The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 1998 · Page 54
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 54

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 54
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Page 54 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1998 Talkmovie highlights For complete daily listings, please see Sunday's TV Post. PALM BEACH (V INTERACTIVE Next two weeks of listings plus more descriptions at www.GoPBl.comPBITV i7 m. Martha Stewart Uving: 'Beef soups and stocks. (Repeat) (CC) 428022 RAV Inside the Actor Stu- 7 p.m. CNBC Olympic Show: Nadia Comaneci. (Part 1 of 2) 633399 El Fashion Emergency: Cynthia Rowley dresses sisters for a movie premiere. (TVPG) 6793S 'die: "Mike Nichols Mike i ;wi,chols. (TVPG) (1:00)' 3 v)7ia7 7:30 p.m. U9J American Journal: Amnesia case. (CC) 7119 i 6130 a.m. j tl-Siskel & Ebert: "The i Jeifwton Boys"; "The 'froDosition": "No Looking iack"; "A Price Above 8 p.m. s iobies." (CC) (TVPG) ! 'ei2616 ' CNN Travel Guide: Olympic iames change cities. T't975428 El Talk Soup Weekend: Host John Henson. (TVPG) (1:00) 853916 TNT Mister Roberts (1955, Comedy) Henry Fonda, Jack Lemnion. Ensign Pul-ver plots cargo officer Mr. Roberts' escape from their nit-picking captain. Directed by John Ford, Mervyn LeRoy. Best supporting Oscar for Lemmon. (3:00) (VCR) (TVPG) S27664 CJ31EI O Newt NBCNew Paid Program Flamingo For. TV CertsoreTIioopera '96 The Pretender: Bulletproof profile"r: Breaking Point New Saturday Night Live (R) B (5:30) College Basketball: Kentucky v. Stanford 466683 College Basketball: North Carolina vs. Utah 109022 Th Cloer Newt giving Single living Single FX: The SerieT B God Speakt Today Main Floor iToday t Health Due SoulhTThe Ladiet'lKan " Movie - Soul Train (R) It Showtime it the Apollo (R) D All Newt Channel Paid Program Roller (JIP) Paid Program Greg Hauplner Paid Program Paid Program Backstage Live Preview Thea. DobieGlllit Mic at Nite Paid Program EB ABC New Newt Wheel Fortune Children First Movie: Cop t Robbenwn (PG, '94) (Chevy Chaw) 23206 ABC New Saturday Night New 1(11:35) NYPO Blue Texas Ranger" S Pentacolt: Wing of Gold (R) Home Imp. Seinfeld Copt(R) Copt(R) America Mo tt Wanted New MAO TV Penacol: Wing of Gold (R) g) Team Knight Rider (R) TheX-Filet Star Trek: Voyager (R) Earth: Final Conflict (R) Viper: Getting MADD (R) wild Thingt (R) Movie: Killer Instinct 9S875 CB Star Trek: The Cage star Trek: Arena Star Trek: The City ortlhe Edge of Forever Star Trek: The Trouble With Trlbble Star Trek: Spock Brain (Bj Cornerstone Present Reveal. Truth New Faith The Active Word Carol Pikinl jackVanlmpe God'New Jewith Jewel ln the Word With Gil McDowell Psalma 03 Eyewitnes Natural World New Florida Alio. Alio National Geographic Movie: That'i Entertainment, Part 2 (G, 76) 945688 Movie: Alfle (PQ, '66) 63428 1:30 03 Newt Inside Edition Walker, Texas Ranger Cops(R) Cop8(R) " America'! Moat Wanted New MAD TV Movl: Luth Life 19417 1 ti Newt ABC New Wheel Fortune Amer. Journal Movie: Cop Robberaorn (PG, '94) (Chevy Chase) 32374 ABC Newt Saturday Night New Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (R) jTaletCrypt ili) Noticias Noticiero Humor Gigante Sabado Giganle Noticiat Cafe con Leche t 1:30 aS Blossom' Funny Video Fresh Prince Roc Martin "Roc Viper: Getting MADD (R) H way Patrol H way Patrol Wild Thingt (R) Star Trek: Voyager (R) (H) The Outer Limit (R) The X-Files Movie: