The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 1998 · Page 49
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 49

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 49
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20 THE PALM BEACH POST i SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1998 F Deer story will Fix self-esteem Reunion hopes Liz Smith laugh make you by fixing teeth Dear Percy: There is a 12-year-old girl on our block who has the worst teeth I've ever seen. They aie absolutely mangled, twisted and turned in every direction. She's in the sixth grade, and her self-esteem is so low, she continual- to reunite vets Dear Abby: I'm an avid reader, and each year I'm pleased to see you print addresses and information on how to write to members of the military who are stationed overseas. Believe me, it helps to receive mail when one is away from home. I am the reunion coordi Dear Ann Landers: Many times, I ve thought about sending you an offbeat story from our newspaper that you could . share with your readers as sort of a "payback ; for the pleasure your column has given me, but ; 'Mussolini' film has strong cast ITALY'S FAMED moviemaker, Franco Zeffir-elli, was in L.A. during the Oscar wildness. He cooked pasta for pals at the scenic home of fabulous hostess Dorothy Strelsin atop Doheny Drive. It has a view to die for. Vranm is i f till null tO Koilie W1 it .J somehow, 1 never got arouna to it. This time, I'm finally ) doing it This clipping is from ; our local paper, which runs ; your column. I laughed out loud when I read it. If you : need a laugh today, this could ,' be it. Cliff In Vermont ; Dear Cliff: I laughed, too. ; I'm printing your story and ; am sure that many of my read- i ers will enjoy it as well. It ap- ! peared in the Burlington, Vt, ; l AN iy Keeps nwi ncau uuu. a-.h when you're talking to her, she speaks like she's looking for something lost on the ground. I probably shouldn't get involved. When I questioned her mother why she doesn't take the girl in for braces, she got real upset with me and told me to mind my own business. She later phoned me and apologized. She went on to tell me that braces would cost $500 to get started. She thought she could nator for the first overseas unit in which I served during the Korean crisis, and I find it increasingly difficult to locate some members who have common last names. It would be a great ser vice to other reunion coordinators, as well as former service members, if you would pass along the following information to veterans to leai n when their former units will hold their next it-union. Ann Landers to begin a new movie, T ta With Mussolini, a tragi-ce-medy about women in an Italian concentration camp during World War II. The amazing stars will be Angela Lansbury, Joan Plowright, Rosemary Harris and get this Cher. ODDS AND ENDS Oscar de la Renta was hots de combat for a moment after a model stabbed him accidentally with Thanks a Million Percy Ross Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren Lansbuiy her 5-foot stiletto heel on a fashion runway. Ah, the perils of haute couture! Speaking of this Oscar the Great, he and his wife, Annette, Barbara Walters and Brooke Astor are back in New York from Palm Springs after attending the 90th birthday party of Ambassador Walter Annenberg . . . While I'm at it - a reminder not to forget Mrs. Astor's birthday Monday. The real first lady of New York City may have given away most of her money, but her social schedule continues apace . . . Not wanted in Manhattan was Prince Philip, after a high-handed visit here wherein the ciusty consort of Queen Elizabeth II managed to offend every nice person he came in contact with . . . Twentieth Century Fox producer Lynda Obst, who has a second home in the Texas hill country, is so enthralled after filming Martial Law in Manhattan she plans to move to New York. Today's Birthdays: Actor Dirk Bogarde is 77. Former White House national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinskl is 70. Sen. Frank Mur-kowski, K-Alaska, is 65. Country musician Charlie McCoy is 57. Actress Conchata Ferrell is 55. Actor Ken Howard is 54. Actress Dianne Wiest is 50. Rhythm-and-blues musician Milan Williams (The Commodores) is 50. Country singer Reba McEntire is 43. Rapper Salt (Salt-N-Pepa) is 29. Rapper Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) is 27. THE L0CKH0RNS bunny hoestand john reiner Free Press: "A year-old deer entered a first-floor Wood- stock motel room through an open window and somehow locked itself in a bathroom early Sunday morning, Woodstock police said. "After entering the motel, the deer reportedly jumped over two sleeping people, who remained unharmed in the incident, and went into the bathroom. The deer was eventually rescued and ; released out a back door of the motel. The deer ; damaged the motel's front window and the bathroom, police said." Dear Ann Landers: I lost my young husband to cancer in 1950 and had an infant son to raise : by myself. I was heartsick and frightened. I ; wasn't interested in taking a real vacation