The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 65
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 65

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 65
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i 2D THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 1998 F Liz Smith Heimlich tactic Dogs seek quiet spot to hide, die Latest OJ. tome can save lives Man abuses dog ; by spiking water; Dear Ann Landers: Can animals get drunk? There is no one else I can ask without raising some suspicion. Our terrier, "Prince," was staggering around the house last night, bumping into things and acting very strangely. After a while. ear Dr. Fox: Our dog was only 3V4 years old is put on hold Dear Abby: A column you published in 1977 saved my life. I was 4 years old and having MM when we euthanized him after a heartbreaK ina four-month strueele with a rapidly-grow dinner with my family. My father noticed I was turning blue. My mother realized I was chok ing malignant tumor. It was an incredibly painful F YOU have been waiting with bated breath for ing on a piece of potato. Just the week before, I the book by Denise Brown and I do mean the B sister of Nicole Brown Simpson relax. This decision. About three weeks before his death, he made what we incredulously decided naving reaa aDout it in your column, she learned how to do the Heimlich maneuver. She per tome on O.I. infamy isn't coming right away. "nrn was a halfhearted suicide at- Judith Regan acquired the book in 1997 but flfj tempt. One evening,he took off formed it on me and dislodged r now tells me: "We will not be publishing Nicole s Story. Because of many competing demands for her the potato. Abby, please urge everyone he fell asleep in the kitchen but not in his usual place. It was likfc he passed out. The snoring was so loud, I was afraid it would disturb our upstairs neighbors; I could not figure out what caused this peculiar behavior until I checked Prince's water bowl. Sure enough, the watet-had been spiked with a generr ous amount of bourbon. I asked my husband, "Who could have time, Ms. crown nas not Deen able to complete the work at on his own, went arouna ro uie river, and disappeared. We searched and called with no response. Finally, we went to the ton of a 10-foot bluff over- to learn this technique. ln- oresent. and arrangements are grid, Wilton, Conn. Dear Ingrid: I'm delighted being made through her agent, Frank Weiman, to allow her to I V8 A looking the river and called him. you reminded me how vitally important it is to know the Ann Landers Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren Ask the Vet Dr. Michael Fox there he was, standing in chest-deep, cold, fast-moving water, hidden under some branches. The next morning he was Heimlich maneuver. For those who are not familiar with the Heimlich maneuver, call your American Red find another publisher. Denise has an important story to tell, and ReganBooks and HarperCollins wish her well." Wouldn't you like to know the real story behind this dignified announcement? MATT DAMON says we are liim i -iimiiiihi Y'-' Cross and ask for a schedule of classes. Brown Dear Abby: This is in response to "Examining Life in Ohio," who seemed to have a solid marriage, but didn't think she had married her "soul mate." his usual cheerful self, except for his symptoms. We. thought he had decided to kill himself, or at least to vanish. He was so perceptive maybe he saw through us and realized how upset we were about his impending, inevitable death. S.D.L. Dear S.D.L.: Your dog was very young to develop cancer I'm so sorry. But such instances in does and children are all too common and are the I am 60 years old and have had two husbands and six gentleman friends throughout the years. I have never felt the giddy, swept-away feeling of being "in love," and I've decided that's OK by me. Too many young women marry someone who "turns them on" only to find out some years later tragic price for our recent collective indifference toward those activities that chemically contaminate the foods we eat and give to our pets. Regarding your suggestion that your dog might after the passion wanes and they've married someone who lacks the qualities to sustain a longstanding, loving relationship. Done Examining, Whittier, Calif. have been thinking of suicide, I think some animals Dear Done Examining: I have received a flur do sometimes behave in ways that are comparable to a suicidal person. They become depressed and feel helpless and hopeless, but few have the means hmmbbbbbh done such a cruel thing?" He replied, "I did. It was an experiment. I wanted to see if booze affects animals the same way it affects people." Ann, I wouldn't feel comfortable talking to out-vet about this, but I really need to know how harmful is it? Married to an Oddball in Ohio Dear Ohio: Alcohol affects animals the sam$ way it affects humans. Prince was intoxicated. Getting an animal drunk is not amusing. It is abuse!. If this were reported to the humane society, Prince could be taken away. Please make this clear to youf husband. The man has either a screw loose or a serious mean streak. Dear Ann Landers: Our son, "Elliot," and his wife, "Jane," have been married for many years We have always had a close and loving relationship;. In order to visit them, which we enjoy immensely, we must drive quite a distance. No matter how long we are at their home, usually through lunch or dinner, they never offer us anything to eat. We have frequently taken Elliot and Jane to restaurant or brought fast food to eat while we are visiting. However, on the few occasions we failed to do this, they did not offer us so much as a glass di water. J I am becoming increasingly baffled by this ani-1 am beginning to dread our visits because of it. Elliot and Jane are very considerate of us in every other way, and I am at a loss to understand the reason for this peculiar and ungracious behavior. ; How can we let them know how much this bothers us without hurting their feelings or damaging the relationship? Wisconsin ', Dear Wisconsin: It has probably never occurred to Elliot and Jane to offer you something to eat on arrival because they assume you have stopped for something en route. ; Next time, before you head their way, I suggest ry of letters from readers who agree that a flaming passion is not the most important ingredient for a solid marriage. Read on: to kill themselves. I know of no animal who has thrown itself off a Dear Abby: I am a pastor and have been cliff or out of a high-rise window or has deliberately run into traffic. But some animals do seem to know that they are dying, and will sometimes wander off involved in marital and premarital counseling during my 10 years of ministry. My experience has to find a quiet, safe place to hide. taught me happiness and passion in marriages do not come from finding the "right" partner, but in BEING the right partner. Maybe your dog was going across the river to right. He won 't do a Calvin Klein underwear ad. But the young Oscar-winner wants it known he was not "hotly pursued" to pose in his skivvies. Calvin never even asked him. (Not that we wouldn't enjoy seeing the star of Good Will Hunting in his underwear either Calvin's or his own.) I LOVE my tipsters, including Camille Russo, who conducts a "relationship"-type show on WEVD Friday nights in New York City. (Y ou might know Camille by her married name; she is wed to the New York Post media expert Michael Shain.) Camille tells me that actor James Caan is having a second baby with his third wife, Linda. He has five children, including a grown son named Scott Caan. (Scott is making a movie with Will Smith titled Enemy of the State.) Caan himself, immortalized as Sonny in The Godfather, says he hopes this latest baby will be a girl "because I am tired of breaking in baseball gloves." AS THE Oscar tidbits dribble down to a precious few, here's an amusing sighting: The day after the awards ceremony, Titanic producer Jon Landau was spotted leaving the Four Seasons Hotel. In one hand he gripped a not-terribly-expensive-looking piece of luggage. In the other hand was his new gleaming Oscar. Landau seemed determined not to let go of his prize. In fact, when he drove off, both hands on the steering wheel, he was still grasping the gold. This is probably not the safest way to drive awkward to say the least. But, hey, how often do you win an Oscar? ENDQUOTE: "I wouldn't worry about your heart, Eve. You can always put that award where your heart ought to be." So said Bette Davis to Anne Baxter in All About Eve. Just a little humor in the aftermath of the exhausting orgy of self-congratulation that is Oscar. Today's birthdays: Former U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy is 82. Comedian Eric Idle is 55. Model Elle MacPherson is 35. Tennis player Jennifer Capriati is 22. find a quiet place to lie down and expire. Perhaps I once heard about a woman who was unhappy the cool water made him feel more comfortable. And, yes, maybe he knew he could drown. in her marriage and angry at her husband. When she went to her lawyer to begin divorce proceed Dear Dr. Fox: My cat, who is very affectionate and snuggly, likes to sleep in my bed under the ings, she asked what she could do to really hurt her lousy husband. The lawyer suggested that for the blanket. I let her do it, but I often wonder if it's safe. What do you think? B.B. next couple of months she love him and romance him with every ounce of her being, and once he was happy she serve him with the divorce papers. Dear B.B.: I would say it s relatively safe; cats need very little air when they're inactive. But are The woman followed his advice. Later she re turned to the lawyer's office. He handed her the you talking about a heavy winter blanket? There is a danger of a cat getting caught under a heavy blanket and suffocating, especially if it's a kitten, or weak or sick. divorce papers and the woman said "I won't be that you make a phone call and ask, "Will you have needing them now. We're getting ready to leave on our second honeymoon." The Rev. Scott Wooddell, Fort Worth, Texas Also, you don't say if yours is an indoor or a snack for us when we arrive, or should we stop at a restaurant before coming over?" ! Dear Rev. Wooddell: The secret to a success outdoor cat. With an outdoor cat, it may not be safe for you to have the cat in your bed, since she might bring home ticks (that can cause Lyme disease), As always, the best way to deal with a dilemma of this kind is straight talk. I am sure it will be ful marriage is two people willing to work and sacrifice for the happiness of each other. fleas, ringworm and other potential hazards. greatly appreciated. B Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care of Dr. Fox's column appears Sunday. Write to him Ann Landers' column appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. Horoscope by JOYCE JILLSON duties at work if you want a promo tion. Leos help with chores. Spend money, as you deserve new clothes and equipment. Money arrives from past projects. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Break down barriers by being more open with others. Organize yourself, and your productivity increases. Self- help ideas stir you to action. Lovers Engage in some -HEALTHY- conversation. need to talk. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Prestige is based on whom you know. Cultivate unusual interests. Sports and sporting events have intrinsic Cancer (June 22-July 22). Your parents are generous. Assume responsibilities now, and you have a much easier time next week. Abandon plans that require compromises. Attend seminars and lectures you'll find love and attract money, too. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). New love is glorious, but don't go wild. Sideline business interests become profit-makers. Emotional ordeals are over. Students receive special benefits. Your intuition is powerful. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Relatives desperately need help. Money mustn't be linked to love. Resistance disappears. Others succumb to your charm in love. Stop being so patient, as some co-workers may be taking advantage of you. Libra (Sept. 23 Oct. 23). Preserve your dignity, and refuse wild offers. You have a compelling idea. Go to top people, as underlings are jealous of your talent. Renegotiate contracts. Look for a better job. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Make allowances for others. Expand your If today Is your birthday: New love with a Sagittarian or Leo fires up your ambitions. A new job, or possibly -a new career in July, attracts money and prestige. Family pressure ceases when you reveal your innermost fears. Success comes through travel in June and September. Gifts from inlaws enable you to buy a new home this winter. Aries (March 21-April 19). Contracts are even better than you realize. Revolt against unfairness. Your word counts for more than you realize. Forget a bad personal experience by seeking new friends. Libras are lucky. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Put emphasis on those projects that have long-range potentials. Accurate records are essential now. Intellectual pursuits are lucky. New love inspires you toward success. Gemini (May 21-June 21). Your priorities are mixed up. Emotional stress exhausts you, so take care of yourself. Widen your circle of business contacts. Forge new alliances with a Sagittarius or Libra for luck. luck. Escape boredom through com munity activities. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). and seminars give you renewed drive. The accomplishments of friends make you jealous. Your luck comes in spurts, so don't despair. A plea is answered. Pisces (Feb. 19 March 20). and relatives are touchy. Be careful what you say in groups. Co We are pleased to present the following events as part of our ongoing Community Lecture Series. DELRAY Medical Center Tenet South Florida HealthSystem workers cover for you. A second job solves problems. Money comes through a former partner. Disguising burned spots in carpet is easy spots that snagged my clothing, but I found a solution to smoothing them out. I simply painted over them with clear nail polish. I put a few layers over the Dear Heloise: My living room carpet has a couple of cigarette burns in it from the previous owners. The carpet is a very light beige, so the dark burn marks really show up. Do you have any suggestions for covering them up? I'd appreciate any help you can give. Barbara Turner, Seattle rough areas and, voila, smooth rattan. You don t even notice the polish! T. Lewis, Fort Myers Dear Readers: Here is a cute hint from Ruth DesCamp of Phelps, N.Y. If you cut down a tree and keep the stump, make some holes in it to plant flowers. Just fill the holes with dirt, plant flowers and water daily. Another idea that is nice and easy is to put potted plants on top of a tree stump. Either pretty vines or There is a simple solution! First, try using an emery board and see if you can "file" away the burned part. Second, if it is a small hole, carefully cut away the bumed fibers, put some white glue in the hole and fill with fibers from another area. Third, cut away the burned portion and, if it is a large hole, cut a piece of carpeting from an incon- flowers really dress it up. Heloise Hip and Knee Pain 3 - 4 p.m. Every Wednesday Delray Medical Center Pinecrest Cafeteria Various speakers For registration ca!I 1-888-TENET-4U Stress Management Workshop 3 - 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 22 Delray Medical Center Physician's Dining Room Jury Malis, R.N.. Clinical Educator For registration tall 1-800-897-9789 Dear Heloise: I received a birthday basket of flowers with a helium balloon attached. I left it on the hall table while we went out to dinner. We returned to find a policeman on our porch. He Hints from Heloise had been summoned three times. It seems each time the air conditioner restarted, the balloon moved, setting off the motion sensor at the foot of our stairway. Perhaps telling this would bring the possi bility to mind and prevent another s embarrassment. """""" spicuous spot, such as a closet. Fourth, put some wax paper over the area and place a heavy book on top for 24 hours. Remove the book and fluff the fibers. Heloise Dear Heloise: I make sure to get my dog vaccinated when due. We live in the country, where wildlife is abundant and sometimes there is a rabies scare with skunks and raccoons. My question is: If my dog should ever be bitten by a rabid animal and even though her shots are up to date, would she be all right or should I call my veterinarian? Janet Dorsey, Houston, Texas Even though your dog has had her rabies shots, and you are sure she was bitten by a rabid animal, contact your veterinarian immediately. According the American Veterinary Medical Association, your pet should have a booster immunization right away. Also, your pet should be kept under observation for any signs of rabies for 90 days. Let's hope your dog never has to face that dilemma. Heloise Dear heloise: My rattan chairs have some rough Edith Clagett, Columbia, Md. A balloon burglar? A large-leaf plant would probably do the same if placed in the path of the air-conditioning vent and motion detector. I suspect the police thank you for letting us know what happened so it can be prevented by others who have alarm systems with motion detectors. Heloise Dear Heloise: I had purchased an odd-sized picture (which did not include a frame). I traced around the picture onto a piece of paper, which I then folded up and kept in my purse. Whenever I went shopping I would just take the paper and place it on frames or behind mats until I found the size that worked. Jill Hargadon, Port Jervis, N.Y. Write to lldoise in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 247(H), West Palm Btaih, Fla. 33416-4700. 5352 Linton BOLllGVard Just west of Military Trail Exercise For Your mind -.. Jlt-hiim ft Tn (,rt ttmiiL-hrpmvtikine nr and mmmrnurv home driivrrrd bv ui'ine R- of J "

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