Reversal of Fortune (R, '90) (Glenn Ctoee) 69421 New Real TV (R) The X-Filet: Rolnd Earth: Final Conflict (R) AaE Foot Soldier: The Allies Mysleriet of the Bible Biography: Thi Week investigative Report Movie: The Nanny (BAV) ('85) (Bene Davit) 999848 Biography: Thit Week AMC (5:15) Movie: Crash Dive (7:15) Movie: On Moonlight Bay ('51) (Dorlt Day) 418578311 Movie: A Summer Place ('59) (Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire) 729374 Walk of Fame Movie: Spoiler 913146 1:30 BET Teen Summit Thea Planet Groove Top 20 Video Countdown Hit List comicvlew Comicview 227 Paid Program Midnight Love 2 BRAV (5) Movie: Bonjour Triatew The Mailland 902393 Movie: Melvin and Howard (RBO) (Paul Le Mat) 389393 Movie: Bagdad Cafe (PO, '87) 589751 CNBC TimRutsert BestHardball Olympic Equal Tim Ushuaia Bett of Rivera Live Tim Ruttert BettHardball Beit of Charlet Grodin Beit of Riven Live - CNN WorldView Rel'ble Source Capital Gang Sportt lllu. World Today Butines Larry King Weekend World Today Capital Gang CNNSport Illustrated CNN Int'l Moneyweek ! COM Make Laugh Make Laugh Comic Cabana Lounge Lizard Jeff Fotworthy Poundttone Goes to Harvard South Park Viva Variety 1-Nlght Stand Prem. Blend Movie: OHda Live 374148 2 PIS Growing Paint Muppett Movie: James and Giant Peach (8:20) Movie: Alice In Wonderland 60836206 (9:40) Movie: The Rescuer (0, 77) 23269664 Walt Disney Present Zorro Spin Marty DSC Sci-Trek Infinite Voyage Wild Discovery sci-Trek: UFOt Over Phoenix justice Filet: Kidnapped Detectivet: Forensic Science Wild Discovery ESPN Louisville Kennel Club Show SportiCenter Skater t Salute to Hollywood Cheerleading ESPNEWS SportsCenler Bateball Ton. College Swim ESPN2 NASCAR Wintton Cup RPM 2Nighl Street Rodder NASCAR Winston Cup NHL Hockey: New Jersey Devilt at Phoeni Coyotet 5005225 NHL 2Night NBA 2Nlght FAM Movie: Send Me HoFtower ('64) (Rock Hudon) 695645 Movie: Lover Come Back ('61) (RockHudton) 690190 Movle: Pillow Tilkf 59) IJBocK Hudson, Port Day) 971577 Carol Burnett ciroi Burnett FX 21 Jump Street Miami Vice: God Work Mission: Impossible: Hit Mistion: Impossible In Living Color jln Living Color Miaml Vice: Hostile Takeover 21 Jump Street HBO (5) Movie Movie: The Firtt Wive Club (PQ, 116) 124454 Movie: Jingle All the Way (PG, '96) 550374 Boxing: Lennox Lewi v. Shannon Brigg Movie: Top of the World (B, 97) 6871119 HB02 Happily After Babar Movie: Daffy Duck' Quackbuitert (G) 9146460 Whitewash Movie: rnteraection (R, '94) (Richard Gere) 4868138 cinderella Season: Lady Volt (12:20) Movie: Misbegotten HGTV In Good Tatte Wine Cellar At the Auction Collecliblei Bartholomew Decor.jCents RoomRoom Room Change Interior t Bed and Bath Bartholomew Decor. Centt RoomRoom Room Change . HIST Death From Above History ! Mysteries Movie: War and Peace ('56) (Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda) 866848 Movie: War end Peace 4 LIF Movie: Mittret ( 67) (Victoria Principal) 608119 Movie: Adam ('83) (Daniel J. Trevanti) 603664 Movie: Adam: Hi Song ComTnuea ('86) 977751 Women Basketball 1:30 MAX Movie: Star Trek: First Contact (PO-1 3, '96) 600577 Movie: Father Hood (PQ-1 3, '93) (Patrick Swayze) 605022 " Movie: DNA (R, '96) (Mark Dacascot) 3487003 (11:40) Movie: Love Me Twice 2 ('96) 2178585 ' MSNBC (5) Newt Chat Weekend Mag. WPhillip Time Again Weekend Mag. WPhillipt Time -Again Time. Again Weekend Mag. WPhiliipt MTV Beavit Beayis NBA Rookie New Real World Real World