for. -three years. I finally decided to go on a trip '. sponsored by a settlement house for mothers ; with preschool children. Living on the campgrounds as plant manager ; was "Ed," an attractive bachelor. He caught the ; eye of several single mothers, including me, but ! he seemed somewhat aloof and disinterested. One evening, Ed and I talked and laughed ; about an inconsequential event, and I found him ; most engaging. On the last day of my vacation, ; after the children were put to bed, the mothers . gathered at the lodge for our final get-together. ', Ed was there and asked if I'd like to go for a ; "farewell walk." We ended up sitting on a bench ; under the twinkling stars and a full moon. He . asked me to marry him. I was stunned and ! even more shocked when I heard myself say ; "yes." : We've been married 45 wonderful years. Ed ; lias been a loving father to my son, and we had three fine children together. 1 consider myself ! extremely fortunate. S.E. in Lawrence,: Mich. : Dear S.E.: They say a full moon causes pco-; pie to do strange things hence the word "lu-; natie." But it worked for you, so let's not knock it. Thanks for writing. j Ann Landers appeal s daily. Write to her in care ; of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West: Palm Beach, Ha. 33416-4700. 1 afford the $100 a month payment if she got a second job but that most of what she earned would be taken up by paying a babysitter (there are three other younger children m the family). ' 1 offered to baby-sit the kids from 3:15 to 8 at night so she could pay the braces off that much faster. The only thing missing is the $500 down payment. Call me a meddler, Mr. Ross.but I hate to see a 12-year-old girl robbed of a decent childhood. Mis. V.P., Victoria, Texas Dear Mrs. P.: Why is it if you go out on a limb nowadays, rather than being given credit for being a caring person, people are quick to label you a meddler ? If you ask me, in our society, we need a lot more meddlers like you. My $500 cash will set things in motion, and that's exactly what I m sending you, along with my admiration for being such a fine meddler. Dear Mr. Ross: In the past, I've been able to brush myself off after falling and get back in the saddle. Not so this time. I've been diagnosed with an advanced case of cervical cancer. I could go any day. My greatest regret is leaving my 5-year-old black Labrador behind. I have no family I never married or had any childr en. I have one cousin who lives in Arizona, and she is willing to take Boots to live with her. I want to keep Boots until the end. After I die, my neighbor has agreed to drive Boots out to Phoenix. I had $400 set aside for gas and meals to accomplish this, but I had to spend it today. I spent it on some needed pain medication for myself and to get Boots current on her shots. If I live for two more months, I can save $400 again, but if I were to die next week, there would be no money. It would give me great peace of mind knowing Boots was taken care of. If you would send me $400, 1 pronuse that if I live long enough, Til repay it. Please understand my situation. Miss G.F., Duluth, Minn. Dear Miss F.: Be at peace to meet your Maker because $400 is on the way. Percy Ross' column appears on Saturday. Write to him in car e of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Ha. 33416-4700. " Write to VETS at P.O. Box 901, Columbia, Mo. 65205 or call (573) 47 44444; or write to REUNIONS, VFW Magazine, 40b W. 34th St., Suite 523, Kansas City, Mo. 64111. Thanks, Abby, for being a loyal supporter of servicemen and women, past and present Paul E. Repsher, Winter Haven, Fla. Dear Paul: I am pleased to publicize the information and hope the reunion you are planning is successful Readers should also know that lhe American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars magazines provide information about military reunions, help veterans find old buddies, and arrange reunions, travel and accommodations. Dear Abby: Some time ago, you had a letter in your column about returning the engagement ring when the engagement is broken. You said the nng should be returned. Abby, my question is who should be responsible for all the other expenses? Our daughter dated a young man I'll call "Harold" for a year before they became engaged, 'lhey planned their wedding tor a year later. Harold called off the wedding because he wanted to date other women. Abby, the wedding dress, decorations, flowers, hall, groom's ring, etc., had all been paid for. The bridesmaids had paid for their gowns, but our daughter reimbursed them. Harold feels no obligation to share any of these expenses, although he was the one who wanted a big wedding. Harold has asked for the engagement nng back, but he's not willing to pay half of the expenses, and 1 don't think she should return it until he has reimbursed us. What do you think about this, Abby? Mother of the Bride Dear Mother: Since Harold refuses to reimburse you for any of the expenses, and a fair amount of money was lost, I suggest that you consult an attorney about the ring as well as his share of the expenses. Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416-4700. JSP i L r 6 SEE WHAT MY WEATHERMAN SAYS.' HiSISEW CHRIST iAM by JOYCE JILLSON Horoscope Ihimddy, April 0, 1995 Marling al 6:45 P.PI. ;. If today is your birthday: f i,.. full if liiihrirlli-H siil- full Dinner and Dessert GOING ON Vacation? Call Us. We'll interrupt your service, or uve the newspapers for you. Call 820-4663 er 1-300-654-1231. Jeft Davis Middle School Dining Room Kirk koad 18 mile North ol horesl I iili IIKVAilYiSKAEL West Palm Beach, t'L n Adults.... ....40.00 Ml I H 5:5-, Children (Ages 5 to 12) s3.50 AJJ i 4 and under Free jgjf .. r. V"e'-i''iniitjdiiui Cross Call 965-4622 Holy Lulheran MLSSIANIC CONCIx;.Vt,ON Church !., OF NOVATIONS relationship as seriously as you are. Hedge your bets in business, and have alternatives ready. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 Dec. 21). Last-minute decisions are best. Your character is built on small choices. Mistakes can be rectified now. Capricorn (Dec. 22 Jan. 19). Your surroundings influence you. Hai niony is essential in order for you to use your creativity. You thrive in a fast-paced career where you work alone. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Escape from routine. Surprise disclosures should be investigated before you act. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Employers drop hints about future job openings. A child can be a budding musical genius if you direct his or her energies in this direction. ings. Your dreams become more realistic. You must select one endeavor over other interests. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). You have a secret advantage over coworkers. Neighbors come to you for advice. Prepare remarks ahead of time. Virgo (Aug. 23 Sept. 22). Blessings are disguised. Your non-committal attitude makes a current "friend" uneasy. Take a chance, and just say yes. You have luck in contests based on skill. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 23). Categorical decisions keep you from a future opportunity. Talent is not as important as style. Friends from long ago will help you. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). A love that was closed to you in the past is now readily available. A current love is not taking your - lit IO i:;ss through public activities. VJur family assists you in fulfilling a goal. r inancial '.support iCin relatives tomes in May. "Aries (March 21-April 19) rii ge-acale events are laced wtih luck. A breakup is not nec-tirsarily the end of a relation-Jrip. Pamper yourself you &ed to be taken care of. :;Taurus (April 20-May 20). wiczids play a large part in the iuiftiuon of spending money. iu have put a current love in a mwin situation. Gemini (May 21-June 21). jmpromi:ing only temporarily jsJvts a problem. Letters sent to iku,i behalf of a special friend bVing luck. .:Cancer (June 22-July 22). irllur intuition is accurate. Luck lilies through business meet .pro t' ' -j -. . 150 Exhibitors Dave Brubecli fThe Byrcls ; ,.y by FRANK STEWART Sheinwold's bridge North dealer Both tidei vulnerable NORTH AJ2 7KQ7 O105 AQ1054 Crafts, ArtsJam, Entertainment f?'$ FOE BVBIfyONe. Just $4, Kids Free (12 & under) ' ftlarch 28 March 29 10-5 11-5 Downtown Stuart Memorial Park For information, call 283-6846 : or see stage schedule at '": EAST KQ43 7642 OQJ4 K83 we&r C 10853 OK8732 !7 Savena Coconut E3eads i and 1 5 In Turkey they have a saying: "No matter how far you've gone-down a wrong road, turn back." In today's deal, South let East's jack win the first diamond. 1 he road to diamonds looked straight and smooth, so East continued with the queen. South played low again, and so did West East the n led a third diamond, and South won. South next let the nine of clubs ride. East took the king, but when he led a heart. South won and claimed his nine tricks: four clubs, three hearts, a spade and a diamond. East-West needed to make a U-Turn, but after thue tricks it was too late. West could see the defense was headed down the vu'oug road since he had no entry to his diamonds. 1 he defenders' best lies with the spades, but it East shifts to the king of spades at Trick Thi ee, South can either win or duck effectively. West must overtake the queen of diamonds with the king and shift to the 10 of spades. South then loses three spades, two diamonds and a club. DAILY QUESTION Youhold:KQ436420Q J 4 K 8 3. Dealer, at your kit, opens one club. Your partner doubles, and the next player bids two clubs. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two spades. Since partner promises opening values with support for each unbid suit (or a strong hand with a long suit of his own), you must compete. If your king of clubs were the king of hearts, y ou'd bid three- spades to invite game or might even insist on game. WCK KIRKMAN AND JtHRY SCOTT SOUTH 875 7A J9 OA86 J962 Cut Pas N.rtta 'J NT 1 NT Pa 3 N T All Pax OaalM l4 OS s. a 93.7 HGVL i 4k UiMHHMffiStfi MARIIN EMORIAL 'MiAUih Spurns Adelphia A Easy blues mint mi L ill MStuT450 MurrW toe sty three - ; 3y

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