The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 1998 · Page 171
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 171

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 171
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Page 171 article text (OCR)

THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1998 N v istory professor: Louis' victim was probably valet the right answer only to find out 'The only record that suggests the prisoner wore an iron mask is about as credible as a recent sighting of Elvis Presley.' PAUL SONNINO type of person Kenneth Stan-would love to call before a grand jury, because he knew something that was not just hot air." The French monarch could have had Dauger killed, but instead ordered him imprisoned. The royal orders came with elaborate instructions that prevented Dauger from mingling with other prisoners or ever speaking about his past, according to Sonnino. Sonnino said he has uncovered the secret that Dauger took to his unmarked grave. But the coy professor won't discuss the mystery in public until every hole in the theory is closed. "I don't want to be remembered as the last in a long line of crackpots who claimed they had later I was wrong," Sonnino saia. The key, or "smoking gun, as Sonnino called it, may involve Dauger's unknown employer. It Sonnino can identify the valet s employer, he may be able to trace that man's actions through archival records. With luck, Sonnino hopes his search can verify his suspicions and perhaps solve one of the world's lasting mysteries. f Sonnino admitted he may never solve the case, but like all who seek the truth, he sleuths on. "This is an intellectual challenge," Sonnino said. "We are all curious about our pasts. We want to remember things as carefully as possible. It's a common human desire to find things out." brother as Voltaire suggested. "Voltaire was a publicity hound," Sonnino said of the famed thinker who was once jailed in the Bastille himself. "He claimed he knew everything and said The Man in the Iron Mask was the king's brother." Dumas, a historical novelist who penned adventures about The Three Musketeers, took the rumor to new heights by conjuring a story about the kind's tormented twin. In truth, according to Sonnino, Dauger was a "flunky," who was punished for blabbing about the secrets of his betters. "He was a tofer," Sonnino said. "Back then, servants did dirty jobs for people. He was the ton MASK J, IiQms XIV, and, more importantly, t5j:y name names. f Sonnino has used the records if track the activities of Louis jV's inner circle the very people who could know the kind of dgnaging secret that would send a 1 son to the Bastille. Sonnino has searched for proof C'fcUic masked man's identity since 1&H9. The quest led to several sSspccts. Painstaking research hjfc cleared all but one. P The likely victim of Louis' rife, according to Sonnino and a n amber of other scholars, was a $et named Estache Dauger. His-tfi'ical records suggest Dauger Sonnino said. At best, according to historians, Dauger was made to wear a velvet covering when he was moved to the Bastille in 1698. Why Dauger was singled out for such elaborate punishment is one of the missing links that Sonnino hopes to uncover when he returns to Paris this summer for additional research. According to Sonnino, Dauger was no nobleman, let alone Louis' was captured, and imprisoned in 1669. He remained confined in various jails across Italy and France until his death in 1703 inside the notorious Bastille. Interestingly enough, there are no records at all to suggest the long-suffering prisoner ever wore an iron mask. "The only record that suggests the prisoner wore an iron mask is about as credible as a recent sighting of Elvis Presley," 3 y planning key to travel Z ! ! 1 11 C 6 0 TOO OG)G IB CI DnoteoIIintl Allthfin Bestselling Author 1 1 is J witn medical promems l!opa Robert Sicnina f y Dr. Mark Sloane yvaal To The Associated Press People with chronic medical '"ri mifi , onditions, such as diabetes, Homeport SATURDAY MARCH 28 4 P.M. ironic lung disease, or heart ,-H. pi: problems, may wonder whether ie v can trave far from home. I he WESTWARD SHOPPING CENTER blD-bUl Hswer is yes, provided they take ime common-sense precautions. As nart of their preflicht jccklist, travelers with existing f ipedical conditions should consult pack that is sold in most pharmacies. Airline meals may be delayed or inedible, so a person with diabetes should carry snacks, such as crackers, dried fruits, or nuts. Sugar cubes or candy should always be on hand in case of insulin reaction. Air travel decreases the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood and may cause symptoms in travelers with chronic lung disease. Supplemental oxygen is available on most, if not all, United States airlines, but must be ordered in advance. One final note: If you need emergency medical care while traveling, be aware that most foreign medical providers do not accept payment through your insurance company. You will probably have to pay in full and later file a claim with a U.S. insurance company for reimbursement'. Nora Roberts is making quite an impression on the non-fiction scene. This rising author has already written two immediate bestsellers, Montana Sky and Sanctuary. Both novels received rave reviews nationwide and hit the New York Times bestseller list. And now, Nora Roberts will thrill readers once again with her latest release, Homeport. Don't miss this chance to pick up your autographed copy at Books-A-Million and meet the author behind these intoxicating novels. t leir personal physician regarding any special precautions they may need to take. This includes making ire medical suDDlies will be suin- ient to last the entire trip, plus ly unexpected delays. TMtoW It also is advisable for the traveler, particularly one going f winMAmfs am nFts SAVE iroad, to carry lniormauon ae-ribine. for example, his medical John Grisham, watch your back." -Entertainment Weekly 0t5-A-MllLI0N' WE WROTE THE BOOK ON LOW PRICES inHitinn a rnnv nf a rprpnt elec- 10 Publisher's Price $23.95 MUJ0NA31FS CLUB Price $21.55 UF1IUIUUHI t i J - " tj-ocardiogram (EKG), as well as a j 0) S 4 i - ljst of all medications ana aosages k ing taken. Also, a medical alert identification bracelet or necklace sjiould be worn by any traveler vfith a significant medical condi-tjon. i Most people with heart disease tjiat has stabilized are fully capable, ijjf travel, but it is usually not recommended for those who have Iwd a recent heart attack, have unstable angina or uncontrolled congestive heart failure. I If you are out of shape, be sure to ask your physician for a gradual tixercise program that starts vfeeks before you leave. A trip at iroad usually involves a considerable amount of physical activity. j If you have diabetes, talk to your physician about any adjustments in insulin doses and timing that may be necessary, especially i traveling across several time ztmes. ! Be careful with your insulin siice it can deteriorate if either frozen or exposed to temperatures (ijf 100 degrees or more. The best vlay to transport insulin on international trips is to carry it with you iij a specially designed insulator 4 IJ -' WE HA VE; THE ANS WERS Actually, we have 6 of them - 6 beautiful models that will meet your housing needs and provide the lifestyle of a gated, luxury community I OoMxH Jerk's that's w itli i n your -grasp . S - r x, m u V :: h' M;,vv U A ' March 28, 1998 8Pm M 1 Elisa Monte Dance U ' h,h It d by the New York Times as "first , I rJtr a company blessed with stamina i I jnd is r? year old company will ? ' prifoiK t lls m9 innovative and t : h ath ukm works from the repertory. r f from S99.990 to $149.9i0.0Q. r 1 ' 1 Model N. S 1 08,990 inc!u'in: homcMtc. 3 bedrooms, 1 baths. 2 car garage. v t j i" Cifil niss out oRier events April 4 Must work Mask Theatre April 17 Of bony Cmberi ECICrnCElSEI 439-8141 CBS construction. SniWn ISLES A Fmt Hill Forest Hiii Blvd. West of. Jos Road. W.P.B. MoJcU Ope n Daiix 1 1 -5. Onniunitv cvt to Golf Palm Beach. Community College " Duncan rhrafrr 5GI-357-OC04 j Lake rth Rd 1 I j r"

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