The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 129
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 129

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 129
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41 THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 1998 Ancient city's mosques, mystery captivating built in the 1450s, but take a quick 48 hours in ICTfinrn: ' ......... ;;;; . : t & traded it for three wooden spoons); and the porcelain museum. But the main attraction: John the Baptist's hand encased in a bronze cast (you can see the gray bones of the back of the hand) and part of his skull. Crowds also surround the brown-gold strands of Mohammed's beard encased in glass and his tooth kept in a gold box. Monday, midnight I woke up because my brass bed was dinging. I thought I must be moving, so I became very still. It kept dinging rhythmically like Morse code. I got out of bed and turned on the light. No dinging. I got back in bed, became very still and held my breath. It dinged. Ding-ding. Ding-ding-ding. Ding. Ding-ding-ding-ding. I finally went to sleep. Tuesday, noon The Covered Bazaar and the outdoor Egyptian Market. You could spend a day in this market, stroll through some of the 65 pedestrian lanes lined with 4,000 shops, and you get a peek at carpets, amber and onyx jewelry, gold jewelry, inexpensive leather bags and clothing, antique books good stuff and tourist souve nirs. You be the judge. Plan to negotiate to about 60 percent of the asking price. Tuesday, 4 p.m. Independence Street,' across the Golden Horn near the Pera Palas. Elegant 19th-century build ings with ornate stonework and bay windows line the pedestrian Independence Street, along with numerous galleries, movie the aters, cafes, and McDonald's, Bur ger King and a Pizza Hut. You'll want to walk around until it s time for dinner. Then stop in at any cafe. Tuesday, during the night No signs from Agatha. I think she gave up on me. N A T I O N A I Photo by CHERYL BLACKERBY You can see the bones of John the Baptist's hand at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. SPLENDOUR of the SEAS NIGHT CRUISE LJ INT E R 'SPECIAL! Includes Port Changes ppdblocc $1 airfare additional From 4 12 rnvrnv mu mm ma u vm vwmwmwmiWMWWViv mm iib ? K U Jul !JL ! 1,000 years later. Inside the church-turned-mosque, you can see the Byzantine mosaics that were plastered over in the 16th century by Suleiman but rediscovered in the 1930s by archaeologists. A marble column, the Sacred Column, near the entrance, supposedly "weeps." It has been caressed so many times over the centuries, there's a hole through it. Local tradition says that if you put your thumb in the hole and turn your hand clockwise, making a full circle, your wish will come true. It wasn't easy, but I did it. (And, no, my wish didn't come true. On my next visit, I'll try counterclockwise.) Monday, 2 p.m. Topkapi Palace. This is the city's No. 1 tourist attraction the official residence of sultans and their harems from the 1450s until 1868. It covers the top of Seraglio Point, overlooking where the Golden Horn and the Bosporus meet. You've got to see these sights: The Harem, a maze of 400 opulent apartments and courtyards with eye-popping mosaics; the throne rooms (the thrones were about 5 feet wide to accommodate the rotund sultans); the Treasury, featuring the 84-carat Spoonmaker diamond (legend says a pauper cold water into his nose three times, then rinsed his face, his arms up to his elbows and the top of his head, each three times. Then he took off his combat boots and washed his feet three times. It was an ancient ritual. When he presented himself to God inside the mosque, he would be clean. I hoped my morning shower would suffice, and just took off my shoes at the entrance and put a scarf around my head. Inside, you immediately see why it's called the Blue Mosque it's decorated with 20,000 gleaming blue Isnik tiles. The mosque took eight years to