The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 29, 1998 · Page 56
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 56

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 56
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i - i mn i i I l l l l I I I I y."'..'. : ;-.'.;-.'..''."' " ' ft-f i'-w i i J 1 1 " r t r " a ' !' t .., . .,.,, , , . , 4 , , , . , . T . , v THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 1998 17C Marlins '98 Familiar Faces New Faces ANTONIO ALFONSECA CRAIG COUNSEL!. FELIX HEREDIA JAY POWELL DAVE BERG RYAN JACKSON BRIAN meadows; j What's New? Last year he was a ; nervous rookie. This year, he What's New? A little added weight, strength and confidence. What's New? Made 56 relief appearances last year, but he spent What's New? After 141 appearances as a set-up guy the past two What's Interesting? He posted a fat-looking 4.61 ERA in Class AA What's Interesting? He's a University of Miami product who's What's Interesting? He played center field and pitched while at the winter as a I...UUWI. -I III starter in Dominican m 1 played at every level of the Marlins' minor-league system. Duke University, but by the time he left he was receiving National College Player of the Year awards for his bat. Portland last year, but he may be in the majors ; because of the way he I finished. He was 8-0 with a 1.86 ERA after July 25. Counsell is a beloved hero of South Florida's baseball fans, and for the first time feels like a big-leaguer. What to Ex comes in as a key setup man, hopefully emboldened by the 6 scoreless innings he pitched in the World Series. What to Expect: Could be seasons, he is the closer now. Marlins hope he's ready to make the transition. What to Expect: Hard to say, since no one knows top public. What to Expect: Heredia has struggled all spring, and while Marlins V 7 if What to Expect: He can play second, short and What to He should get more playing ; a reliable part of an otherwise i young and shaky bullpen. pect: Probably not the .299 batting average he posted the final two months of 1997, but he'll play a solid second base and gather a clutch hit or two along the vay. manager Jim Leyland is indicating he will have some patience with him, he could be moved back to the bullpen eany if he has trouble. third, and he's one of the few right-handed hitters on the bench. He could get into an unusual number of games for a utility player. time than your typical utility player, and even has a chance to start at first base on opening day. how one will react to the intense pressure of the closer's role until it actually happens. But he likely won't get the same save opportunities with this year's starting staff as Robb Nen got last year. What to Expect: He throws strikes, which means if he gets In trouble, it will be because he gets hit, not because he's walking.ev-erybody. Expect a slightly better right-handed version of Tony Saunders. , -I BOBBY BONILLA JIM EISFNREICH LIVAN HERNANDEZ VIC DARENSBOURG MARK KOTSAY i What's New? For the first time in ! his career, Bonilla starts a season EDGAR RENTERIA RAFAEL: MEDINA What's New? Like Cangelosi, he is seen more as trade bait than as What's New? Has settled nicely into his instant celebrity, taken up What's Interesting? Since he's probably the best athlete on the What's Interesting? His father was a Los Angeles beat cop for 20 What's New? Not much, except that he's a hero now in two What's Interesting? His brother Ricardo, who talked him into tak on the disabled list, still recovering from wrist and ankle surgery. What to Expect: A return by late April or early May. His career num- (III. Ill JlwulHIHUJ .lv JUIJ a backup outfielder. What to Expect: Also like Cangelosi, he will provide a stabilizing veteran presence in the club golf, bought a couple of Mercedes for himself and a condo in Miami for his mother. He's the staff ace. What to Expect: Expect