Hoad Rulet Road Rulet J. McCarthy Singled Out Mattrock Loveline NICK Figure It Out Rocko't Life Doug Angry Beavert Rugratt Action League Kenan 4 Kel Alien Strange Wonder Years Wonder Years Happy Dayi Happy Dayt Taxi Dick Van Dyke ; RCN Ice Princess 3918358 Moviel Magic Moments ('89) (John Shea) 2501225 Movie: Myttic Pizza (R, '88) (Julia Robert) 6429596 Movie: Girl With Green Eye (BW) ('64) 4197428 SC (5) Preseason Baseball: St. Louis al Tampa Bay Devil Rayt Sports Newt Sports Newt Sportt Newt Sportt Newt Sportt New i SCFI (5) Mystery Science Theater Movle: DoppeTganger: The Evil Within (R, '93) 8205409 Movie: Wedlock (R, 91) (Rutger Hauer) 1420409 Mystery Science Theater 3000 SHO (5:30) Movie: Footloose (PG, '84) 178080 Lifeasa0og Movie: Pretty Woman (R, 90) (Richard Gere) 270225 Movie: Hellraiser: Bloodline (R, '96) 868799 jDiarie The Hunger Bordello SUN Drag Racing Racing Report HL Hockey: Detroit Vipert at La Vegas Thunder 3751 1 9 Bo,in9: "obert McCracken vs. Lonnie Beasley (R) The Last Word Col. Baseball , jrs (6-05)"wCW Saturday Night (8:0S) MovleT Jewali'tt' L-jtiVRi; yjajMrl OTSStS (10:26) Movie: The Poors (R, '91) (Vl Kilmer, Meg Ryan) 22676664 TLC The Spanish-American War Bomb Squad BootCamj) Separate Livet The Life of Princes Grace Bomb Squad Boot Camp Separate Lives , TmT () Movl '(6:50) Mov Mvlden"ce"of Blood 2617206 (10:50) Movie: Sex, Lies, indVldeotop (B.'89) 77640935 (12:35) Movie TNN Mechanic Mechanic Thit Week In Country Mutic OpryB kttage OleOpryLive Sutler Brot. Country't Family Reunion jopry B'kttage Ole Opry Live Sutler Brot. "TnT (4:45) Movie: PT 1097'63) (Cliff Robertson) 67015393 Movie: Mister Robert ('55) (Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon) 927664 Movie: Rebel Without Cause ('55) 51459041 1:38 USA Movie: Beverly Hill Cop U (R, '87) (Eddie Murphy) 251190 Movie: Shoot to Kill (R, '88) (Sidney Pottier) 263935 Movie: My Stepson, My Lover ( 97) Rachel Ward) 537022 Movie: Ghoullet II 356097 2 WGN Earth: Final Conflict (R) Family Matter Jlllnoit Riche$ Smart Guy (R) Sister, Sisler WayansBros. Sieve Harvey New Coach Movle: Butch Caasldy and the ... t 1:30 7 a.m. El Talk Soup Weekend: Host John Henson. (TVPG) ? (1:00) 5129B4 7:30 a.m. CNN Your Health: Health tissues. 4684664 . 9 p.m. CNN Larry King Weekend: Bill Moyers and his son, Cope. (CC) (1:00) 287515 10 p.m. (10) 63 ABC New Saturday Night: 'The Pulse'' The role of smell in sexuality and relationships; diet and weight-loss; gene therapy; spoits consultant identifies potential athletic standouts. (CC) (1:00) 51409. 35041 (JD Haitian Television Network: (Creole) 96799 11 p.m. 8 a.m. 0 Today: Author Kate I.White; buying or selling a .home; sleeping problems. 3CC) (2:00) 87461 il a.m. j J Martha Stewart Living: ( Beef soups and stocks, i ' (Repeat) (CC) 20041 1 El Talk Soup Weekend: Host ' -Jahn Henson. (TVPG) 1(1:00) 989577 Noon SUN Thl Week In NASCAR: With Allen Bestwick. (1:00) 40022 4.2:30 p.m. CNN Travel Guide: Olympic games change cities. ' 423480 TMjS The Godfather (1972. .Drama) Marlon Brando, Al Pacino. Crime boss Vito Cbrleone and his sons rule . trieir New York empire with 'Mafia justice. Directed by Ifrancis Ford Coppola. f-Ojcars for best picture and Tictor Brando. Adult sltua-' iions, language, nudity, vio-i lence. (R) (3:00) (VCR) - J (CC) 614596 . 3 p.m. El Talk Soup Weekend: Host ' John Henson. (TVPG) ' !