build, starting in 1609. I immediately looked heavenward to the cavernous domes and stained-glass windows. The three dozen tourists outnumbered worshipers, all men, who kneeled on prayer rugs. Istanbul has more magnificent mosques the Mosque of Meh-met Pasa, built in 1571, and the grand Mosque of Suleiman, which houses the tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent, are both designed by master architect Sinan. But tourists generally see only the Blue Mosque because it's across the street from the Hagia Sophia. Monday, noon The Hagia Sophia, the Church of the Holy Wisdom, was the world's largest cathedral until St. Peter's Basilica was built in Rome Five Star Travel has Penthouse & Category A Space with Complimentary Business Class Air No Single Supplements on Certain Categories Includes: Cruise, Port Charges, Round Trip Air (Business or Coach) Transfers & Shipboard Gratuities JiUKUrHi CALL NOW! IQQQO These won 'I last long. WW f UJtiJ night Post Venice Land Package .lfe a a fc u -f . - k t.t .t .J A 2 - D A Y EUROPE & TRANSATUANTIC CRUISES SAVE UP TD I PH & Cat. A also receive a 2 Call for Rates & Itinerary NORWEGIAN C R IM 5 I UNI C,7 U n Dxu o. June 7. 199S Lisbon, Corsica, MilanPortofino, Horence, Rome, Monte CarloNice (wtrnigk), Mallorea, Barcelona, Marseilles LOW, LOW RATES! Call 1-80O650-SAIL flBSMdioiw awilv Ships Beg Balmnai FL Seller of 1118427 mmm Air-inclusive bbbs Packages Nassau ciM Comfort Suites Paradise Island Ind (teily coitineital Beaklal valid 426 -1219198 pel oeiion n m ... Grand Cayman $289 pet pmon Steep Im Grand Cayman valid 414 . 1222'9fl Jamaica Quality Inn Montego Bay valid 415 -121498 pet pwson .ii'Si Comfort Suites Ocho Rios 2J9 VBlx) 413 1219B par p ion Comfort Inn 4 Suites Montego Bay valid 418 -122096 Puerto Rico . . Comfort Inn Tanama Princess 299 San Juan vma u 121498 P""""" Turks tV Caico.' ml ' Comfort Suites Turks & Caicos I- QC Ind. daily contmertalUeaWmt p3TpT. valid 420-121998 J CALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT OR 1-888-98-CH0ICE wmrfwr.ifBWitromMiafr'i Liurj tor specific ;3ffli 1aies thru Hec 1K PfUi may m la travel or wekfJs & loWavpef trts .enam reafCcosapjA Hates 5,0 set to cW without notes Oicce CantObi" Vac orjJ b Placti To "jwi tw k wJM Pjeno fl & Turn i Ca Kites rw Jfc US & iJlanJ depBrt'jeia8rartfeiias i1aai l, ( in . If you love water sports, golf, tennis,' duty free shopping, gaming, or just relaxing, welcome to our Paradise. ULANTT PARADISE ISLAND Run into sharks, barracudas, and $219 sea turtles on the way to one of our 12 restaurants. Let the current carry you down a lazy river ride. Stroll a seemingly endless beach. Largest casino in the Caribbean. Play championship golf. OCEAN CLUB $339 Old world luxury, romantic ambiance and the natural beauty of miles of secluded beachfront. PARADISE PARADISE $189 Free water sports, bicycling, volleyball and full use of the facilities at Atlantis. COMFORT SUITES r . $209 Free deluxe continental breakfast daily. All junior suites. Full use of the facilities at Atlantis. RADISSON GRAND RESORT $219 All rooms oceanview with balcony. Four restaurants, two lounges, adjacent to Atlantis Casino. BAY VIEW VILLAGE $189 CLUB LAND'OR $219 PARADISE HARBOUR Club & Marina $209 SUNRISE BEACH Club & Villas $209 All prices include: 2 days1 night, round-trip airfare from Ft. Lauderdale, airport transfers, air-conditioned hotel accommodations, 2-for-l coupons and more! Paradise IsiAf'D Sctyour travel atxnt oruil 1.800-722-7466 2 DAY VI SIGHT fcf pcrwt. drwMr occvpa.. Kit4 iJli 4rprtnrn ttJfidve 5'4 -fclK. efta 4mU Mt railaKtc eriuW mi MOi Mtfcharfrt vflr KM t per fttum for mutdxtnr) uicv friiiHtm awt tiirckrr Bmtt 1 pan a re Tn o( S19 pet penon m ikHmSHI STAYS AVAII.ABU I fui Rt UT ISTANBUL From II Monday, 8:30 a.m. A bus ticket was 60,000 lire. I was momentarily alarmed until I realized that was approximately 30 cents. If you have $5 here, you're a millionaire. ; I pushed onto the bus with 80 extremely polite