) CD is more streamlined . . . ' says Bill Meredith, female artists like Sarah McLach-lan, Shawn Colvin, even Jewel. You'll still find an occasional edge lyrically, but for the first time, Gin is writing love songs. More importantly, she's writing from her and her sister's experience, particularly when it comes to bad relationships. Songs like But I Stay and 1,086 brim with the tough, honest sentiment of two single women in search of romance. "It's definitely a little closer to me," Gin says of the album. One new band member likes what he's hearing. "This CD is more streamlined, a little simpler in its approach. They're doing that to break into radio," says Bill Meredith, a veteran local drummer who's sat in with the group the last few weeks. Waking Juliet is also unusual in how it was made. For the first time, they took an extended break from their relentless concert schedule to concentrate on the product. Gin and Evi even had to get day, jobs, working during the Christmas holiday at FAO Schwarz in The Gardens mall. Not that the sisters' situation has changed much financially. Now that they're back to playing full-time, they're bringing in anywhere from $300 to $500 a gig. That's better than other local bands, but once you split the proceeds, it's not much more than minimum wage. And the sisters freely admit they throw much of their earnings back into the group, covering expenses for everything from postage to new microphones. The third CD alone cost more than $5,000, although they hope to recoup that in sales. DO U at EfJewish smith Florida's Musical Comedy with 5$ mi to soften and focus INHOUSE's a veteran local drummer. Miami studio. Dowd's perspective today is that the women need to grow up and look beyond their cozy local fan base. "Let them go to some pool hall in Waco, Texas," he says. It's a lesson in appealing to the mainstream that other big-time Florida bands have learned. Bands like Gainesville's Sister Hazel, which only a couple of years ago was opening for INHOUSE at the Underground. But the sisters have already gotten the message from others, namely their bassist and drummer, who moved to Seattle last year partly because they saw the band going nowhere. "It dawned on us that what we really needed was a drastic change," Evi says. Gin put her thoughts in a song, A Little Crazy, that appears on the new album. "I'm on a tightwire and it's cutting deep into my skin But oh, it's so inspiringIt's something new, somewhere to begin." Waking Juliet is the result of that "something new." The album marks a major departure for IN-HOUSE. Now working in close partnership with Stein, an acoustic rock guitarist with a light jazz touch, the sisters have softened and focused their style to something in line with the Lilith Fair 4 a.m. S3 Backstreet Dreams (R) 4 a.m. IS Fire Biros iru-uj SATURDAY 10 a.m. 93 Swiss Family Robinson (G) Noon O Meatballs IN (R) Noon CD The Swiss Family Robinson Noon (B Sword of Gideon 2 p.m. & Meatballs 4 (R) 2 p.m. S Odd Jobs (PG-13) 4 p.m. 3) Young Doctors ki Love (R) . 5 p.m. (B Persuasion (PG) (CC) 8 p.m. a A Stranger Among Us (PG-13) 9 p.m. 3) Desk Set 10:45 p.m. S) Kagemusha (PG) Midnight CD Mannequin Two: On the Move (PG) Midnight S3 The Big Town (R) (CC) 1:30 a.m. (X Dark Passage 4 a.m. IB Second Fiddle without a car and checkbook. And while they pay the rent on a small home they share with two dogs Ralph and Alice they rely heavt- ly upon friends for rides. They nearly missed their Kravis Center debut in 1997 because they forgot to line up transportation. . "I look at everybody driving . and I think the most average human being has a car," says Evi in a rare moment of jealousy. That's why a lot of hopes are pinned on Waking Juliet, and the band is giving the album their hardest push yet. They're already lining up meetings with record stores and radio stations. A mailing to