The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 28, 1998 · Page 17
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 17

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 17
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ISA THE PALM BEACH POST SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1998 Report: Defense lost track of more shipments than confirmed in 97 said that is only a portion of the actual total. The Air Force, for example, did not list as "in- transit" $1.3 billion in repairable parts that were shipped. Problems with shipments have been repeatedly brought to (f If u the attention of the Defense De partment. A past GAO report said that procedures for monitoring carriers and recovering lost freight was in disarray and that abuse, said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, of the study. "Too much inventory is missing in action," he said. "The Pentagon has no sense of where literally billions of dollars of military inventory are located at any given time." The report is part of a continuing probe into Defense Department mismanagement of its enormous inventory, which is estimated at $69 billion and stored in hundreds of warehouses around the country. Among the storage facilities examined in the study were the Air Force Materiel Command and the Defense Automated Addressing System Office, both at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. Although the amount of supplies reported as shipped last year was estimated to be worth more than $5 billion, the GAO By Julia Malone Palm Beach Post Washington Bureau S WASHINGTON The Defense Department failed to keep track of most of its shipments of more than $5 billion worth of military hardware, food, clothing, computers and other materiel, a government report said Friday. . The Pentagon received no confirmation that 60 percent of its 21: million shipments last year arrived at their destinations or whether the cargo was intact, said the General Accounting Office, the investigating arm of Congress. ', In fact, Defense officials were uncertain how much inventory was in transit because the Pentagon "does not have information systems that accumulate this type of information," the GAO report said. , The lack of monitoring opens the door for waste, fraud and the department did not even know when a shipment was lost or how much freight was lost. The Defense Department, which agreed with the findings in the latest report, began using a ... i" l - in,,, :- .yii nee the Comnanv Premiere KRAVIS CENTER FOR iJof Paul Taylor's Funny Papers, a new tracking system for cargo, passengers, and personal property in 1993. But the system, known as Global Transportation Network, is not scheduled to be extended to all inventory shipments until next year. dance based on comic-strip characters and pop music of the '50s and '60s, plus 3 other exciting works, in our season-finale program. THE PERFORMING ARTS Today at 2 pm & 8 pm; Sunday at 1 pm CALL 832-7469 THIS PROGRAM GENEROl SLY I NDEHWRHTKN BY: American Express Company Aqualcrra Kestauranl MIAMI CITY EALLfl SRASON HONOREES: Marine & Michael Bienes. Kichard B Bronson Hi & Itonald Carta, Kdwlna Uaryk Pamela & Todd Colt, (irl DeSantls, Ewlyn Gilbert Jan4 Sigars-Mallria & Jay Malina Ophelia & Juan J. Roca M Frosene Sonderling Yeltsin living up to title 'Czar Boris' IDWUt Villi Fhridm'i Inttrmmii Pamela & Todd Cole Carl DeSaiuis. SunTmsl I nited Airlines PafcBeachCouniyFloncla t I ARftlTlG I I I I C I 0 I ntlty-AttUimti Dmmct Ctmpmny KRAVIS CENTER E mail niiamicbP-duidow ikh Web Sile: hnpywuw.miaiiiicilyallei com 966-3309 Performances also at Bailey Concert Hall in West