(i:00) 1839648 For more VCR Plus codes, see the Sunday TV Pott. For assistance, call 800-432-1827 'Indicate program In progress TNT Rebel Without a Cause (1955, Drama) James Dean, Natalie Wood. An anguished teen-ager shows disrespect for his parents and spends his time causing trouble. Directed by Nicholas Ray. (2:35) (VCR) (TVPG) 51459041 11:30 p.m. GD Alfle (1966, Comedy-drama) Michael Caine, Shelley Winters. A cynical cockney bachelor picks 'up women, treats them rotten and tells why in asides to the camera. Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Adult situations, language. (PG) (2:00) (VCR) 163428 1:35 a.m. i4J Entertainment Tonight: Billy Crystal. (CC) (1:00) 1940b39 TNT East of Eden (1955, Drama) James Dean, Julie Harris. John Steinbeck's twin brothers, Cal and Aran Trask, compete on their father's lettuce farm. Directed by Elia Kazan. Best supporting Oscar for Jo Van Fleet. (2:40) (VCR) (TVPG) 13100233 v"K 1 ;30 p.m. rjv)C The Godfaiher, Part II f (1974. Drama) Al Pacino, lines. How does addiction happen? Who is at risk? How can it be stopped? These are some of the probing questions Bill Moyers asks in his absorbing three-part series Moyers on Addiction; Close to Home (9 p.m., WXEL-Channel 42, WPBT-Channel 2). The documentary will ' examine the science, treatment, prevention and politics of addiction. Tonight you'll hear gut-wrenching interviews from recovering addicts. Three years after she gunned down Tejano star Selena, Yolanda Saldivar claims, "I loved ' her as a daughter," in a jailhouse interview on' Salena: Behind The Music (Sunday, 9 p.m., . VH1). The one-hour special also features inter-' views with Selena's father and her husband. Barney . . . that humongous, goofy-looking, purple dinosaur. Kids love him. Parents hate him. but, we all know, kids rule on Saturday morning. Fox knows. That's why it's airing Barney's First Adventure (8 a.m., WFLX-Channel 29), which pieempts Acw;jj7.' The New Adventures of the Jungle Book. This one-time-only special is geared to teach kids how to overcome their fears of first experiences, like meeting new friends and flying in an airplane. But Barney is not the only one sharing his first experiences, the new Captain Kangaroo, Teri Garr and Melissa Gilbert visit to help children explore and learn. I understand Captain Kangaroo ... but Teri Garr and Melissa Gilbert? Maybe Mister Rogers was booked up. David Strathairn (LA Confidential) and Mary McDonnell (Showtime's 12 Angry Men) star in Evidence of Blood (9 p.m., The Movie Channel), a thriller about a crime writer who returns to his hometown and risks his life investigating an unsolved murder mystery from the 1950s. ON SUNDAY: Addiction does not discriminate. It doesn't care if you're white, black, rich or poor. The compulsive need for alcohol, nicotine or drugs cuts across race and class Kevin D. Thompson IV Today i nuuen uuvaii. iviicriaei iur- leone moves his father's '" "crime family to Las Vegas. J Oscars for best picture, t director Francis Ford Cop-( pola, supporting actor Robert De Niro. Adult sltu- ations, language, nudity, ..yioience. (R) (3:20) (VCR) J (CC) 281577 F I MARY WORTH JOHN SAUNDERS & JOE G I ELLA SHERMAN'S LAGOON j. p. toomey; T w'vemN - V I) 3T ARE OU IN THE .iST ! J . f" 1 fK I SHOULP RETUKhTN W AVrOFFHONIN M,tV i I f'J i2$LJ VU CALL AS SOON A9-1 GOT ACK L 4 rEon.e AruNGopLY A Il tf f'A fflixK r7"0 6kvicing Aty paying j p"-- k OUKa,FORt? t -to t ' ,VV4USTOrVK6U , mm mm L W(7 PTvl AROUND iflSTt PACK. AimPf LOOKING ALL WWW flWPE wzrmrs Qtm. THE. HE Dip. VI I in m i i tc-r - iMrit-n "-"t-ATKZ f r. t r '.ai I'm r ,v : "L u "s.