pitching staff, expect to see Darensbourg more than a few times as a pinch-runner late in games. What to Expect: No one questions his years. What to Expect: He has surprised and impressed at every level, and the major leagues is the next and final step for this ILdl V:. countries (here and his native Colombia) and even more confident than he was in '97. What to Expect: Continued improve ing up baseball as a child, plays in Jhe Chicago Cubs' organization. ... In the past year, Medina has been traded for Hideki Irabu and for Kevin Brown. i bers have been rock-steady for 12 years, but he's never been this old (35) or this hurt before. One thing is for sure: He will be a prominent presence in the young clubhouse. house. As long as he's with the team. pure ballplayer. arm or his stuff, but he struggled the past two springs to get out big-league hitters, and he could be a shaky option out of the bullpen. him to struggle a little, just because he hasn't yet. But so far he's made every adjustment, so don't expect the adversity he's sure to face to break him. ment. He is one of the game's best defensive shortstops, and his hitting should get better. What to Expect: Could be the surprise ace of the staff. Z DERREK LEE ALEX FERNANDEZ I JOSH BOOTY GABE GONZALEZ CHARLES JOHNSON What's Interesting? Derrek's father, Leon Lee, spent 10 years What's New? Dealing with a serious injury for the first tirrw. Off GARY SHEFFIELD JESUS SANCHEZ What's New? The major leagues. His only experience having come What's Interesting? A walk-on to the baseball team at Long Beach What's New? Money. Johnson took his three straight Gold What's New? Back problem, toe problem, showed up at camp late State, Gonza- i playing Japanese baseball, and Derrek went to school in Japan for three years. What to Expect: He'll still be growing into his potential lez finished his career with 46 saves (second season surgery to repair his right rotator cuff kept him on a severe workout program ard he has drop-p e d 3 0 pounds. 7 i 1.1 in brief September call-ups the past two years, he will fill in at third base for Bonilla. What to Expect: A lot of What's Interesting? Has six brothers and nine sisters. J What to Expect: Should be an effective left-handed option out of the bullpen. Could be the first option as a starter should ja member of the rotation struggle or falter. ; Tm . -1 all-time in Uivi- ' f J sionl)andl95 Gloves to arbitration and won a well-deserved $3.3 million, one-year contract. What to Expect: No reason not to expect a repeat ft"- and overweight: If Sheffield's problems persist, the team will have trouble, too. What to Expect: Could have a huge ! I v J 185 innings. What to Expect: He could X: s strikeouts. But he will provide excitement with his impressive glove and arm, and he can hit a baseball far when he connects. and his role, as manager Jim Leyland will be careful with him and platoon him with left-handed hitters some. Once he grows into his potential, expect excitement and home runs. What to Expect: Some projections have him back in early August or ev( n around the All-Star break in July. How he will pitch when he does return is an even bigger mystery, but he's sure to be able to crack this pitching staff. be manager Jim Leyland's first and most effective option among the left-handers in the bullpen. Marlins' projected opening day lineup Gold Glove performance, a lengthy extension of his 172-game errorless streak, and continued improvement at the plate. year and get traded to a contender in the summer. Or he could miss a bunch of games with injuries. JOHN CANGELOSI rffi OSCAR ERIC LUDWICK KIRT OJALA GREGG ZAUN CLIFF FLOYD HENRIQUEZ What's New? A vital spare part on last year's championship club, he Mark Kotsay CF; Edgar Renteria SS, Gary Sheffield RF. Derrek Lee IB Cliff Floyd LF Charles Johnson C Craig Counsell 2B Josh Booty 3B Livan Hernandez ' P; What's Interesting? Ludwick