men wearing three-piece gray suits, black leather jackets and some of the finest mustaches since Hercules Poirot. The old bus bounced across Ataturk Bridge, giving us a sweeping view of the Golden Horn an arm of the Bosporus, a strait between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. It's a much-filmed, glamorous waterway lined by steep hillsides with medieval palaces and the minarets of some of the city's 1,000 mosques. ; Small fishing boats bobbed in huge wakes left by rusty freighters traveling down the center lane, rusty ferry boats crossing diagonally and gleaming mega-cruise ships booming their horns to make all! the riffraff get out of the way. The lack of collisions was remarkable. :: Monday, 10 a.m. ; ; The Blue Mosque. The six minarets of the huge, gray building pierced the fog of the cold morning. .' A lone soldier sat in front of a faucet outside of the mosque. He washed his hands three times and leaned down to rinse his mouth three times. He breathed the ice- MOLDOVA rxL UKRAINE RUSSIA Black Sea Ankara y, ANATOLIA : TURKEY -1 Mttiitfrrfinfan . J SYRIA Sea "rS .'-s N.Y. Times News Service If you go Hotel: The Hotel Pera Palas' rates start at about $90. For reservations, call 011-90-212-251-4560. Dining: Stop for a lunch break at Konyali Restaurant inside Topkapi Palace. It serves traditional Turkish food and has a fine view of the Golden Horn. Prices are reasonable. The Pera Palas has hearty food at modest prices. Information: For more information about Turkey, call the Turkish Tourist Office at 212-687-2194. The Web site is IT.Wl-ii:IHIr. MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE VACATION Featuring ss Rembrandt a. Cruise RT Borrelona to: Nin Roto A SKityNoplei-PalmaitelMallora PREMIER si about 2 night houl ond CRUISES tour potlmg in Borwlono 9 Days Mar Itiru October, 1998 Includos Air from Miami $1199 NORWEGIAN" CIUIII UN! GRAND CANAL ADVENTURE Norwegian Wind - Sept H, 1998 Vontoover to Miami visiting: 20 Days Seattle. Son Frontisro: . r rom Puerto Vollorta, Mazonilk), Acopulco, MeiKO; Costa Rko, Pononw Canal; Cartogena; Grond Carman low ir Add 0ns ALASKA VACATION! S3 Cruises & Tours By Ship By Motorcoach By Rail 7Doys Portions 11, 12 U4 Don Fr. $599 rii' Fr. $1128 Coll for your FREE 32 Poge Brochure 1-800-444-5414 & PRINCESS CRUISES Fall '98 Caribbean MMtCMML SAS(M Sm PmcKi - Western RT Ft Lauderdale Cktio Rns, Grand Ceymon, Corumei, g Days ' t-.M. .iii from uawn rnmen - wmni nj i w won 2 mnereries - Miohugrm-Borixxxn St Urn. St Moerten or f'Tt",if -i ..I I. I ' il FREE BUS ost 3,447 N'gnt CruiMK (Sennrtwn tor srfuir shore F"- nmrne ta Florid! !T) MtuV Hrw Tnrt iBULClfl w (E03)3E law- .J it w - se- C. . t. . -t . (!tll alia) WW The "Grande Dame of the High Seas" is returning home to cruise the seas of Europe. So hurry. Hurry to explore the Old World in a style that brings back the glory days of cruising. Hurry to experience the i art deco ballrooms and Roman spa. The spa cious staterooms and endless decks of lavish extravagance. From the Mediterranean to the Baltic, nine grand voyages at the grandest savings ever. Never before, perhaps never again. A rare opportunity to cniise Europe aboard the last of the great cruise liners. . Call your travel agent or 1-800-327-7030 for information or a free brochure. Or visit And did we mention you need to hurry? THE NORWEGIAN WAY Sjiroig & FJ TraniAtlmflc - April JS; Oct. 10 Mdutrarwiin - June 7; July 8; Sept. 16, 28 NWkTTi Eurnpe ? Bruiii Lies - August 1 f , 23; Sept. 4 IV -Mitt m Iff' Kt i M W (in W IMW MC iriW S-S k"lu MM ft' -W? t.'mrf lt 7J1 lki!m nZ7','77' luii)st or 800 654-1231. WOULD WIM Wide Cruises Inc. at 954-720.9000 Or 800.882.9000 5 ' Cruises Inc. : I . Call World Exercise for Your Mind I Ik ". , TWADEWINDS TRAVEL SERVICE Local Agent for Sorwegian LAKE PRK TF.Ql'ESTA 845-8V51 746-9251 ,ct thowjihr prrwiking news jnj commrmarv home delivered by tjlling 820-4W3 i L

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