record companies is forttf-coming. But amid all the talk of future success, there's quiet recognition that if things don't work out this time, there's another musical ca-, reer to be had. A career that might involve only local bookings and, yes, day jobs, but a career nonetheless. "We've tried to figure Out different ways to be the band we've always wanted to be, even if it has to be on a smaller scale," Gifi says. It's a career best symbolized by the band's gig last weekend it,, the Underground, a club more in sync with the sisters' torn-jeans . spirit than the Yuppie-catering Cigar Bar. Here, INHOUSE wasn't pushed into a corner, but showcased front and center. Patrohs didn't smoke smelly cigars, but sang along with the lyrics. ; After all, success is in the eye of the beholder. ... Or as Gin says, "Even if we haven't inked the deal, we've lived the deal." .. C "LKfruMIC the - ltalian Longest Running Audience Participation 12:30 & 6 pm through May 10 LINE: 561-863-7723 - INFO.: 561-863-6474 .rithArveu bn4w o,.,cTnimDff Great ... Parsoni Kravis Cemei INHOUSE From 1J relationship," says Evi making a reunion a foregone conclusion. So, when Evi moved to Palm Beach County in the late '80s, Gin followed a few years later. By that point, Evi was a legal secretary, while Gin had abandoned fashion design and picked up a cheap guitar. , That first night together at home in Florida in 1992, Gin played a song and Evi immediately started to sing along. INHOUSE, named after those "in-house" jam sessions by their brothers, was soon born. "Everybody wanted to book us. We were the newest craze," says Evi. Adds Gin: "The twins playing guitar." : The duo was Simon and Gar-funkel-like: Gin wrote the music, Evi supplied the harmonies. Their songs reflected a range of influences, from the folksy musings of Janis Ian to the symphonic rock of Queen and Pink Floyd. Subjects tended toward the dark side: the secret life of a bombmaker, the victims of child abuse, the vicissitudes of vampires. ' "I think Gin writes about the derelicts of society and we put it to this happy music," says Evi, trying to peg INHOUSE's hard-to-cate-gorize style. Another label the band often employs is "acoustic alternative," a term that's an attempt to bridge their '60s songwriter sensibility with the '90s grunge movement. By 1994, the sisters decided to take their burgeoning club act to the next level. They hired a bassist (Phil Kalasz), a drummer (Steve Williams) and a lead guitarist (Andy Stein), giving their sound a rhythmic texture and melodic depth it previously lacked. They made their first self-produced CD, Five Wooden Chairs, and started to garner attention with out-of-town bookings and notices in music publications. They also made a pact of sorts: They dropped any thought of day jobs and pursued music full-time. The decision involved considerable sacrifice. For a period, Gin, Evi and two other group members shared a one-bedroom apartment and a single vehicle. Phone bills frequently went unpaid and health insurance was a distant dream. The sisters couldn't even afford a checking account. But instead of bemoaning their bare-bones existence, they saw it as an investment in their future. "If I thought for the slightest bit Because of an editing error, listings for this week 's broadcast movies were omitted Irom the Palm Beach County edition of today's TV Post. Here s a complete listing: SUNDAY m Th Mtovorick Queen Noon fB The Owl and the Puaeycat (PO) Noon B A Mother' Justice Noon 8. Scenes From a MaH (R) 2 p.m. Stanley alt (PO-13) 2 p.m. 3J Dogfight (R) 2 p.m. SB Without Her Content 2 p.m. M The Owl and tha Pussycat (PG) 3 p.m. (3; Hawe tne inareci (ruj 4 p.m. S3 Whan Hairy Met Sally . 