has been traded three times in his I What's Interesting? Known as "Manacho" (after a big-handed What's New? The switch-hitting catcher who hit .301 in a reserve What's New? The man who made five starts for Florida in last year's What's Now? He's the leadoff hitter and starting left fielder, so now is seen by the Marlins as an overpriced backup outfielder who is worth more to them in a trade than in the dugout. character from a children's song), he sings and dances as host of a variety show in his native Pitching rotation TT- i i i . career, once for Bernard Gilkey, once for Mark McGwire and once for Kurt Abbott. What to Expect: Every role last year hoped to be traded this off-season to a place he could play more. But he will back up Johnson for at least one more season. pennant drive went to spring training this year with expansion Arizo-n a , but couldn't make its staff. What to Expect: In bull for the first time, Floyd's immense potential will be tried full-time in the majors. What to Expect: Best-case scenario: 20-25 home rv ; Livan Hernandez Felix Heredia Rafael Medina Eric Ludwick Brian Meadows RH . LK RH" rh; RH body loves his stuff, especially his curveball, and if he can trust it, he could be a nice surprise. But ex What to Expect: He could be traded any day, but as long as he's here, expect him to be a stabilizing veteran presence in the clubhouse and a key fourth or fifth outfielder. What to Expect: He throws 100-mph gas, and if he can harness it, he could be one of baseball's nastiest eighth-inning pitchers. What to Expect: Probably better defense and the same kind of late-inning run production he delivered in relief of Johnson. pen as a long man, but if one of the starters struggles or gets injured, he's a good bet to make a spot start. runs, 30-35 stolen bases. Worst-case scenario: More injuries, lack of confidence, and a lot of strikeouts. Could go either way. pect him to struggle as he settles ' , in mentally to the major leagues. Compiled by Dan Graziano Marlins schedule The ones that got away JULY MARCH APRIL major-league team. We had to stretch a bit to get the catchers and shortstop, but this is a legitimate 25-man roster of active players, with good left-right balance on both the bench and the bullpen. A number of players failed to make the cut including Pat Rapp, Chris Hammond and Bobby Witt for' For the second consecutive year, the Marlins start the season with a lineup dramatically different than the previous season. So it's no surprise that there are several former Marlins scattered throughout the major leagues. Entering just their sixth season, the Marlins have traded, released or otherwise unloaded enough players to form an entire Starting Lineup this Aii-btar team or ex-Marnns. Dan Graziano Starting Rotation RH LH RH RH LH San Diego N.Y. Mets Texas San Francisco Tampa Bay Kevin Brown Al Leiter John Burkett Mark Gardner Tony Saunders 2B jfttf tof RF -l 3B WV LF Devon White Quilvio Veras Greg Colbrunn Moises Alou Kurt Abbott Jeff Conine Benito Santiago Walt Weiss Arizona San Diego Colorado Houston Oakland Kansas City Toronto Atlanta Ll Santiago .243, 13 HRs in 1997 Burkett Rangers' : No. 1 starter.; Bullpen Bench C Steve Decker Pittsburgh RH Robb Nen San Francisco INF Alex Arias Philadelphia LH Dennis Cook N.Y. Mets INF Craig Grebeck Toronto RH Rick Helling Texas OF Chuck Carr Montreal LH Ed Vosberg San Diego OF Billy McMillon Philadelphia RH Dustin Hermanson Montreal OF Joe Orsulak N.Y. Mets RH Mark Hutton Cincinnati Mon. Tues. Wed. TTiurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. I CUM I CUBS I CUB MH. I MIL I MIL. 1 I I I It BALT. I at SALT. I at MON. I t MON. I at MON. 4-35 7:06 1:05 7:05 7:05 1:05 7:35 3:05 7:05 7:05 1:05 SC No TV WGN 33.34 SC 33.34 SC SC SC SC 33,34 1 J 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 MR. at PHIL, at PHIL. at PHIL at PITT, at PITT, at PITT. All-Star ATL ATL ATL ATL. 1:05 7:05 7:05 1:05 7:05 1:35 1:35 OFF Game OFF 7:05 7:05 7:05 4:35 No TV 33. 