--. x "asm m i ai i,m v i t w v Xa. ROSE IS ROSE PAT BRADY GARRY TRUDEAU DOONESBURY ftl 1.1. l.lll 4 f nnprj mm tr SCHOOL WioOUUIT0&- coach? m IMAMtVK 0M. I'M MOT A QUITTER-? COCKteUVS IN MY PAY. PUT 7ti&3KjeAR. Oil OF CON Tm..' ITS B&N V&VHAKP HCWIN& 7H IINZ H&&... i.P.f lAfHGe&HJUSti. Al 0!HflRuUM TT.r I I VT M rr 7 1 V t si tSfh I jf7?i5avk. l . ' . F? . ft n vtws . t I ., It NO. )1 mTABCryl -I60W. J BRAD ANDERSON JUMBLE MARMADUKE " ' ' ' ' ' lUnd f- urt Sfn lot Unscramble these tour Jumblet, one letter to each square, to term four ordinary words. f This 1 STUMPED? For help call 1-900-454 bbl 3. Ihe cost is 99 cents a minute. Pushbutton or rotary phones. For more crossword fun see the Classified section. Solution tlmo: 24 mint. HOCAP Ml I I I M -vsnl YEHRM 1 Y n I J I LJ DALLIP 1 11 I i i WHEN A.N ASTRONAUT TAKES OFF, HE HATUdALU GETS hTTTb flTToTSJjf r 1 11 8 i t E Mi ?1eT f 6 0O:R DUPc t I T AfP U L QjRE Cl I rrCt;nM EM of " tMjCfl CVHM 1 EjEfslo! L ' E sH v! lU wR;M mT0 nPCETLTT EfTTo!w'sn7iniw e f Fll,HS!ClBnOtC fT goiTjETIiioj. etcTaIm 0 N.EiAlBl I Ts r TT s CJ oai-TV LI oTeTb 1 t Li f jcMi DEFAUL Now arrange ie circled letters to torni e surprise answer, as sug gested by the above cartoon. 1 5 5 K r"15 je TT H T1 PTU " 15 T3 il TJ Jl i? Ti if mmpo' ! 7T s ""IJ" 24 JU-i i5 Ji6 127 126 it 30 ' ST" 52 ' V 55 3il jT "'"i" ' "" 'it 3 .1...J,.,,,. 38 i40 4 """I 4J 4J "" A a 46 47 48 mmU 55 sT 3 s3 S4 55 ' ' Print answer lew mcmra Yostoi day's anawer Ytssierdays (Answeis Monday) Jumbles: HUMAN PENCE JAILED COMPLY Answer: What he (td when tie checkars champ mv tad him lo play "JUMPED" AT THE CHANCfc "M-rmadukki I hat phone call is for me!" Crossword f . ACROSS 1 Burn a bit ' 5 Show guts - 9 Rep.'s rival L2 Add cargo vl3 Vacationing :,4 Simile I center 115 Ransom Eli 16 Fashion 17 TV chef I-! Martin 37 18 Monterrey 'I moolah 19 Ms. Mac- 38 .'I Graw 0 Gumbo ; thickener 'il Journey 39 : segment 42 23 Exploit 44 25 Cubic I capacity 48 28 Barbarous 32 One of 49 :, Clio's '. '. sistcis 50 4 LaGL'uiri S '. h..gcJt 51 CRiHIOQUOIE Cryptoquip BFPPTV MDV. KAT IkC VX KCUECZEVJX EI KAT SZMWQZS CXUXM XCFXM K ZACFXGF SPXMX DTQWYTK YRQZS GT BFDUTV the Aussie symbol Sunup Possess Spring occurrence "Cybiil" role Condominium, e g. Herbert Hocvcr's Driver's liccnc dtuni 52 Faction 53 Do what you're told 54 Bandleader Kyser 55 Served perfectly 56 Affirmative action? DOWN 1 Sound of stock footage? 2 He pla,ed the Skipper 3 Puts tLther 4 Nc.w Year's promise LtZFAMK E(, CAE EC KATM YASXM. ZFK-GTFPK. 5 Break 6 Off base 7 Semi-diameter 8 Potato bud 9 "Banana Bodt Song" 10 Ja.cb s brulncr 11 TjKIcss Cut 20 Fiip side of "Hc Jude" rr.ockei y 36 Necoing body work 39 Hard-dme il'Gcit 40 Vicinity 41 Ceiccojs 43 Brcd 45 V,,;!.t 4b Dun.bct.uCK 4? Method-49 'io.n in the - " 22 Overact 24 "The Crucible" locale 25 Examine 26 Feast fui, line link 27 -di-duh 29 -Hiir to tObr 30 Co .i.p.-e-hoi ,d 31 Pnor to 35 ConUi! ing - XVEZtXFl G Yesterday's Crptoquip: THIS SIGN MIGHT BF; SEEN AT A MASSrXk'S: WE WONT Kt'B YOU THE WRONG W AY. Today's Cryptoquip clue: G equals li Vv sUid.iv's C'itoquuU': SHE KTITF.N) rit , Noi liixti.l K 1 lUi HI R TAIL htl ONOS '1 0 HLK I N i il Y( i i I Kfc. VI ) I l)S m HF NKY IM'Vii) JHOKLAU if CiriteKt?

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