4 p.m. 3J Homer a EooHs (R) 4 p.m. SD Web of Deceit (PG-13) 4 p.m. 9$bout Last Mght . .. (R) 5 p.m. (D Afne (PG) 7 p.m. 0 i Asteroid (CC) 7 p.m. Si IB Safety Patrol (CC) . (R) jil fo.'"' CT IjP ' ' 7TTr-i 'a a ' I I" H- - : - - I AT THE iTnTi GULFSTREAM DINNER THEATER 3625 S. Federal Highway Boynton Beach Thurs, Fri, Sat, 7 pm; Sun, Hear the band Call 511 and enter category 1 1 28 to hear , But I Stay by IN- 5il HOUSE. x-B-A 50$ for up to five minutes. See Page 2A for more details. that we weren't talented enough to make it in this industry, I wouldn't waste so much time on it," Evi says. The work kept coming, steady bookings in clubs from Miami Beach to Jupiter. The promise of something better also loomed. "They have always been the group that we're just waiting for to catch that break," says Cathy Vol-pe, co-owner of the Underground Coffee Works in downtown West Palm Beach, where INHOUSE is a regular. "It's not if it's going to happen, it's when." There have been lots of "whens" for INHOUSE in the last few years. Near the release of Five Wooden Chairs, a representative from Atlantic Records showed interest in the band and eventually got her boss to hear them at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. "Lemme tell you, we were so 8 p.m. O The Mosquito Coast (PG) 8 p.m. S Deed Connection (R) 9 p.m. (4 (B Chance of a Lifetime (CC) 9 p.m. (TJ83 Dangerous Minds (R) (CC) 1 a.m. 3) Killer Instinct (CC) 2 a.m. (D Prelude to a Kiss (PG-13) MONDAY t p.m. (Q Mickey 2 p.m. (X The Captive Heart 8 p.m. r No, No, Nanette 4 Ml IB No, No, Nanette 4 a-m. ffi Shipwrecked (PG) TUESDAY 1 p.m. Q Mandy 8 p.m. (X 83 What's Una Got to Do With It (R) (CC) 8 p.m. f Mght Tram to Munich 4 a.m. f Mght Train to Munich 4 a.m. S) Tha Color of Money (R) i puckv MUM io ww..'-- 9f iliniJIUUlllTiUUI TlWw-r" i jr-tPi mi, ini iJi Show, Dinner, Tax & Tip: Only $44.95 Group Rates: Great for Anniversaries & Birthdays DIRECT RESERVATION GROUPS: 561 - 845 - 2651 sure we were going to get that deal," says Gin, bright-eyed at the memory. But the verdict came back: "Too eclectic." By the time of INHOUSE's second release, The Beautiful Soup, Jon Stoll of West Palm Beach-based Fantasma Productions signed the group to a management deal. With his national connections, he lined up gigs opening for Fleetwood Mac, Ziggy Marley, Peter Frampton and the Neville Brothers. But when Stoll's other businesses got in the way he recently bought into the Miami Fusion soccer franchise he lost interest and severed his ties. "I think they're very talented. They deserve a (record) deal. Unfortunately, we got involved in other projects," he says. Perhaps most significant was when Tom Dowd, a legendary producer with album credits ranging from Aretha Franklin to Rod Stewart, came to the Underground to record INHOUSE live in concert. "Their lyrical concept is fresh, and the whole band is good," he told Billboard in 1996. "It would take others years to get where they are." So far, the tapes have gone no further than the shelves of Dowd's WEDNESDAY 1 p.m. ID Please Murder Me 2 p.m. OD That's Entertainment! (G) 9:30 p.m. JS Monty Python Uve at tha Hollywood Bowl (R) 4 a.m. 03 Mandy 4 a.m. W Night of the Warrior (R) 4 a.m. a Tha Gun In Betty Lou s Handbag (PG- 13) THURSDAY n m an lAfuMWi War Bride 2 p.m. 3) That's Entertainment Part 2 (G) 4 a.m. 03 Please Murder Ma 4 a.m. fa Deadfai (R) 4 a.m. 5 Newsies (PG) FRIDAY 1 p.m IB Second Fiddle 2 p.m. (3) Royal Wedding 9 p.m. fB The Man With tha Golden Arm 4 a.m. IB The Man With the GoMen Ann - llJ'TirJtf i ABC's Roth Mortin on "Ail My Children" Starring in Neil Simon's MARSHALL BORDEN f ind the vchitle of your dreams in The Palm Bcuh I'oM ("lawfic-ds. nxxr; i , Charge by Phone: Master, visa, Amex, uiscpyer I in M n ( ) tt fi n cjci 2 - A SJ IvVllSravis Center -Nov. i VlBawls feiiU h Singers mAi lUtoeBactiU' lSn Hobetts III v SS-0-5-"" . 5E i l t Exercise For Your Body Exercise For Your Mind II i . - MarlMHyiAy U 1 H2 M4 l31 r H Vinrrv

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