34 SC Sunshine SC 33. 34 33. 34 33, 34 SC SC 33. 34 7 10 11 12 8 7 10 11 12 at PITT. PHIL PHIL at ARIZ, at ARIZ, at ARIZ. MON. MON. MON. CUBS CUBS CUBS 7 05 OFF 7.05 1:05 10 05 4:05 8 7:05 7:05 7:05 OFF 7:05 7:05 4:35 No TV SC No TV SC 33.34 ESPN 33. 34 SC No TV SC SC 33. 34 13 14 IS If 17 18 19 13 14 15 16 17 11 IS at ARIZ. COLO COLO. COLO. ARIZ. ARIZ. MIL MIL at PITT. at PITT. at PHIL at PHIL at PHIL 10:05 OFF 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 1:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:05 7:35 1:15 1:35 SC No TV SC 33, 34 33, 34 33, 34 33. 34 No TV SC SC 33, 34 FOX 33, 34 20 21 22 23 24 25 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 COLO at COLO 10. at HOU. at HOU. at HOU. at HOU. CIN. 905 905 OFF 7:05 8:05 8.05 8:05 1:35 7:05 SC SC SC SC SC No TV No TV SC 27 2S j 29 30 j 27 2 28 30 31 MAY AUGUST Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. 1 I I rSO" SO. I SJ I I I I I I I CIN I ON. 7:05 7:05 1:05 7:05 4:35 SC 33. 34 33. 34 33. 34 33. 34 l 2 1 1 2 SjT S.F. S.F. L A LA L A. L A. HOU. HOU. HOU. at S.D. at S O. 7 05 7:05 7:05 7 05 7:05 7:05 1:05 7:05 7:05 1:05 OFF 1005 OFF 4 05 No TV SC SC SC SC 33, 34 33. 34 NoTVNoTVNoTV SC 33. 34 4 I 6 7 10 J 4 6 7 9 at HOU. at HOU. at CIN. at CIN. at SO. at StL at StL at S O. at LA. at LA. at LA. at S.F. at S.F. at S.F. 805 805 705 705 8 10 8 10 2.10 10:05 4:05 10 35 10:05 10:35 4 05 4 05 SC SC SC 33. 34 SC 33. 34 33. 34 33. 34 SC SC SC SC SC 33. 34 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 at StL ARIZ. ARIZ. PfTT. PITT. PITT. S O. S O. LA. LA. S.F. S.F. 140 OFF 7:05 1:05 7 05 7:05 1:05 OFF 7:05 70S 7 05 7:05 7:05 4:35 NoTV No TV No TV 33.34 33,34 33 34 SC No TV SC 33,34 33,34 33.34 II 19 20 21 22 23 24 17 11 19 2 21 22 23 MCTS METS at MIL at MIL at MIL S.F. at StL M StL at CIN. at CIN. at CIN. at CIN. OFF 7 05 7 05 OFF 8 05 8 05 2 05 105 8 10 8 10 7 05 7:05 7 05 1 15 33 34 SC 33 34 SC 3 1 34 No TV 33. 34 SC SC SC SC 33. 34 25 j 26 j 27 1 21 I 29 30 j 31 24 1 25 2S 27 2 29 30 JUNE AUGUST SEPTEMBER Mow. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat Sun. it cus T at cues I cuss I ratajrv I at Srr I at nv1 FTS I . I ii I I Moaj. I mon! Tmon. 8 05 2 2o 2 20 OFF 7 35 4 05 1 35 7:05 7 05 7:05 OFF 7:05 7 05 1:05 SC No TV No TV 33. 34 33. 34 33. 34 No TV No TV No TV 33. 34 SC 33. 34 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 31 1 2 3 4 TM TOR MFTS MCTS MCTS MCTS at COLO, at COLO, at COLO, at COLO, at ATL at ATL at ATL 705 75 705 7 05 7 0S 7:05 4 35 3 05 9 05 9 05 3 05 7.40 7 10 1 10 SC 33 34 SC SC SC SC 33. 34 SC SC SC SC 33. 34 33. 34 33 34 t 1 11 12 13 14 7 1 9 10 U 12 13 at ATL at ATL at ATL at MCTS at MCTS at MCTS at MON. at MON. at MON. at MCTS at MCTS at MCTS OFF I 40 7 40 1 10 7 AO 4 10 1 40 7 04 7 115 7 05 OFF 7 40 4 10 1 40 SC SC No TV 33 34 33 34 33 34 SC No TV SC 33. 34 33. 34 33 34 II it 17 11 19 20 21 U 15 U 17 11 19 20 at TB at TB TB TB BOS. BOS. BOS. ATL ATL PaaL PML PML PML I 7 05 7 05 7 05 T05 7u5 705 4 35 OFF 7.05 7 05 70S 7 0S 7 05 1 u5 lliw SC Ms TV SC SC SC 3334 33 34 33. 34 SC SC SC 33L4 I 22 23 24 25 26 27 21 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 at BAIT I OFF 7 15 I SC I 29 K ; I j I 29 I 30 I I J j Moises Alou (below) was the Marlins' most valuable every day player last season. He'll be in the Houston Astros' outfield in 1998. White Traded to Arizona after hitting .245 for Marlins in 1997. Helling Traded back : to Rangers in ; mid-season, ' Helling '. pitched well , this spring. r s: - A -. T A Home fame ! t me L J SportsCBnfHl ' " ; WBFS-33, WTVX 34 RADIO: Ail games broadcast on WQAM (560 AM) and in Spanish on WQBA (1140 AM). t,N,aVaV,VaWaVI. ..xaV aa, a.,,, aaj aa.B. a, aVSi, A,fcAAAAAA4A m. ai at, a, a aw, aa. l j. a a av.A aa m.m,. m. - '

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