Broward, April 1 S.KirSH" "L8"1?" ! sm. mm miim mm. m w fioudi is (o mm, tat m tm is nowio w tw 11 1 W BlOmll) ((MOT BOARD Of (OIKOT OHURHMK M I0J 1 frail health fail him. If Yeltsin were unable to fulfill his duties with Kiriyenko as prime minister, control of Russia's 8,000 nuclear weapons would pass into the hands of a man with less than a year's experience in government. Yeltsin's decisive approval of Kiriyenko, a former banker and oil executive who has promised to push reforms for Russia's economy, brought a surge in Russian markets as investors expressed relief after days of uncertainty. Reasons for caution re I SMTE GIMWI OOtS HOI IMPII IKDOKIKNI, KU)IIMI1 11 1HI iUll. Photo: 5Ijs Oretnlii'ld. himiy haim. Ifcuicrrs Iroin iht Paul Tailor Ittnct (inii)an. Progi-ams arc stihiecl in rhaiw hiiIiuiii iiumr. mained, however. Kiriyenko's confirmation may require a pro Tii& Boston Globe : ; MOSCOW What a week foe President Boris Yeltsin. In five dizzying days, the Russian leader has fired his Cabinet, banished a potential rival, and handed Russia's second most powerful post to a political novice. In the process he has reminded everyone why he calls himself, half-jokingly, "Czar Boris." - - Yeltsin Friday capped off his latest show of power politics when he formally nominated Sergei V. Kiriyenko, 35, as prime minister, and then threatened his opponents in Parliament with dismissal if they do not approve his choice. tracted test of wills between the i,L.iuiu,, m w ympi - j.,li...Mi.oil.iyl ..rui..... I 1 f:iliiiilifiii! president and Parliament. If Kiriyenko is eventually approved by the lower house, the State Duma, his rapid ascent to power may be brief if Russia's economy continues to stumble. In addition, the week's events reinforced concerns over what would happen should Yeltsin's I Si I I Iff t ler "-TH 7 ICI 4 L l j ...... wni.1- :. . : A!S'.jiff3:fo,L 'j rW mi INCREDIBLE VALUES ON COMPLETE COMPUTER PACKAGES 2624.97 SATillllHlY, FiJAOCH SO Our Package Prica Mail-In Rebate' J Florida Wrestling Alliance Presents mF t aistoi'i4 .erf. v B4p"'""" pentjuml BEUTiME 1:00 PM iP V jp"W Price ww" After Rebate M FLORIDA TAG TEAM The Exterminators VS. Rusty Brooks & Soulman Alex G SPECIAL CHALLENGE Black Nature Boy VS. The Blackheart GRUDGE MATCH Fan Eddie VS. Guedo MAIN EVENT $5000 PURSE BATTLE ROYAL - 12 Men Over The Top Rope N HP Pavilion 8275 Computer With 300 MHz Intel8 if Pentium II Processor With MMX Technology With HP Color Monitor And HP Color Printer FLORIDA TITLE WWF Super Star "The Pug" AJex Pourtou VS. (ECW) Hack Myers Computer (312-594) OPENING MATCH Irish Pat McGuIre VS. 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COUMM 4 i(iyM$$M Kendall 89MJSW 13tftAve. Utt Worth 4558 LaM Wortti Rd. lauderdale lakes 3301 N State Road 7 Margate 5500 W Sample f-d Miami 15033S Dimehwy Miami 27m Ave S Coral Way Miami 8311 W ftagiet St Miami 85 S W. 40th SI Miami Oowntosm 100 NE isJAve Boca ftalon I3tn Boca Raton USt i Yarnato Bornton Bead) 260 N Congress A Davie 1WS UnwrSrtyDr. OeerlielrJ Beach 1133 Fe-Irai Hy PI. Lwdtroalt 530C H W tm Ajt R Laudefdalc 1590 H Federal Hwy. Pt. Lawttertate G3?S V Andrews Ae Hialead S3C1 W 2Jth MoMywoO' 49C1 SMeridan St north Miami BeacH 1801 Brsuyneftwl Patrn Bead) Gardens ?4?0 PGA Bltl. Pembroke Pines 6W 1 University Or Pomp ana 951 McW Rrj Veil Boca S. A GSies Rd West Palm Beach &2I teecnooee 83 Cj;)rirw rffljnt rj ' a-ity 1 rV S ?0 S iW "-(ay twri 00 A M Vf 969-3393 Miami Sonrift 3fr30 V iV Lekune Pa htorth Miami 12? 6,u"r B'a Ca!l 1-8X-S57-3376 t-jrrs its trnoft V ' ft? owrM (-. p- (j e : i HkM am im niat . 1

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